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Jodi Robinson Hayes NA
Josh Lange NA NA
Abby Baker NA NA
Chris Golonka NA NA
Eileen Kelchlin Farrell NA
Mary Becker Olsen NA
Robert Smith NA NA
Tina Arthur Krzes Grand Island is a grand place to raise children.
Rebecca Jordison Lare NA
Theresa Speaks Peppard NA
Diane Hassan Bykowicz NA
Dr. Ron Gasbarro NA I would like to hear from other people that graduated from GIHS 1969 (or any other year!)
Linda Lozo Lozo NA
Bob Kopf NA NA
Bridget A Castillo Sereno NA
Tonya Robins Drake NA
Ken Pelletier NA NA
Molly Grace Crowe Grand Island is my home. Although I no longer reside there, it will always be home to me. I don't get home as often as I would like to but my family is there and they keep me up to date on what is going on. When my mother told me about this site I thought it was the greatest way to keep in touch and keep up to date with my roots.
Ashly Cinelli NA NA
Dale Brown NA NA
Peter Wunsch NA Ease and proximity of getting to different locations on the island in a time of innocence.
Fun and exciting place and time for growing up without any hatred or animosity in an uncompetitive
Suzy Sica Mailloux Sidway Class of 1960, now in Savannah, GA
Sandra Gross-Hunt Gross Miss family and friends on the Island.
Will always call Grand Island- Home no matter
how many years I've been gone.
Rose Anne Mendes Conboy Patrick Conboy emigrated from Ireland c.1844,
and settled on Love Rd. His house is still there.
My son was 5th generation to visit the house.
Many family members are buried In St. Stephen's
graveyard. I have found a cousin through this site
and would like to find more.

Grant Farmer NA NA
Cherie Vullo NA NA
Marge Schwanbeck Hilliard-Agen Miss the Island, family & friends there, but NOT the long winter! Still visit at least twice a year though.
Tom Duncan NA NA
Linda Campbell Siverson NA
William (Lee) Smith NA NA
Brian Bane NA NA
Andrew Conta NA NA
Carolyn Sims NA I guess the greatest memory is of Sundays at the old Bedell House. Still miss it, and really miss Charlotte. Memories of everyone in Florida coming to visit every summer, snowmobiling. Get togethers with everyone. I may not be a born & bred islander, but I'm still an islander at heart & really miss it.
Teddy Linenfelser Klingel NA
Lori Fargo Jankowiak NA
David (Duffy) McNerney NA NA
Barbara Martin Glor I enjoy returning to the Island each summer to visit Mom at our Love Road home. The Island has changed so much since I was young and living there! I couldn't believe the "mountain" beside the Buffalo bridges when I was last at home.
I still remember when Grand Isle Village consisted of only the homes on Love Road and East Park, and we, as children, climbed in the apple trees behind Judy Daggett's home and gathered blossoms in the spring. I also remember walking to the "end" of the road to wait for the school bus, near the "Grand Stand"---and I remember the snow...
Earl M De Glopper NA Would'nt Live anywhere ELSE.
Kathy McKenzie MacDonald NA
Barb Rondeau NA Hello to all our friends on Grand Island.
Jackie Filosofos Griffith Thanks for keeping this up so we can keep in touch with what's happening on the Island. I really enjoy reading between the bridges every week. It keeps me updated with whats going on. JACKIE
Dave Catherine NA Lived on GI for 10+ years, through graduation at GIHS in 95. I went to school at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh PA. I graduated in 1999, and stuck around for an extra 2 years, working in downtown Pgh, though I did make several trips back to see the family (now in NF), as well as several stops on GI. (Boy I could go for a John's Chicken Finger Sub right now!) I moved back to NF in April '01, and spent the summer in the area. Since August '01, I've been living in Syracuse NY, attending Syracuse Law School. I'll graduate from here in '04 (I promise, Mom!). After that, who knows? Drop me an e-mail!
Richard Sawdey NA NA
Dorothy Sabo Wilson NA
Eugene E Belstraz NA NA
David Karb NA NA
Catherine Long Killian Have lived here all my life and feel it is a grand place to live.
Robert House Jr NA NA
Bruce Allen NA NA
Rick Krystof NA I miss the water, Ceil & Chucks, Edgewater, Turner's, Beaver Island, and ALl the things I took for granted and friends I left behind!
Joanne Wallace Ryan NA
Jean Wintonyk Holland Fond memories: Built our home on Bush Road and Grand Island was my bit of heaven on earth. Belonged to East Park Garden Club for 17 years and enjoyed the members and activities of the club. Great place to live. I still miss it......
Donnette Hennigar Glaeser I have two children living on Grand Island: W. Grant Hennigar,DMD on the West River and Donnette H. Rayhill who lives with Mike and her family on Timberlink Dr. I visit every year over the the 4th of July.
Audene Affuso Bowman NA
Joanne Federspiel Slotiuk NA
Bridget Anderson McMahon NA
Kimberly Baldassarre Schopp NA
Nancy Wonacott NA Hello to all of those Grand Island Class of 1969 students. The school where I teach is a rival of the Vikings, but when attending athletic events, I still cheer for the Blue and White players. Go Vikings!
Tracy Allen Turner NA
Dorothy Dillemuth Waltman NA
Elisa Trett Krok NA
Vicky Lynde Huer It's can't go back home. However I always enjoy the drive around the Island...even if I can never find any of my old classmates! (or should I say former...some of us might not like that word just yet!) I fondly remember... cheering at GIHS...sailboat rides.... Beaver Island .... and clam chowder at Killian's! Hey..are we having a reunion this year?
Chris Russell NA Can't wait to move back!! Been working at it for the last 11 yrs. See you soon!
Theodore Stewart NA NA
Mary Kane O'Dea Enjoy getting the news from the Island on line. Also enjoy checking the guest book and reading the news from people who have moved away. Grand Island was a great place to grow up.
Carol Ganster MacDonald How can one not wait to leave Island as a teenager (nothing to do syndrome) regardless of the great friends one had there, leave, and then soon wonder why you can't wait to get back there . Many of us had to settle for visiting !! That's ok too! ;0)
Michael J Ross NA Golden Events, tubing down the river, blizzard of '77, cruising river road in my '66 Chevy are fond memories.
Ronald Milkas NA Miss everyone on Grand Island but love being here in Georgia. See ya'll later. Ron aka Buckets
Mary Jo Gill NA NA
Jeff Cooke NA NA
Jan Hague Gast NA
Stephan Kovacs NA NA
Reg Schopp NA I am what most people would call a tree hugger. I love the "Island", even a trip to Tops becomes a reunion. Let's keep it just the way it is. Thank you for making Grand Island just a little bit better place to live. Ain't technology "Grand", no pun intended.
Sharon Bassette NA NA
Michael Schneider NA NA
Michael Kelly NA NA
Michael Dunlop NA NA
Dan Finkel NA NA
Debbie Robinson DeGlopper GI was a great place to grow up! That's why we are now raising our family here. Any class of 1983 grads, I'd love to hear from you.
Joe Chadima NA We would like to express our deepest sympathy to the Masters family with their recent loss. We will all have many wonderful memories of Coach. The Chadima's
Maryann Loebs NA I enjoyed the photo album today, seeing gert gay, charlotte and gene roesh and especially the Bedell house. I will look for some photos too.
Dale Berger NA NA
Joanna Bernier Rudzki NA
Jennifer Pusatier Jablon NA
Tamie Matthews Pollock Love the website! So nice to be able to catch up on the local happenings!
Carol Berlinger Brennan NA
Steven Dietrich NA NA
Barbara Barbur Bykowicz NA
Dave Forster NA NA
Tricia Suszek NA NA
John (Jack) Babowicz NA NA
Sharon Certo-Chislett Certo NA
Roxanne Burch Mikula NA
Linda DeCocq Jacobs What I love about Grand Island is the close knit, friendly atmosphere. No matter who you are or where you go, you know people, and they are always friendly. G.I. is a great place to have a family. I loved growing up on G.I. because it was kind of like "Cheers," ... it's a place where everyone knows your name!
Steve Tucker NA NA
Cherie Stork Nogle NA
Al Bykowicz NA NA
Kenneth Klementowski NA NA
Cheryl Azzollini Witnauer NA
Amy Pedlow NA NA
Peter DeGlopper NA NA
Alphia L. Criss Prosser NA
Thomas Fleming NA I'd love to hear from old Island classmates, friends, neighbors, etc. I have especially fond memories of the Island in the wintertime, GIHS,
and all those good times with friends.
Lenore Tetkowski Kantor I was one of the art teachers at the Grand island High School from 1966-1985. Love running into former students.
Randy White NA NA
Bobbie Murray Blok NA
Milanne (Lannie) Buchholz Weiser NA
Patricia Harding NA NA
Marrissa (Sissie) Fournerat Wilson NA
Pat Meyer Williams (Hajski) NA
Joan A. Droit NA adroit@adelphia,net NA
Denise Filosofos NA NA
Mary Stang-Cooke Stang Can't wait to see the new format.
Debbie Stein Guidone Hello to everyone from the Stein family in Texas!!! Happy Holidays!!!
Kevin Miller NA NA
Kathy Cichocki Brobeil NA
Michael and Lindsey Lawson NA Great place to grow up,live and visit. I was not to fond of the winter time, but enjoyed the white xmas. Summer was a blast!
George E Sullivan NA GEOSUL@JUNO.COM Miss all my friends on GI, was very active there and raised 5 children. Jackie Kane my oldest is still a resident on Island Park. Served for twelve year on the Town Council and did all the labor negotiations for the town until Jim Pax left as supervisor.
Kathleen Czaplicki Minton Wonderful memories of childhood in Sandy Beach...messages from friends always welcome and I will respond as soon as possible.
Tina Grimes NA NA
Vicki Harnden Link This site is wonderful! We love to see all old pictures, especially with our relatives.
Lee Cohen NA NA
Kathleen Ricci Daley NA
Elizabeth Judson Robinson NA
Nicole Albini Clifton I would like to hear from my old classmates.
Craig Sandish NA NA
JoAnn Kennedy NA NA
Nichole King Millar NA
Alphia C. Gangemi Criss NA
Lynn Wuertzer Gaydica NA
Roxanne Santa Lucia NA I really miss the Island sometimes, but college is great!
Patricia Schafer Eimer NA
Randy Whitbeck NA NA
Jennifer Slepian NA NA
Peter Lindsey NA My fondest memory of the Island was the summer and swimming and boating in the Niagara River.
We'd swim until our eyes were red, water ski until we couldn't stand and sometimes take a boat trip to the Canadian side to see some girls we knew.There were also some fun times at Ceil and Chuck's and assorted other drinking establishments.

