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Two new Class of '67 Grads I ran into today..... 10/17/98 : Linda Lozo 10/17/98 : Beverly Sharpe and her brother .... 10/17/98 : Jim Sharpe
I think some sort of competition is in order, to see which class can have the most graduates listed in the Email Directory. What would be a good prize?
10/17/98 : Bob Funk Class of '73 comments: "Very Cool Web Site! I am getting ready to go to the Pepsi 400 with Mark and Tim Senn (from the West River). Life's a Beach!"
10/17/98 : Nancy "Morrish" Miller comments: " Class of '91 and now living in North Carolina. My father told me about this site and was so happy to finally be able to connect with the "Island" again. We miss so much about it. "
10/16/98 : Tim Senn now in Florida comments: "Great Web Site! The youngest of the Senn boys from the West River. I am now in Daytona Beach, Florida, getting ready to go to the Pepsi 400 with Bob Funk this Saturday night. Hope to get back to the Island soon for a visit. Sure do miss it at times. Would love to hear from anyone that I know/knew! Take care, and don't spend too much time at BA's!"
10/14/98 : Bill Morrish 25 year resident
10/13/98 : Michelle Penque comments: "I'm working in Buffalo, but come back to visit the Island frequently! Hey - where are all the class of '85ers!!"
10/12/98 : Patty "Proctor" Vara Class of '78 now in Maryland comments: "I have a new e-mail address. This web site is great!"
10/12/98 : Cedric Smith
10/11/98 : Shelley "Bookhagen" Sheehan 10/10/98 : Greg DeMike Class of '76 now in Alabama comments: " I miss Grand Island, what a great place to grow, so many friends, so many memories, the river is so clean. I am in contact with a lot of people from the Island . I have been married for 18 years and I have a daughter 17, she is a "chip off the old block". I love to visit the Island."
10/8/98 : Edward A. Rayhill 40 Year resident
Weclome aboard Doc.....
10/7/98 : Gary McDannell comments: "Greatest place on earth!"
10/7/98 : Rebecca "Hoffner" Goodmancomments: "Grand Island is home to one of my most favorite beaches, Beaver Island! I spend many, many summer days lounging in the sun and remember those times most fondly."
10/5/98 : Ryan Hopper Class of '95 comments: "In case you have not seen me lately, I joined the Air Force and am stationed in Langley VA. Although I am currently on a temporary assignment in Saudi Arabia for 120 days. I will be returning to VA the 1st of February 1999. In the meantime, my thoughts are with you all until I return to my hometown GI. P.S One bit of advice stay in college as I wished I had. Remember AIM HIGH.".
10/5/98 : Kelly McQuillen Class of '91 now in Virginia
10/3/98 : Joyce "Dettman" Graham Class of '77, comments: " Sandy Beach, St.Angelo's Pizza and Wings, The Beach House, Beaver Island Park, I don't miss the winters but Thanks for the Memories. Now living in Orlando, Florida area, married a wonderful Englishman and have three beautiful daughters."
10/1/98 : JoAnn "Hugill" Goulah Class of '67
9/30/98 : Peter Lindsey Class of '67 Bishop Duffy, now in North Carolina
9/30/98 : Ray Voelker Class of '81 now in Ohio
9/29/98 : Paul and Chris "Pinkow" Sipson Class of '64 Riverside/Lockport comments: "We just love this website and we are so happy to see all of our friends and students that have signed. Send us a note and say hi."
9/29/98 : Dan Laughlin Class of '87 now in Utah, comments: "Hey Islanders! Great to have a link back to Le Isle Grande (besides my weekly 'patch)! Just remember you are so money and you don't even know it. 87 RULES! Ski To Die!! Blah blah blah!!!"
9/27/98 : Keith Walker Class of '80
9/27/98 : Sandra Stamler Lived on GI 40 Years, now in Florida comments: " I've been away for 15 years, but still enjoy my trips back and seeing the progress and changes. I will always be an Islander!" Class of 9/27/98 : George and Mary Downs comments: "I enjoyed seeing and remembering all the students that I taught, and friends that we knew while living on the island. Living now in Cape Coral Florida, DO NOT miss the winters! escaping the big, bad wind: Hurricane Georges this weekend. Be back in July for the parade and VFW festival and maybe the reunion ( if teachers are invited!???)"
9/26/98 : Rob Soluri comments: " I'm currently a resident of Grand Island and glad that I know so many wonderful people I would really be interested in hearing from you, have a great day and remember I'm thinking of you!!"
9/25/98 : John Dennis Class of '66 now in Arizona comments: "Fond memories: My high school buddies, River parties and Beaver Island State park. Married to a wonderful girl in 1969, no kids, in Arizona since 1980, work at Nuclear Power Plant since '72 and remember that Terry Swain's the coolest!"
9/25/98 : Pamela "Bartholomew" Wood Class of '72, comments: "I am still living in the Richmond area with my husband Wayne and daughter Savannah. She is just the best. I get to visit G.I.at least three times a year. Miss the summers there but not the winters! Would love to hear from old friends."
9/24/98 : Chris McKee
9/24/98 : Kit "Sciandra" Crangle Class of '77 comments: "Hey this is great, My sisters told me to "Check it out" I've never left N.Y. But I sure do miss my old friends from High School. WHAT A BLAST, I'll never forget it.I have three beautiful Irish Dancers (girls) who keep me and my husband very busy. See ya, till next time."
