Over Thirty-Thousand Women Unite to Reassess in Live National Simulcast


Grand Island, 10/28/2003 — On November 15, 2003, INJOY's Womens Conference—THRiVE!—will explore the many significant applications of Pursuing Purposeful Relationships at the second-annual live national simulcast from Whitehaven Road Baptist Church.  That day, an expected 35,000 women across the country will receive cutting-edge training and resource materials with a focus on changing their world through purposeful relationships.


“More than men, women are faith-oriented, church-oriented, people-oriented…the backbone of American spirituality,” said THRiVE! President, Kevin Small.  “But their energies have to spread across offices, homes, families, churches, communities, and if there’s time, themselves.  In the long run, everyone is suffering.”


Focusing first on a woman’s relationship with Jesus Christ, and speaking to crowds gathered in local churches, host and INJOY President, motivator and bestselling author of more than 30 books, Dr. John C. Maxwell, unites an impressive lineup of topical speakers:

§        Kay Arthur, author and speaker, challenging people to service and equipping them to go there,

§        Jill Briscoe, author and speaker, on making a difference where you are,

§        Florence Littauer, author, Personality Plus, on the practical tools to understand ourselves and others,

§        Gary Smalley, author, Love is a Decision, on the key to lasting, loving relationships,

§        Stormie Omartian, author, The Power of a Praying Wife, on how to walk with God through difficult times,

§        Michelle McKinney Hammond, co-host of the Emmy-nominated television show Aspiring Women, guides women to a love-driven relationship with God,

§        Delilah, radio personality syndicated to more than 8 million listeners,

§        and popular Contemporary Christian Music singer, Crystal Lewis as Worship Leader.


            “Women’s monumental work in the Christian Church is in jeopardy,” Small said.  “Stress is up.  Both church attendance and volunteerism is down.  But women can reconnect with their strongest asset—God’s love—and renew their influence with men, families, publics, and their worlds.” 


            “The key,” said Director of THRiVE!, Renée Scobel, “is to balance women’s support of church needs with the church’s support of women.” 


            All of THRiVE!’s programs are created in response to eleven national statistical trends showing a nation of women hungry for spirituality, increasingly fuzzy about their faith, overworked on numerous fronts, and stressed in their most fundamental relationships.  It is a ministry that seeks to equip women with the tools, relationships, and resources that will allow them to overcome obstacles or discouragement in their lives and allow them to THRiVE!




For more information, Local Host Church:

Whitehaven Road Baptist Church, 1290 Whitehaven Road, Grand Island, NY  14072 773-1004


For more information, Simulcast Provider:

INJOY, (800) 333-6506, www.INJOY.com