West River Homeowners Association

The Board of Directors of the West River Homeowners Association held a meeting on July 14, 2005 at the Grand Island Memorial Library. The items listed below were discussed.

Director Robert Beach reported there are 169 members at present versus 170 in the fall of 2004. So far 20 members have not renewed from last year.

Median Mowing:
The board was pleased with the grass cutting and felt that the new contractor was doing a good job. Director Judy Schmidt is to be commended for her efforts.

Spring Clean up/Adopt-a-Highway:
Director Jake Kreutz reported that the West River Parkway clean up on Saturday May 7 was very successful. Volunteers for the Fall clean up are asked to meet at Whitehaven Rd. Overlook at 10:00 am on Saturday September 17.

Flower Planting at our WRHOA “Adopt a Highway” Signs
Director John Vogel indicated that with the dry weather, it was necessary to water the flowers, which he planted at the south & north end of the Parkway, twice per week. The Board thanked him for his effort and noted that the flowers look beautiful.

Summer Picnic
Annual W.R.H.O.A. Picnic to be held in new location. Please join us for the annual W.R.H.O.A. summer picnic to be held this year at the Nike Base on Whitehaven Road near the recreation building. Mark your calendars for August 28th from 4-7 p.m. with a concert provided by Western New York's renowned folk artists, Nan Hoffman and Joe Tumino at 6 p.m. Please bring a dish to pass and we will provide the hot dogs, hamburgers, and soft drinks. This year there will be free admission for all members of the W.R.H.O.A. This is a great time to meet other folks who live on the river. As always, children are welcome and there is a playground available on the base.

Fall Annual Meeting:
This year the W.R.H.O.A. will celebrate its 21st anniversary. Our annual dinner meeting to be held on October 2, 2005 at the Holiday Inn, Riverview Room, (see flyer for menu and mail-in reservation form). Our guess speaker this year will be Peter McMahon who will discuss service road repair, new zoning law and other WRHOA concerns.

Parkway & Grass Median Safety
The Board felt that the members should be reminded that rollerblading, bike riding, and walking is not only dangerous but illegal activities on the parkway. Overnight parking on the grass median between the service road and the parkway is also illegal.

2006 Directors
At the end of this year the members of our association will vote for 4 directors to be nominated for a three-year period. Anyone who wishes to be a placed on the ballot is asked to call Alice Doerr at 773-1146. We value your opinions so please consider running for office.

Riverbank Clearing
Director Bob Beach has found a reputable company on Grand Island (Woodchuck Tree Service) that has expressed an interest in furnishing the labor and equipment for clearing the riverbank in front of interested West River homeowners. This will be done to New York State specifications. Each interested owner will still have to secure the necessary permit if they accept Woodchuck Tree Service quotation if they decide to have the company do the clearing. That company has suggested that several adjacent homeowners combine the clearing which will result in a substantial saving for each one. If you are interested contact Bob Beach at 773-4960.