Grand Island was a great place to grow up!
Chuck Berlinger, Jr. NA NA
Frederick Claus NA NA
Rose ann Krause NA NA
Kathy Spedoske Cavanaugh NA
Ann Weingartner NA NA
Mandy Malaney Clare I would love to see Islanders more involved in our 150th birthday celebration! I feel we need more home town spirit! I'm originally from Toronto, however I feel that Grand Island is my home and I'm proud to be here!
James Tranter NA We (my wife and myself) have many fond memories, having been married, raised our children and lived on the Island for most of our lives. Great folks and many friends missed now that we have moved.
Chuck & Lisa Capage NA NA
Nathan Harpster NA NA
Mark Coffey NA NA
Robin Vertino Scudamore NA
Cindy Zurek Austin NA
Kurt Lorence NA NA
Jay Tolbert NA NA
Luanne Monette Bush NA
Leslie Baldwin Manley I was reading Mike Podlucky's comments and it reminded that driving around the Island is something my girls and I do everytime we visit. It's tradition, and it's neat to see the beautiful new homes as well as point out some of my old haunts to my kids.
David Rogala NA NA
Robert Hoag NA NA
Bob Beach NA Grand Island is a GREAT place to live.
Linda Aguilar Guenther LMAGUILAR1@CS.COM NA
Patty Turner Bykowicz I love Grand Island. Plain and simple...I was born here and I couldn't imagine raising my children anywhere else. My husband, Tom(class of '84) and I discussed moving south but couldn't come up with a good enough reason to leave. We love the people, the seasons, and it's HOME! And most of our family is here too for the same exact reasons. Plus, where else can you live and go boating one week and snowmobiling the next????
Cheryl Kloesz Goris NA
Dorothy Rowswell Minor As I travel more, I take the lap top along, and truly enjoy keeping up with current news, through IsledeGrande. I have also re-connected with "old" acquaintances who have used IsledeGrande to request that people contact them. Thank you for making it available to our community.
Michael Grabowski NA NA
Robin Schultz Irons VIN00214@AOL.COM Just want to say "hi" to everyone, I miss the Island and the old gang. I hope everyone is well. I just had a little girl!! I'm still a nurse at Childrens Hospital. I would love to hear from you guys! Take Care..
Uloo Phata NA NA
Jean Marlin Dansberger Grand Island, will always be my home even if I live far away. My thoughts are always about Grand Island and my children and grandchildren who still resides on the Island.Thank you.
Tom DeBole NA NA
Joseph DIngillo NA Growing up in Sandy Beach,swimming in the river,hunting the wooded areas,fishing, snowmobiling or just hanging out with friends ~ No place on earth can compare~ GRAND ISLAND will always be my home, no matter how far away I am. You truly are a GRAND PLACE TO LIVE!!
Ellen Faber Hopkins NA
Elizabeth Dries Farley NA
Susan Hudson Miles NA
Shelley Smith Arcouet Thank you for keeping me up-to-date on GI events. I really like this site. You do a great job!
Mark Serio NA
Nina Serio Gibson NA
Linda Benzin NA We are past Islanders. Just found your site and love it. Our children graduated from Grand Island and it's nice to keep informed about whats going on.
Mark Suffoletta NA NA
John Van Son NA My grandfather, John Henry Cornelius Van Son emigrated to Grand Island from Holland in 1874. My father and all my aunts and uncles were born on the island. I spent many happy hours at Edgewater Park, which was owned and operated by my uncle, William Voetsch, and the Voetsch family. My uncle, John C. Van Son was the founder and owner of the Grand Island Transit Company. Grand Island holds many special memories for me.
Joanne Widmer Senn I rode around the Island this past summer when I was up visiting and although the Island has changed a bit in the past twenty-odd years, just being there brought back wonderful memories.
Kevin Kearney NA KSK2262@YAHOO.COM I liked the river in the summer.
Doug Wagner NA NA
Joann Santospirito NA NA
Susan Miles Nowakowski NA
Rosemary Kerins NA This is a beautiful site! You have done a great job. I will be back!
Pat Kratz Kendzierski I can't imagine living anywhere else......
Charlie & Paula Grimm Diefenbach Turner's, driving and boating around the island (not in this order of course). We come up at least once a year to visit family and friends, around the 4th of July mostly. I love running into Mr.& Mrs. D. Bissel.
Mary May Stewart MMay4875@AOL.COM NA
Jim D'Ingillo NA NA
Patti Jo Hughes Yakowenko New e-mail address: I was just on the Island last week, it was just as beautiful as ever! The people were so friendly and as always had a great time with my best friend since 5th grade at Kaegebein, Patty Burns- Avery. Thanks Grand Island!!!!
Linda Tennant Lordo We only lived there for 2 years (when I was in 2nd and 3rd grade at Huth Road), but the pleasant memories have remained for a lifetime! Those memories have been recently reawakened as Teddy somehow found me by email and invited me to participate in the parade next summer as a former member of Teddy's Islettes! I hope to make the trip up there from SC (where I've lived since we left in '76) along with my husband, son and daughter and my brother Ron Lordo and his wife and son. I took my family there for the first time since '76 over the Thanksgiving holidays and I was amazed at how different yet the same everything looks!! I'd love to reconnect with my old neighborhood best-buddy Ann Pannullo, and reassure the 2 teachers that I drove NUTS while I was there that I actually turned out OK - Mrs. Pinzotti and Mrs. Santiago!!! Happy holidays to everyone!!!
Kristen Beauchamp NA NA
Bertha T. von Craigh NA Great wild strawberries, wild pears, the flora and fauna. Charter member of St. Timothy Lutheran Church; lived between missle silos on Staley Road; Horseback riding along the West River; Became a Deaconess in 1967; among the first women ordained in the Evangelical Lutheran Churh in America in 1974 in Manheim, PA. Am now retired, raise miniature roses, do woodworking, and farm 3 beautiful acres in the Cascade foothills of Oregon. Every year gets better.
Judie Heane-Siusta Dinsmore I miss the Bedell house and the people. It was a good place to bring up children. We didn't have to lock doors and everyone looked out for each other. Just driving down the street everyone waved at you. I miss St Stephens Day and the 4th of July Parade. We had the first womens baseball league on Grand Island in the 70's - we were the TC Teasers. Does anyone remember them? We had fun. Eugene Dinsmore and I were married in 1971 but divorced in 1981. We have 2 children Kim and John and 2 grandchildren Josh and Lynsie.
I have been living in Florida for many years as I was originally from Daytona Beach. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Ehde Beth Parrish Stamler I would look forward to hearing from old friends and classmates. I enjoyed the older photos on this site and the history of Grand Island, and Teddy's column. It was good to see some of my Mum's (Elsie E. Stamler, former Town Clerk) pictures in her many activities.
Ehde Beth Stamler Parrish
Jeff Smith NA NA
Karen Brooks Willard NA
Bill Bibby NA It is nice to re-connect with my hometown. Thank you.
Ernie Howe NA NA
Jason Benzin NA NA
Greg Latino NA I have fond memories of G.I. My mom's family( Ben Sander) lived on Philadelphia St.,Black Rock. Later, Ben moved to Ferry Rd. on G.I. I wonder if there is anyone that lives on Ferry Rd. that remembers my uncle Ben. Ben Sander was a lawyer and my memories of him are that he seemed to know everyone in Erie County. I'd enjoy hearing from anyone that remembers either Ben Sander or possibly any of the Sanders.
Congratulations on the record snow fall! Best wishes for 2002, Gregory Latino
Paul Stefik NA Author and Director 1952 Pageant GRAND OLD ISLAND
Mike Endres NA NA
Deborah Becker NA NA
Gary Schram NA NA
Debbie Huttenmaier Mesmer NA
Nancy Hamm-Johnson Hamm NA
Wayne Anstett NA NA
Bob & Sally Dworak Staley Prefer Email contact only for now
Cindy Stump Fries NA
Terry Lawson NA Friday nights at Ceil & Chuck's, boating on the river. Troop 510 and camping on Navy Island,Beaver Island and Buckhorn. Sandy Beach.Our class reunionin 1988. Good times with friends and family.
Amy Norton Diehl NA
William Spriggs NA NA
Peter McKee NA NA
John Czora NA NA
Kimberly Shoemaker NA NA
Edwin Webb NA NA
Christine Sipson Pinkow NA
Robert Hilferding NA NA
John Hageny NA Work in Baseball and live on the Maine coast; Come back to GI once or twice a year; BA's; Josh Lidell looking for you kid... time may pass but I will not forget…
Ed Graesser NA This is a very nice website. I have many good memories of GI; a great place to live and grow up. Rode bikes everywhere and never cared about movies or the mall. I still remember paying a buck fifty to play golf at Beaver Island, and playing free at River Oaks when we were (the original) "rugrats" - Ed
Chuck Hettinger NA NA
Albert Lee NA NA
Maggie Kownaski NA NA
Mary Judkins Mason NA
Barbara Nowakowski Labinski NA
Mike Stefik NA I was born in Buffalo but lived on Grand Island until I was about 10 years old. Today we have a small motel and Antique shop on the southern Washington coast.
Carla Ortiz Adams NA
Terrie Sledziewski Gardner NA
Jennifer Lin NA NA
Dava Jones Jones NA
Ian Sutherland NA NA
Joanne Federspiel Sotiuk NA
Sharon Kubik Pearson Great site, now living outside of Arcade NY, not quite like GI, really miss living there. Have a wonderful husband and a 5 1/2 year old son,Benjamin.
Christine Bost Wendel NA
Kristen Helenbrook NA NA
Karen Hutton Stedman NA
Kevin Roughsedge NA NA
Christopher McBride NA Living in Port Washington (Long Island), New York for past 2 years.
Kelly Gast NA NA
Richard Dutton NA
Sarah Lane NA NA
Jeri Schopp Fannin NA
Sally Rosenthal Gorton NA
Michele Maier Roberts NA
Deni Bates Morgan Hello friends! Rob and I are doing wonderfully here in Plainsboro. I can see Princeton campus from my balcony... such a beautiful area. I miss my Buffalo snow though! I am sitting here today... Jan 31st...with my deck doors wide odd for this time of year! I want to throw snowballs that don't melt before they land! Rob's job at Merrill is going very well. He's an AVP now and is thinking of starting his own company soon. I'm working from home and enjoying my free time. This August will be our 4 year wedding anniversary... the time is going by so fast....…
Edward McCarthy NA Still here
Ken Nusstein NA NA
Carole Ford NA NA
Dan Fields NA NA
Bridget Hobart O'Rourke I would have been class of '81 but my family moved to Florida,where I still live.
Debbie Redwine Newman NA
Brian Sheehan NA I always look forward to coming home to G.I. The house my 95yr.old aunt, Kay Sheehan, still lives in today.It was built in 1842 and I believe it is the oldest house on the Island.I'll always have wonderful memories of growing up on Grand Island.
Vienna Haak Laurendi NA
Robert Davisson NA Be nice to hear from old friends, I've looked for a few of them online, and had contact with a couple but there is still some I'm looking forward to seeing in the future.
Janie Hiam Martin KHEARA5@CS.COM NA
Alaina Kulikowski Rowswell NA
Peter Baker NA NA
test test NA NA
Sondra DeFranks Galoppo NA
Richard M. Staley NA Caught my first fish off grandpa's pier in north river. Many of my family members are buried in the "STALEY" family cemetery.
Congrats on your presentation of "Grand Island"
Joan Staley Busch I am the widow of Robert D. Staley, Staley Cemetery on Grand Island.
Bob Vogel NA 1 stop light on G.I., The Blvd and Baseline. Before the place looked like Williamsville and Amherst.
Paula Nakayama Bell I moved this year and am just here to update my information and say Hi to anyone! I hope to be there for the Reunion in July! This site is so nice because I get to see a piece of "home" whenever I want!
Suzanne Ryan Burk NA
Jim Teator NA NA
Julie Beslian NA I really miss the Island and can't wait to come back to visit!
Gary Yaeger NA MG10299@AOL.COM NA
Maureen Phillips NA Although I graduated apart from my class (in Tucson, Arizona!) I have never forgotten, or been forgotten by, my classmates at Grand Island High School. I take great pride in that and I love to visit and see everyone. The sesquicentennial sounds like great fun and I'm going to try to make it home for it! Best regards and blessings to all who read, Tim, Linda, Paula, Shelby, and Michol!
Nicolette Thompson NA Grand Island is a wonderful place! We all will return post college!
Sarah Rott NA NA
Marilyn Lewis Maurer NA
James Allick NA NA
Sue Hillock Arcouet NA
Laura Mason Lewis NA
Paul Ackley NA packley@insight.rr.comm NA
Paul Denny NA NA
Elizabeth DeLano Lynch
Jodi Sherry Albright ...A little yellow cottage on Love Road with barn out back with an old car in it. Raccoons coming up to the door. Rhubarb growing wild behind the house. Seeing the Wizard Of Oz for the first time! Sitting on the shore in my crib on the West River! Having mumps! Being at my Grammy’s house on the other end of Love Road with chickenpox! Playing "mommy" to my newborn sister. Eating corn on the cob with my grandfather on the back porch trying to see who could bite more rows! Cleaning the silver before the big holiday meals. Setting up the card table and putting a blanket over it to make a "fort" to watch cartoons. Playing dress up with the girl next-door using Grammy’s jewelry! Finding an Easter-basket wherever momma-bunny hid it! Making deserts on the kitchen floor with my Easy-Bake-Oven! My collie, "Billy" and basset named "Happy". Playing in the field behind the Cook's house on Staley Road with family and friends (Remember me Mr. Link?) LOL My earliest memories are from the IsledeGrande! Whenever asked where are you from...I am proud to say Grand Isle, Buffalo New York!
Jim Maurer NA NA
Chris Zoltoski NA NA
Tena Roughsedge DiMartile Now living in Chicago!!!!
Deborah Beyer Stack NA
Cathy Klemann Martin NA
Annie Carlson Fabiano NA
Andy Dulak NA NA
Lauren Main NA NA
Kristin Cadro NA NA
Elizabeth Stoklosa Sciuk NA
Holly Best Whitford NA
Rebecca Reger NA NA
Joel Guagliano NA NA
Ann Marie Westerhuis Mahiques NA
Pat Elmes NA I signed the guestbook previously but thought I'd toss a few memories in this time. I lived on Ransom Road just down from the High School. Along with my brothers Bob and Greg we braved the walk on cold winter mornings but never regretted the walk vs. the bus. The challenge increased when the Santa Lucia's, Great Dane, Squire, decided it was play time.

The best part of GI was the fast disappearing fields for a multitude of outdoor activities. The nieghborhood was rich with friends the likes of which consisted Sundholms, Rudzkis, Arends, McAlisters, Wrights, Steins, and Kellys. The "Ransom Roadrunners" Skating, snow machines, sledding at Burks' Hill. Walks along the headwaters od edgewater creek starting at the famous "Troll Bridge", behind the Bell's house, on to Niro's Pond, past the Christmas Tree Farm and terminating at the River at Edgewater. Many forget that the tragedy at Bells Falls where Gary's sister was heroic in her efforts to save a drowning child.

Wish I still lived there. Texas is hot and flat but shoveling a driveway would kill me now!
Meggan McCarthy-Sparrow McCarthy NA
Robin Klonarides Schendel Beaver Island, and Teddy's Islettes
Laureen Hess Zelonis NA
Sharon Claffey Piazza NA
Mary Jaron Braidich What lovely memories in reading Isledegrande! It is like walking down memory lane. Would love to hear from the Class of 1966 or anyone remembering me! Will be there July 4, 2002.
John Stolfo NA NA
Gary Claffey NA NA
Kevin Kud NA NA
Richard Lozo NA A native Grand Islander, graduated from Sidway in '61, Riverside H.S. in '64, and then University of Buffalo from '64 to '68.
Kimberly Domagala Long KAD421@CS.COM NA
Tanya Onori Shaffer Just wanted to say hi to all the folks back on the Island. While I've moved away it will always be home to me. I'd love to hear from old schoolmates so drop me a line!
Thaler Kimberly NA NA
Renee Fitzsimmons Robinson NA
Karen Raepple Sciandra Love the site..It keeps me "in the loop"
Please note, this is a new e mail address
Sally Holbein Bayse NA
Steven Morgan NA NA
Tammy Gorman Stevens NA
Scott Russell NA Now in Amherst, NY
Michael Scott NA NA
Susan Fadel Kew NA
Jennifer Schneider Witkowski NA
Karl Zernickel NA NA
Tiffany Luescher NA NA
Frank Cannata NA
Erin Tedd Garcia NA
Rick Halas NA NA
Sandy LaForme Hoffman NA
Daniel Ford NA NA
Jeff Bykowicz NA NA
Jose Garcia NA NA
Beverly Striebich von Craigh Riding my horse down to West River, the "rock" and the pipeline. Best place to grow up!!!
Ivy Perrault Dillemuth NA
Kathy Beauchamp NA NA
David Johnson Jr NA Memories, as one looks back on the past he can't but to only appreciate the accomplishments he has made in the present. Those fond memories which are so deeply rooted in my heart, mind, and spirit. Oh just to reminisce... Matt Kielich Dan McMann Steve Moudy Mike McMann working past dusk on the Half-Pipe, the mini street ramp, when we stole the mini-bike from the fort in the woods behind Dolphin, Dave Simpson's house parties, Matt's ATC, fishin' at Blue Water...Michele Sims Miranda Payne I TRULY LOVE YALL, The School Talent Show, The Juneteenth Festival, Michele when you slapped me in Mr. Howsers class, Miranda are first dance at the Toy Factory, Senior Lunch... Maurice Welch Anthony Scott Respect and Love. Hoopin' after School, Hoopin' at Deleware Park, Hoopin' at Trinidad, Chay Blount up at the Shorelines, The time when that white lady made us all pray together in the back of the BROWN HORNET... Jay Moran chillin' summers together, hoopin' at Bob and Scotts', Tennis... The memories hit you in the heart. I'm so Glad to have known you. I'm so thankful you are a peace of the man I am today, I love you and god bless.
Melissa Czenszak NA NA
Jon Jehrio NA NA
Neena Borgisi NA NA
Joe Mergler NA NA
Kathleen Monaco Thompson NA
Scott Oakey NA NA
Babette Strassburg Blair NA
Brent Patmos NA NA
Susan Braun Stone NA
Tom Frampton NA NA
Arthur Doermer NA NA
Greg Dietrich NA NA
Tracy Goss Peter NA
John Fletcher NA NA
Sabrina Hooper NA Still glad to be away..........
Amy Colberg Fiebelkorn Your web site is wonderful. My brother lives there and we visited last summer. He is Fr. Dan Fiebelkorn from St. Stephens. Thank you so much, again your site makes me feel like I can keep in touch with the communtity my brother loves so much!
Erica Alvarado Lundin I moved during my junior year of high school to Texas. Still in the Dallas area, with my daughter who is two. I don't miss the snow, but it is nice to visit during the summer. Would love to hear from anyone who may remember me...
Kris Christensen NA NA
Kathleen Krall O'rourke I will always remember Grand Island and its residents fondly. I have been back a few times but have lost touch with everyone i ever knew there. I would love to hear from some of my old friends.
Sandi Cunningham NA NA
Shelby Stay NA NA
Scott Lamb NA NA
Gregory Oguich NA NA
George Kellogg NA
Laura Freeman Becker
Seth Buzby NA NA
Cindy Shields Mason NA
Kevin McGuirk NA NA
Stephen Stouter NA NA
John Hill NA NA
Paul Kane NA PKANE78036@AOL.COM You gals do a good Job. Reggie ought to give you a big raise.
Penny Ball NA NA
Steve Van Hattum NA NA
Dave Burke NA NA
Mike O'Dea NA I am looking forward to all the events of this year's big celebration. I miss the river, and all the good times and great friends! Memories of my days on the Island have carried me through several dark times in my life. It is truly a Grand place to be.
Jeffrey Moorse NA NA
Robert Mains NA My great,great,grandfather, Robert Mains lived on Grand Island until his death in 1838. His wife Margaret Denniston and her father were residents until 1838 when they came to Michigan by way of Canada. Trying to trace my roots back to Grand Island and beyond.
Julie Estenoz Meister NA
Sandy Kiefer Oberkircher NA
Nancy Duysters Franklin NA
Jessie Morgan Morgan I just would like to say that I really miss all my friends from St. Stephens. Conner Neff if u remember me? It's Jessie from 1st and 2nd grade!!!!!!!!!! I give all my wishes to Cole who died!!!!!!!
Kerry Erling Sciandra Resident from 1961 - 1991. Class of 79'
now reside in Allen, TX
Beth VanDyne Doebert Love seeing the old pics.…
Daniel Rinker NA NA
Michael Mayo NA NA
Mark Burns NA NA
Karen Beecher McCall Riverside High Class '57
Bob Mac Lean NA New e-mail address. Looking forward to reunion.
Todd Sipson NA NA
Cheryl Crago NA NA
Kelly Hayes NA NA
Arliss Lantz Rastenburg NA
Cassandra Smith Cromwell Currently live and teach in Southern Illinois
Paul Mutolo NA NA
Mike Mongan NA NA
Pattie Frentzel Anderson NA
James Lewis NA NA
Stephen Posluszny NA NA
Vivian Smudski Lightbody
all I need to say is that it is a Grand place to live. I have wonderful friends here and wouldn't consider moving to Florida or any other warm climate as long as I am able to take care of myself.
Donald Hamman NA NA
John Rurkowski NA Hello to our friends on Grand Island, especially those at St. Stephen's.
Kevin Tripi NA NA
Dana Foote Hayes NA
Kate Fazzari Koch
Linda Clark Hillock NA
Sandie Smith Rall Can't wait to get home this summer! Will be home for the 4th of July.
Imogene Zavodny Chamberlin NA
Tony Felich NA NA
Amy Balling Galeza NA
Deirdre Hunold Pedlow NA
Marcia Nowak NA I spent my childhood on the island and loved it! Have many fond memories of people and places there and always visit when I'm in the area. I am now living in a city that is also celebrating its 150th Anniversary this year, Oakland, CA! Our celebration is on May 4th, with a big outdoor party kicking off 16 weeks of community festivities. I hope very much to also participate in Grand Island's, visiting at least during the week of the 4th. If anyone would like to do a city to city Sesquicentennial exchange of some sort, please contact me. I would love to send you our commemorative poster. I presently work for the City of Oakland and am absolutely delighted that two places I love are celebrating their 150th birthdays this year!
Nancy Posluszny Beauchamp I married my high school sweetheart, John, in 1978.
We have 4 children. We have lived in; Seattle, Texas, GI, and for the past 5 years in MA. I received my BS in nursing (RN) in 1995.
Bernie Scozzaro NA NA
Peter Helbock NA I would enjoy e-mail from anyone who remembers me while a resident on Grand Island.
Gloria Lundin NA Girl Scouts, 4th of July parade, Fantasy island, Sandy Beach Park Club.
Margery Southwood Stambaugh Grand Island IS my childhood. Although I have moved many times since leaving "the island" the summer before my senior year in high school, the Sidway reunions have reminded me that Grand Island is where I am "from". The "island" names and faces make me smile every time I think of them. Roz Ortolano, Kathy Butler, Mike O'Dea, Brian Sheehan - and so many other names from a very special time in a very special place!!
James Gold NA NA
Alison Balzer NA Living in Chicago, IL
Don Gilmore NA NA
Jim/Jamie Corrao NA Hey all you old cronies, you know who are...drop me an e-mail, let me know how you're doing.
Rick Heeke NA NA
Natalie Mandry Quarantillo NA
Pete Mazenauer NA NA
Todd Sipson NA NA
Morgan Kaczmarowski NA Thank you Sidway!
Catherine Nagy Pfeil The island was a great place to grow up. I drove over in April to show a friend the "neighborhood" and to stop at Kelly's Country Store.
Lynne Euse Cullen The good friendships formed, the early years spent riding bikes safely all over the island, camping in the fields, swimming, building a raft, canoeing to Navy Island. The snow drifts, Tucker's store, clam broth by the Bedell House, watching a couple waltz all by themselves in the ballroom at Beaver Island Casino during the Centennial; painting scenery in the barn by St. Stephen's; the round and square dances at Sidway. Looking in the window of an old school house at the corner of Bush and Baseline (?)-in "Toni of Grand Isle", I wonder if is this the one on which Neilia Gardner White based Toni's school? The memories are fresh and alive. It will be good to be back, even if it's just for a Reunion weekend.
Janice Thornblom Jasper I am looking forward to the reunion and to meeting friends after being away so long. I have three daughters, a precious granddaughter and teach Spanish here in Austin. For many years we lived the "Military Life" all over the States and Korea, Panama and Spain. Now it's Austin, Texas, and has been since '93. It's great to have this permanence, but think of Grand Island with much affection. I'm looking forward to being home.
Heather Blair Saxvik NA
Rob Coughlin NA NA
Sheryl Weinheimer Stamler NA
David Crombie NA Friends I had, and miss. Growing up there seemed like a clip from the Christmas story. The Chocolate House and there great chocolate !!!! And the pizza, wings ,subs etc.... here in tuscaloosa Alabama there's not much northern taste's..... see "ya'll " later p.s. maybe in bootcamp Patty ??
Ben Valentine BGV Hi, you might know me as one of the most brilliant and attractive students to have ever attended GIHS!
Dawn Guido Russell NA
Jeffrey Eberhard NA Any Canisius HS or College alums in DC? Where are you?
Ken Pacioni NA NA
Troy Salley NA Memories, some of them good, some of them bad! I know that the following statements may never reach the light of day, but I would be less than honest with myself if I didn't mention the following.
When my fellow Afro American GI Grads get together, we often mention the acts of institutionalized racism carried out against Afro American students by some of the High School Administration, some teachers and by some students. Some of these acts were so horrible that it's hard to believe that the majority of the Afro American students weren't damaged mentally or physically somehow... So outrageous that we will never allow our children or grandchildren to experience this.
Despite the aformentioned statements, I'm sure my fellow Afro American GI Grads: Derek Scott, Mark Walker, Chuck Cowart, Mel Cowart, Art Harper, Bailys, Pam Walker, Carmen Walker, Bonnie Walker, Giles, Fred Ford, Mike Mayo & Sister, Don Lee & Sisters, Ed Little, Pam Flood, Jim "Bow" Henderson, Charles Manguila, Rick & Cheryl Reed, Cook Boys & Sister, Rene Ford, Dunlops, and my brother Kyle Salley, and I, Troy Salley communicate we all agree that we would like to thank the following folks for their color blindness, care, love, & friendship, without them we would never have survived: First and foremost, thank you Geno Masters, Roger Wise, Paul Hauser, and thank you Mr. Russo, Mr. Meyers, Mr. Burnstein, Mr. Cimento, Mr. Ross, I would like to personally thank Jodi Hayes, Grace Golonka, Judy Posner, Becky Moss, Ann DiMarco, Debbie Gilmore, Sharon Schuldlbeck, Sullivan Twins, Jim Rodriguez, Mike Masters, Darcey Wood, Kathy Rayhill, Fawn Mazur, Lynn Lewis, Robin Ward
and especially the love of my life Pat Hecko, for your support, love, friendship, and help, because without you I would never have become the person I am today! I'll never forget ya! I love ya!

