July 6, 2010

Three rescued from boat

Staff Reports The Tonawanda News

City of Tonawanda emergency personnel and Grand Island firefighters helped rescue three people from the Niagara River after their boat struck a stationary barge Monday around 9:50 p.m.

Grand Island firefighters were first alerted to a call from the Coast Guard that a woman was suffering an anxiety attack on a boat, located about one mile north of the south Grand Island Bridge. They were also told that the boat struck a pole or similar object and may be taking in water.

The boat was located after a search of about 15 minutes. It was found in the water near River Oaks Marina.

City of Tonawanda personnel made contact with the boat and were advised that the anxiety attack had ended, all aboard were all right and the boat was not in danger of sinking. It was determined the boat had struck a barge in the water off Bicentennial Park, a Grand Island recreational area north of Whitehaven Road.

Tonawanda rescuers had a difficult time reaching the disabled boat, which was stuck in shallow water. They were still awaiting a boat tow at press time.