Can you help the Sidway Reunion (classes 1937-63) locate any of these students for a school reunion being held at the Holiday Inn Grand Island on July 5, 2008?

October 25, 2007 . . .This is a partial list of missing students (preceded by 8th or 9th grade graduating year). Additions will be made from time to time. If you can help with addresses of any of these people, please email or

40 Torre Vera Wallace

59 Welfare Darlene Kennedy

63 Duignan Elizabeth Coia

60 Hawks Doug

49 Webb Henry

62 Stone Betty Lee

58 Church Jackie

60 Burke John

59 Nowak Marcia J

58 Benton Carol Thorne

63 Stewart Mark M

60 Barker Mary Jane Lockwood

57 Staley Betty Pazamickas

49 Fellenz Larry - FOUND

51 Browning Elizabeth Andrews

59 Ellman Pat

51 Roth Elizabeth Moon

61 Tolbert Claudia

57 Tolbert John L

60 Tackaberry Robert B Jr

60 Yacono Joel

56 Staley Ida Mae

63 Ewald Beth Gilmore

63 Ferrell Jim

63 Calvert William