Troy Salley
Lisa Keller Farley NA
Sherri Tornabene NA I hope this finds every one doing well.
Heather Ryan NA I didn't graduate from GIHS, but went there up until 1990 and graduated from Buffalo Seminary in '93. I now live in Oakland, CA and just wanted to say hello to anyone I may know.
Deborah Brown NA My sister Nancy (Brown) Reeves told me about this site. It's great. Don't see too many from the class of '73!!! Hope to hear from some of my classmates and friends from the Island. Even though I only live in Alden, I visit from time to time. Go to see the ole homestead on East River. Best memories of growing up are on the Island.
Kristina Havens Laurendi Class of 1993 Historian. Getting started on Class Reunion 2003
Jean Golonka NA NA
Kathi Shonitsky NA NA
Wendy Card NA NA
April Thursam Giessert NA
Marisa Hebert Labrie Class of 1973. Now resides in Atlanta, Georgia
Joe Pasqualichio NA NA
Chris Beckage NA NA
James Hassan NA NA
Michael Pfetsch NA NA
William Bauer NA The nicest place to live in the Bullalo/N.F. area.Have fond memories at 1860 Bedell Rd.
Terre Santospirito NA NA
Gena King NA NA
Mary Russell NA I visit Grand Island on average twice a year when I visit my son in Amherst. I stay on Grand Island with an old and dear friend, try to get to St. Martin-in-the-Fields church, which I attended all the years I lived there. I have so many fond memories of Grand Island, especially The Chocolate House, St. Martin's and all its parishioners, dear friends, and many many more.
Steve Miller NA Great time growing up..Good School...Good Friends..never returned after the service as I met and married my wife in California. Now in Florida..but, still treasure memories of a great place to have been a part of.
Lauren Hall NA NA
Jim Heberlein NA Married 11 years and have 3 kids (2 boys and 1 girl).
Shelly Prange NA NA
Alan and Sally Rogers Keidrowski We will be visiting Grand Island this July 4 for the first time in 3 years. Will be attending the 82 Class Reunion and look forward to seeing many of you there.
Kim Kendall NA NA
Marilyn Vogel Boehm I lived on Love Road with my family for 16 years. Attended 7th grade at Sidway and 8th grade in the high school - then attended Cardinal O'Hara high school... Very fond memories of growing up on the island!! Does anyone remember me???
Sandra Watkins NA I am living a little North East of San is beautiful here but not nearly as beautiful as Grand Island in the summertime....I will be home in June and again in August...I sure am glad to hear the Bedell House Hotdog stand will be open to greet me! Bright blessings, Sandy
Teresa Panepinto NA
Beth Fagiani Andrew NA
Deena Przystal Tutwiler NA
John Fleming NA A great place to live & raise a family, many, many fond memories
Kelly Meckes Wisner NA
Julie Harrington Harrington NA
Wolfgang Herzog NA It was a great time to be an exchange student on the island and many thanks to the Giles family for making this possible
Carol Johnson Johnson carolgramm I am a relatively new resident of Grand Island but find it to be a wonderful community in which to make my home.
Melissa Davisson Fiolek NA
James O'Dea NA NA
Michelle Franck Cameron Currently, I reside in the Florida Keys, but miss the Buffalo area. I would love to get in touch with old friends!
Dawn Iacono Carlisi NA
Elizabeth Blundell NA NA
Mark Fitzgerald NA Finished with law school and moving to Los Alamos, New Mexico to practice - goodbye east coast!
Mary Glazier Bauer NA
Elizabeth Szur NA NA
Jackie Mordaunt Pritchard If anyone would like to help plan the next reunion (2007). I would like to see a group forming and would happily participate. Do you believe how many years that will be...where did the time go. I still feel like a kid.
Jamie Milne NA NA
Deborah Fry Bergstrom NA
Susan Havens Pikas NA
Kelly Malone O'Brien I am living in Mansfield Ma. near Boston now with my husband Johnny, 2 sons Danny and Joe and another baby due in Jan. I love Grand Island and am happy you have this web sight so I can keep in touch. Would love to hear from any old friends!
Felix (phil) Grycel NA Teddy: In the write up 50 YEARS AGO you mentioned the parade we had on Love Rd. I have a photo of the parade taken by my wife Katherine Grycel.If you would like a copy please let me know. P.S. the whole Grycel family enjoys this publication even though we are scattered along the west coast.
John Page NA NA
Mike Sutter NA NA
Sabooh Khan NA I love Grand Island
Kent Martin NA I am updating my personal information to be placed on the graduation list. I recently transferred from our offices in Pa to Germany, and therefore have a new address and also e-mail address.
Ed Adams NA NA
James Palamuso NA NA
Thomas DeCillis NA
David Kipping NA NA
Sheila Ciechoski Socko Hello everyone...Just wanted to say how Great it was to see the class of '82 again..What a Blast.
Jude, Linda, Mike and Frank did an awesome job getting it all together. Hope to see some new names on this sight soon.
Have a Great Summer.
Carrie-Anne Badame NA Calling All Grand Island Senior High School

Unbelievable as it may seem…the time is near for our eagerly anticipated 10-year Class Reunion! Anyone interested in joining the Class of ’93 Reunion Committee, please contact Carrie-Anne Badame at
before Monday, September 30th 2002. Please spread the word…we are scattered all over the globe!!!
Tentative dates: July 5th & 6th 2003
More information to follow…
Laurie Fosburg Chaisson Michael, Jake and I miss western New York in the summer (especially 4th of July week), and Fall. After visiting home this past Christmas, it took 2 days to defrost from the storm, as exciting as it was.....I'll take 365 days in shorts and a visit to New York in the summer instead.
Michael Giambra NA NA
Helen Szymanski Olsen NA
Nathan Waters NA NA
Roxanne Johnson Hillman Great place growing up. Small class made for good friendships. Lots of good memories.
Mike Holway NA NA
David Szubinski NA NA
Susan Starzynski Johnstone NA
Scott Allaire NA Grand Island was a paradise for young children who enjoyed the woods, swimming in the river, and a close knit comunity.
Kelly Everett McQuillen NA
Steve Fleming NA When I visit this's always a real hoot to see the kids of my classmates already graduating from college, having kids of their own, etc.. Seems like just yesterday I was "pogeyin'" (on a winter's day) the back-bumpers of trucks and cars pulling out of the Love Road "Tops Market" after Kaegebein dismissal....w/ these same buddies/classmates. Man,time flies! It was a great life.
Jessica Baird WroblewskiI-Fisher JFRIEND457@AOL.COM NA
Laureen Brennan Rathmann NA
Curt Hettinger Hi Teddy I heard about this site tonight from classmate and dear friend, Gary Keister who attended our 25th class reunion '77 last week. I am enjoying this site! The historical photos brought me back to the Island. I look forward to returning to go through it more. Thank you for your talents, photos and everybody's energy putting this on the web.

Rita Tierney (mom), is up there right now visiting on the Island 07/12 - 07/16?. She mentioned Philis Lutwak and The Pritchard's if you'd like to say Hello while she's there. I will return. Take Care.


