Who Would've Thought We Would Have A New Set of Concerns

. . . . Including our Health and Toilet Paper, not to be flip.

IsledeGrande.Com is Now More Important than Ever

Donations are definitely helping!

Think of the thousands of files that we can access from our homes that ARE still available
The Town History, the Obituaries, the thousands of pictures, the Hundreds of Stories
the Group Information Pages, The Free Yellow Pages, The Letters to the Editor
Twenty Years of Grand Island News . . . Gone?
AND it was Still FREE . . . as it has been for 20+ years.

Don't Misunderstand Me, Your Donations are Very Important and Appreciated!

Thousands of pictures, our towns history. a loved one's obit? All Still Available.
Unlike the Buffalo News site, $134/year. The New York Times $96./yr. Wall Street Journal $240/yr.
What if you find out you have to pay to access old articles?
All of the National Newspapers have gone to Paid Subscriptions to access content.

What do you think . . . How can IsledeGrande.com help?
Let me know what you think . . . be frank, it might be your last chance. . . .

Reg Schopp - Publisher rms@giecom.net

IsledeGrande's Donations Page - We Need Your Help!
Thank you to those that stepped up with donations, it REALLY Helps!
Something Else You Can Do and it is FREE

Set your browser window to open in IsledeGrande.com . . . it will help us show our advertisers that you are visiting the site.
Personally I open several windows automatically when I open my Google Chrome window.
My bank, my business, my email, and of course IsledeGrande.com, it is much easier than looking
for the site each time and keeps me up to date on what is happening on the island.
Thanks again for listening! It really is helping. One email response in favor of Paywalls, we are looking into it.
Thank you to those of you that took the time to read this.