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05/05/09 07:52 AM

Island gets school plan update

By Rick Ahrens

GRAND ISLAND — Consultants from Cannon Design on Monday provided the Grand Island School Board an update on the ongoing capital project plan that would upgrade the infrastructure of district facilities.

Roland Coleman, an architect at the firm’s Buffalo office, said the project would provide much needed improvements to the electrical, heating and plumbing systems — improvements that would hopefully act as permanent solutions to the facilities’ needs.

“Band-Aids are no longer adequate,” he said. “We want to be able to spend money once and get the most bang for our buck.”

Coleman said the firm’s first priority would be Grand Island High School. The high school project would involve the construction of new classrooms and technology facilities. Major renovations would also take place in the building’s art and athletic areas, with the possibility of an addition to the gym.

“If Grand Island students are doing as well as they are in the current building,” Coleman said, “imagine what they could do in these upgraded facilities.”

The board said it hopes to have a set plan completed for a public vote by the end of June.