9/23/98 : Joe and Tammy "Tolbert" Benz Class of '79 now in Pennsylvania
9/23/98 : Bob Pense Class of '68 now in Texas comments: "Greetings I was able to make contact with Scott Allen and we spent an hour rehashing old times. It's amazing how many people I remembered when Scott gave me the update. Thanks for having this site as it was instrumental in a mini-phone reunion. I've sent an email to Les Smith and hope he checks sometime in the near future and responds. I hope to visit GI sometime on the future and make contact with others folks I spent time with.
9/23/98 : Ron Lordo now in South Carolina comments: "I don't know if anyone out there remembers me, but I was a student at GI Middle School in 1974 - 1976. What a school and a great bunch of friends! I played football with the Grand Island Eagles (120 lb wt class) & had a ball! Also was active in band and Chorus under Manuel Alvarez (Now at Univ. of SC). I moved to South Carolina in '76 and lost touch with just about everyone. A good friend of mine was David Piszczek. Are you out there David? Send me a note."
9/21/98 : Jim Foley now in Washington State comments: "Moved from the Island in 1977 but still have many fond memories of it. Great web site!!"
9/21/98 : Mark Dearlove Class of '69, comments: "I'm ready for another blinder and floatilla." (If anyone knows Mark? Please check email address, Thanks, Webmaster)
9/20/98 : Ted and Phylis Kumlander Class of '48 comments: "Ted (a.k.a. Tooki The Clown) does many gigs on Grand Island and wouldn't live any place else!!! Say 'No' to the Indians."
9/20/98 : Ronald "Buckets" Milkas Class of '83 St. Joes now in Rotterdam
9/19/98 : Kelly O'Brien Class of '85 now in Massachusetts
9/17/98 : Adam Morgan Class of '91 comments: "Hello everyone, I moved to Connecticut in February of 1997 but G.I. will always be my home. I would love to hear from the old G.I. gang, so please drop me an email! 9/16/98 : Kurt and Cindi "Bennett" Raepple Class of '80 9/16/98 : Anne Barker Class of '95 comments: "I am currently back to the Island to finish up school. Nice to see the site!"
9/15/98 : Susan "Gilmore" Buller Class of '74 now in Florida comments: "Great Web site. I can't believe there are so many Grand Islanders in Florida. Would love to hear from old friends. What I remember was living in Sandy Beach area and that parade where we decorated our bikes and rode down Wallace drive to the beach. What a blast!"
9/15/98 : Deborah "Stewart" Goss Class of '68 comments: "Great job on the web site! Love the island. Live here, work here, raised my family here. Now Greg and I are empty nesters here!!"
9/15/98 : Diana Knight Class of '95 now in Pennsylvania, comments: "GI Lady Viking swimmers - are you out there? Green Lantern sends her greetings! Ah - the "real world" after graduation in May! Time to grow up . . . I guess! Remember "Faith laughs at impossibilities and cries, It shall be done!" (Dr. Charles Wagner) May God, through His Son Jesus Christ truly bless you all!"
9/15/98 : Jeff Bialek Class of '96 9/14/98 : Kathy Downs Class of '67 9/13/98 : Kit "Sciandra" Crangle Class of '77 9/13/98 : Marc Meyer comments: "Very nice safe place to call home." 9/12/98 : Hazel "Deglopper" Mallwitz comments: "Life Long Resident" 9/12/98 : Dan Mallwitz Class of '74 9/12/98 : Jeanette Jakkubowski Class of '98 comments: "I am now attending Cortland State and this webpage is a good way to stay in touch." 9/12/98 : Richard McNamee Member of the 80 Year Club" (he has lived on the Island 80 Years, think of the historical info) 9/12/98 : Paul LaMacchia now in PA comments: " Hey everyone from the old neighborhood, (Sherry Drive) Drop me a line..." 9/11/98 : Pat and Cheryl Hyman 9/10/98 : Brett McCutcheon Class of '83comments: " Was on the island until went to college in Potsdam in '83. Sometimes I miss the water and the peacefulness that went with living on the Island. Now I live in Rensselaer, NY (next to Albany). Anyone who remembers me please e-mail me!" 9/9/98 : Gary and Carol Roesch comments: "Proud to be Grand Islanders and love the Website!" 9/7/98 : Michael and Andrea McGuire Class of '80 9/7/98 : Denise Cleveland 9/7/98 : David Backlund Class of '93 now living in Europe 9/7/98 : Chris and Christina McQuestion Class of '80 comments: "To all the Islanders, it is really nice to see everyone in here. The Island was a great place to grow up and is great place to call home ,but I hope you all have had a chance to travel, and get away . Christina Basnett and I got married!!!! :) and have three wonderful kids and live in California I have to say ....I really don't miss those winters !!!!!! happiness to all and there families." 9/6/98 : Sandra Benns 9/6/98 : Tom Riscili comments: The Island is the best place on this earth! Thank you for giving me such great friends and a great place for me to grow up. 9/5/98 : Suzanne "Burk" Ryan Class of '66 comments: "This is a great web page! I'd love to hear from any '66 classmates!" 9/5/98 : Michael Anstett Class of '91 comments: " Hello all! Finally made it to this website. Great Site, hope to hear from some people soon." 9/4/98 : Renee Mohan Class of '72 9/2/98 : Janene "Johnson" Schaff Class of '73 comments: "Hello, everbody. I have been searching for Marissa Labrie or Rose Vaught. If anyone has heard from them could you let me know?" 9/2/98 : Kenneth Pearson Class of '79 9/2/98 : Cheryl "Carey" Mulvey 9/2/98 : Jeff Stone Class of '76 comments: "What a great idea. We need more publicity about this site. Living on the Island and enjoying the quality of life we all refer to in our messages. Eileen (Conboy--GIHS '77) and I have three children, Meredith (6), Brendan (4) and Griffin (1). I'm a business attorney at Hodgson, Russ (a large Buffalo law firm)." 9/1/98 : Kathy "DeDominicis" Beyer Class of '69 8/31/98 : Jeffery Smith now in North Carolina comments: "Nice to check in. Hope to see some new news soon. I may be in NC, but my heart is still on the Island. Go Vikings!!!" 