December 16, 2004

Town of Grand Island
Attn: Peter McMahon / Town Supervisor
2255 Baseline Road
Grand Island, NY 14072

RE: Site Selection, Town of Grand Island
Upstate Cellular Network dba Verizon Wireless

Mr. McMahon,

I understand that some additional questions have arisen as to how we determined to use the Robillard property in the Town of Grand Island.

The search area was centered in the area northwest of the intersection of Ransom Road and East River Road.

Based on preliminary RF propagations we knew that we would need a height of 120 to 140 feet. This may vary slightly depending upon the final location.

We reviewed our (Verizon Wireless) required height of 120 ft against the Town Zoning Ordinance. The Town requires a setback equal to the height of the tower.

Therefore, we would need a property that is at least 240 feet in both width and depth. The Town Ordinance also requires that the tower be located at least 500 feet from any neighboring residences.

I requested an aerial photograph of the area from Costich Engineering and had the aerial photograph overlaid with the tax maps for the area.

Properties owned by Leo Hopkins, the Grand Island School District, the Gun Club and the Robillards met both requirements.

The next parcel to the east of the Robillard property has enough space to meet the fall down requirement. However, any site on that property would place the tower within 500 feet of one of the neighboring residences.

We sent a letter to the Gun Club and never received a response. With respect to municipal school properties we are rarely successful because of the long process or they simply have other plans for the property.

We approached Leo Hopkins and he did sign a lease. However, upon review of the Title Report for his property there is a deed restriction that limits the use of the property to single-family dwellings only. This is considered to be what we call a "fatal title error." The property is unusable for our purposes.

We then approached the Robillards about using their property. We reached an agreement on the terms and conditions and they signed a lease within a few weeks. We became aware that Dan was a member of the Town Board after we approached him and his wife about entering into a lease.


John Engelbert
Real Estate Manager