The Grand Island Soccer Club is run by volunteers and is in need of many volunteers to run the summer “house” league of over 1,000 players. 


The Grand Island Soccer Club “house” league provides basic instruction and is intended to be a “FUN” league promoting fair play, good sportsmanship and teamwork for the youth (ages 5 – 15) of Grand Island.  We need your help to continue providing this quality program to the youth of Grand Island. 


We are in need of a U-8 Age Group Coordinator.  Also, there are over 70 teams that need coaches and assistant coaches.  Contact Terri Pitts at 773-5864 or if you can help.


We need a U-6 Instructional Session Coordinator.  Contact Rom Figler at

773-5254 or for additional information.


We need lots of volunteers to work a few hours at the annual picnic in August. We also need helpers throughout the year who are willing to work with the Board of Directors on projects, paperwork, training, etc.   If you are available to help in these areas, mark the second page of the registration form or contact Ray Billica at 773-7021 or


If you would like to help but aren’t sure in what area or are not sure if you have enough time available, contact any of the Board of Directors (listed on the GISC website: ). 


Submitted by:

Sherry Schimley