Dear West River Homeowner:


Our records show that your membership has either expired, will expire at the end of December, or that you have never joined our Association.


A paid membership entitles you to be a voting member of WRHOA.  You will receive two to four newsletters per year, be invited to a summer activity and a fall dinner meeting.  You will also have the full cooperation of the organization and its 12 member board of directors to help you with individual concerns or problems that may arise.  Our concerns are many and include West River dock permits, river bank brush clearing, parkway grass cutting and trash pickup, overlook maintenance, auto speed control, snowmobile activities, duck hunters, bikers, rollerbladers, picnickers, horseback riders, and walkers using the parkway.


Our annual dues are $10 per family per year or $25 for a three year membership.


2010 Membership Renewal



“Promote and protect the welfare and interests of West River homeowners”


Name: ______________________________________________  Spouse: _______________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Telephone: ___________________________________________

E-mail:  ______________________________________________


Comments/Suggestions: _______________________________________________________________­­­­_______


  I am enclosing my check for $10 for one year membership (2010).


  I am enclosing my check for $25 for three year membership (2010, 2011, 2012)


Make check payable to West River Homeowners Association, Inc. and mail to:

Linda M. Stewart,

Membership Chairperson

1573 West River Road

Grand Island, NY  14072-2419