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   In Memory Of Barbi Lare
   It is difficult to adjust to outliving another good friend! Barbi Lare responded over and over to many of Grand Island¹s needs. Helping with publicity for our UNICEF work, she showed up for a photo of Halloween-dressed youngsters at each of our elementary schools, and of course at the Nike Base when the Boy Scouts opened and sorted all those coins! Generously Barbi shared her color printer as well as her expertise, when she knew I needed assistance. When my family selected Clem¹s best old black and white photos from Siena, for an anniversary display in Italy, it was Barbi who understood and made the professionally prepared and mounted exhibit, that travelled there and back. Who met me at the airport returning from Italy? Barbi.
   And there were hot fudge sundaes on our birthdays. And when I finished a major weaving, she came hurrying over to help hold it up, and then lay down on the grass for a better photo of it, and returned shortly with finished prints. The time my car wouldn¹t start when I had an important medical appointment, Barbi said, "Just drop me off at my meeting and then take my car."
    Many of us have similar warm, wonderful memories of that modest little gifted person. We will miss her very much.
      Lee Tetkowski - May 6, 2008

   In Loving Memory of Robert Charles Bascomb
   Best known to family and friends as Bob, Robear, Bear and most dearly as Dad or Daddy to his little girl.
   Bob passed away one year ago on May 10, 2007.
   Bob was born the 15th of August 1954 to Dorothy (Gunn) Bascomb and the late Lawrence Bascomb of Grand Island, NY. He was brother to Art and Betty.
   Bob graduate from Grand Island High School in 1973 and was an avid football player. Many may remember the game that he doesn’t remember playing. After high school he went to college at Alfred and then to Buffalo State where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree. Then after college Bob went out west to the mountains of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. While out west he worked in construction, and in the off season became a ski instructor. He said he did this so he could ski for free. Bob returned to Grand Island in the late 1980’s when his mom became ill.
   Bob was a loyal employee of Clarence Wall and Ceiling for over 15 years.
   Bob had hobbies that he loved like old wooden boats/ boating and a driving urge to become a great golfer along with making golf clubs.
   Bob met Jeanne in 1993 and they then married in July of 1994. In February of 1995 he got told a surprise that floored him… He was going to become a father. On September 10th of 1995 he became a proud and I do me proud father of a little girl named Jacklyn. When he first held her, it was like she was a little football tucked in the crook of his arm next to his chest, and in that moment is when it happened, she was able to wrap this man around her little finger and in turn she became wrapped around his heart.
   Bob was a caring and sensitive man to those who new him best. He was always willing to help family and friends. Bob was also stubborn, proud and some may even say a bit hard headed at times.
   Bob told me once that he got his creativity from his mom, his brother made him mad but that gave him the determination to do the best he could at what ever he tried and his sister was his confidant, the one he could talk to about anything. Now as for his friends, Bob had many. Those special close friends that became like extended family, they are the ones who have the honor of being our daughter’s honorary aunts and uncles.
   Bob accomplished many things in his life, and he thought the hardest was going to be a good dad. Unfortunately in 2003 he was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. He fought a good fight. Bob being Bob and this is one of the many things that made him such a proud, stubborn and hard headed man, was the cancer had spread and it ended up going throughout his body. He didn’t let those who loved know how bad it was.
   He will be Loved and Missed by his Family and Friends.
Jeanne Holt - May 8, 2008

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