Curt Hettinger
Pasadena, CA
Kester Bleich NA NA
Nancy Samrany Scheelar NA
Don Jelinek NA NA
Michelle Salvatore Colbert The 1982 Class Reunion was a wonderful event...kudos to all those that helped in coordinating it..Great job !!!
Ella Abate Johns NA
Wendy Abdallah NA NA
Sue Ackendorf Smith NA
Tracy Ackerman Moses NA
Renee Calamita Acosta Chantel NA
Jerry Adam NA NA
Carl Adams NA NA
Carrie Adermann NA NA
Chris Affuso NA NA
Kaitlyn Affuso NA NA
Melissa Affuso NA NA
Stephanie Affuso NA NA
Janice Ahne Vitello NA
Beverly Ahr Link NA
Lara Akinbami NA NA
Roy Alabran NA NA
Cathy Alaimo Zoltoski NA
Candy Albertsson NA NA
Jon Albertsson NA NA
Mary Allaire-Gifford Allaire NA
Beth Allen Buchanan NA
Bonnie Allen NA NA
Lee Allen NA NA
Michelle Allen NA NA
Resa Allen Austin NA
Karen Allenbaugh Hogrewe NA
Frank Alliger NA NA
Cindy Allison Susfalk NA
Sue Allsop NA NA
John Amato NA NA
Wendy Amos Colla NA
John Amschler NA NA
Shane Anderson NA NA
John Anderson NA NA
Mari Anderson Roberts NA
Nancy Anderson Hoover NA
Pete Anderson NA NA
Rich Anderson NA NA
Sal Andolina NA NA
Wilma Andre Claunch NA
Lynn Marie Andrews Mann NA
Michelle Ankenbauer NA NA
David Anstett NA NA
John Anstett NA NA
Michael Anstett NA NA
Wayne & Jeanne Anstett NA NA
John Anticoli NA NA
Ryan Applegate NA NA
Stephen Arbutina NA NA
David Arch NA NA
J. Arnone NA NA
Mary Ann Arsenault NA NA
Richard Arsenault NA NA
Scott Arsenault NA NA
Betty Ashley Dohn NA
Wayne Askew NA NA
Fred Aswad NA NA
Honey Atkins Hennessy Austin NA
Patty Avery Burns NA
Susan Axtell Askew NA
Aaron Azizkhan Brindisi NA
Greg Hunt NA NA
Dan Bach NA NA
David Backlund NA NA
Rev. Kevin Backus NA NA
Jennifer Badame NA NA
Lisa Bagley NA NA
Colleen Bailey NA NA
Tammy Bailey-Lasher Bailey NA
Jan Baker NA NA
Lynn Bakkila Jarzyniecki NA
Hillary Balderas Hillock 76017, NA
Chuck Baldi NA NA
James Baldwin NA NA
Chantel Kutzbach Delaney NA
Nancy Boehm Carlson NA
George Sulzbach NA Have not visited the isle sence 1997. Just wondering about what changes have taken place recently.
Chuck Meyer NA NA
Jeffrey Sulzbach NA JPS319@EARTHLINK.NET NA
Michel Balser O'Connell NA
Jeff Banas NA NA
Melanie "Mimi" Banas Long NA
Anne Barker NA NA
Liz Barker Endres NA
Barb & Jerry Barlow NA NA
Jared Barlow NA NA
Jeffrey Barlow NA NA
Jerry Barlow NA NA
Julie Barlow NA NA
Lisa Barrineau Jankowiak NA
John "Shag" Bartholomew NA NA
Gary & Elsie Bartlett NA NA
Kathleen Barton Yensan NA
Glenn Bauer NA NA
Jayme Bauer Inscore NA
Sister Marian Judy Baumler NA NA
Victor Beach NA NA
Debbie Bean NA NA
Shelby Beard Phillips NA
Mike Beauchamp NA NA
Aaron Beauregard NA NA
Jill Beauregard Svarczkopf NA
Daniel Beauxhamp NA NA
Michael Beckage NA NA
Agnes Becker NA NA
Bobby Becker NA NA
Julie Becker Johnson NA
Lisa Becker NA NA
Ana Nizialek Garcia NA
Mindi Schwarz Davis Hi everyone, I have so many wonderful memories about the Island there isn't enough room to type it all down. G.I. has the best people and schools anywhere.I'm down here in florida longing for a snowy day.Hope to hear from some of the old gang.
Clifford Scott NA NA
Shannon Becker NA NA
Sandra Bednarz NA NA
Judith Beloate NA NA
Gary Bell NA NA
Margie Beneavento NA NA
Sandra Benns NA NA
Beverly Benton Billica NA
Wayne Benton NA NA
Joe and Tammy Benz Tolbert NA
Joe Bergenstock NA NA
Mira Berkley Tetakowski NA
Joe and Laurie Berlinger Ewert NA
Susan Bersani Papai NA
Andrew "AJ" Beyer NA NA
Barbara Beyer Kaska NA
Mary Lange Jankowski NA
Gretchen Beyer Group NA
Kathy Beyer DeDominicis NA
Molly Beyer Finn NA
Sudy Bharadwaj Sudhakar NA
Jeff Bialek NA NA
Mary Bianco Tardiff NA
Dan Bierbrauer NA NA
Dan and Sherry Bierbrauer NA NA
Debbie Billica Crawford NA
Cindy Bindics Senn NA
Kristen Blackley NA NA
Noel Blair NA NA
Fred Blakelock NA NA
Arielle Blanton NA NA
Sue Blanton McKee NA
Sharon Blazey Mergler NA
Eric Blendowski NA NA
Cindy Bleich NA NA
Wayne Bleich NA NA
Barbara Blose Fischer NA
Diane Blum Stansfield NA
Sandy Boebel Brown NA
Jim Boettcher NA NA
Pamela Bonacci Jeeves NA
Steve Bond NA NA
Douglas Bondar NA NA
Greg Bondar NA NA
Jonathan Bondi NA NA
Kristen Bonsignore Sciandra NA
Glenn Bookhagen NA NA
Chris Boomhower Xanthos NA
Peter Boorady NA NA
Ed Borden NA NA
Ginger Bordner Salt NA
Andy Boron NA NA
Maria Bouchard DiChristina NA
Catrina Boudreau NA NA
Adam Boulden NA NA
George Bower NA NA
Mike Bower NA NA
Sheryl Bower NA NA
Brad Bowman NA NA
Jane Boyle Dowd NA
Heidi Bozarth Tierce NA
Norman Brady NA NA
Mike Brand NA NA
Bill and Marilyn Brandoni NA NA
Patty Bray Cattley NA
Ray Breeden NA NA
Kathy Brehm Zavodny NA
Robert Brennan NA NA
David Brick NA NA
Stephanie Bridges Deidrick NA
Ann Briechle NA NA
Helena Brierton Kovacs NA
Michele Brooks Wierling NA
Daniel Brown NA NA
Kay and Court Brown NA NA
Judy Brown NA NA
Robert Brown NA NA
David Brundage NA NA
Bea Bruno NA NA
Jerry Bruno NA NA
Mark and Anna Bruno NA NA
Patricia Bruno Pesono NA
Stacy Bryce NA NA
Jennifer Brzyski Jones NA
Todd Brzyski NA NA
Phillip Buchanan NA NA
Jane Bucher Conboy NA
Bill Buckley NA NA
Timothy Buckman NA NA
Jeff Buda NA NA
Jeff Buell NA NA
Valerie Buerster Green NA
Susan Buller Gilmore NA
Rusty (Jonathan) Burchfield NA NA
Patricia Burg NA NA
Aimee Gormady miller Bill and I live out West, where everybody that knew me, knew I'd end up. I am and always will be "Boots"
Tom Burke NA NA
Tuthann Burl Blickley NA
Peter Burns NA NA
Andrea Burrows Zuchowski NA
Ed Burrows NA NA
Tom Burrows NA NA
Elaine Burzynski NA NA
Tony Buscaglia NA NA
Hollis Busch NA NA
Linda Butcher Hugill NA
Tracy Butcher Wuest NA
Rachel Butler NA NA
Brett Buzby NA NA
Kevin Buzzelli NA NA
Fernando Cabral Fred NA
Karen Cadro Wilkinson NA
Michelle Cadro NA NA
Yvonne Caldwell Percival NA
Mike and Betsy Cali Schopp NA
Cheryl Calire Samrany NA
Karen Call Rogan NA
Keith Call NA NA
Keith Call Jr. NA NA
Wanda Cameron Sumner NA
Michelle Cammarano NA NA
Michelle Cannata-Smith Cannata NA
Susan Canty Hogue NA
Beth Cap NA NA
Bethany Cap NA NA
Ian Cap NA NA
Peter Capelli NA NA
Nancy Capsuto Hogue NA
Jamie Card NA NA
Amy Carey NA NA
Kim Carey Foley NA
Charlotte Goeckel Goeckel NA
Debbie LaBounty Hess NA
Katie Ailinger NA Now a sunny Los Angeleno. Come on out for some sun and fun!
Rebecca D. Lawrence-Weden Lawrence I remember ice skating on the pond in our back yard, walking in the pine woods, Beaver Island swiming, boating with my father, the old oak tree with friends, country roads, having oil delivered, cisterns for water, the new high school, watching my children learn to enjoy the Island on our many, many summer vacations back to my home before the death of my parents. Too bad it has changed so much!
Edward Danahy NA NA
Peter Cherenzia NA NA
Robert B. Jr. Wolcott NA My first visit to your web-site. Found it interesting.
Chris Crombie NA NA
Dorothy "dinki" Haynes Robinson I haven't heard from anyone, so I must have been friendless on the island. Funny, I don't remember it that way!
John Huling NA My Great Grand father George Huling 1803-1890 left Vermont the grandson of Alexander married to Etan Allens cousin Mary Havens Allen. I am the last surviving male of that line
Sara Slachciak Hachee NA
Dan McMann NA NA
Heather Shepherd Raczkowski "RAZ" Just moved from south Georgia to Mid Michigan, so now that I am closer to GI, I hope to visit more often. Class of 1989 send me an email; where are you? And my teachers, too!
Maria Saghir NA NA
Jennifer Carl NA NA
Kelly Carminati Alt NA
Betty Carr O'Dea NA
Michael Carr NA NA
Beth Carroll NA NA
Bill,Carole,Beth, Carroll Julie NA
Maria Carroll Estenoz NA
Ryan Case NA NA
Joanne Casey Kelley NA
Elaine Cassel Taylor NA
Brenda Cassoni Lenz NA
Rhonda Fisher Castleberry NA
Jennifer Catherine NA NA
Cynthia Cendrowski NA NA
Steve Chase NA NA
Jason Verreault Chasse NA NA
Christopher Cherenzia NA NA
Charlie Chiappone NA NA
Jolie Christopher NA NA
Terri Cicatello Watkins NA
Chris Ciechoski NA NA
Joe Ciechoski NA NA
Michelle Cioppa Chapman NA
Glynis Claffey NA NA
Greer Claffey NA NA
Jacquie Clare NA NA
Lynn Clark NA NA
Stacey Clark NA NA
Denise Cleveland NA NA
Bob Cleveland NA NA
Ryanne Clingersmith NA NA
Chad Clinton NA NA
Tina Coates NA NA
Kevin Cobello NA NA
Karen Codella NA NA
David Stoll NA I have good memories of Huth Road Elementary School, & would have been class of '84 at GIHS if my parents hadn't decided to move. Still enjoy coming back to visit though, & I miss the snow!
Shelley Coffee Kendall NA
Edmund Colan NA NA
Ellen Colan Miller NA
Georgia Cole DeCarlo NA
Leah Coleman NA NA
Darlene Collins Socko NA
David Collins NA NA
Daryl Colosimo NA NA
Patricia Colville Nassoiy NA
Bill Conboy NA NA
David Conboy NA NA
Tim Conboy NA NA
Darlene Conners NA NA
Gail Conschafter Hollinger NA
Gary Conschafter NA NA
Joel Conti NA NA
Barry Conway NA NA
Cathy Conway Bors NA
Kelly Cook NA NA
Lindsey Cook NA NA
Nathan Cook NA NA
Richard Cook NA rickwc@ivcsnet NA
Sherie Cook Poulson NA
Julie Cooke NA NA
Mary Cooke NA NA
Jessica Coppola NA NA
April Corcoran NA NA
Ileana Correa Taglis NA
Christopher Costanzo NA NA
Gladys Costanzo NA NA
Gregory Costanzo NA NA
Bill Costello NA NA
Anne Cote NA NA
Colleen Coughlin NA NA
Bonnie Coulter Corbett NA
Robert Cowan NA NA
Charles Cowart NA NA
Michelle Cox Paschen NA
Marge Craddock NA NA
Art Cramer NA NA
Kit Crangle Sciandra NA
Marla Crawford Strasburg NA
Richard Crawford Jr. NA NA
Janna Crews NA NA
Jeff Critelli NA NA
Melissa Crockett NA NA
Penni Croot Tranter NA
Jonnie Crowe NA NA
Mike Crowe NA NA
Robin Csendom Stamler NA
Lisa Culp NA NA
Kirsten Currie Cooke NA
Debbie Cerrillo Curry Huff NA
Buz Czerwinski NA NA
Mike D'Addieco NA NA
Dr. Barbara DaHill NA NA
Tom Dahlquist NA NA
Lauren Daley Wiese NA
Karen Dallessandro Mondoux NA
Michael Dallessandro NA NA
Wayne Dannels NA NA
Joey Darin NA NA
James Davis NA NA
Jan Davis NA NA
Pat Davis Carminati NA
Kathy Dawkins Hamilton NA
Kathleen Day Sullivan NA
Mark Dearlove NA NA
Sherry DeBruyn Oberkircher NA
Jim DeCillis NA NA
Patrick DeCillis NA NA
Rick DeCost Decobb NA
Nancy DeDominicis NA NA
Patricia DeDominicis NA NA
Bob Dee NA NA
Alison DeGlopper Smith NA
William J. DeGlopper NA NA
Brian DeGlopper NA NA
Doug DeGlopper NA NA
Earl DeGlopper NA NA
Earl M. DeGlopper NA NA
Mary DeGlopper DeDominicis NA
Jim Deiner NA NA
Billy Dekdebrun NA NA
Leslie DeLarme Bolam NA
Tom DeLoughry NA NA
Frank DelSignore NA NA
Barbara DeMartino Pearson NA
Greg DeMike NA NA
Dave and Ellen DeNormand NA NA
John Dennis NA NA
Renee DeSutter NA NA
Kenneth and Lois Dettman NA NA
Kathy DeWitt Forbes NA
Chris DeZutter NA NA
Dave DeZutter NA NA
Robert DiChristina NA NA
John Dick NA NA
Beth Dietrich NA NA
Donna Dietz NA NA
Charlie Dillemuth NA NA
Michelle DiMartile NA NA
Rustie Dimitriadis Hill NA
Nancy Dinan Seifert NA
Jeff Dinsmore NA NA
Judy Dinsmore Heane NA
Judy Dinsmore Tornabene NA
Kathy Dion Hamelin NA
Anthony DiPasquale NA NA
Dick DiTullio NA NA
James DiTullio Butch..Puppet NA
Sally DiTullio-Everts Gallagher NA
Karen Dixson Learman NA
Jim Dlugokinski NA NA
Joan Dlugokinski Savoy NA
Steve Dlugokinski NA NA
Diane Doane Gollwitzer NA
Liam Dodd NA NA
Teresa Doermer Samland NA
Donna Doknovitch Stephan NA
John Domagala NA NA
Gerald Augugliaro NA NA
Barbara Eastman Guenther NA
Jennifer Eastman NA NA
Jeffrey Eberhard NA NA
Mary Eggers Lyons NA
Jamie Eichel NA NA
Tricia Eichel Leahy NA
Michelle Eitan Becker NA
Clayton Eley NA NA
Tim Elie NA NA
Donna Elliott Crombie NA
Susan Ellingboe Hug NA
Sue Dommell Breier NA
Kevin Donlon NA NA
Sheila Donovan McCowan NA
Bob Doran NA NA
Jim Doran NA NA
Dawn D'Orazio NA NA
Gail Dorsey Grimes NA
Linda Douglas Miles NA
Mike Dowd NA NA
George and Mary Downs NA NA
Linda Downs NA NA
Bob Drainville NA NA
Brian Drainville NA NA
Paul Drainville NA NA
Teresa Drainville Prusak NA
Darlene Drake Bergenstock NA
Tom Drake NA NA
Kim Drew Schmidt NA
Paul Drexelius NA NA
Michelle Driess McManus NA
Dean Drozdowski NA NA
Bob and Eileen Drumm NA NA
Lana Dudley Aswad NA
Michael Dudley NA NA
Tracey Duffy Normandin NA
Steven Duggan NA NA
Kelly Duncan NA NA
Kevin Duncan NA NA
Joseph Dunlop NA NA
Ryan Dunn NA NA
Bill Dunshie NA NA
Catherine Durgin Budwey NA
Nicole Duscher NA NA
Patrick Dworak NA NA
Timothy Dzierba NA NA
John Bidell Jr. NA NA
Debra Morgan Agnello NA
Debra Shoemaker Mendola NA
Randy Shoemaker NA NA
Kim Haag NA NA
Bill and Janet Haen NA NA
Matt Hagen NA NA
Susan Hahn Smyth NA
Laurie Hall Killian NA
Marybeth Hall NA NA
Art Haller NA NA
Margaret Ann Haller Mulvena NA
Patty Hamilton Dower NA
Carol Hamlin Kohlhagen NA
Dee Haney Jarzyniecki NA
Marsha Hannah Utts NA
Vicki Hansen NA NA
Andrea Harling Shaffer NA
Megan Harmon NA NA
Nicole Harrington NA NA
Betty Harris Wagner NA
Pamela Ellis Sutton NA
Michelle Elmer NA NA
Dave Emerson NA NA
Martha Emerson Mikulsky NA
Mike and Diane Engl NA NA
Suzanne English Leahy NA
Kevin and Erin Erker Wood NA
Rick Erling NA NA
Ashley Ervin Gates NA
Kathy Freiermuth McGuirk NA
Karen Fuller Fitzsimmons NA
Valerie Funk Smith NA
Betty Furgele Floyd NA
Heather Meyers Biondo NA
Richard Harris NA NA
John Harrison NA NA
John Hartrick NA NA
Kristine Hartz NA NA
Corinne Haslacher NA NA
Mackenzie Hassan NA NA
Mark Hassan NA NA
Walter Hastrich NA NA
David Haughey NA NA
Linda Haupt NA NA
Woody Hausler NA NA
David Havens NA NA
Colin Hawkes NA NA
Dorolynn 'Dori' Maier Hawks Killian NA
Dan Hayes NA NA
Amy Hayward Bailey NA
Belinda Hazlett NA NA
Angela Heim NA NA
Tim Fadum NA NA
Mac Fadum NA NA
Gretta Falank Simmons NA
Ed Falsetti NA NA
Kathy Farmer Grycel NA
Jamie Farrell NA NA
Jill Farrell Clinkhammer NA
Nancy Farris Krall NA
Barbara Feige Brown NA
Paul Fields NA NA
Mark Fickenscher NA NA
Heather Figler Smith NA
Perry Figliotti NA NA
Laura Fik NA NA
Patty Fike NA NA
Teddy Filosofos NA NA
Tina Fink NA NA
Bil Loth NA Enjoyed the website. Friend Penny Ball told me about it. Especially liked photo of my 5th grade class! Thanks for the effort to put it together.
Dave Hejmanowski NA NA
Michael Heldwein NA NA
Mona Hemeon Yuhas NA
Douglas Henderson NA NA
Paul Henderson NA NA
Brian Henesey NA NA
Jen Henesey NA NA
Debra Hennessy Prior NA
Alex Hennigar NA NA
Charlotte Hennigar NA NA
David L. Hennigar II NA NA
Grant Hennigar NA NA
Neil Hennigar NA NA
Scott Hennigar NA NA
Deborah Henry NA NA
Linda Herrmann Sutton NA
Kathleen Finn NA NA
Kelly Finn NA NA
Kerry Finn NA NA
Kevin Finn NA NA
MIchelle Finster Gaydica NA
Bob Fiolek NA NA
Michael Fischetti NA NA
Jessica Fisher Wroblewski NA
John Fisher NA NA
Dawn Fitzgerald Hildebrandt NA
Mark Fitzgerald NA NA
Matthew and Lia Fitzgerald NA NA
Margaret (Meg) Flack Alt NA
Duane Fleming NA NA
Lisa Fletcher Powell NA
Jennifer Flick Jaegers NA
Marcia Flores Glover NA
Darlene Flynn Fritz NA
Avione Foley Yakowenko NA
Jim Foley NA NA
Sharon Forbes NA NA
Kathleen Ford Coco NA
Denis Forster NA NA
Donna Forster NA NA
Robert Forster NA NA
Steve Forster NA NA
Marilynn Fortner Ford NA
Gretchen Fountain Wroblewski NA
David Fournerat NA NA
Kathy Fowler Wasson NA
Peter Steinlein NA New e mail address.Reunion was great, thank you to all involved.
Michele Verrier Wake Just wanted to update all my contact information.
Gail Hess Argy NA
Mark Hess NA NA
William Hess NA NA
Carson Hettinger NA NA
Craig Hettinger NA NA
Gail Hewlett Zion NA
Daniel Hiam NA NA
Judy Hiam McDougall NA
Melissa Hill Clement NA
Heather Hill Lonberger NA
Sharon Hill Rivkin NA
Sonja Hill Miller NA
Linda Hillman NA NA
Jennifer Ann Hitcho NA NA
Jonathan Hitcho NA NA
Tracey Hoerner Quenzler NA
Dennis Hoffer NA NA
Nicole Hoffman Dee NA
Scott Hoffman NA NA
Uma Hoffman Bommaraju NA
Dave Hogrewe NA NA
Christa Holka NA NA
Mary Beth Holt Brand NA
Ken and Joanne Homa NA NA
Ryan Homa NA NA
Gregor Hood NA NA
Diane Hooker Wohlfeil NA
Babette Hoover Goss NA
Ben Hoover NA NA
Ryan Hopper NA NA
Traci Hopper NA NA
Kathy 'Beeb" Houck Robinson NA
Beverly House Sterner NA
Mary Howard Reeves NA
Rahsanica Howard Mulkey NA
Joan Patricia Howe Boss NA
Leslie Huerta Schwannecke NA
Megan Hug NA NA
Amy Hughes NA NA
Margie Hunter Rall NA
John Hutt NA NA
Tim Hurley NA NA
Phil Hy NA NA
Pat and Cheryl Hyman NA NA
Kathy Hynes Hug NA
David Fox NA NA
Chuck Frampton NA NA
Melissa Franckowiak NA NA
Mary Frank NA NA
Bernadette Franklin Carminati NA
Michele Franz NA NA
Thomas Franz NA NA
Thomas Franz NA NA
Brent Fred NA NA
Bryan Fred NA NA
Skipper Fred NA NA
Jamie Fuhr NA NA
Ralph Gabarro NA NA
Christina Galbreath NA NA
Chris Gallagher Johnson NA
Dean Gallagher NA NA
Travis Galoppo NA NA
Tina Gamboian Furgele NA
Joey Gangemi NA NA
Christopher Garcia NA NA
Sara Garcia NA NA
Lisa Garstecki Lange NA
Amy Smith Holmes NA
Heidi Mesmer NA NA
Beth Judson Robinson Please change my email address, it has changed.
I enjoy receiving messages from old friends who find my address here - thank you for providing a wonderful service!!!
Brian Diebold NA My grandfather, Frederick Charles Diebold, died on the Island on 1 Oct 1927. I would appreciate some help in finding any info about this. Also I would like to find out any info on any Mathewson's as my mother was Betty M. and had cousin's living there.
Martha Vicario Betti NA
Scott Pieri NA NA
Greg Roberts NA NA
David McMoil NA NA
Chaz Dunworth NA NA
Bill Gworek NA NA
Patti Schichtel Dauncey NA
Eric Gasbarro NA NA
Valerie Gasbarro NA NA
Barbara Gaskill Tompkins NA
Kristia Gatti NA NA
Marcy Gaudy NA NA
Doug Gawoski NA NA
John and Wendy Gaydica Holden NA
Karen Gazda NA NA
Dan Geblein NA NA
Daniel C. Geblein NA NA
Deanna Geblein Mesmer NA
Mike Geblein NA NA
Tammy Geblein Long NA
Mary Louise Geering NA NA
Tim Geering NA NA
Gregory Gelz NA NA
Anthony Genco NA NA
Charles and Holly Genco NA NA
Libby Genovese Page NA
Christina George NA NA
Deanne Giambra Monti NA
John Giambra NA NA
Richard Gibbons NA NA
Harry Gibbs NA NA
Jeff Gibbs NA NA
Stacey Gibney NA NA
Chris Gibson NA NA
Reid Gibson NA NA
Nancy Gicewicz NA NA
Siggy and Virge Gicewicz NA NA
Renee Gietz Bastian NA
Jim Gill NA NA
Michael Gill NA NA
Pat Gill NA NA
Peter Gilmore NA NA
Russ Gilmore NA NA
Susan Gilmore NA NA
Mary Giordano McNamee NA
Christine Gipp NA NA
Christa Glassman NA NA
Peter Glor NA NA
Janice Glose Hobba NA
Maria Godzisz NA NA
Michael Goff NA NUCGAEKGIFF1969 NA
Lisa Goggins Willice NA
Steven Golda NA NA
Maria Goldberg Blickley NA
Christopher Golde NA NA
Michelle Golembiewski Phillips NA
Paul 'Gumbo' Golembiewski NA NA
Jennifer Golinski Palamuso NA
Anne Golonka NA NA
Catherine Golonka NA NA
Kimberly Ianita Sarama NA
Gail Ide Hoag NA
Jennifer Imredy Bierbrauer NA
Doreen Ingram Gerg NA
Amanda Jackson NA NA
Emily Jackson Stedman NA
Erle Jackson NA NA
Jason Jackson NA NA
Tonya Jackson NA NA
Patricia Jacobson Naukam NA
Dan Jaeger NA NA
Jeanette Jakubowdski NA NA
Amanda James NA NA
Donna James Brown NA
Kris James NA NA
Denise Jamison NA NA
Tim Jankowiak NA NA
Doug Jankowski NA NA
Mike Jason NA NA
Donna Jayme NA NA
Jeffrey Jehrio NA NA
Megan Jengo NA NA
Carol Johnson Bondar NA
Kari Johnson NA NA
Karen Johnson Cowan NA
Mercedes Joshi Vargas NA
Connie and Jerry Kaczmarek NA NA
Mark Kaczmarek NA NA
Russ Kaegebein NA NA
Heather Kahan Hartrick NA
Lynn Kahn NA NA
Patty Kaifas Rogan NA
Cindy Kailburn Mock NA
Ray Lee Kaiser NA NA
Cindy Kalinowski Hiam NA
Nicole Kalisz NA NA
LTC Greg 'Jack' Kammerer NA NA
Henry Kammerer NA NA
Robyn Kania NA NA
Lisa Kaniecki NA WPPG@grove.iup,edu NA
Marlaine Kaniecki Millar NA
Mark Karcher NA NA
Per Karlsen NA NA
Robert Kasper NA NA
Stu Kasperitis NA NA
Howard Katz NA NA
Trisha Kavanaugh NA NA
Anthony Kay NA NA
Kristen Keenan Winch NA
Sally Kelley Van Hattum NA
Bob Kellogg NA NA
Michael Kellogg NA NA
Brian Kelly NA NA
Patrick Kelly NA NA
Roy Kemsley NA NA
Ed Kendall NA NA
Arvilla Kendzierski Webb NA
J.P. Kennedy NA NA
Sybil Kennedy NA NA
John Kennell NA NA
Douglas Kenyon NA NA
Diane Kerner Loder NA
Kim Kershner NA NA
Scott Kessner NA NA
Barbara Ketcham Phillips NA
David Kiefer NA NA
Susan Kilkelly Brick NA
Harold Killian NA NA
Graham Kinbrough NA NA
Barbara King Watkins NA
Christi King NA NA
Rev. Earle King NA NA
Beryl Kinney NA NA
Kyle Kinney NA NA
Maureen Kinney Morrissey NA
Wayne Kinney NA NA
Renee Kippley Penta NA
Jackie Kirby Goeckel NA
Barbara Kirsch NA NA
Jeffrey Kirsch NA NA
Terence Kitching NA NA
Ted Klee NA NA
Eric Klein NA NA
Sheryl Knab Leach NA
Debra Kneubuhler Williams NA
Diana Knight NA NA
Marion Knisely Mindish NA
Susan Knispel Mangin NA
Stephanie Knobbe Smith NA
Carrie Kobb NA NA
Kristen Kobza NA NA
Gary Burnworth NA I lived on the Island from age 7 until age 16. I have vivid memories of life there. I often think of school, church and friends from those years. I return often to visit family still there.
Jennifer Weaver NA NA
Patricia Shaw Leszczak NA
Kathy Palmer Cornell I left GI June of 1974 between Jr & Sr yrs. I moved with my family and was not a part of my graduating class in either GI or my NJ school. I have always felt cheated in that I couldn't be part of graduation on GI. Somehow I survived but at the time I thought I wouldn't. I have lots of fond memories of middle and high school. We lived on Baseline Rd. towards the bottom. We stood out for the bus and the wind would whip across the fields. BRRRRRRR! Thanks for the website. Sincerely. Kathy Cornell Palmer class of '75
Steve Golonka NA NA
Mary Gonzalez Forbes NA
Lisa` Goodlander Hoefert NA
Jennifer Goodman Parisi NA
Peggy Goodman NA NA
Phil Goodman NA NA
Rebecca Goodman Hoffner NA
Dave Goris NA NA
Stephanie Goris NA NA
Aimee Gormandy Miller NA
Tom Gormady NA NA
Dennis Gorman NA NA
James Gorman NA NA
Jeff Gorrell NA NA
Brian Goss NA NA
Charles Goss NA NA
Deborah Goss Stewart NA
Trish Goss Soto NA
Amanda Gottler NA NA
Angela Goulah NA NA
Carrie Goulah NA NA
James Goulah NA NA
Jennifer Goulah NA NA
Greg Goulet NA NA
Matthew Goulet NA NA
Patricia Grabowski Rauccio NA
Alan Gracie NA NA
Allyson Gracie NA NA
Debbie Graff Huegel NA
John Graff NA NA
Joyce Graham Dettman NA
Ruby Graham Allaire NA
Marla Greco NA NA
Elizabeth Green Mongan NA
Gary Green NA NA
Gordy Green NA NA
Scott Green NA NA
Vanessa Green NA NA
Don Greening NA NA
Glenford Greenwood NA NA
Doug Gregory NA NA
Carol Gress Fenlon NA
Christella Gress Greenwood NA
Don Gress NA NA
Douglas Gress NA NA
John Gressley NA NA
Brian Griffin NA NA
Al Grimes NA NA
Kristy Gromoll Bafo NA
George Gross NA NA
John Gross NA NA
Patti Gross McCaffery NA
Marcia Grosstephan NA NA
Sona Grovenstein Karagoz NA
Catherine Gruber Lane NA
Bill Grunzweig NA NA
Charles Grunzweig NA NA
Steven Grunzweig NA NA
Robert Grycel NA NA
Tom Grycel NA NA
Lisarenee Guagliano-Scheffler NA NA
Michael Guagliano NA NA
Renee Gugino Fraser NA
Christopher Gworek NA NA
Danielle Gworek Miller NA
Sandy Gworek Swannie NA
Linda Molloy Parker NA
Chris Gilmer NA I can't believe it's been 20 years since graduation! Time does fly. I've been here in the Falls since then but living on the island was a great experience! Memories will last a lifetime, thanks to friends like I had back then! See some of you at the reunion!
Doug Wolford NA I'm updating my email address -- the old one is no longer in service. Thanks

