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"Scouting Way"
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Cub Packs Enjoys "Race Day" 2007

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Grand Island Pinewood Derby January 21, 2006

   Click Jan. 21, 2006 Island Pinewood Derby

Grand Island Pinewood Derby Run-off - 2005

   Another great pinewood derby has faded into history. Three Cub Packs on Grand Island competed for the 75th anniversary of Cub Scouting Grand Island Pinewood Derby trophy. Click "Pinewood Derby 2005" for complete story.

Grand Island Pinewood Derby Run-off - 2004

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   Three Grand Island Cub Scout Packs got together, courtesy of St. Stephen School, for the first Grand Island Pinewood Derby Run-off on Saturday, January 10, 2004.
   Each Pack (Pack 510 meets at Huth Road School, Pack 254/Kaegebein School and Pack 630/St. Stephen School) held its own pinewood derby in the school cafeteria. To begin with, each cub scout receives a block of wood, four tires and nails for axles and has a month to transform these materials into a racer. Each year the cub scouts amaze the leaders and parents with their creativity. This year's cars included a hummer, complete with "army guys" inside, a snow covered mountain complete with snowboarders coming "down the mountain," and an inch worm carved out of the block. The race takes place on a 26-foot track with timing to 1/1000th of a second.
   The official winners for Grand Island this year are:
First Place      Car 9   -  Nicholas Paolini  - a Tiger from Pack 510
Second Place Car 47      -  Sam Oursler       - a First year Webelos  from Pack 510
Third Place    Car 28    -  Christopher Boulden - second year Webelos from Pack 254
Rounding out the Top racers are
Fastest Wolf    Car 17       -  David Mongan     Pack 510 tied with
                Car 413    - Jadon Wegrzyn    Pack 630 to 1/1000th of a second on 4 races
Fastest Bear    Car 55        - Zachary Re       Pack 630
Fun was had by all and John Siegel and his Race Committee wish to congratulate all the Cub Scouts for all the hard work they put into their creations. "We expect even more fun next year when Pack 425 (meets at St. Martin's Church) joins in the fun."

Webelo Scouts Honor Mothers - 2002

The Webelo Scouts of Pack 254 put together decorative pots for their Moms in honor of Mother's Day. This was the last Cub Scout project for the 5th grade boys, who will be crossing over into Boy Scout Troop 254 on May 17, 2002. Pictured are (top row) Josh Kahn, Tom McDonnell (4th grade), Tyler Booth; (bottom row) Cody Hogrewe, James McDonnell, and Dave McMichael.

Pack 254 Cub Scouts Create, Donate Quilts To Roswell Park Children

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Cub Scouts of Pack #254 made quilts like those shown, which will be donated to the children's floor at Roswell Park. Each child will have the opportunity to choose the quilt they like best and will be able to keep it. Pictured are (front row) Ian Brennan, Kevin Neary, Steven Sereby; (back) Zachary Vasi, Evan Shaw, James McDonnell, Cubmaster Jim McDonnell, Tyler Booth, Tom McDonnell, Dave McMichael, and Joshua Vasi.

Cub Scout Pack 254 Pinewood Derby - 2002

Pinewood Derby winners in the January 2002 competition are Christopher Boulden (1st), David McMichael (2nd) and Jon Holody (3rd).

Cub Scout Evan Shaw takes a close look at the competition.
Members and Leaders of Cub Pack 254 held their annual Pinewood Derby on January 25, 2002. Top racers were Christopher Boulden, Bear, 1st Place; David McMichael, 2nd year Webelo, 2nd place; and Jon Holody, Tiger Cub, 3rd place. Other scouts participating in the race were Kevin Neary, Stephen Sereby, Corey Price, Matthew Foote, Robby Rovison, Tom McDonnell, James McDonnell, Tyler Booth, Cody Hogrewe, and Josh Kahn. A good time was had by all.

Cub Pack 254 Keeps Busy
With Community Service Projects - 2001

Cubs pictured with their Cubmaster Jim McDonnell and Supervisor Peter McMahon during the WTC Disaster Fund presentation are (left) Josh Kahn, Dave McMichael, James McDonnell, Cody Hogrewe, Thomas McDonnell, and Tyler Booth.

Cubs working on natural ornaments at their
December 14, 2001 pack night.
Cub Pack 254 Webelos den sold yellow ribbons to raise money for the families of victims of the WTC attacks. They were able to present $150 to Supervisor Peter McMahon during their December 14, 2001 pack night. Mr. McMahon accepted the check on behalf of the Grand Island Fire Company, which has been collecting money for the Engine 280 and Ladder 132 Disaster fund in Brooklyn. Cub Pack 254's traditional "Santa's Workshop" was also held at the December Pack night. The boys created panels that will be made into quilts and distributed to young patients at Roswell Park. They also made natural ornaments from pinecones, milkweed pods, and acorns to hang on their own trees. Cub Pack 254 members in November made the paper chains that currently decorate the inside of Town Hall. The Cubs of Pack 254 have been very busy with community service!

Cub Pack 254 Registration - 2001

Sign-up night for boys interested in joining Cub Scout Pack 254 will take place at Kaegebein School 6:45 p.m. this Friday, September 21, 2001 in Cafeteria #1. It is open to all boys in 1st through 5th grade. Cub Scout representatives will be on hand to give out information about the coming year, Scout activities and meetings. Refreshments and games will round out the evening. For more information call Barbara McMichael at 774-8761 or Jim McDonnell at 773-4593. Photos show some of the activities Cub Pack 254 members enjoyed last year.

