St. Stephen's Parish Players production of Charlotte's Web took place in Feb. 2009

MaryElisabeth (Fern) and Baby Spider Anna Pullano

Fern and Laura Biebrauer (Charlotte) backstage

Laura Bierbrauer and Julie Major (Wilbur Jr) during Saturday night's performance

Fern saying goodbye to Wilbur (Elliiott Michki) at the fair after he won the bronze medal

Curtain Call: (front) Emily Cordero, Kristianna Morrel, Amanda Brodie, Heather Michki, MaryElisabeth Rustowicz, Laura Bierbrauer, Elliott Michki; (back) Emily Wynne, James Rustowicz, Julia Shipman, Grace Olzewski, and Clare Conboy as the newborn Wilbur.

Baby Spider Anna Pullano