8/30/98 : Darren Gress Class of '86 comments: "It's nice to see friends of past and present. To those how know me or remember me I'm married with children (actually child)! The Island is still the largest and best fresh water Island in the world to us no matter what others say! I look forward to hearing from classmates and friends so please don't hesitate to write!" 8/29/98 : Bob Kellogg Class of '68 now in California comments: "I've done a lot of traveling, married a wonderful wife, raised a family and have a wonderful life since I moved away from Grand Island. But every once in a while I remember the lazy summer days spent at Sandy beach or water skiing in the Niagara River or any of the millions of things we use to do during the summer or the days spent in high school (swimming team & football especially). Growing up on Grand Island during the 60's was a different world, one that is hard to describe to any who were not there. But to all of you who went through that time, it was magical." 8/28/98 : Karen "Sciandra" Raepple Class of '69 "Greetings! Hope this finds you all happy and well. This is just a short note to let you know that the Grand Island High School Class of "69 is holding their 30 yr. reunion on July 3rd, 1999. It will be held at the River Oaks Club House on Grand Island. We are extending the invitation to join us to both the classes of '67 & '68, since you didn't have a reunion of your own. If any of you would like more information, you can call Jack/Sandy Burns @ 716 773 3966 or Karen Raepple @ 716 773 4952 or email me lambdagrlk@earthlink.net Hope to see you in '99!" 8/28/98 : Jack Krok comments: "Glad that I heard about your site. .Have found many friends. It took a place like Grand Island to put together such a great site. Keep up the good work. Thanks for everything." 8/28/98 : Michelle Prior Class of '95 comments: "I am still living on the Island with my fiancée and beautiful 1 yr old son, Great site." 8/27/98 : Patty "Proctor" Vara Class of '78 now in Maryland, comments: "My family and I go "home" every year for the wonderful 4th of July parade and road race. My mom and brothers are still on the island. Would love to hear from old friends and classmates." 8/26/98 : Hilary "Hillock" Balderas Class of '75 now in Illinois, comments: "I left the Island in '75 and moved to Houston,got married in Dallas,moved to Denver,worked with the Black-Eyed-Pea Restaurants and then moved to Illinois Where my husband and I opened our own Mexican Restaurant! Howdy to anyone out there!" 8/26/98 : George Kellogg Class of 70 comments: "Memories come back over the years, good memories of an ideal place for a child to grow up. An innocent time where door locks were an after thought, seldom used, never needed. What ever the case, we live far away now and we live in an interesting time. For all those I shared time with in Grand Island I want to say thanks! My experiences on Grand Island, where I grew to be an adult, provided me with a peace of mind that has served me well..." 8/26/98 : Wayne Baumler now in Nebraska, comments: "I graduated from Bishop Duffy on June 23, 1961 and have been in Omaha, NE since 2 days later. I've visited many times over the years and still have many fond memories. Send me an email if you like. I'm a grandpa now and looking forward to another 32 years with my wife. I noticed all the DiTullio kids have signed in. We lived three doors apart for 14 years." 8/26/98 : Judy "Hagerman" Bussey now in Florida, comments: "We lived on Whitehaven Road for 15 years. I came back for a visit in 1982 and was overwhelmed by the changes in my neighborhood. I do not know the fate of our dear neighbors the Callahans and the Englishes. I'd like to hear from anyone who might remember our family or our neighbors." 8/25/98 : Cory Clare in Florida comments: "My aunt Mandy's house was so beautiful." 8/24/98 : Michael Williams Class of '73 now in California comments: Hi to all on GI, especially old friends and classmates from the class of '73. Reading the web page, looks like many of us are spread around. I'm living and working just outside of San Diego, the best climate on earth...miss the nice things about the Island. Anyone in the area look me up." 8/24/98 : Judy (Sister Marian) Baumler Sidway Class of '58 comments: "Having grown up in Sandy Beach I have many good memories of my friends and neighbors and teachers at Sidway. In 1958 I left the Island to become a Sister of St. Mary and, since then have been a teacher or principal a good part of my life. I was at Mt. St. Mary Academy as principal during the '70's and am now beginning my 15th year at Niagara County Community College as a professor of mathematics. Alongside this I do a good bit of retreat work. " 8/24/98 : Peterjohn Tornabene comments: "I would have been class of '95 but I moved away and then back and then away again. Just wanted to say hello to my friends I hope they are doing as well as I and may they all find happiness throughout all of their journies...Great site...I hope to visit home soon. Take Great Care Grand Island~" Peterjohn's comment's are what this website is all about, Thanks Krazypoet!(his username):Site Administrator. 8/24/98 : Scott Shaffer Class of '84 comments: "I'm living in South Forida and loving life...email me if u are ever in area...." 8/23/98 : Penny "Costello" Linenfelser Class of '70 8/23/98 : Patricia "Williams" Meyer now in Ohio, comments: "Signing on for the second time -- check the site every few days hoping to see more of the "old gang" -- does anyone know where Jim Bernhardt is? I remember when we were in school his family moved to Plattsburg NY and I just wondered if anyone has heard from him in the last ???? years." 