Welcome to the November '97 -January '98 Guest Book!

1/29/98 : Carol "Ganster" MacDonald Tonawanda, comments: "My fondest memories to this day, are the families, namely Maryan & Marcia Traun, Carvers, Guenthers, Staleys, Tuckers, Hogans, Ames, Webbs, Mitchell, and of course my parents, Mabel (mac) & Bill MacDonald. It was the warmth of all these people and so many more I could go on all night, that made Grand Island a Grand Place!"
1/30/98 : Lee "MacDonald" Stevens ElMonte California comments: "Great Web Page... even though I make it back "home" every few years... it is nice to see that I can get an Island "fix" on the web if I need one."
1/29/98 : Paul Ackley Columbus, Ohio,comments:"Nice page-glad to see Grand Island is finally on the web. . ."
1/27/98 : Linda "Martin" Carroo Hoffman Estate,Illinois,comments: "I was a "part-time" resident, since I spent my summers on GI at my Aunt's house on Red Jacket Drive since I was two years old! I met some wonderful people there and I have terrific memories! I hope to come and visit again soon."
1/27/98 : Sandy Martell-Valentino Signal Hill California,"comments:Having a great life in sunny California, would love to hear from any of my old friends from the Island. Glad to see the Island is on the web.
1/27/98 : Rick Michalowski Please come and visit us, it's Katrina's 657 Main Street across from Shea's. Your Web Page is Great.
1/27/98 : Carol Reeves comments: Have found your site very interesting and would like to be able to access more information about it if possible. My grandmother's parents built a home there in 1895 and four of their children were born there. One of my grandmother's brothers, born there in 1897, wrote a rather lengthy "Huck Finn" type story of growing up on the island. He talks about different families and areas. I have edited his manuscript and often thought about whether or not it would be historically meaningful and worth publishing. I would appreciate any more information concerning the island names, postcards, maps, etc. If anyone has any information about the island from 1895 to about 1940 I would love to hear from you. I'm also interested in the history of Edgewater Resort started by a German who wanted to start an excursion park on the island. He speaks of families by the names of Grellinger, Carroll, Voestch and Long! Our family name was Lattner. I would like to hear from anyone who remembers these names or my familie's name."
1/25/98 : Vincent Randy Cologne Germany,"comments: I got to spend some time at my now parents-in-law's, the Robinsons. My first stay on GI was in July of 1990 when I came as an exchange student for a month. It is indeed a grand place to live"
1/25/98 : Tom gormady "comments: Now in Austin Texas. glad to see the island is keeping up with the times. I'll sure enjoy loggin' on from time to time to see what's new."
1/25/98 : Toni Martin Bailey "comments: Spent many vacations on Grand Island visiting my sister and brother-in-law when my children were growing up. Have many happy memories of being there."
1/25/98 : Tonya Robins Drake "comments: Great to see G.I. web site. I wish I could be there with all of you." Now in Escondido California
1/23/98 : Donna Jayme "comments: Thanks for making this available. I have many friends across the US an beyond that are interested in this web page. We're linking this country together!"
1/15/98 : Bob & Jerri (Reeb) Fiolek comments: It is great that you have the email page, have heard from several people already."
1/14/98 : Jeff Banas Class of 68, living in Michigan: GREAT JOB !!!, Very impressive, Bang up job, What a great idea for islanders to keep in touch! Visit me for Family History Research
1/13/98 : Maria Wichmann : Von-Luck-Str. 19,Berlin,Germany
Exchange student GIHS 1994-95 -had a wonderful time!
1/11/98 : Finn Mathisen : Royken, Norway A really Grand View !
1/5/98 : Paul Robinson : G.I. Resident Great place to live!
1/5/98 : Bob & Jerri (Reeb) Fiolek : North Carolina, comments: " Would like to say hello to all our friends on Grand Island. Would love to hear from anyone interested in writing. Looking at the aerial photo brings back many pleasant memories.
12/4/97 : Cindy (Mason) Shields : G.I. Resident 1956-81 now in Florida
12/1/97: Robert L. Drumm : G.I. Resident 1972-1996, now living in Florida
I would love to hear from anyone on the island who remembers me. Grand Island was a Grand place to live (I think I heard that somewhere before). Did you know that there is a Grand Island, Florida also? I Would like to see a directory for GI folks with email addresses.
11/30/97 : Henry Schenck : G.I. Resident Paul and Becky Schenck send their thanks and regards.
11/25/97 :Tony Buscaglia
At least some of the retired folks can wander into the Isledegrande! Thanks for putting us on the map!
11/24/97 :Kevin Cobello : G.I. Engineering Dept.
It is great to see Grand Island have a Web Page.
11/20/97 :Marge Craddock
Finally got a chance to check out "our" website. The picture is perfect and I can't wait to send it to some of the people I have met online who have heard of Grand Island, Nebraska and are suprised to hear of Grand Island, NY. I am so proud of our unique community and now have something else to boast about. Keep up the good work.
11/17/97 :Marty O'Dea : now living in Arizona
Enjoyed going through your web sight. I will check at a later date hoping you can get more interest in promoting my home town. I plan to visit Grand Island during the summer of 1998.
11/16/97 :Gary Long : now living in Kansas
Good looking website. Glad to see a Grand Island, NY site on the net. As an "old" G I family member, I look forward to future items.

Yes, this was the beginning of our Guest Book 11-16-1997
Thanks, for being a part of our Adventure.
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