School District


School Hours for Students



High School/Middle School


7:30am                   Busses Drop Off

7:45am                   Schools Begin

2:20pm                   School Ends

2:30pm                   Busses Depart



Elementary Schools

Huth Kaegebein Sidway


8:50am                   Busses Drop Off

9:00am                   Schools Begin

3:05pm                   Schools End

3:10pm                   Busses Depart



St. Stephens


8:35 8:45am                   Busses Drop Off

8:45am                   School Begins

3:15pm                   School Ends

3:20pm                   Busses Depart




Please note that the actual schedule may be revised by no more than 5 minutes either way after the start of school once the bus patterns are established.  There will be one late bus run for each public school building.  The actual times for these late runs will be determined in the near future.


May 14, 2010