8/22/98 : Denise Murhy Class of '83 now in Liverpool, NY comments: "To all you people who are wondering if i'm alive-i made it . contact me at any time-those who would be interested I have lived in the Syracuse area since graduation. I have a wonderful 6 year old daughter named Lauren & just got engaged to a wonderful man, and have a great job. Respond to the address listed or give me a call. I have been away from the island for a while so touch base to let me know whats up!!" 8/22/98 : Wayne Bention Class of '95 8/22/98 : Linda "Brice" Krok Class of '78 now in Florida comments: I had good times on the Island. It was a great place to grow up, but I do like the warm (hot) weather in Fla. plan to stay here along time.Still visit about every 2 years. Married to Jack and have 2 wonderful kids. Girl 12 and boy 10 8/19/98 : Neal Hennigar Class of '73 comments: "For the past five years I've come home for Fourth of July to visit the parade, V.F.W ., and, B.As for a few beers just to stagger back to 1275 West River and pass out in the hallway . Funny, the more things change the more they stay the same That's okay, I'll act my age when I get back to Florida. Neal H P.S. Great Web page!!!" 8/19/98 : Judie "Heane"-Dinsmore now in Florida comments: Lived on Grand Island in the early 70's. Married Pope Dismore. I love the people and miss the Bedell house Still looking for John and Margaret Dick and Linda Gast ? Anyone know where they are??? If so plese contact me. 8/18/98 : Tom DeCillis Class of 72 now in New Jersey, comments: "Great Web Site. Hi from Norway! Wish my job took me back to GI and my old friends. I agree with the posted comment that GI Blvd looks bad. Sure miss Reidy's Pizza ... Long Gone ... or when GI Plaza was full and had Niesners. " 8/17/98 : Jim DeCillis Class of 70 now in South Korea comments: "Being over in Korea, you can imagine how this site brings me back home. Now I hope to make contact with some old friends. Thanks for providing this site." 8/16/98 : Maryann "Vanderbles" Purrington Class of 84 now in Virgina comments: "Now living in Northern Virginia and would love to hear from my friends from Grand Island. " 8/15/98 : Jessica "Wroblewski" Fisher Class of '74 now in Florida comments: "Would have liked to have raised my children in a small community like Grand Island. However, I love Florida and am glad I moved here. My ancestors were original settlers of the Island, Staley Road is named after my great-great grandfather. Our family has a private cemetery on the West River Parkway. Formerly married to Doug Fisher, Class of 72 who now resides in Mishawka In. Would love to hear from any of my former classmates. " 8/14/98 : Jeanne "Mesmer" Szczykutowicz Class of '78 comments: "Still hear & couldn't think of a better place to live!" 8/14/98 : Rob Kopf Class of '91 now in Virginia, comments; " I'm sitting here on the beach, surfing...the net that is. The new Grand Island Town history is great. " 8/14/98 : Jack Krok now in Florida comments: "Grand Island sure was a great place to live. Didn't realize it until I moved to Florida. I was a member and Past President of The Grand Island Fire Co." 8/13/98 : Pat "Kendzierski" Kratz Class of '73 comments: "Still here after all these years! Couldn't imagine living anywhere else." 8/12/98 : Matthew Kaczmarek Class of '83 now in Newark 8/12/98 : John Williams Class of '71 now in Virginia comments: "I Left the island in 1972 and joined the Navy. Spent 25 years in the military and enjoyed it all. Retired recently in 1997 as Navy Lieutenant. Enjoyed the few years that I and my brother Jim were on the island. I married my sweetheart from school and will be celebrating our 26 years together. We have four wonderful kids my last coming to us just four years ago. It must of been in the water. My parents still reside on Broadway and we do get a chance every now and then to return. Would like to hear from anyone that was from the same time period. The island's web page is put together very well and a good source to track on lost friends and neighbors. Working on my second career of work and raising my little angel. Take care to all and good seeing the web" 8/10//98 : Fran "Marquino" Prior Class of '70 comments: "Love the web site, very informative." 8/10/98 : Becky "Warriner" Finnegan now in Ohio comments: "In conversation, Patty "Williams Hajski" Meyer told me she was surfing and located her 'Old Stomping' grounds. She told me to check it out...What a GREAT idea, easy surfing, and very user friendly. Loved to have something for our high school & city. Have to inquire about this!! " 8/6//98 : Ray Pauley Class of 75 comments: "GREAT SITE, PRESENTLY LIVING IN GLEN ALLEN VIRGINIA." 8/6/98 : Tom Trader Sidway Class of '58, comments: "Would love to hear from the old Gang...Glad you folks put the Page together." 8/5/98 : Mike and Kathy "Sciandra" McNulty Class of '67 and '69 comments: "Now living in California, can't skate the Big 6 out here. Field car days were the best!" 8/3/98 : Sandy "Martell" Valentino Class of '84 now in California, comments: "Grand Island was the best place to grow up. My family still lives on the Island and I come back to visit at least twice a year. I now live in southern California and although I miss the Island, I cannot bring myself to give up this weather. I would love to hear from anyone from class of '84." 