Grand Island Town Board & The Board of Education

Joint Meeting


1100 Ransom Road

Grand Island High School Large Cafeteria


Agenda Monday, April 30, 2007 6:00 p.m.



I.                   Roll Call


II.                Pledge of Allegiance


III.             New Business

A.   2007-08 school budget review

B.    update on current school building project

C.   cable tv access for school/town

D.   review possible cell tower

E.    joint athletic field assessment


IV.            Continuing Items

A.   intermunicipal facilities agreement -- draft

B.    joint transportation center

C.   shared services

1.     insurance

A.   health

B.    general/liability

2.     purchasing

D. equalization rate

E. parking restrictions near high school

F. emergency shelters/cert team


V.               Roundtable


VI.            Next Meeting monday july 30, 2007?


VII.         Adjourn