Top 10 List
Reasons To Elect Rossi Town Justice

   November 3, 2005 . . .

10. When others fought to knock him off the ballot before the primary election he fought back to give you, the voters, a choice.
  9. He has represented Grand Island residents for 24 years and knows first hand the family values and concerns of our community.
  8. He is a respected community leader who has served as Bar Association President, Chamber of Commerce President, and is currently serving as Chairman of the Grand Island Board of Ethics.
  7. He is a true independent candidate, free from political influence, free from political activities and free from political contributions.
  6. He is running because he can and will make a difference, not because he wants to build a political power base or further a political career for himself or a family member.
  5. He will be an active, visible, and accessible Town Justice who will give a full-time commitment to a part-time position.
  4. He is committed to our safety and has proposed a plan to make Grand Island the 1st Justice Court in NY with a separate Domestic Violence Part.
  3. He is committed to our youth and has a plan to take the courtroom into our schools by spending time each week talking to our children about the law, our court system, and the consequences of their actions.
  2. He has no family members working at Town Hall or for the Town of Grand Island.
  1. He can finally park that motor home back in the driveway!