8/2/98 : Neal Hennigar now in Florida 7/31/98 : Siggy and Virge Gicewicz comments: "We love the serenity of Island living. When we came 42 years ago, we wanted to live in a community with no sidewalks or street lights. To this day we still enjoy a quality of life that is peaceful and calm. " 7/31/98 : Marie "Giecewicz" Whitford Class of '70 7/31/98 : David and Carol "Kohlhagen" Hamlin Class of '67 7/31/98 : Don Gress Thanks for doing such a great job on the Grand Island web site. It was great to see all names from the past in the guest book. I am helping to organize a reunion of past members of DeMolay and Triangle from Grand Island. These two organizations were youth groups on Grand Island sponsored by the Masons. Would it be possible for our "reunion" website to be referenced on your groups section. Visit our Reunion Website Please contact me with any questions. Thanks 7/31/98 : Jerry Adam Class of '78, now in Rochester 7/31/98 : Sharon "Pearson" Kubik Class of '83 7/30/98 : Nancy Giecwicz Class of '72 comments: "As a Grand Island resident for the past 42 years, I enjoy the peace and quiet that the Island offers. But I am saddened over the deteriorating condition of some of the property along Grand Island Blvd. Most of our tourists travel that route and the view could reflect a negative reaction to our community. From a bird's eye view, as is shown in the breathtaking portrait, at the beginning of this website, Grand Island is spectacular. But upon closer inspection, the cage needs a bit of cleaning. Our community has historical value, we are located minutes from Niagara Falls, one of the natural wonders of the World and we are one of the largest fresh water Islands in existence. Grand Island is "SPECIAL" l so it needs to dress the part." 7/30/98 : John Anstett Class of '82 now in Kentucky 7/29/98 : Merced Marie Molnar Class of '94 comments: "this site is good so far...would like to see more history of the Island here. Tonawanda has their published history...can't we scrape together some pages for a comprehensive history of our town? (Sorry I wouldn't be able to help much with that). :)"(... Little does Merced know we have forty pages of history that just need to be typed in.... History pages here we come. Site Administrator) 7/28/98 : Bob Monaco Class of '75 comments: "Its not if you win or lose its the party after that counts!!!" 7/26/98 : Monica "Siepierski" Thomas comments: "Although I have only lived here a short time I have noticed what a calm and quiet community we have. It is a great place to raise a family and I look forward to many years here. My children enjoy the open areas in which they play freely. It is so peaceful. Keep it up Grand Island. 7/26/98 : Hazel "Fancher" Rowe Class of '62 comments: "Great site. Just surfing with friend. Keep us informed and keep it safe." 7/25/98 : Kathy "Thompson" Monaco Class of '77 comments: "Hello, Still here on Grand Island.. Never left...Its a wonderful place to live." 7/24/98 : Dick DiTullio Class of '68 comments: "Hello to everyone! Debi (Temples - Class of '69) and I are goin' for the record - Still married after 29 years! It may work out yet! We tried to escape G.I. a few times (New Mex., Iceland) but we came back. I remember the Vikings football 'Italian Connection' (You know who you are....) Debi has her own business (10 yrs) called Nauti-Girl. I'll let you guess what she does. We're into grandparenting, rollerblading, church, restaurants, movies, wishful-thinking, golf, and (unfortunately) good food. Nice chatting with y'all." 7/24/98 : Lenny Zannin Class of '89 comments: "Living in Henrico County in Richmond Va since 1993. Grand Island is aplace that becomes that much more special every time I come back and vist. Hello to all my family "Viking Friends" from the past!" 7/22/98 : Michelle DiMartile Class of '84 comments: "This is a great Website! I loved growing up on Grand Island. I still live here and couldn't imagine living anywhere else." 7/20/98 : Liz "Endres" Barker comments: "Class of 1969 looking for it's members. Reunion the 4th of July weekend in 1999 ! Let us know where you are ! Also, would the classes before us (1967-1968) or the classes after us -1970- be interested in attending our picnic ? Let me know." 7/20/98 : Jack Mutolo Class of '84 now in Texas comments: "New to the e-mail computer thing came across the island site.I think its great. If anyone recognizes my name give me an e-mail!" 7/20/98 : Amy Pedlow Class of '90 7/19/98 : Sharon "Pearson" Kubik Class of '83 7/17/98 : Carol "Fenlon" Gress comments; "New to the Internet and E-mail!" 7/17/98 : Beth "Robinson" Judson Class of '77 comments: "This is a great way to get back in touch with old friends. Looking forward to the local news section so I can keep up with what's happening." 7/15/98 : Doug Gress Class of '84, now in South Korea 7/15/98 : Don Gress Class of '78 comments: "It's hard to believe that I've been away from The Island longer now than I lived there. It will always be "back home"." 7/13/98 : Dave Paszkiewicz comments: "We would have moved here years ago if we had known what a great place this is to live. Have met so many wonderful people. Happy to say that some of our best friends live on the island. This is truly Shangri La." 7/11/98 : Tanya "Shaffer" Onori Class of '81 comments: "After graduating from Alfred State College ('83 Arch.Tech & '85 Computer Graphics) married and moved to Auburn, NY. Husband, Ed, is an architect and I am currently a mechanical designer/engineer of medical diagnostic equipment. Have 2 kids, EJ 11yrs & Felicia 9 yrs. Family very active in all sports, mainly hockey, taking most of our free time. Newest addition to family is a chocolate lab puppy to keep our 14yr yellow Lab company. Been doing major remodeling in the house, taking all spare time. First vacation to Disney planned this year - whole family excited. Parents have moved from Island to Cumming, Georgia (north of Atlanta)and have lost touch with island residents. Love to hear from old classmates." 7/10/98 : Christine Gipp Class of '84, now in Texas comments: "Grand Island was a great place to grow up!" 7/10/98 : Michelle "Vescio" Lockett Class of '91 comments: "John and I were married this June 6th, after 9 years of dating. We met at our first job - where else but Fantasy Island! I was 16 and he was 15! What I miss from GIHS is ski club, tennis, my art classes and teachers. Hope all is well with everyone." 