Doug W.
Sherry Fatemi Berardi Thanks for the letter notifying me of the reunion.I was just visiting the Island in August. I took my daughter to Fantasy Island, things have sure changed. I probably won't make the reunion, but I am sure that it would be interesting seeing all the kids we went to school with. I think the most fondest memory of high school was the senior junior football games between the girls. The class of 1983 kicked butt.
Rebecca Hayes Putaski NA
Howard Danzer NA Grand Is High School history teacher from 1965-1998
Sarah Caruana NA NA
Mel Passarelli NA Grand Island was a great place to live. I think of my friends and family there often.
Gail Rothenberg Burgstahler It was a wonderful Sidway reunion. Thank you to everyone involved in getting it together. What a joy it was to see so many friends.

Chip Schopp NA NA
Timothy Kneidel NA NA
Tamara Kaczmarowski Smith NA
Bob Aronica NA NA
Vince DiCarlo NA NA
Angela Yaklin NA NA
Scott Yakowenko NA NA
Karen Yan Boyle NA
Patricia Yell Staffen NA
Bud and Pat Yensan NA NA
Gregg Yensan NA NA
Joyce Yensan Brown NA
Roger Yensan NA NA
Susan Yensan Robinson NA
Tracy Yeoman NA NA
Ray Ying NA NA
Vicki Yoder Ellsworth NA
Lisa Yorko Reger NA
Brian Young NA byoung34@ix.netcom.c NA
Tammy Zajdowicz NA NA
Adrian Zannin NA NA
Lenny Zannin NA NA
David Zebker NA NA
Irwin Zeplowitz NA NA
Lee Zeplowitz NA NA
Michael Zich NA NA
Rita Zich Andrus NA
Bill Ziehm NA NA
Kevin Zilliox NA NA
Mark Zilliox NA NA
Barbara Zmuda NA NA
Pat Zoltoski NA NA
Harriet Zurek Austin NA
Dennis DeMarco NA It was a great place to grow up, school was great, the sports were fine, friends, neighbors and classmates all are dear memories to me.
Jimmy White NA I went to Huth Rd school when I was a kid. All my older brothers and sister were there as well. I have an older brother (Jack White) that was in high school there, do you know him, do the names Digman or Melnick ring a bell or perhaps Billy Wheaton
Lisa Ward Jamison Hi. My name is Lisa Ward (Jamison.) I lived on East Park Road throughout my high school days. I have managed to stay in touch with many good friends from Grand Island. However I am looking for Nancy Harris. She would have graduated in...80? Nancy if your out there E-MAIL ME!!!!!
Dave Miller NA NA
Jo Ann Holmes Lozo NA
Mary Downs Scott Since retiring from Gr. Isl. schools I have been happy to meet former students in Florida and here. I have many happy memories of GI.
Ken White NA
The happiest years of my life. I visit every year. Favorite spots are anywhere along the west river. Tried to swim to Canada once almost went over the falls. Tried building my own boat once-
almost went over the falls. Finally, drawn to go kart riding at the Clownhouse and away from the water. Probably saved my life.
Gregory Zilliox NA NA
Paul Lamacchia NA NA
Steve Cornell NA Biking the parkways to the parks, tennis at the High School. Good friends, boating in the river.
Penny McQuestion NA I live in Southern California and I have 2 boys. Recently divorced. My brother Sandy has moved back to the Island and has married Shawn Benzing. They have 2 kids together. My brother Jim has also moved back and my sister Connie still lives there. She never moved out to Calif. My other 2 brothers Chris and Stacey are living In Tampa Bay, Florida. I am the only child left here in California along with my parents. I plan on leaving this place and going to Florida. I miss the Island and I still keep in contact with Maria Santa Lucia, whom is in Alaska. I still call Grand Island home. I miss all the friendly faces and hope to be back for a visit soon. I want to go to the 20 year reunion, so please send me an invite. God Bless.
Danielle Pelletier NA NA
Scott Burngasser NA NA
Ray Ackerman NA NA
Michael Barker NA My family and I immigrated to the US in 1955 where I was in Mrs. Shriver's 5th grade class with Jim Linenfelser. Jim was taller than most of us kids and his voice seemed to have already changed. My close buddies in school were Dave Gisman, Garey Staley and Bob Falon, better known at Cabondale. (see Island Memories for more.)
Brian and Sara Koch Heim NA
Greg Koch NA NA
Nancy Koch NA NA
Alyssa Kolat Miller NA
Karl and Denelle Kolkman Vacanti NA
Judith Konicki corcoran NA
Bill Konwiczka NA NA
Carl Kopf NA NA
Erin Koprevich NA NA
Jay Kormash NA NA
Jennifer Koteras Stanley NA
Frank Kovacs NA NA
Elizabeth Kovacs NA NA
Barbara Kowzan/Johnson Kovacsev NA
Kristi Krantz Young NA
Scott Kranzman NA NA
Richard Krawczyk NA NA
Edward Kreller NA NA
Kristin Kreller NA NA
Jake Kreutz NA NA
Linda Krok Brice NA
Linda Krug Roberts NA
Mark Krurnowski NA NA
Pete Krurnowski NA NA
Craig Krystof NA NA
Jude Kuehne Casey NA
Steven Kumlander NA NA
Ted and Phyllis Kumlander NA NA
Anne Kurek Gabarro NA
Meghan Kurzdorfer NA NA
Rick Kustich NA NA
Andy Kuszczak NA NA
Chris Kuyper NA NA
Phil Williams NA Now living in Hamburg and working in East Aurora.
My parents still live on "The Island" and I enjoy visiting them often. Grand Island was a wonderful place to grow up, I truely miss living there.
Wayne Baumler NA It was a great place to live in the 50's. Riding bikes, playing ball in empty fields, swimming at Sandy Beach, sailing on the river, going to Batsford's store, wandering in the woods, Sidway school - especially field day, they are all special memories I still cherish. Times were simpler, Mom's were at home, TV was brand new, phones were still party lines, almost no one had two cars, you did math with a pencil instead of a computer, there was a Christmas show at school every year. It was a great place back then and time seems to dull only the bad memories.
Nicholas Kingston / AIM= Nickagi
Harry O. Snyder NA NA
Robert Wright NA Built "Clown House"1955 Then Go Kart track and Island Mower & Cycle Shop. Sold all in 1964. Clown has been removed but rest still there. Track and shop long gone.Many fond memories of the 50s"Clown House era"
John Riley NA NA
Susanna Mayo NA NA
Michael Schopp NA NA
Michael Geng NA NA
Alana Ventura McMillan NA
Beth Czerwonka Kaefer NA
Scott Simpson NA NA
Michael Williams NA My memories are wonderfull of my years on Grand Island. The people were great. It was the best place to prepare me for the outside world. My parents still enjoy living on the Island and if it were not for the weather...maybe I would, too!
Jeff Wallace NA Now in Twinsburg, OH
Michelle Penque NA NA
Nancy Reeves Brown NA
Mary Leigh Burke NA This site is a trip! Thanks for doing it. I've lived here in Silicon Valley for 20 years now, but still fondly remember things like swimming in the river, summer bonfires, and riding my bike over to West River Road. Also the great wits in Mr. Phillips' Physics class ... any of you out there? How about Mr. Wakefield's Math class, or Mr. Mitchell's English class (the structure of a good paragraph, I've used that ever since, even now as a senior technical writer). Be well, everybody, and keep the memories alive!
Richard Himmel NA NA
Paul Metz NA I am now seventy years old and presently a resident of Ohio. I still have many relatives in Buffalo and Tonawanda, NY. As a young boy I can remember hunting and fishing on Grand Island, especially during the summer. We also did alot of camping there. I remember the Bedell House well and the "Wrecks" as it was called, of all the old ferry boat's and barges that were left there. Great for fishing and swimming. The last time I was there was over ten years ago. I remember Grand Island when it was mostly farm land and open shoreline, back in the early 1940's through the late 1950's.
Mark DeBole NA NA
Eric (Rick) Raepple NA Is anyone from The Class of 1973 doing anything for our 30 year reunion for next summer ? Drop me a note.
Debra Couch NA NA
Thom Hatch NA Resident from 1953 to 1962; combat Marine in Vietnam; presently, likely much to the surprise of my former Sidway teachers, an author--look for my books on or at your favorite bookstore.
Tara Kielich-Chapman Kielich NA
Charles Johnson NA NA
Erin Millar Jengo NA
Kevin Coppolino NA NA
Tom Farley NA tbpd56@aolcom. NA
John Moore NA NA
Rick Seeley NA TC's, Reidy's Pizza, summer nights along the river. Old friends, Mike D, John P, Stew, Sabres games.
David Keener NA I attended Grand Island High School when it was still Jr. Sr. High School. My best memories are of Mrs. Lehman (Art teacher) and Mr. Roberts (English Teacher). I also trained in dance on the Island and subsequently went on to a professional career immediately after finshing high school- which I finished early. I didn't attend commencement and have completely lost touch with everyone from those days.
Denise Ivey Fisher NA
Deb Keller NA Do you know you have info that is more then 2 months old. I was looking for info about who was running for what for the election on Nov. 5th and found nothing.
Nancy Littler Simpson NA
Beth Mireles Sentz Grand Island was the community I grew up in - what wasn't there to be fond about it? The first for everything for me happened here and I will never forget it. I will never forget the wonderful people and the beautiful scenery. God bless Grand Island!
Dora Jean Harrison Muller I sure have enjoyed finding this site. It makes me feel like I'm home again and brings back all my great memories of school, classmates and friends. I appreciate all the hard work everyone involved in creating and keeping it up to date. Thank you.
John Quinn NA NA
Nick LaMonte NA NA
Dan Lange NA NA
Brad Langdon NA NA
Judy Lantz NA NA
Don Lare NA NA
Sandra Lare NA NA
Sarah LaRocque NA NA
Dean Larson NA NA
Gary Larson NA NA
Dan Laughlin NA NA
Mike Laughlin NA NA
Hal L. Lawrence NA NA
Mike Lawson NA NA
Richard Lawson NA NA
Richard Lazarz NA NA
Alan Lee NA NA
Theo Lee NA NA
Libby Lee-Falk Lee NA
Andrea Leeds NA NA
Charles LeMaster NA NA
Helen Lemme Fultz NA
Nicole Lengyel NA NA
Jennifer Lenhard Dunlop NA
Karen Lenhard Curran klenhard@tampabay.rr NA
Jill Lewandowski Steck NA
Debbie Lewis Saxton NA
Jodi Lewis NA NA
Jon Lewis NA NA
Matthew Lewis NA NA
Gary Lhotsky NA NA
June Licence NA NA
Gwen Lincoln-Strem Lincoln NA
Bob Lindsey NA NA
Jim Lindsey NA NA
Rick Lindsey NA NA
Karen Lindstrom Jensen NA
Penny Linenfelser Costello NA
Wesley Link NA NA
William Linton NA NA
Rashmi Lipman Pandya NA
Brian Lipp NA NA
Glyn Lipp NA NA
Tim "Turtle" Lipp NA NA
Louise Lipp Blickley NA
Mary Litchfield NA NA
Ernie & Janine Little NA NA
Moira Llabres Mahoney NA
Julie & Michael Lockett NA NA
Michelle Lockett Vescio NA
Mary Loder McNulty NA
Wendy Lombardo Weisbeck NA
Gary Long NA NA
Mark Long NA NA
Kim Longbrake Christian NA
Donna LoPresti NA NA
Ron Lordo NA NA
Ruth Loree-Houser Loree NA
Patty Lorence Phelps NA
Deb LosKamp Runions NA
Karen Smith Hayes NA
Adair Lott NA NA
Ken Lovelee NA NA
Diane Lowe Whiting NA
Kathy Lowes Hogrewe NA
Anthony Luca NA NA
Paul and Pat Luippold NA NA
Kim Lynch NA NA
Katie Lynch McDowell NA
Lynn Lyons NA NA
Elizabeth MacDonald NA NA
Amanda MacGregor Newbury NA
Cyndi Mackrides Colan NA
Rob MacNeil NA NA
Jan Madejski NA NA
Christopherq Mahiques NA NA
Jeanette Mahiques Percival NA
Kevin Malaney NA NA
Megan Malaney NA NA
Marcy Malecki NA NA
Hazel Mallwitz DeGlopper NA
Shannon Maloney NA NA
Anthony Mancuso NA NA
Lela Mancuso Coulter NA
Greg Mangin NA NA
Shawn Mann Paschen NA
Steve Manson NA NA
Adrienne Manzo NA NA
Cindy Mao NA NA
Barbara Marcel NA NA
Saundra Marcel NA NA
Bret Marlin NA NA
Curt Marlin NA NA
Todd Marlin NA NA
Sandy Martell-Valentino NA NA
Dan Martin NA NA
Ellen Martin Blakelock NA
Lee Martin NA NA
Phyllis Martin NA NA
Timothy Martin NA tmartin@fgahq.accnet NA
Danielle Martinez NA NA
Leighann Martinez NA NA
Linda Martini Brothers NA
Sam (Lou) Martini NA NA
Liz Masse' NA NA
Phil Mastantuono NA NA
Erik Matthies NA NA
Dory Matwijkow Smith NA
Alex Mauer NA NA
Mark Maurer NA NA
Jeffrey McCabe NA NA
Edward McCaffery Jr. NA NA
Ed and Chris McCaffery NA NA
Jack McCaffery NA NA
Patti McCaffery NA NA
Patrick McCartan NA NA
Ronald McClurg NA NA
Keith McColpin NA NA
Glenn McColpin NA NA
Michael McCoulf NA NA
Brett McCutcheon NA NA
Brenda and Terry McDaniel NA NA
Gary McDannell NA NA
Bob McDonnell NA NA
Bob McDonnell NA NA
Heather McDonnell Prast NA
Mary McDonnell NA NA
Mike McDonnell NA NA
Paula McDonnell Drainville NA
Charlie McDonough NA NA
Mike McDonough NA NA
Alicia McGarvery NA NA
Danielle McGavisk Dormandin NA
Claudia McGinty NA NA
Cristin McGovern NA NA
Tim McGraw NA NA
Michael and Andrea McGuire NA NA
Sean McGuirk NA NA
Danielle McInerney NA NA
Raj Chopra NA NA
Terry McInerney Restey NA
Aprille McKay Cooke NA
Christopher McKee NA NA
Kevin McKee NA NA
Kellie McKinley Fox NA
Don McLeod NA NA
Lisa McLeod Pauley NA
Patricia McLeod-McIntire McLeod NA
Bridget McMahon NA NA
Joseph McMahon NA NA
Mary McMahon NA NA
Patrick McMahon NA NA
Peter McMahon NA NA
Bob McMoil NA NA
Mary McNamara NA NA
Margaret "Peggy" McNulty NA NA
Mike McNulty NA NA
Roberta McNulty NA NA
Kevin McQuaid NA NA
Mike McQuaid NA NA
Chris and Cristina McQuestion Basnett NA
Connie McQuestion-Burg McQuestion NA
Stacey McQuestion NA NA
Scott Meaney NA NA
Fred Mellon NA NA
Richard Benns NA NA
Ken Genova NA NA
Tonya Jackson Tickner NA
Dean Meyer NA NA
Aaron Pompi NA Looking for old Friends
Wendy Mentecky Jarzyniecki NA
Gary Mergel NA NA
Betty Merriett Caldwell NA
Jeremy Mesches NA NA
Philip Mesches NA NA
Don and Mary Mesler NA NA
Bob Mesmer NA NA
Garey Mesmer NA bcctrans@aol.con NA
James Mesmer NA NA
Joe Mesmer NA NA
Denise Meyers-Rezabek NA NA
Julie Meyer Diefenbach NA
Mark Meyer NA NA
E.J. Meyers NA NA
John J. Mezhir NA NA
Tammy Miazga Anderson NA
Rick Michalowski NA NA
Paul Michaud NA NA
Jim Mikulsky NA NA