Cubs Enjoy End-of-Year Picnic - 2001

Members and families of Cub Pack 254 recently attended the Pack's year-end picnic at Nike Base Park. In the first photo, Jim McDonnell is shown presenting Cub Scout David McMichael with a Merit Badge. Thomas McDonnell and Cody Hogrewe are shown during the Rain Gutter Regatta event, where each participant received a ribbon!

Cub Packs Cooperate in Successful Food Drive - 2001

St. Stephen's Food Pantry was the beneficiary of the Scouting for Food spring food drive, an annual event for the Island's Cub Scouts. Cub Scouts shown are some of the boys from Packs 254, 425 and 630 who participated in the drive.

Cub Scouts "tree" competition - Fun Friday Night - 2001

   Members of Cub Scout Pack #254 received various badges and Cubs of Den 9 made a special presentation for the boys who are moving up to Boy Scout Troop #254. Several Boy Scouts were in attendence to present the Boy Scout scarves to the new members. The fun activity of the evening was a tree trimming competition and following the directions exactly had a lot to do with who finished first. "Trees" shown from left are David McMichael of Den 9; Sam Kilb, a new Troop 254 Boy Scout; and Josh Billica of Boy Scout Troop 254, who was being decorated by 1st grade Tiger Cub Scouts. Grand Island e-News thanks Pack 254 Committee Chairman Barbara McMichael for submitting the pictures.

Scouting For Food - 2001
   Grand Island Cub Scouts from Packs 254 and 425 will participate in the annual Scouting for Food spring food drive to benefit the Grand Island Neighbor’s Foundation. Bags will be distributed on March 31, 2001 in area neighborhoods. Residents are asked to check front door knobs for a Scouting for Food bag, fill it with non-perishable canned or dry goods, and place the bag outside your door on April 7 for pick up by the Cub Scouts. For more information, call Lynn Kahn (773-2118), Barbara McMichael (774-8761), or Carol Rogers (773-4829).

Pack 254 Holds Blue & Gold Dinner - 2001
Arrow Of Light Awarded to Billica, Kilb, Bidell and Wolfslayer

Cub Pack 254's Arrow of Light recipients, with their mothers standing behind them are Ryan Wolfslayer, John Bidell, Sam Kilb and Jared Billica. Please click on the photo for a larger version.

Christopher Lee and Ed Nowak were Pack 254's top popcorn sellers.

Den 9 Scouts Ed Nowak, James McDonnell, David McMichael, Josh Kahn, and Thomas McDonnell are shown with the quilt they made and will donate to Roswell Park. Also shown with the Cubs are Ed Nowak's cousins who were attending the awards dinner.

Jared Billica (left) lighting a candle during the Arrow of Light ceremony and John Bidell receiving their Arrow of Light from Cub Master John C. Bidell.

Barbara McMichael photos
   Cub Scout Pack 254 held its annual Blue & Gold dinner on February 23, 2001 at Grand Island High School. Cubmaster John Bidell conducted a ceremony awarding the Arrow of Light, Cub Scouting's highest honor, to Webelos Scouts Jared Billica, Sam Kilb, John Bidell and Ryan Wolfslayer.
   Top popcorn sellers Eddie Nowak and Christopher Lee were each presented with two Sabres tickets for their outstanding sales.
    Den 9 Scouts James McDonnell, David McMichael, Tyler Booth, Josh Kahn, and Ed Nowak earned their Webelos badges, as well as numerous achievement badges. Lynn Kahn brought in finished quilts that will be donated to children at Roswell Park; the boys had designed the decorative panels for the quilts at their December pack meeting.
   Den leaders Nicole Lee, Paula McDonnell, Melissa Wolfslayer, Julie Dee, Sue Kilb and Debbie Billica were recognized for their efforts with a special thank-you gift. Polaris District Council delegates Darlene Sprague, Rick Niedspocynski and Carol Rogers were special guests of the pack.
   Debbie Billica chaired the Blue & Gold dinner as she has for several years. Her committee consisted of Paula McDonnell, Liz Booth, Nicole Lee, Sue Kilb, and Pack 254 Committee Chairman Barbara McMichael.

Cub Scouts Compete in Pinewood Derby - 2001

Matthew Foote   Jeremy Chopra   Ryan Wolfslayer   

   Members and families of Cub Scout Pack #254 got together Friday evening, January 12, 2001 in the high school cafeteria for the Pack's annual pinewood derby. Work on the pinewood racers began last month and individualality was the key word for the craftsmanship shown by the Cubs, all first through fifth graders. First, second or third place winners in the numerous heats were given points according to place.
   After many races per car and several race offs in the finals, first grader Matthew Foote took top honors and the first place trophy. Fifth graders Jeremy Chopra and Ryan Wolfslayer placed second and third respectively and also received trophies.
   The following Cub Scouts received special recognition in various categories: Best Paint Job, Thomas McDonnell; Classic Car, John Bidell; Coolest Car, Matthew Foote; Best Design, Jared Billica; Best Detail, James McDonnell; Most Futuristic, Christopher Sexton; Best Workmanship, Jeremy Chopra; Most Original, Josh Kahn; Most Artistic, Christopher Brownschidle; Most Humorous Car, Patrick Sexton; Sportiest Car, Christopher Lee; Most Colorful Car, Robert Rovison; Most High Tech Car, David McMichael; Most Aerodynamic Car, Ryan Wolfslayer; Most Unusual Car, Sam Kilb; and Most Unique Car, Eddie Nowak.
   The next major event for members and families of Cub Pack #254 is their Blue & Gold Dinner on February 23 in the high school cafeteria. Debbie Billica is chairman of the dinner which will be catered by Carmine's Catering. For more information on the Cub Pack, call Barbara McMichael, 774-8761.

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