7/10/98 : Mel Passerelli Class of '74 comments: "If anyone is in the Boston area, please give me a call." 7/9/98 : Cheryl "Clark" Wasson comments: comments: "Came to Grand Island for a job years ago. Met Michael here, married & descided to raise our 3 children here. The island is nice & quiet." 7/9/98 : Betty "O'Dea" Carr comments: "The O'Dea family was raised on Grand Island. I now live in Florida in the winter and Grand Island in the summer. I married Dr F. Carr in 1997." 7/8/98 : Nancy Wonacott Class of 69 comments: "Just too many fond memories of the Island to list. GI class of 1969 is planning our 30 yr reunion. We need addresses, so if you want to be included, e-mail me!" 7/8/98 : Patricia "Williams" (Hajski) Meyer Sidway Class of 1958, comments: "Can't believe this site has been here and I haven't stumbled over it before now!! Happened to E-mail Teddy Linenfelser at the G.I. Record and she put me on to this site. Terrific!! Moved to Ohio in April of 1970 and have been here ever since. I still have two brothers living on the Island and try to get up there as often as possible. Would LOVE to hear from old friends -- and maybe a few new ones too!!?" 7/5/98 : Lory and Sherry "Ensminger" Ryan now in New Jersey comments: "My beautiful wife, the former Sherry Ensminger, hails from Grand Island. We just returned from the July 4th festivities, including the famous morning run and parade." 7/3/98 : Sheryl "Leach" Knab Class of '78, comments: "Steve Kovacs has been telling me about this site for a while. I finally took the time to explore it. Great site!! My husband (Dick Knab) and I moved off the Island about 13 years ago, but we decided we wanted to raise our kids here and have them attend the Island's schools. Best decision we ever made." 6/30/98 : Michael Wasson Class of '69 6/30/98 : Mary Jo Gill Class of '70, Left the island 28 yrs ago but think of it and people I knew, often. 6/28/98 : Dale Brown Class of '74, now in Nevada comments: "Nice to see a Grand Island Web site! I'm looking forward to hearing from old friends. Sorry I missed the <gak! 20th GIHS reunion, but it was great when Connie showed up at my booksigning. A dream come true!! I hope the Island never changes!" Check out Dale's Website 6/28/98 : Jamie "Akers" Smith Class of '90, now in Oklahoma, comments: "Grand Island was the best place to grow up, one doesn't fully understand until you start raising your own children away from the Island and realize what they are missing out on. Thank you to all the wonderful people that were there for us in thougths and prayers, while our son was being treated for leukemia. Even though we were thousands of miles away, the people of Grand Island seemed like they were right next door." 6/28/98 : James..Butch..Puppet DiTullio comments: "Glad to see we have a web site...I don't see to many people I know here. I guess the old crowd never got into computers...I keep saying I'm going to leave , but I never will...this is home...It was really fun growing up here in the old days...Like being in the country. It's getting crowded now...guess the secret's out...haaaaaaaa..!!!! Anyone wanting to say hi, feel free to e-mail me...." 6/26/98 : Wayne and Jeanne Ansett 6/24/98 : Judi "Tornabene" Dinsmore Class of '78, now in comments: "hey folks...same old island... drop a line... love to hear from old pals and new..." 6/23/98 : Melissa "Grobengieser-Houck" Piccolo comments: "Although not born an Islander,Igrew up on East River near Kirkwood,Ivisited my Aunt every summer and dreamed of living there.Twelve years ago that dream became a reality and We built our home only Five doors from my Aunt..Raising my five children here is really a dream come true...We love Grand Island and could not imagine living anywhere else...It truely is a Grand Place to live!" 6/22/98 : Cathy "Zoltoski" Alaimo Class of '83, comments: "Just wanted to say Hi to all my old friends! Growing up on the Island was terrific. It's funny when I go back to see all the changes but maybe funnier to see the things that stayed the same. I would love to hear from some of the folks from school!" 6/21/98 : Alan Emery comments: "Retired and enjoying Beaver Island golf course." 6/19/98 : Lou (Butch) Penque Class of '82, now in Florida, comments: "Really miss life on the Island, Hi to all my old friends, and enemies would love to hear from you all, drop me an E-Mail. Hey Sheila, thanks for keying me in on this website." 6/18/98 : Pat Zoltoski now in Pa, comments: "It was a real joy raising my children, Paul, Peggy, Cathy, and Chris, on Grand Island. I also enjoyed my many years of association with The Island Theatre. I am now living with my daughter Cathy in Pennsylvania and I miss the family atmosphere of The Island." 6/16/98 : Fred Aswad Class of '69 now in Arizona, comments: "Class of 1969, moved to Arizona in 1983. Great website. Seeing all those familiar names in the Directory is almost like going home. I printed out the aerial view of the Island from the Home Page for my office! Now when I tell people I grew up on an "island", I can show them what I mean! Hello to all my old friends from the Sandy Beach neighborhood, Huth Road School and Grand Island High. Grand Island -- what a great place to have grown up!" 6/16/98 : Art Cramer now in Georgia comments: "I grew up on East River rd near Whitehaven. My dad (same name) enjoyed living on the river with his sailboat at his dock. I now live on Lake Lanier 40 min. north of Atlanta and enjoy my sailboat. Many fond memories of GI. My son Tim is a pharmacist at Eckerd Drug on GI." 6/15/98 : Patti "Davern" King Class of '80 now in Latham, NY comments: "What a wonderful site - sure do miss my friends and relatives on the island. Grand Island was a wonderful place to grow up..Too bad some of us just grew up in the wrong era.....Livin near the mountains with Frank and my three kids, Cait, Randy & Blaine - Would love to hear from some of my old classmates....." 