Lorelei Milan Penta NA
Mary Milburn Baldy NA
Kenneth Miles NA NA
Jeff Millar NA NA
David Miller NA NA
Herb Miller NA NA
Mary Miller NA NA
Nancy Miller Morrish NA
Robin Miller Spillers NA
Ron Miller NA NA
Sharon 'Sherrie' Miller Schindelbeck NA
Sheri Miller NA NA
Sueanne Miller Austin NA
Jim Milne NA NA
Barbara Minton NA NA
Candace Mitchell Porter NA
Janice M. Mitchell NA NA
Renee Mohan NA NA
Penny Moher NA NA
Danna Moles Kirsch NA
Merced Marie Molnar NA NA
Sarah Molnar NA NA
Bob Monaco NA NA
Gene Mongan NA NA
Cathy Mongielo Fancher NA
Jonathan Monti NA NA
Arnott Moore, Jr. NA NA
Ron and Lydia Moorse NA NA
Jacqueline Moran NA NA
Nancy Moran Richard NA
Pat Moravec Wilkinson NA
Abe Morgan NA NA
Amy Morgan NA NA
Bertram Morgan NA NA
Kate Morgan NA NA
Rachel C. Morgan NA NA
Renee Morgan DeCost NA
Heather Morganti NA NA
Joseph Morganti NA NA
Michael Moritz NA NA
Chuck Morris NA NA
Gary Morris NA NA
Bill Morrish NA NA
Kevin Morrissey NA NA
William Morrissey NA NA
Jack Morrisson NA NA
Richard Morrisson NA NA
Robert Mortenson NA NA
Todd Moses NA NA
Robin Mosher Janieson NA
Steven Moss NA NA
Thomas Moss NA NA
Seema Moudgil NA NA
Tom Moynihan NA NA
Linda Mozdzen Johnston NA
Li-Anne Mufson Rowswell NA
Jim Mulcahy NA NA
Kamilah Mulkey Milah NA
Jim Mullany NA NA
David Muller NA NA
Denise Mulvena NA NA
Cheryl Mulvey Carey NA
Denise Murphy NA NA
Kathy Murphy Brennan NA
Derek Murray NA NA
Jack Mutolo NA NA
Art Muzzillo NA NA
James Mysliwiec NA NA
Larry Nacke NA NA
Lisa Nadeau Squires NA
Chris Nagao Glover NA
Chrisanne Nagowski Lichtenthal NA
Joseph Narby NA NA
Richard Narad NA NA
Bob Nardini NA NA
Stephen Nardini NA NA
Betsy Neary Borden NA
Dan Neary NA NA
Patrick Neary NA NA
Jean Neidlinger Jehrio NA
Lynn Nelson Kollmar NA
Sandra Nelson NA NA
Raymond Nesbitt NA NA
Julia Nicholson Sutherland NA
Sue Nickerson NA NA
Don Nikolich NA NA
Mitch Nikolich NA NA
Lynn Nichalson Nilsson NA
Renee Nilsson Hill NA
Todd Nizialek NA NA
James Nogle NA NA
Tom and Carol Nogle NA NA
Judy Noon Duane NA
Kathie Norris NA NA
David and Kathy Nowak NA NA
Tim Klajbor NA Plenty of fond memories of Grand Island. Attended Huth Road School and GI Middle School and had to move to Maine after 8th grade in 1974 due to my dads job change. Siblings Frank, Ivy, Karen and Linda are doing well. We talk about coming back some day to visit old friends and meet some new ones but it never happens. Life is just too busy! My best memories include fellow members of the Bedell Gang and all of the trouble we got in and out of, my first love Tammie, Gangsters in Middle School, and all of the great friends that I had and unfortunately did not keep up with. Hey Jeff Wagner, Paul Stoddard, Mike Ciechoski, Russ Certo, Steve Fritchi, John Hasselbeck, Tony Wisnowski Tammie Carey or anyone else, feel free to drop me a line.
Michael Czora NA Updating my email address - looking forward to contacting class of '73 classmates, and seeing them at our 30-year reunion.
Paul Linenfelser NA NA
Will Duff NA NA
Wayne Weis NA I've recently come home to G.I. and couldn't be happier. My children will get to experience all the great things this community has to offer. Would love to hear from any old friends that see this.
Susan Jackson Stedman NA
Rus Thompson NA I still love the island but business opportunities drew me to Virginia.
Nancy Washburn Edwards NA
Kimberly Steck Wolentarski NA
Dale Dulniak NA NA
Tiffany Pasqualichio NA NA
Kevin " Skee" Zoldowski NA Hey everyone, sure do miss the Island. Thanks Teddy for putting all this on line for ALL of us who grew up on the best place there was to be a kid. Oh to be home swilling Genny Creams at T.C.s or Ceil and Chucks...Now B.A.s. REAL chicken wings, The power boat races when they were down by the Bedell House...just too many memories.
Christopher Nowakowski NA NA
Mary Nowocin Cameron NA
Mary Lyn Nutting NA NA
Steve Oakey NA NA
Kelly O'Brien NA NA
Barbara Ochs Duncan NA
Donald O'Connor NA NA
Don "Mort" O'Connor NA NA
June Hall O'Connor Brockwell NA
Penny O'Connor NA NA
William O'Connor NA NA
Marty O'Dea NA NA
Patrick O'Dea NA NA
Patti Oglietti Dietz NA
Dawn O'Laughlin Holmes NA
Karen O'Lay Vinovrski NA
Helga Oliphant Steinlein NA
Michael Oliver NA NA
Paula Olmstead Riggs NA
Sheila Olmstead NA NA
Henry Olrogge NA NA
Lorelei Olzinger NA NA
Jack O'Mara NA NA
Amy O'Neill Kogut NA
Debbie O'Neil Lee NA
Dawn Hillock Merrill NA
Maureen O'Rourke-Nelson O'Rourke Moeand NA
Debbie Ortiz Percival NA
Carol Ostrander Hagan NA
Mark Paasch NA NA
Jeff Pachter NA NA
Bernice Pagliaro Glor NA
Kristopher Panaro NA NA
Paras Pandya NA NA
Annette 'Penny' Panepinto Zarbo NA
Sara Panfil NA NA
John Papai NA NA
Steve Papai NA NA
Edward Papson NA NA
Kim Marie Parasiliti Burns NA
Parag Parikh NA NA
Dave Parker NA NA
Douglas Parker NA NA
Barbara Parrino NA NA
Rebecca Parrino NA NA
Ginni Parsons Narad NA
Pam Paschen Pettitt NA
Kristy Pasko NA NA
David Passarelli NA NA
Dave Paszkiewicz NA NA
Kim Patterson Pagels NA
Pam Patton Reeves NA
Ray Pauley NA NA
Scott Pauley NA NA
Tim Pauly NA NA
Carrie Pavis NA NA
Jordan Paxhia NA NA
Matt Payne NA NA
Betty Pazamickas Staly NA
Kenneth Pearson NA NA
Paul Pearson NA NA
Sarah Pedlow NA NA
Glenn Pelham NA NA
Luann Pelletier Kalman NA
Diane Pembleton Senn NA
Bob Pence NA NA
Luanne Penegor Brown NA
Judy Penque DiTullio NA
Lou 'Butch' Penque NA NA
Sandy Peper Alt NA
Jennifer Peresie Schmidt NA
Pete Peresie NA NA
Chuck Pergrim NA NA
Margaret Perkins NA NA
Colleen Perkovich Pynn NA
Krissy Perkovich NA NA
Peter Perkovich NA NA
Susan Perriello Gibbon NA
Ann Perry NA NA
Adam Peters NA NA
Anthony 'Tony' Peters NA NA
Bill Petersen NA NA
Karen Peterson NA NA
Kristi Petrilla NA NA
Brian Pettitt NA NA
Dolores Pettitt Rafe NA
Linda Ann Pfeil Evert NA
Patrick Pfeil NA NA
Chris Phillips Maier NA
Cynthia Phillips Henderson NA
Dave and Sue Phillips NA NA
Linda Phillips NA NA
Maureen Phillips NA NA
Michol Phillips NA NA
Rev. Diane Phinney NA NA
Bob Piatek NA NA
Tracey Pici Robertson NA
Jeff and Pam Pickel NA NA
Meg Pietras Allen NA
Carol Pietrzak Eastman NA
Bob Pike NA NA
Mary Pinzotti NA Marepinz@aol.ocm NA
Fred Schutt NA Just want to drop in here and say Hi to all my old friends and wish them the best! Would love to hear from anyone that remembers me and the fun we had growing up and working there.
Edwina Piszczek NA NA
Peter Pitts NA NA
Terri Pitts Samplinski NA
Mary-Jo Pivarnik Mergler NA
Bonnie Pluff Cook NA
John Podlucky NA NA
Christopher Polizzi NA NA
John Polizzi NA NA
John and Judy Polizzi NA NA
Steve Polizzi NA NA
Lynn Polizzi NA NA
Tami Polizzi Zortman NA
Keith Pollak NA NA
Jane Pope Sturtz NA
Becky Popiel NA NA
Sandy Powell Huer NA
Bob Pownall NA NA
Kelli Preve NA NA
Lois Pratt Rudzki NA
James Prince NA NA
Mike Prince NA NA
Paul Privitera NA NA
Larry Proctor NA NA
Miranda Proctor NA NA
Tom and Jill Proctor Pauley NA
Jeanne Prorok Glose NA
Alan Prusak NA NA
Jennifer Przybylski Galbo NA
Greg Przystal NA NA
Elizabeth Ptak O'Rourke NA
Jeremy Pullano NA NA
Mayann Purrington Vanderbles NA
Michael Sanchez NA NA
Bob Bianco NA New e-mail address
Kimberly Quackenbush NA NA
Trish Quarles Rafe NA
Anna Quider NA NA
Danielle 'Danni' Quider NA NA
Theresa Quider Dupee NA
Courtney Quimby NA NA
Joseph Quinn NA NA
Kim Rabidoux Phillips NA
Susan Radcliffe Simmons NA
Sue Radder NA NA
Carol Rae Bykowicz NA
Kurt and Cindi Raepple Bennett NA
Lisa Rafe Taylor NA
Mike and Denise Rafe McCready NA
Jennifer Raham NA NA
Larry Rall NA NA
Martha Randy Robinson NA
Wendy Rasch Scheffler NA
Tony Rastelli NA NA
Mark and Michelle Rathman Kaczmarek NA
Linda Rayborn Allen NA
Donnette Rayhill Hennigar NA
Edward A. Rayhill NA NA
Michael Rayhill NA NA
Jackie Rayichen Stevens NA
Parul Bhatia Pandya NA
Corinne Razem NA NA
Phi 'Blunt' Razem NA NA
Marc Rebmann NA NA
Carol Reed Krol (Spencer) NA
Desiree Reger NA NA
Jim Reid NA NA
Mary Ann Reidling NA NA
Doreen Rein NA NA
Kimberly Reis Gipp NA
Rod Reisdorf NA NA
Rodney Reisdorf Jr. NA reisdorr@canisius.ed NA
Shirley Reitebach Lewien NA
Bonnie Remus NA NA
Paul Restey NA NA
B.J. Revill NA NA
Sandi Rice Cunningham NA
Linda Richardson Beach NA
Jennifer Richel NA NA
Jodi Rider Lloyd NA
Jackie Riley Pyc NA
Philip Killian NA I have previously signed the Guest Book and submitted pictures and articles to your web site but never responded to your survey so thought I would do so. I would like to compliment you on a terrific site and invaluable place to keep up on Island news.I tune in every Thursday to get the latest. Even though I have not lived there for many years,it is still #1 in my heart- A truly GRAND place to live.
Phil Killian
Donna Robinson NA I'd love to hear from friends past and present. That means by e-mail, phone or visit to Alaska! My Mom (Sue) and brother (Tom) still live on the Island. I'm looking forward to coming home this summer however we finally got a sub shop in Alaska that is crankin' the jammin' subs so I'm not so homesick any more! Bye for now!
David Carminati NA Recently divorced....Life goes on. Two awesome daughters. Gettin it back together
Michelle Riley Miller NA
Brett Rimes NA NA
Barbara Ryan Ryan NA
Brooks and Brenda Rimes NA NA
Liborio Rindone NA NA
Kathy Ringler NA NA
Patty Rink Costello NA
Tom Riscili NA NA
Nancy Rishkofski Boettcher NA
Terri Robelo Harper NA
Katharine Robert NA NA
Harold Roberts NA NA
Jane Roberts Hand NA
Michele Roberts NA NA
Dan Robillard NA NA
Bob Robinson NA NA
Debbi Robinson NA NA
Jeremy Robinson NA NA
John Robinson NA NA
Mitchell Robinson NA NA
Paul Robinson NA NA
Sherri Robinson Tornabene NA
Tom Robinson NA NA
Joe Robson NA NA
Janie Rocks Costin NA
Karen Rodwan House NA
Carol Roesch Kaiser NA
Gary Roesch NA NA
Gregg Roesch NA NA
Elizabeth Rogan Grunzweig NA
Jeff Rogan NA NA
Jenn Rogan NA NA
Bill Rohring NA NA
Marlene Rood Alt NA
David Rosene NA NA
Kristen Rosser Franklin NA
Mark Rotella NA NA
Catherine Roth Wohlfeil NA
Christina Roth Monti NA
Larry Roth NA NA
Steve Rouse NA NA
Hazel Rowe Fancher NA
Dave Rowswell NA NA
Dorothy and Al Rowswell NA NA
Mary Royal Gibbs NA
Andrew Rupp NA NA
Brian Russell NA NA
John Russell NA NA
Mary Jo Russo McDonald NA
Steve Rutkowski NA NA
Charlotte Ryan Goeckel NA
Kelly Ryan Yakowenko NA
Linda Ryan NA NA
Robert Ryan NA NA
Sherry Ryan Ensminger NA
Bryan Smith NA SMITTYSTYLE50@YAHOO.COM I miss Grand Island a lot, but I am in the Navy now so it is a little more exciting than GI. I will be back in four years. Good luck to all GI High sports teams and all small local businesses.
Kimberley Bailey Salt NA
Stephen Samplinski NA NA
Linda Sanchez NA NA
Michael Sandford NA NA
Nancy Sandford Luther NA
Bettye Tabron NA NA
Hesham and Amira Tagouri NA NA
Valerie Tan Wasse NA
Christy Taylor Colla NA
Kim Taylor Stubbs NA
Michael Taylor NA NA
Kristina Tetkowski NA NA
Neil Tetkowski NA NA
Jenny Thomas Nickerson NA
Jerry Thomas NA NA
Monica Thomas Siepierski NA
Penny Thomas McQuestion NA
Troy Thomas NA NA
Cindy Thompson Racz NA
Kelly Thompson Yakowenko NA
Larissa Thompson NA NA
Randall Thompson NA NA
Terry Thompson NA NA
Barbara Thomson Bensman NA
Phil Thompson NA NA
Sharon Tokash McMahon NA
Kevin Tolejko NA NA
Kristen Tollner NA NA
Joan Tommasulo Reid NA
John Tommasulo Jr. NA NA
Jim (JT) Tomkins NA NA
Peterjohn Tornabene NA NA
Patricia Tornabene NA NA
Maria Capolupo NA NA
Tom Trader NA NA
Karen Trageser Bednarz NA
Andrew Tranter NA NA
Dan Tranter NA NA
Marianne Tranter Shear NA
Susanne Tranter Miller NA
Jodi Lynn Trautman NA NA
Kathy Treadwell Butler NA
Chris Tremble NA NA
Jodi Trevathan Whittleton NA
Jennifer Trieskey NA NA
Linda Tritschler Lee NA
Patti Trzcinski McMoil NA
Linda Tubbs Steinlein NA
Chris Tucker NA NA
Jarod Turner NA NA
Mike Turner NA NA
Terri Turner NA NA
Janice Tyson NA NA
Sharon Ullrich Dingey NA
Robert Ungaro NA NA
Brenda Urgo Smith NA
Diane Urtel NA NA
Jessica Utts NA NA
Sue Utz Black NA
Sandy Valentino Martell NA
Marie Vallina Fox NA
Amy Valone NA NA
JoAnn Vanderheite Radius NA
Nancy Valone Buckley NA
Joyce Van Hattum NA NA
Arty VanHeede NA NA
Adriane (Ada) Fraser Vanthoff NA
Gordy Vanthoff NA NA
Karen Vanthoff NA NA
Richard "Shorty" Vanthoff NA NA
Patty Vara Proctor NA
Alka Velayudam Moudgil NA
Ron Venturini NA NA
Kathleen Vergari Manley NA
Shirley Verrico Tokash NA
Jesse Vincent NA NA
Melissa "Missy" Viohl Arnountrut NA
Satyugjit Virk NA NA
Bob Voelker NA NA
Kathy and Marv Voelker NA NA
Ray Voelker NA NA
Roland Vogel NA NA
Eric Volk NA NA
Thom Volk NA NA
Beverly Von Craigh NA NA
Jennifer Vosburgh Kerins NA
Sally Hayes Wald NA
William Waddington NA NA
Bob Waechter NA NA
Dale Wagner NA NA
Gregory Wahl NA NA
Angel Wahler Robinson NA
Glenn Wakefield NA NA
Rachel Wakefield NA NA
Scot Wakefield NA NA
Donna Wakeley NA NA
Jason Walbert NA NA
Jeff Wald NA
Henry Waldron NA NA
Marjorie Walker DeCarlo NA
Keith Walker NA NA
Jawaan Wallace NA NA
Justin Wallace NA NA
Al Wallack NA NA
Peter Wallen NA NA
Sue Wallis Tompkins NA
Andy Walsh NA NA
Daniel J. Walsh NA NA
Stephanie Walsh NA NA
Tom Walsh NA NA
Joan Walter Masson NA
William Walter NA NA
Lynn Walters Mortenson NA
Jeff Wansart NA NA
Carrie Warmus Hale NA
Ron Warner NA NA
Al Wasse NA NA
Kathy Fetzer Lenhard Hello everyone
Ruth Reckart Cessna NA
Joe ( Butch) Morrison NA The island was the best place to be as a kid growing up. With the hunting, swimming, baseball, hockey, and field cars. My aunt and uncle, Bea and Vern Mooney had a restaurant on Grand Island Blvd. next to Wayside Furniture in the early 50's. Then my parents had a restarunt called Ceil & Eds from 1955-1958 in the shopping center.
PennySue Nadeau Constable Hey I'm just looking for Nancy Malecki. If you know her please let her know I'm looking for her.

