Grand Island High School Class of 1993

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Island Alumni Association Forming

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More Class of 1993 10 Year Reunion Photos - Added Jan. 4, 2007

The Class of 1993 ten-year reunion photos, taken during the event in 2003, were submitted by Heather Prast McDonnell.

More Class of 1993 Reunion Photos - August 2003
Class of 1993 photos show (left) Gina MacKendrick and Phil Mastantuono, and Karen Samrany, Matt Linenfelser, Brett Long and Gina MacKendrick (right). Thanks to Karen Samrany for providing these.

Island Alumni Association Forming

Grand Island High School Class of 1993 Reunion Photos - July 2003
"The Girls"                                                             Mike Disanto and Corrine Pembleton -                                             Jared Turner and guest
Erika and Bob Backlund (Kane Steele's girlfriend)         Erika and Bob Backland -                Alyssa Venturini, Stephanie Pelczynski and Rob Cadle
Jill Johnson's husband, Joe Burrano, Stephanie Pelczynski -         Kane Steele -                     Kevin Colosimo and Paul Prior
Paul Linenfelser Jr. & Alyssa Verturini -        Kim and AndyTranter and Corrine Pembleton - Mike and Betsy (Schopp) Cali and Kane Steele
John Lockett, Gina Makendrick, Kristina Amodie, Maria Frattardi, Karen Samrany, Betsy Schopp, Chris Moscati - Shane Yensen and Steve Lestingi - Kim and Andy Tranter
                Jared Smith & wife -                         Tricia Dussault & Mark Braddell -                 Maria Defeo & Betsy Schopp Cali
Tami Ewert, Denise Allen & husband Joe, Sarah Malette &Jason Woodard - Mrs."D," Mary Quinn, Lisa Sovelli, Mrs. "C" - Alyssa Venturini, Jeff Roth, Kane Steele, Betsy Schopp Cali
John Siriani, Paul & April Prior -                 Corrine Pembleton, Betsy Schopp, John Sirianni -                 Brian Toth and Jason MacDlellan
Kevin Burngasser & Stephanie Pelczynski -        Brett Long and wife, Christia and Mary Quinn
   Members of the Grand Island High School Class of 1993 celebrated the 10th anniversary of their graduation with a reunion at River Oaks Golf Club July 5, 2003. These photos were submitted by Betsy Schopp Cali.
   Classmates are invited to submit photos taken at their 10-year class reunion to for consideration on this page. Email to

June 2003 Update
GIHS Class of 1993 Ten-year Reunion At River Oaks Golf Club on Saturday, July 5

The deadline is near for the responses... June 9th! If you need more time, or have any questions, please notify Betsy Schopp Cali at or 775-0306. Please get your "what have you been up to" questionnaire back ASAP. If you need a new one or an email version, just notify Betsy. Hope to see everyone there!

Grand Island Class of 1993 Missing Classmates
Jeffery Abbott
Wardell ( Bud) Adams
Tricia Anderson
Ryan Beck
Rebecca Bongiovanni
Michael Brown
Bob Currie
Amanda D'Aloise
Christopher Davis
Brian Dedonis
Scott Forzani
Kimberly Hawley
Janine Huffman
Andrew Kuszczak
Audra Lewis
Steven McGuirk
Leyah Morgan
James Moscoe
Binh Nguyen
Lorelei Olizinger
Jessica Patti
Brandy Quinby
Thomas Rogers
Patrick Sheley
Nate Waters
If you have information on how to contact any of these classmates, email to or call Betsy Schopp Cali at 775-0306.

January 2003 Update
GIHS Class of 1993 Ten-year Reunion Planning Meeting

Members of the Grand Island High School Class of 1993 are invited to attend a 10-year reunion planning meeting February 23, 2003. Those interested in attending the meeting or helping with the reunion are asked to contact Betsy Schopp Cali.

Grand Island Class of 1993 Ten-year Reunion Announcement

Happy New Year!!! I hope this finds you in good health & excellent spirits…

Plans are underway for a very special event at River Oaks Golf Club on Saturday, July 5, 2003. Please mark your calendars and plan on joining us for food, spirits, music & fun!!!! Official invitations will be mailed in April, allowing plenty of time for RSVP’s.

There will be a Reunion Planning Committee meeting on Sunday, January 19, 2003 – Please contact Betsy “Schopp” Cali for details at (716) 775-0306 or Betsy.

A few ideas being put out there for critique, suggestion, etc. are:

  • Live music?
  • Games?
  • Open to families? Classmates only?
  • Class of 1993 float in the Grand Island 4th of July parade?

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