6/15/98 : Ginni "Narad" Parsons Class of '55 comments: "I'm so glad I found this web site for the Island. There are 9 of us from the class of 55 who still get together and take a trip every fall. We are known as THE SIDWAY GIRLS. I have one daughter in California, one in Florida and a son in North Tonawanda. My parents are still alive and still on Steeg Road. Hope to hear from some of my classmates." 6/15/98 : Chris Zoltoski Class of '83 now in Dryden, NY comments: "This is a great idea. Now I can go home any time I want. It's great to see what is happening on the island, and contact my friends." 6/11/98 : Pat "Gill" Class of '68 now in California, Comments: "Dave Hennigar and I are trying to cook up a mini-reunion for 68......there's no formal one planned.....can we make an announcement on your web-site if we can dig up some more names?" Anyone in the Class of '68. Email Pat or David Hennigar and get onboard! 6/5/98 : Debbie "Lee" O'Neill Class of '81 now in Washington State, comments: "I've lived the majority of my life away from the Island. This website has made me homesick!" 6/4/98 : Kerry Finn Class of '87 now in Alpharetta Georgia, comments: "Greetings from Atlanta! Great web-site. It's nice to hear about former and current Island residents. My wife and I have fond memories of Grand Island and the WNY area. We made the best of friends there. We look forward to visiting our family and friends in September." 6/3/98 : Connie "McQuestion"-Burg comments: WOW..This is a nice page and a great place to visit to see old friends and many familiar names. My brothers and sister told me about the GI page and asked me to sign in. Unlike my brothers and sister and mom and dad, I never left New York, though I am happy to say I get to see them every year and watch their families grow and prosper. I remember Town Hall dances, ski club and Sandy Beach picnics with Ronelle and Donna as well as too many pranks from my middle school days there I certainly don't want printed in case any of the old teachers are still around.Thanks for the visit. 6/3/98 : Duane Fleming comments: "Very nice web page. Hi Wilma!" 6/2/98 : Christopher Russell Class of '76 now in Utah comments: "I am submitting this guest entry for my husband because he is the one that used to live on the Island, however, it looks like we will be moving that direction this summer and I was trying to get information. From what I can see, I'm really excited to move there." 6/2/98 : Darlene "Fritz" Flynn-Harris Class of '73 now in California comments: "Hello - Sandie (Rall) Smith told me about this Grand Island Guest Book so I decided to log in today. I have been living in Southern California since 1984, I love it! I started a Secretarial/Bookkeeping/Resume Service in 1989. My only son, Shawn, got married last October and is very happy. Please send me an E-mail, I'd like to hear from my old classmates." 5/30/98 : Elaine "Taylor" Cassel comments: "I grew up on the island & recently moved back - my parents still live in their East River home - since 1950." 5/29/98 : Lynda "Smith" Smith-O'Shea Class of 1973 now in Florida, comments: "I just got a look at your site...Maybe with all the transplanted GI'er's down here in Florida we should all just meet down here sometime. In Tampa there is a restuarant that is owned by a former Buffalo resident and they have a "Grand Islander Sandwich". Would love to hear from any old friends or acquaintances." 5/29/98 : Steve Chase Class of 1980 now in Florida comments: "Great to see a Grand Island site. Nice to see some familiar names. Any former DeMolay members out there?" 5/28/98 : Peter McKee 25 year resident comments: "Great website! This is a wonderful idea." 5/28/98 : Greg Stevens Class of '88, now in Dayton, comments: "It's been 10 years out of High School! Hope to see everyone at the reunion." 5/27/98 : Joseph Narby now in Florida comments: "Worked many years with "Dicky Dirt" landscaping & Jim Dinsmore. Have many fond memories of those years." 5/27/98 : Deborah Henry comments: "Your web site earns **** 4 stars! Thank you for providing such a great source of information to the public. I'll pass on the good word!" 5/26/98 : Keith Pollak comments: "I'm the new guy on the island -- biking it inside out. (Doesn't anyone else walk to Tops?)" 5/26/98 : Mike McQuaid Class of '74, now in Maryland comments: "Looking forward to a vacation on the Island this summer. It will be the first time that I have brought my sons. Hope they don't end up complaining that they live in an average suburb. Place matters!" 5/22/98 : Steve Van Hattum Class of '68, now in Georgia comments: "Miss Grand Island and Johns Pizza!! Can't get good wings,pizza, etc. in Atlanta Disappointed in the class of 68, no 30 YEAR REUNION!! I would have enjoyed seeing how much weight Hennigar has gained!!!! I remember Edgewater and The Blinder!! Miss all those GREAT folks on GI. Anyone is welcome to send me an email and we'll compare notes." 5/15/98 : Bob and Eileen Drumm, now in Florida comments: "Glad to see the site is comming along nicly. Good to see so many people use this site, would like to hear from any of you who may remember Eileen or I. Have a good one on Grand Island". 5/15/98 : Chris and Sheila "Socko" Ciechoski Class of '81 & '82, comments: "Hello to everyone near and far.. The Island is still afloat so send your friends old and new a line or two just to say Hello..Say a special Prayer for the Rathmanns in Florida for their daughter Jacquie who is on Diaysis...Special thoughts to them." 5/15/98 : Sandie "Rall" Smith" Class of '73, now in California, comments: "I have lived in Northern California for almost 15 years, but I still miss the island and think of it as my "home" I would enjoy hearing from old friends. Loved this page." 5/15/98 : Graham Kimbrough Class of '68, now in Georgia, comments: "A GREAT PLACE!! I COME BACK TO VISIT EVERY SUMMER." 