Strawberry Island Reconstruction



Strawberry Island
Restoration Project



Phase I

Severe autumn storms in 1992 sped up the erosion of southwestern shoreline.  In December of 1992,  the waters of the Niagara River broke through the island. By spring the breach was more than 50 feet wide and threatened to destroy the island. Local businessman Frank Levine agreed to fund a substantial part of the project. The breach was repaired by December 1993.

Phase II

The second phase began in 1996 when many state and local groups united to form an alliance. A plan was formed to control the erosion brought about by high water and scouring currents. Geotextile fabric was laid down, and over 3,000 cubic yards of stone were brought in to strengthen the east and west portions of the perimeter. Project was completed in 1997, protecting over 1,000 feet of shoreline.

Phase III

Phase III focused on strengthening the eastern and western arms of the island. Berms were created with rock and wetland soil and positioned 100 feet off shore to block waves and promote the growth of wetland vegetation.  The project reestablished 3.03 acres of wetland using soils from Buckhorn Island marsh and was complete in 2002.