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Grand Island couple face felony drug counts after discovery of hydroponics operation

Updated: 10/04/08 10:13 AM

Two Grand Island residents are charged with felony drug counts, following an Erie County Sheriff's Office investigation.

Investigators said they discovered an elaborate hydroponics set-up and several marijuana plants being grown at 57 West Park, Grand Island, when they executed a search warrant Friday night.

Ingrid M. Dahlberg, 23, was arrested at the scene.

When deputies later located the owner, Joel Morris, 23, they said he had in his possession a large quantity of hydrocodone pills.

Both are charged with unlawfully growing marijuana and criminal possession of marijuana.

Morris also was charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell.

Neighbors told investigators that they saw traffic at the residence at all hours of the night and day. Morris told investigators that he was buying his pills in Buffalo and then selling them on Grand Island.