( From Association of Public Historians of New York State (APHNYS) - 2010


Andrew Cuomo (D, I, WOR)   http://www.andrewcuomo.com/

Carl Paladino (R, C, TXP) http://paladinoforthepeople.com/home.php



Tom DiNapoli (D, WOR) http://www.dinapoli2010.com/

Harry Wilson (R, I, C) http://wilsonfornewyork.com/


Attorney General

Eric Schneiderman (D, I, WOR) http://www.ericschneiderman.com/

Dan Donovan (R, C) http://www.dandonovan.org/


United States Senate

Kirstin Gillibrand (D, I, WOR) http://www.kirstengillibrand.com/

Joe DioGuardi (R, C) http://www.dioguardiforussenate.com/


United States Senate

Charles Schumer (D, I WOR) http://www.chuckschumer.com/

Jay Townsend (R, C) http://www.townsendfornewyork.com/


Should you need an absentee ballot or locate your polling place, go to: