Mrs. Ames' Kindergarten Graduation Poem

By Lenore Tetkowski - June, 1955
Posted again on May 11, 2006

So long ago we didn't know
What school was all about.
At last one day we came to stay
And liked what we found out.

Claire was happy there would be
Many girls and boys;
Paul was eager for the group
To share his books and toys.

Bobby liked the stories best,
Could listen all the day;
Kathy liked her room so much,
"Let's stay inside," she'd say.

Ruth Ann and Teddy danced and danced
The best--the whole class thought;
Diane MacCauley made us glad--
Her cat to school she brought.

Poor Irene broke her arm
What a day that was!
Now she's the one who tries to care
for everyone of us.

When going to Miss French we'd say
"Can Debby come along?
Terry's favorite people were
State Troopers -- very strong.

Jimmy was quiet and willing to do
Whatever he was told--
While Arty was deciding
To be a football player bold

Diane Tetkowski soon announced
"I think that I will be
a kindergarten teacher
That's the place for me!"

Peggy's red hair bobbed around
Everything was fun!
George could draw such racing cars
The best of everyone.

Soon Diana and friend Carl
Could sing so merrily,
And Phyllis -- tho she spilled much paint
Would clean it willingly.

Nancy's quite the housekeeper--
Kept our things so neat,
And Marcia looking up at us
Always was so sweet.

Sometimes someone wiggled and giggled
And rested in the hall,
But never Linda--she's the very
Best rester of all

Scotty had a favorite song:
It's name "Four Little Cats,"
Carol's pretty blonde pigtails
Danced underneath her hats.

Loving Sandra gave out kisses
Freely every day,
And Donna liked to work
"Ill clean it up," she'd often say.

So long ago we didn't know
What school was all about,
And then that day we came to stay
And liked what we found out.

We learned that we could sit quite still
And listen to each other,
And Mrs. Ames became for us
A sort of second mother!

We learned of Indians, leaves, and birds,
We visited the zoo.
We sang our patriotic songs
And learned our colors too!

So now we're gong on to learn
What first grade is about
But all we've learned in kindergarten
We'll take when we go out.