Sunday, February 8, 2009

10:00AM- 4:00 PM

Chestnut Ridge Park


Schedule of Events

***Most Activities will take place near the Casino***



Snow Sculptures Contest               11 AM - 2 PM                  To the right of the Casino

                                                                                                   Judging and prizes at 2pm


Snowboarding Demonstration      12 PM - 2PM                    Snowboard Hill


Snow Shoeing Guided Tours          1, 2, 3 PM                        Outside Casino

(Earth Spirit Environmental Services)


Snow Shoeing                                    10AM 1PM                  Photo ID Required

(NYS Parks Department)                                                           Outside Casino


Tifft Nature Preserve                     10 AM - 4PM                  Inside Casino

(Nature Games)


Wood Branding                             10 AM - 4 PM                  Outside Casino

(Erie County Forestry Department)


Arts & Crafts & Tattoos              10 AM 4 PM                 Inside Casino


Food and Beverages                     10 AM 4 PM                 Concession Area in Casino

(For Sale)


Haywagon Rides                            12 PM 3 PM                  Parking Lot by Casino


Hockey Skills Competition             11 AM 1 PM                 Tennis Courts

(Skates Not Needed)


Marshmallow Roast                       10 AM - 4 PM                  Outside by Casino    


Nature Ed Ventures                       10 AM 4 PM                 Inside Casino

(How Animals Adapt In Winter)


Sledding                                          10 AM - 4 PM                 Sledding Hill


Disc Golf   Demonstration             10 AM-12 PM                 Right of Casino by Course  


Disc Golf Tournament             12 Noon                                    Disc Golf Course  

($15.00 Entry Fee- sign up and fee paid day of the event)

Niagara Region Disc Golf


SPCA Education Programs                 10 AM-4 PM                   Inside Casino


Flying Squirrels                             10 AM-4PM                Inside Casino

(NYS State Parks)