Grand Island Central School District

Board of Education


Organizational Meeting Agenda

Monday, July 6, 2009


7:00pm – High School Room 108



NOTE:     Janet Schuster will administer the Oath of Office to Glenn Bobeck, David Goris and George Casey before the start of the meeting.







A.    Board President for 2009-10 and Oath of Office

B.     Vice President for 2009-10 and Oath of Office




A.    Motion approving the following Board of Education appointments (items 1-32), effective July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010:


1.                   District Treasurer:  Debra ElHoussieny

2.                 District Clerk:  Janet Schuster

3.                 Assistant District Clerk:  Robert Christmann

4.                 Internal Claims Auditor:  Carol Kaufman

5.                 Internal Auditor:  Blase Nicolia

6.                 Records Retention & Disposition Officer:  Janet Schuster

7.                 Title IX Coordinator:  Robert Christmann

8.                 Title I Coordinator:  Karen Karmazin

9.                 Chapter 504 Coordinator:  TBD

10.              Sexual Harassment Complaint Officer:  Robert Christmann

11.               Safety Risk Management Officer:  Erie 1 BOCES

12.              Civil Service Appointing Officer:  Robert Christmann

13.              School Physician:  Dr. Ehlenfield

14.              Director of Physical Education:  Carl Guidotti

15.              Designation of Official Newspapers – Island Dispatch

16.              Community Education:  Jenepher Banker

17.              Director of Interscholastic Athletics:  Jon Roth

18.              School Attorneys & Law Firms:

a)                 John DelMonte

b)                Harter, Secrest & Emery

c)                 Goldstein, Ackerhalt & Pletcher

19.              School District Auditor:  Lumsden & McCormick

20.            Central Treasurers of Extra Classroom Activity Funds:

a)                 High School – Toni Brown

b)                Middle School – Kathy Mogavero

21.              District Financial Institution:

a)                 JP Morgan Chase

b)                First Niagara Bank

c)                 Key Bank of New York, A.A.

d)                 Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company

e)                 HSBC

f)                 Citizens Bank

22.        Mandated Members to the Committee of Special Education

23.        Mandated Members to the Committee on Preschool Special Education

24.        State Certified Impartial Hearing Officers – as per SED’s Impartial Hearing Officer List

25.        Mileage reimbursement at the Current IRS Rate

26.        Lease Buses to Other School Districts on an Emergency Basis:  Loraine Ingrasci

27.        Chief School Officer to Certify Payroll

28.        Facsimile Signatures of Treasurer Approved for Use for all Bank Accounts

29.        Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Support Services as Purchasing Agent, Including Advertising and Opening Bids, According to law.

a)                 Alternate Purchasing Agent:  Robert Christmann

b)    Alternate Purchasing Agent for Purchase Orders Only:  Toni Brown

30.        Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Support Services:

a)     Authorization to Invest School District Funds in Accordance with Sections 1604-A and 1723-A of the NYS Education Law, School Policy and Procedures, and any Other Pertinent Regulation

31.          Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Support Services to be the Designee for:

a)                 Monitoring Expenditures of Federal Funds

b)    Monitoring the Carryover of Title I Funds from One Year to the Next

c)     Assuring that Grants of Federal Funds for Title I Programs are used to Supplement and not Supplant State and Local Funds

d)                 Review of Fiscal Expenditures

32.        Chief School Officer or Designee to Approve Attendance at Conferences, Conventions, Workshops, Etc., Within the Scope of the District Budget

33.        RESOLUTION that the Chief School Officer of the Board of Education is hereby Authorized to Borrow Maximum Allowable Amounts by Law on Tax Anticipation Notes and Revenue Notes, as per Attached Documents

34.        Authorization to Establish Petty Cash Funds:

a)                 High School – Sandra Anzalone                              $100

b)                Middle School – Bruce Benson                              $100

c)                 Huth Road Elementary – TBD                              $100

d)                 Kaegebein Elementary – Mary Haggerty                    $100

e)                 Sidway Elementary – Denise Dunbar                    $100

f)                 Interscholastic Athletics – Kathleen Tim                    $200

g)                 Transportation – Jack Burns                                        $100

h)                 School Lunch Office – Dennis Donovan                    $200

i)                   Continuing Education – Jenepher Banker                    $100

j)                  Buildings & Grounds – Tom Rachow                              $100


B.     Motion approving the following Board of Education Committee appointments:


1.               Erie County Association of School Boards Delegate and Alternate Appointments:

a)                 Delegate Assembly

b)                Legislative Committee

c)                 Budget & Finance Team

2.             New York State School Board Association Delegate and Alternate Appointments:

a)                 Annual Business Meeting

3.             Appointment of PTA Delegate and Alternate Liaisons

4.             GIFTS Committee (1)

5.             GISBA Committee (1)


C.     Motion approving the following general organizational items:

1.               Designation of Authorized Signature on Checks – Treasurer or Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Support Services

2.             Designation of Authorized Signature on Transfers from Savings Account to Checking Accounts – Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Support Services or Superintendent or Debra ElHoussieny as District Treasurer

3.             Authorize Chief School Officer to Approve Budget Transfers between within the School District Accounts Subject to Board of Education Approval

4.             Authorized Signatures for Vehicle Registrations – Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Support Services

5.             Bonding Personnel (for information only) – The following are bonded through the General Liability Policy of the School District:

a)                 District Treasurer

b)                Central Treasurers (Extra-Curricular Accounts)

c)                 District Courier


IV.           ADJOURN