PennySue (pence)
Cheryl Wasson Clark NA
Michael Wasson NA NA
Brian Sandish NA NA
Dale Sandish NA NA
Stacy Sandusky NA NA
Sandra Krebs Santorio DMSGI@AOL.COM NA
Paul Saran NA NA
Kelly Sasso Brennan NA
Robert and Michele Wasson Courtney Class of '78 and '79.
Christina Waterson Petersen NA
Jenni Watkins NA NA
Vanessa Darnley Satterlee NA
John Watkins NA NA
Paul Saunders NA NA
Sherry Watkins Shaw NA
Kim Watson NA NA
Kristin Watson Adamczyk NA
Marilyn Watt Wilkie NA
Kimberly Watts NA NA
Liz Watz NA NA
Matt Waz NA NA
Patti Weatherston Lane NA
Cheryl Webb NA NA
Christine Webb NA NA
Judy Webb Davis NA
Nancy Webb Langdon NA
Ron Webb NA NA
Chris Savoy NA NA
Mark Savoy NA NA
James Sawdey NA NA
Cathy Weiss Gibson NA
Diane Scalzi Askew NA
Kate Wells Babowicz NA
Marion Wendt Ziehm NA
Therese Scerra NA NA
Buck Wenner NA NA
Michael Schade NA NA
Jennifer Wenner Sheridan wennerjs136@aol.con NA
Sue Schaefer NA NA
Nancy Weppner NA NA
Janene Shaff Johnson NA
Kirk Schall NA NA
Andy Werner NA NA
Mary West Thompson NA
Henry Schenck NA NA
Dawn Whitbeck NA NA
David Schiffhauer NA NA
Eric Scheffler NA NA
Katie Schiro NA NA
Nikki Schiro NA NA
Judy Schmidt Lexo NA
Kristen Schmidt NA NA
Cris Schneider D'Ingillo NA
Brian Schnell NA NA
Marty Schooping NA NA
Jodi Schorb NA NA
Bryan Schram NA NA
Ron Schram NA NA
Charlie Schrey NA NA
Bob White NA NA
David Schrey NA NA
Lynn Schroeder NA NA
Dana White Anello NA
Heidi White Allen NA
Svea Schroeder NA NA
John White NA NA
Jim Schueckler NA NA
Vic Schueckler NA NA
Joe Schuler NA NA
Michele White Beauchamp NA
Amy Whitford Gicewicz NA
Bruce Whitford NA NA
Scott Whiting NA whits4scott@netscape NA
Maria Wichmann NA NA
Mary Lee Widdicombe Wunsch NA
Mike Whisker NA NA
Anne Wild NA NA
Joe Wild NA NA
Christine Wilhelm NA NA
Susan Willard Haen NA
Robert Willer NA NA
Bill Williams NA NA
Billy and Donna Williams Turner NA
John Williams NA NA
Rick Williams NA NA
Scott Williams NA NA
JoAnn 'Sarah' Williams-Padula Andrus NA
Scott Winch NA NA
Todd Wisner NA NA
James Wiswall NA NA
Audrey and Walter Wittholz NA NA
Dave Wolgast NA NA
Sandara Wolgast NA NA
Margie Wood Hess NA
Pamela Wood Bartholomew NA
Susan Wood Sulzbach NA
Tracy Woods NA NA
Diane Woodman Wagner NA
Chris Wozniak NA NA
Chris Wright NA NA
Dave Wright NA NA
Derek Wright NA NA
Jim Wright NA NA
Joan Wright Schlueter NA
Linda Wright NA NA
Siobhan Wright NA NA
David and Carolyn Wuest NA NA
Renee Wulf Thirion NA
Tim Wunsch NA NA
Cindy Wynne Lazarz NA
Dan Grobe NA NA
Melissa Schuler NA NA
Linda Schultz NA NA
Mary Schultz NA NA
Thomas Schultz NA NA
Leslie Schulz Claus NA
Jennifer Schumacher Arnst NA
Ed Schwannecke NA NA
Paula Sciuk NA NA
Gary Scott NA NA
Patty Sendker Oakey NA
Janet Sentz Pitzonka NA
John Sentz NA NA
Tammy Sexton Dilliot NA
Kelly Shaffer NA NA
Scott Shaffer NA NA
John and Marie Shea Hickler> NA
Michael W. Shean NA NA
Mike Shean NA NA
Shelley Sheehan Bookhagen NA
Kimberly Ann Shergold Galbraith NA
Jason Shipman NA NA
Bob Shive NA NA
Marci Sidebottom Krueger NA
Jan and Mort Siegel NA NA
Allison Siehnel NA NA
Judy Siehnel Popiel NA
Karen Silva Schiffhauer NA
James Sims NA NA
Dolores Sincki Casey NA
Kelly Mongold Sandford NA
Linda Singh Roberts NA
Paul Sipson NA NA
David Slade NA NA
Timothy Slazyk NA NA
Patti Sloan Fleming NA
Nate Slotiuk NA NA
Arthur Smith NA NA
Carol Ann Smith Schueckler NA
Cedric Smith NA NA
Christopher Smith NA NA
Clif Smith NA NA
Colin Smith NA NA
Colleen Smith O'Rourke NA
Daniel Smith NA NA
Denise Smith Murphy NA
Diane Smith Newell NA
Duncan Smith NA NA
Erik Smith NA NA
Jamie Smith Akers NA
Jeffery Smith NA NA
Jerry Smith NA NA
Kristi Smith NA NA
Les Smith NA NA
Lynda Smith NA NA
Maureen Smith Kaska NA
Meredith Smith Hartrick NA
Michelle Smith Cannata NA
Pat Smith NA NA
Patti Smith Griffin NA
Scott Smith NA NA
Sherry Smith Nabal NA
Sylvia Smith Marsh NA
Paul Smyton NA NA
Andrea Snyder NA NA
Barbara Snyder NA NA
Elizabeth Snyder Ralston NA
SueAnn Socko Peete NA
Chris Soluri NA NA
Kenneth 'Skip' Sommer NA NA
Donald and Lou Anne Soto NA NA
Beth Southard Winch NA
Lori Sparkiel Chapin NA
Debbie Spencer Taylor NA
Robert Spencer NA NA
Amy Squires NA NA
Frank Spinner NA NA
Darlene Sprague Runions NA
Dipak Srinivason NA NA
Ruth Stahl Hodson NA
Mark Hodges Stahlka NA NA
Alicia Staley Barrett NA
Lynn Standora NA NA
Michelle Standora NA NA
Tracy Staniszewski NA NA
Steven Steck NA NA
Chris Stedman McDonnell NA
Eric Stefik NA NA
Kathleen Stein Greenwood NA
Paul Stengel NA NA
Mitch 'Mark' Stessing NA NA
Norm Stessing NA NA
Greg Stevens NA NA
Jean Stevens NA NA
Lee Stevens MacDonald NA
Bill Stewart NA NA
James Stewart NA NA
Mary Ellen Stewart Klingel NA
Bob Fick NA NA
Chimene Loncher NA NA
Margot Stickl Eichel NA
Joanne Stiller Kozek NA
Kathy Stisser Boettcher NA
Destiny Chambers NA Hey guys, if one of you read this contact me some time I'd love to hear how all of ya are doin.…I hope to see everyone on graduation night and prom ... I'm 7 out of 104 in my class at Lafayette High and doing really good ... miss ya keep in touch.
Jeff Stone NA NA
Peter Stovall NA NA
Karen Sturniolo Koch NA
Jerry Sturtz NA NA
John Sullivan NA NA
Nicole Sullivan Tortorice NA
Joseph Suppa NA NA
David Surtees NA NA
Bruce Swain NA NA
Terry Swain NA NA
Valerie Swain Buckley NA
Jeffrey Swan NA NA
Melissa Swan Boddy NA
Maureen Swaney Killiam NA
Chris Sweeney NA NA
Joseph Synakowski NA NA
Jeanne Szczykutowicz Mesmer NA
Laura Szucs Strachan NA
Scott Kubiszyn NA NA
Richard Quarantiello NA NA
Sue Hamilton O'Dowd I was a Charter Member of the Grand Island Art Society and I would love to hear from members who remember me. My previous names were Sue Woodstock/Miazga/Melinko. I would love to hear from: the Brzyski's, May Harrison, Jean Mc Donald, Ruth Holder, Barbi Lare, Audrey Rittenhouse, Delores Rogers.
Thank you.
Sue Hamilton
Amy Gebrian NA NA
Paul Dinan NA Picnics on Navy Island in the summer (when you could still take your boat over there). Swimming off the rocks at the end of Stony Point Road. The road race during the 1952 Centenial celebration. The best and most unique chowder in the world cooked over those outside open kettles and fires at the annual Firemens Picnic. Watching my dad, John, march in the Firemens Day parade. Bus 3 picking me up to go to Kindergarten. Mass at the old St Stephens Church and Fr. Schwegler. Standing in line with my dad at Kaegebein School so he could vote for "Ike". So many many things...Grand Island was the best part of growing up...The house I grew up in is gone but it will always be "home". Happy 150 years to my "home town".
Bill Hays NA Hello Grand Island! Just moved here this past July from Orlando, FL. Yea, I hear that all the time - But listen: My wife, Debbie (Marlin) Hays was born on Grand Island and grew up here - Graduated GI High in '76 Went to nursing school in Buffalo and moved to Orlando in '80 where I met her, fell in love with and married her. Then came Matthew 5, and Brianna 2. 2 Wonderful children. We had talked for years about raising them here on GI and finally, I gave in but only after reading this page for years hearing how this is the best place in the world to grow up!!! So here we are. Matthew started Pre-K this fall. Thank You to all the Grand Island residents who have welcomed us to GI - I haven't met one yet who wasn't nice or whom I didn't like which is 180 degrees from Orlando!!! Thank You for welcoming us to our new home. Bill Hays
Allison MacDuffee MacDuffee I very much enjoyed Ruth Stahl's column about autograph books. They are a fascinating window into the past.
Angela Pizur NA NA
Marie Slade Angelo We moved to Grand Island from Rochester, New York. We love it here and would never return back to Rochester to live. The Island is beautiful and I love to drive around the River. I find the water very relaxing. We have the best neighbors in our area. We're like one happy family.
Beth Boening Hamilton Just want to say Hi to anyone that remembers.
Mike Mehltretter NA Grand Island rocks my world.
Katrina Lowery Cowart NA
Brian Havens NA New e-mail address.
Susan Havens Pikas New e-mail address.
Pat Phillips McMahon NA
Mark Heiser NA Sandy Beach in the summer, snow forts in the winter.
Kyle Gorton Batarla NA
Eric Sharpe NA
Katie Rebmann NA NA
Aerika Backlund Johnson NA
Robert Backlund NA NA
Pat Davis-Weeks Carminati Been in Tampa, FL since 1984 and love it. GO BUCS
Still have family on the Island, Mom, brother David and sister Bernie
Jill Bach Gonda Dan and I just visited the Island with our 2 teenage sons so that they could see what a winter was really like. They had a great time sledding at Beaver. We surprised Dan's family and our longtime friend Colleen 'Finn' with our visit. Our oldest son shadowed one of Colleens daughters to the High School for a day. We thought it was pretty neat for him to see where we went to school. The Island hasn't changed much, just seems to become more populated with each visit we make, we can understand why, it is a great place to raise a family, but way too cold for me. So we will stay here in warm sunny Florida.
Kurt Killian NA NA
Allison Everitt NA NA
Todd Ankenbauer NA Currently living and working in Detroit,MI
James Baldwin NA NA
Dave Burke NA NA
Patty Rink Costello NA
Kevin Irwin NA NA
Ginny Forster Bergenstock New Email Address
Jay Raepple NA new e mail address
Dan McMahon NA NA
Miranda Gasbarro NA NA
Timmy Fisher NA NA
Margery Stratton NA Wonderful memories of life on GI when we lived on West River Road (before the parkway) and then on
Warner Drive in Sandy Beach. Our oldest, Bill, graduated from Sidway school and would have gone off the island to HS so we had to move then or never. Wanted an old brick house in the country.
Paul Drainville NA NA
Kye Miller NA NA
Jo Ann Fisher Martell Life is wonderful! I just completed my Bachelor of Business in Accounting at Niagara University. I work for Grand Island's Invitrogen (the old GIBCO on Staley). I have two wonderful children and we still live on the Island. I divorced Ray, and then I met Mr. Right!!
Mark Braddell NA NA
Jill Satterlee NA NA
Jennifer Mackedon Kane NA
Alyssa Batarla NA NA
Barbara Voegelin Klocke Florida is warm and beautiful and after 30 years here it's home, but Grand Island is still a very special place to return to yearly for a visit.
Brandi Salt NA NA
Terry Collins Burns Grand Island is a grand place to live, it is pretty andI dearly miss it and all my old friends.
Alan Smith NA Thanks for letting me register.I will be curious to see if anyone contacts me.
Andy Gottler NA NA
Renae (Corky) Maestas Barnes Just looking for old friends that might remember me, from Grand Island High School. Most knew me as Corky....Daughter of Patti Burns..sister of Terry Burns
Marlene Donohue Esack This is a great website. Gives me an easy way to find out Island news and Grand Island History.
Christopher Benns NA NA
Karen Schwindler Sommer NA
George Sanders NA NA
Tom Vogel NA I still consider it my home and will return some day
Don Tranter NA Resident of G. I. since '43
Josh Fischer NA NA
Donna Lovetro NA
Brian Kelly NA Boating on the Niagara... Parties at Buckhorn.
Listening to Grand Funk Railroad's "Closer To
Home" while driving ALL the way around East &
West River roads with my buds... you know who
you are!
Vinette Kroetsch Pascoe AUNTIENET1@MSN.COM NA
Gail Allen Merrill In Florida now but the island will always be home to me no matter where I am... The island is a wonderful place to grow up..wish I was back there. I miss all my friends and relatives, but have to say I don't miss the snow and ice in the winter time except at Chrismas. Will be going back to visit this summer.
Tina Capps Gligora First love-John Stein, best friend-Andrea Lascola, summer dances at the library, summer days and nights at Beaver Island, working at Fantasy Island and after hour parties there. Fall hayrides and parking at west rd.
Bruce Engel NA St.Stephens barn dances, driving endless "laps" around the island, dead mans,.... Joes party's,..Paul's boat(Seacrow), ..Reidy's Pizza,..Sidway dances,..The Orange Love(band),..Calvins "Watkens" Texico gas station and all the hot cars, my '68 Chevell, Rats '68 Camaro. How about the "pit" in Buckhorn Park ? Tom Colleys house, Brothers Bar......endlast days and nights on the river.
Laura McDonnell NA NA
Melissa Hoke Gligora I used to attend St. Stephens Catholic school. I grew up on Whitehaven Rd. I grew up when it was safe to ride your bike anywhere you wanted and see anyone you wanted. I remember the "Chocolate House" was just down the street.
Daryl Post NA Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. I loved the Customer Service given to me. Again thank you. Daryl W. Post, New Resident of Grand Island, NY
Charles Bernoski NA NA
Chris Richel NA Hanging out with Diehl, Gumby, Cal, and The Gooch at TC's.

