Teddy's Islettes Summer of 1976

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All-Girl Drum Corps June 30, 1976: Debbie Kemsley, Barb, Mary Wright, Dorothy, Lorraine Baldwin, Laurie Conn   (far left) Dawn Harris, Tracy Turner, Teddy Linenfelser, Megan O'Hara

Instructor Teddy Linenfelser - June 30, 1976      June 29, 1976

Unknown and Lori Penta; Sandy Lare (rifle); Todd Roesch (Am. Flag); Doug Gress (dark shirt)
(right photo) Teddy Linenfelser adjusting daughter, Julie Linenfelser Dee's uniform

July 4, 1976
Jim Linenfelser (front center); behind him are Lance Kohn and Patrick O'Hara
(right photo) Julie Linenfelser Dee

(left photo) July 4, 1976
(right photo) Niagara Falls Memorial Day Parade 1976; (front left) Dawn Harris, Annette Patterson, Donna Dzielski; 2nd row: Tracy Turner, Lori Tolbert, Kim Duermeyer

Memorial Day 1976            Niagara Falls Memorial Day Parade: (front straight back on right) Kim Duermeyer, Linda Lordo, Sheila Gracie, Heidi Mumm, Michele Cameron, Stacey Burridge, unknown, unknown, and Jean Willer.

Memorial Day 1976, Julie Linenfelser and Jean Willer            Dorothy Young (center), Laurie Conn behind her

Memorial Day 1976: (banner) Lynn Tolbert and Lori Penta; Rifle - Sandy Lare; Flag (left) Todd Roesch, Mark Affuso
(left) Memorial Day 1976 - Teddy's Islettes All Girl Drum Corps

Niagara Falls Memorial Day 1976: Far right foreground going straight back, line on left: Kelly Valone, Alyssa Miller, Dawn Russell, Chere Patterson, Chris Nowak, Ann Pannullo (barely shown behind Kelly) Jackie Rogge, Sara Morrisey, Tammy Dielman

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Teddy's Islettes - 1976