Active Duty MIP

Military Initiative Program

  Are you active-duty, in the Reserves or in the National Guard?

  Have you been to Bosnia, Somalia, Haiti or Rwanda?

  Have you participated in Operation Southern or Northern Watch?

  Have you completed a tour in Korea?

If so, we want you in our ranks.

(Use our eligibility listing, which lists campaign periods and authorized service medals, to determine eligibility for membership.)

Enjoy our active-duty membership special through our Military Initiative Program (MIP). We are offering free introductory memberships-at-large for first-time members.

What we will do for you:
Fight to protect your rights and work hard on the local level to make your tours easier.

What we have done:
Fought for hardship pay for Joint Task Force Personnel Full-Accounting, sent more than 100,000 care packages to overseas service members during the Gulf War; and provided prepaid telephone cards to active-duty troops and hospitalized veterans via VFW's Operation Uplink.

For Local information contact: Dan McMahon, Quartermaster, Charles N. DeGlopper Memorial VFW Post 9249, 2121 Grand Island Blvd., Grand Island, NY 14072. By Telephone 773-9376 or Email