Stingers, Coors Lights, and Copenhagen.
Loretta Ehle Brown David and Dale Velie from "Sideway's First Grade 1948" are the grand children of David M. Brown.
David M.Brown is the brother of my grandfather William Perice Brown.The Velie's don't know me but I would love to hear from them. I've been working on my family tree. Loretta
Kelly DeZutter Mancuso My Husband, David DeZutter, is aboard the USS Carl Vinson in the NAVY and will be gone for about 6 months or more to destinations unknown. His email address on the boat is: if anyone wants to say 'hi'(he'd probably appreciate it)
Jerry Constable NA loved Grand Island, hated the mosquitos!!!!!!!
Jenne Carlisi Havens NA
Desire' Link NA NA
Greg Butcher NA NA
Tom Colley NA NA
Chanda White NA NA
Scott Stoberl NA NA
Zona Himmelsbach NA My dad used to take us to Beaver Island State Park. He told me he was born on Grand Island; he showed me the house (back in the 40's).

I'm researching all the HIMMELSBACH in Erie County. Kindly send me anything you may have on that surname in Erie County.

I'm also searching for the burial site of Pluto BADER somewhere near the Tonawandas and Pendleton.
Jill Huie NA Enlightening.....
Brenda Black Atkinson Childhood
Steven Pack NA NA
Michele Rathmann Kacmarek I want to say hello to everyone and my son Cory Clare who is in the Navy. Right now he is in the eastern Mediterranean but I know that he looks at the Grand Island Page often sooooo I wanted to tell him hello and I'm proud of him....Also Happy Birthday on the 28th of March. Grand Island will always be my "hometown" and look forward to 2005 Class reunion.
Dan Mallwitz NA NA
Donna Linenfelser Russo NA
Patricia Davis Wright I love my island, wish I could visit it more often. There are people I wish I could find. My favorite memories, include St Stephens barn yard dances, Beaver Island Casino dances. Just being on the island was an experience.I don't think alot of people got to experience what we, islanders had. It was a special place a long time ago, I really miss the island. It is my home and always will be.
Jennifer McCabe Posener NA
Norman Schooping NA My father, Rev. Harvey Schooping was pastor of Trinity Evangelical Church on Whitehaven Road from June 1933 to July 1941. I was four when we moved here and can remember going to the one room schoolhouse just off the Baseline Road, I can't remember which road it was on but one winter day the wind blew so hard most of us got blown all the way out to the road and into the ditch, what fun! When the 'new' school, Charlotte Sidway opened, Roger Kaiser, I'm sure everyone remembers him, and I were the first ones off the bus and in the door, the first students ever to enter that school. We fought to see who could be first, but it ended in a tie and we squeezed in at the same time. Just one of a hundred memories I have growing up on the Island…
Jennifer Woolcott NA Just wanted to say Hi to everyone on the Island. Hope everyone is doing well.
Elizabeth Wansart Backlund NA
Eric Sharpe hi all!!!!! I go to Grand Island Middle School.
Sam Lovetro NA NA
John Dudley NA NA
Joe Zielinski NA NA
Barbara Timpano Williams What has happened to the reunions? Can we coordinate one for this year, it is our 25th? Anyone interested send me an e-mail.
Elizabeth Wansart Backlund NA
Jim & Sue Hawley NA Hi Teddy. Just like to say hi to all our old! friends on the island. This is a great way to keep up with the island news etc. keep up the good work. Grand Island will always be considered our home.
Your Friends
Jim & Sue Hawley
Jill Smedley Bates Waiting to hear where our 21st year reunion will be in '03?!
Alyssa Harris Currey It was nice to see a glimpse of what is happening on the island! Nice job. My husband, our two boys and I are preparing to leave the country for about 4 years to live as missionaries in Indonesia.
Michael Safee NA I still love the simple beauty of Grand Island and the friends I have there. If I could I would visit all the time, In fact I plan to look into the possibility of a second home on Grand Island some time in the future. Grand Island will always be home to me.but for right now, I'll suffer through these Florida winters and dream about swimming in the Niagara River in the summer,and going to bills games during the season. Oh and there is a frequent thought of beef on wick, chicken wings and cold canadian beer that passes across my mind now and then.
Wendy Gross Stratton Thank you for the trip down memory lane. Our family enjoyed seeing all the photos taken by my father, Wendell. I especially enjoyed the picture of me as an indian princess at the Sandy Beach party. Thanks also for the obit of my Dad.
Marian Rhodes Cornwell NA
Neil Phillips NA NA
Megan Petkewec O'Hara I am looking forward to my 20th High School Reunion. Where did the time go?
Paul Gilmore NA NA
Ed Hunt NA My grandmother was Marge Esack. She was a neat lady. I was quite young when she ran for office on this island. I remember her hot pink campaign colors that matched her house on Alt Blvd. She was voted citizen of the year in 1988. We lived on Alt Blvd a few houses down from her's. We lived across the street from Doug Smith, a newspaper writer and TV personality. We moved to Rochester when I was a kid, but often visied my grandparents and other relatives. I last was on the island at Kelly's County Store with my kids during this past Christmas. What a great place!

I last saw family on the island at my Uncle Joe Esack's (also of Alt Blvd)funeral about a year and a half ago.
Linda Butcher Hugill I enjoy returning to G.I. for visits, but after spending 50 long winters there, I am enjoying the beautiful Carolina weather. I remember working at the Clown House, Open House (with my mom) and BeaverIsland....graduated in 1968...too bad we can't go back in time!!!
Marie Rudzki Rudzki Mother to "Blizzard of 1977" baby, Jason D. Vallina
Dan Foley NA NA
Norman Rapp NA Memories of the Fire Co. and friends. To bad the job had to move us.
David Tokash NA NA
Leia Hill NA NA
Sal Anello NA What a treat and an honor to see the 5th grade Chuck Close project posted on the website! I simply came to the site looking for a phone number and was suprised to see the art lesson I developed during my student teaching experience at Huth Road. I miss you all! Mr. Anello
Gail Rothenberg Burgstahler This is my new e-mail address.
Robert W. Bennett NA Fond memories of the Isle Chapter of the Order of DeMolay.
Melodie Knudsen Kay NA
Darryl Johnson NA What up to all my peeps back home, I hope you are keepin it real, take care, peace, Darryl J.
Jamie Jablon NA NA
Zoe Dodd NA NA
Shawn Abbatessa NA NA
Patti King Davern Hope everyone's doing well - new email address - Glad that winter's finally over - can't wait for summer - hope to visit then.…
Adam Boulden NA NA
Jackie Valente Pax Enjoyed reminiscing your website. It reminds me of the uniqueness of Grand Island. I am proud to have been a part of the community. What a great place to grow up!!! Thanks for the memories. Continue updating the photos!!!
Paul Meosky NA NA
Nicole Beslian NA NA
Cindi Raepple Bennett NA
Peggy Hall Staley I was looking for the history of my great grandfather who was an Indian and was with my great grandmother Nelly Long, the only thing I found out is the Indian took a American name George Taylor and had my grandfather Cecil who was adopted by Arthur Staley. If you can help, email me, thank you Peggy Hall
Brent Helman NA NA
Heidi Sue Mumm NA NA
Steven R Golda NA A great place to grow up and live but sorry, I've been out of the snow and ice for 20 yrs.and don't miss it.
Trish Quarles Rafe NA
Wilma Greenwood MacDonald Just wanted to let you know that this is my newest E Mail address Wilma
Nate Coleman NA NA
Michelle Schepperly Oguich NA
Karen Sticka Hiam NA
William (Bill) Speidel NA The rivers East & West had drinkable water soI was never thirsty when on my bicycle trips around the Island. The Halloween parties at St. Stephens were the greatest. Sidway School was only one story, and there were only two bridges the north and the south, connected by the "Expressway" and it cost a quarter to get on the Island.
Al Lincoln NA NA
Marta Valenzuela NA NA
Bob Brown NA Burke's Hill
Jane Edwards NA NA
Carrie Meaney Mazza Friday, July 25th, 7pm at BA's Saloon on East River Road
15 Year Reunion for the Class of 1988, e-mail for more details!
Debi Schoenle Turner NA
Arlene Kay Kay NA
Kevin Zilliox NA KZMAN1212@AOL.COM NA
Kathy Culcasi Henschel NA
Gail Alexander Watson Nice website! GI was a great place to grow up. My favorite spots are now our kids'favorites..Beaver Island, Fantasy Island, Kelly's Country Store and of course the woods behind my parents house (minus the mosquitos) that we still get lost in. It's nice to see it hasn't been overdeveloped and things are much as they were.
Adam Morgan NA Email address update
Jan Tyson NA NA
Carla Gasiewicz Rader NA
Glen Ginsburg NA Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon - University of Nebraska Medical Center - 1996 - Present
Barbara Ochs Duncan This makes me feel like I never left the Island!!!
Jim Richards NA I was the first full-time pastor of the Presbyterian Church on Huth Rd. I am now retired and living in Knoxville, TN.
I would love to hear from church members who remember me.
My more formal name: W. James Richards
Lori Boulden Robinson NA
Christy Taylor Colla NA
Elizabeth Foks NA Please update my e-mail and correct my city spelling. Thanks!
Sally Foks Oberkircher Please update my e-mail address.
James Leach NA NA
Dana Foote Hayes DFOOTE7114@AOL NA
Judy Kenyon Lovelee New e-mail address-6-2003
Darcy Mangus Benzin NA
Ronald McClurg NA NA
Jennifer Imredy Bierbrauer If any old friends happen to be in the Eastern Mediterranean region, stop by Cyprus for a visit. I can be reached through the American Embassy in Nicosia, Cyprus or via e-mail. all the best!
Theresa Kapus NA NA
Sharon Warne Luttikhuizen My husband Matthew and I are relatively new to the Island. We will be celebrating our 10th anniversary on 7/17/2003.
Mark Klocke NA NA
Kristina Watts NA NA
Laurie Martin Knapp NA
Beth Boening Hamilton NA
John Parker NA For those who went to Huth Road 1970-76 and had Mrs. Figler (1st) Mrs. French (2nd) Mrs. Radius (3rd) Mrs. Thomas (4th) and Mr. Wenner (5th) and Mr. Glenn's homeroom 1976-77 (6th), I remember you all. I would love to hear from my old classmates!
Elaine Lewis Mathews Very interesting and a big surprize. I just stumbled on this web site. When I saw the twin bridges I couldn't believe it was about Grand Island.
Barbara Godwin Hendricks NA
Teddy Linenfelser Klingel NA
Felix {Phil} Grycel NA Great place to raise a family
Christopher "Chris" Taylor NA Lived on the Island from '69 until '75 when I entered the military. Now live in sunny Florida. :-) I do not miss the winters!
Tammi Ras Von Wryeza NA
Nancy Anderson Hoover note - new e-mail address
Alan Rogers NA Still living in Tacoma, WA. They're starting to build a 2nd Tacoma Narrows Bridge here. (You may remember seeing film of the original bridge, Galloping Gurdy, collapse in Bill Riffle's Physics class.) Can anyone e-mail me some good shots of the south and north Grand Island Bridges to show people here how impressive they are?
Debra Couch NA NA
Danielle Wasson NA NA
Stacey Schroeder NA NA
Tammy Bailey Lasher Just wanted to give you all my new E-mail address. I'm looking for Rachel Hawkins. Anyone have an address for her?
Leonard A. Riordan NA Hi to all vfw members and all my friends past and present. Miss GI. but like sunny FL . This is a great site to keep up on the news. Like to hear from old friends-drop me a line-
Maureen Wilkie Burak NA
Teresa Drainville Prusak NA
Sandy Wheeler-Krecisz NA NA