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Appellate Court rules Legislature downsizing referendum will stay on ballot

Republican Caucus supports residents’ right to decide


(Erie County, NY) – The Appellate Division of the State Supreme Court has ruled that the downsizing referendum pertaining to the Erie County Legislature will remain on the ballot for the Tuesday, Nov. 2 election. Voters will have the opportunity to decide if the Legislature should be reduced to 11 members from the current 15.


“My colleagues and I in the Republican Caucus are pleased with the decision of the Appellate Court.  Today is a victory for the taxpayers, who will now have a say on what the size of the Erie County Legislature should be.  I would like to thank the partners and attorneys at Magavern, Magavern and Grimm for fighting for the taxpayers at no charge.  Their efforts made this possible,” said Republican Caucus Minority Leader John  J. Mills.


The matter also included Legislators Lynne Dixon, Dino Fudoli, Kevin Hardwick, Edward A. Rath III and Ray Walter as petitioners.