What To Do On the Island??

Story and Photos By Jodi Hayes Dodd

   Whether you're visiting, new in town, or just need to be reminded. There are a lot of things to do on Grand Island.
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   What are we known for in Western New York? Food of course! Grand Island has its share of eating establishments and we would like to remind you of what is available. Breakfast is a little tricky but persevere and you won't go hungry. Of course, McDonald's and Burger King are the old standbys, but if you want a super breakfast sandwich, Simon's Super Gas has it. I've seen people drool when describing these delights. Grab a sandwich and a cup of coffee and head to the boardwalk at Beaver or the new overlook at the north end of West River. What a way to start your day!
Beaver Island Golf Course
   On to lunch....there are plenty of choices. If you're looking for a patio and view, head to the old Bedell House Hot Dog Stand, open 11 a.m.-6 p.m., Thursday-Sunday. At River Oaks you can watch the golfers from under the awning and order salads, sandwiches and cool drinks. The Village Inn provides picnic tables and a shady yard to enjoy, along with a Panini special daily 11 a.m.-3 p.m. The Beach House also has picnic tables, shady trees and great food. Adrian's is open, serving delectable roast beef and other sandwiches from 11a.m. every day.
Adrian's on the Boulevard
Cathy & Jim's Del & Herb's and The Pepper Mill also serve lunches. Can't forget Chinese, we have two, Tai Pei and China Wok, both located on the boulevard. All the above restuarants serve dinner daily, except for River Oaks which is closed Mondays for tournaments. The Holiday Inn is featuring music and barbeque every Friday evening. And the famous WNY fish fry may be found at most of these restaurants.
   If your talkin' pizza, it's everywhere! Start at the south end for take out from Picasso's, head north on Grand Island Blvd. and you'll hit John's Pizza, Brick Oven Pizza, Jaco's Pizza and Casa D'italia. All fine quality, and just think, a different pizza every day!
   A summer day is not complete without ice cream. The newest place in town is a custard stand called Island Twist. It is located at the new Grinders Skate Park, 2088 Grand Island Blvd. Perennial favorites are the Chocolate House on Whitehaven Road and Adrian's Custard on Grand Island Blvd. Enjoy the summer, bon appetit!
Let's start at the south end again. Beaver Island State Park has a well groomed golf course and of course the ever popular boardwalk and beach. Remember when you were a kid, hanging out on the boardwalk? It was always amusing watching the people with bare feet making their way across. The water is cleaner than ever and there are nice shady areas with swings and play equipment. The charge to get in is now $6.00, but if you're golfing, they will deduct it from your round.
Nike Base Playground, Whitehaven Road
Do we have playgrounds!
Sidway School Playground, Baseline Road
All the elementary schools on the Island, and the Nike Base on Whitehaven Road have well kept play areas and don't forget the indoor play rooms at McDonald's and Tops. Grinders Skate Park is now open in the center of the Island. This is definitely for the adventurous. Bikes, blades and boards are welcome. If it dares to rain, head to Mallwitz's Island Lanes. You can bowl a few games, shoot some pool or play video games.
   Fantasy Island is up and running. The park and water park are open 11:30 a.m.-8:30 p.m. daily. Discount tickets are available from Wegman's for $2-$3 off regular prices. Just up the road is the Island Fun Center. Go carts, batting cages, miniature golf and video games are available to keep the kids occupied.
The Fun Center, Grand Island Blvd.
Kelly's Country Store is open daily to supply you with candy from your childhood and assorted collectables. The #5 school house, one of the original schools on Grand Island from the 1800s, is open for viewing.
   Other things to do include checking out the new bike path in and around Buckhorn State Park and watching for eagles at the new West River overlook across from Navy Island.
West River Overlook
At the Nike Base there is a nine hole, par three golf course that is open to the public, and the lights at the tennis courts are on nightly until 11 p.m. End your day on the deck at Turner's Port of Call overlooking the East Niagara River. There's a feeling that you get watching the lights on the bridge reflected in the water that just means "ahh...home."