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Class Of '77 Reunion Plans - Date Set For Friday July 6, 2007

Hey gang!
   We have many new names on this list so; I will go over some old news and then some new news. First off, this is Doug Hughes and I have inherited the task of organizing our 30th reunion. Iíd like to thank each and every one who has helped in one way or another. We do have a team of classmates working on this locally and several classmates who have helped from long distance. Thanks to all!!
   Reunion plans:
   • Date - Friday July 6th 2007
   • Place - Holiday Inn on Grand Island
   • Time - 6:00 pm till we leave!
   • Cost - Free admittance
   • Clothing - Optional ---- just kidding you better wear shoes!
   • Food and drink - There will be a private cash bar and a shared cash food stand
   • Entertainment - There will be a band playing. I do not know what band it is but, I am told it would be old time Rock and Roll.
   Our reunion will be held in conjunction with the Holiday Innís ďFriday night Blues on the River.Ē
   • Accommodations At this time the Holiday Inn is fully booked for that weekend.
   • Other Happenings:
   • 50/50 We will be doing a 50/50 raffle during the reunion
   • Theme Baskets - As we did at our 25th reunion we are going to be raffling off Theme Baskets.
   At our meeting last week a great idea was brought up that the Theme Baskets should be made to the theme of where our classmates currently live! In other words, if you would like to make a basket and you live in California, then make the basket to a California theme. I think that is an awesome idea! If you are going to make a basket, please send out an e-mail and let everyone know your theme so we donít double up. If you are in New York there are many themes to choose from (Sabers, Bills, and The Falls.) Letís have some fun with this and make some great baskets.
   • Class DVD (Slide Show) - Andrea Lascola has been kind enough to volunteer to make a class DVD for us to play at the reunion. This is a huge job and I canít thank Andrea enough. The success of the DVD will depend on how we as a class respond. If you want it to be good then we must get Andrea pictures to work with. The idea as it stands is to do a 1977 photo and a current photo. You can send pictures of you and your family or what ever you want. Andrea can work with picture in two ways, either by e-mail or a hard copy she can scan. If you need to send a hard copy, please send it to me (address below) and I will see that you get it back. At the end of our DVD Andrea will do a tribute to those classmates who have passed on. Copies will be available for you to purchase. If you know of any classmate who is not planning on attending, please encourage them to send us pictures so they can be included.
   • $$$$$$$$$$$$$ - By now some of you may be asking, where is the money going that we generate? Good question. It does take money to put on the reunion but we are trying to take in more then we spend. The extra money is going to go into a savings account and be used at future reunions. The savings account will be at HSBC on Grand Island. Maybe with a little luck by the time we get to our 50th (OMG) we will have enough to do something very special.
   • Golf Outing - Anyone who would like to get together for a golf outing the morning of our reunion please contact me ASAP. I will make tee times for approximately 9 a.m. on Friday morning. We will be playing Tan Tara Golf Club in North Tonawanda.
   • Final Note - If anyone wants to plan any other activity for that weekend, be my guest. You can use the class list and do just about anything. I have attached the "updated class list" and again the highlighted e-mails are ones that have been rejected for some reason. I hope everyone has a great week and Iíll be in touch.
   Doug may be reached at 716-572-2209 or by e-mail to

Class of '77 Thirtieth Reunion - Friday, July 6, 2007

   Doug Hughes, GIHS Class of '77, announced this week that 30th reunion plans are finalized with the reunion being held in conjunction with the Holiday Inn's Friday night Blues on the River on Friday July 6th from 6 p.m. until ? More details will follow. Doug may be reached at 716-572-2209 or by e-mail to

Class of '77 To Plan 30th Reunion

   Doug Hughes, GIHS Class of '77, is looking for classmates to help organize a 30th reunion to be held around the July 4th holiday weekend. Plans are in the earliest stages, therefore no location has been decided on yet. Those interested in joining the planning committee are asked to contact Doug at 716-572-2209 or e-mail me at


Class of '77 Reunion Update

    The 25th Reunion of GIHS Class of 1977 will be held 7:30 p.m. at River Oaks Golf Club on Friday, July 5th with a cash bar, and hopefully in the tent set up in back of the clubhouse. A site at Beaver Island State Park has been reserved for a family picnic on Saturday, July 6th for anyone who would like to continue the party! For more information contact: Joann Santospirito at or call 773-3702. Any e-mail addresses, phone# etc...would be helpful...please pass it on!

   Reunion Planners - send us your news and we will post it online on our front page with a link to this page with the "complete story." How about a picture of your class from the yearbook? We can scan it if that will help. Send your email to Teddy Linenfelser

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