5/12/98 : Ashley Gates Class of '91, now in Arizona, comments: "Living in Arizona since 1996, I miss my friends, family and the great community of GRAND ISLAND, but I don't miss the SNOW." 5/11/98 : Linda Wright Class of '73 comments: "I have so many fond memories of the Island, one of the most special was the Clown House and the Go-Kart track that my Dad, Bobby Wright owned in the mid 50's. It was a place where we took ALL our fiends. Hope all of those that remember me, will keep in touch. Although I live in the falls now, it's just temporary.....Have to get back to my Island." 5/11/98 : Earl and Rita DeGlopper Residents 65 Years comments: "Hi All, This computer web site is fantastic. We would like to hear from "Old" Friends We just went on line and are having great fun with it." 5/10/98 : Gail "Zion" Hewlett Class of '71 now in Arizona comments: "Does any one remember Gail Zion from Kaegebein Elementary school? I went there from kindergarten to 5th grade. I have such fond memories of Grand Island. I hope to come for a visit someday." 5/7/98 : Ray Ackermann Class of '71 comments: "I moved to Las Vegas in 97, have been busy managing mechanical construction end. I am currently project manager for the Venetian Casino resort, which should be completed by 2002. sure do miss the mighty Niagara, Lake Mead is wounderful, but it is filling up with boats pretty fast. do not hesitate to give me a buzz, if you plan a vacation in the future. "the worlds greatest plumber" 5/2/98 : Marie "Gicewicz" Whitford Class of '70 comments: "Run, Toto, Run!!!" 4/30/98 : Katheen "Sullivan" Day Class of '79 comments: "After spending time in Boston, Maryland and Lubbock,Texas, we've come back to GI for a while. Our daughter will start at Sidway in the Fall and we couldn't be happier that she's going to that Great School! Grand Island is a Great Place to Live!" 4/28/98 : Mark and Michelle "Kaczmarek" Rathmann Class of '79 &'80, now in Florida, comments:Mark and I moved to Fl 5 yrs ago. Although we consider Fl our home now we still refer to GI as "back home". It truly was an excellent place to live. We, and our kids Jacquie Clare, Cory Clare, and Amanda Rathmann still have strong ties both family and friends there. We hope once Jacquie's dialysis treatments are more stabilized that we can come and visit. Until then anyone visiting in Orlando should give us a call and we'd love to see ya. You know who you are! Hello to everyone! Enjoy. 4/28/98 : Nancy "Buckley" Valone Class of '66 comments: "This has been fun to see many familar names listed. Grand Isl has such wonderful memories for me. Although, I have been in California for over 30 years, GI is still home to me." 4/27/98 : David Miller Class of '67, comments: "I have a map of Grand Island from 1880 hanging on my wall at work which shows all the parcels of land and who owned what property. Amazing to see the number of family names from that map who were classmates of mine from 1955 through '67. Also, great to see all the familiar names of those who have signed the Guest Book. Hey, Class of '67-- we missed our past two reunion dates!! (Nothing since '87)Maybe we should shoot for something in 2002!"

  • 4/30/98 : Katheen "Sullivan" Day Class of '79 comments: "After spending time in Boston, Maryland and Lubbock,Texas, we've come back to GI for a while. Our daughter will start at Sidway in the Fall and we couldn't be happier that she's going to that Great School! Grand Island is a Great Place to Live!"
  • 4/28/98 : Mark and Michelle "Kaczmarek" Rathmann Class of '79 &'80, now in Florida, comments:Mark and I moved to Fl 5 yrs ago. Although we consider Fl our home now we still refer to GI as "back home". It truly was an excellent place to live. We, and our kids Jacquie Clare, Cory Clare, and Amanda Rathmann still have strong ties both family and friends there. We hope once Jacquie's dialysis treatments are more stabilized that we can come and visit. Until then anyone visiting in Orlando should give us a call and we'd love to see ya. You know who you are! Hello to everyone! Enjoy.
  • 4/28/98 : Nancy "Buckley" Valone Class of '66 comments: "This has been fun to see many familar names listed. Grand Isl has such wonderful memories for me. Although, I have been in California for over 30 years, GI is still home to me."
  • 4/27/98 : David Miller Class of '67, comments: "I have a map of Grand Island from 1880 hanging on my wall at work which shows all the parcels of land and who owned what property. Amazing to see the number of family names from that map who were classmates of mine from 1955 through '67. Also, great to see all the familiar names of those who have signed the Guest Book. Hey, Class of '67-- we missed our past two reunion dates!! (Nothing since '87)Maybe we should shoot for something in 2002!"
  • 4/26/98 : Chris & Christina "Basnett" McQuestion Class of 1980 comments: "Hello to everyone , it's amazing that I can leave a message like this. Back in 1975 who would have thought we could be doing this kind of thing. Well times change and people move on, but you should always remember where you came from. and you know what I would'nt have it any other way. I'm living in California still and I married the girl next store, Christina Basnett, we have three wonderful kids and all is great in the west. Well it is sure great to see everyone in here, see all you guys and girls soon, God Bless ! "
  • 4/25/98 : Stacey McQuestion Class of 1982 comments: "Hello all Islanders. My sister Penny just told me about this page. It is as usual that the Island has done it right. I moved to California back in 78 but have visited the Island on many occasions. I have alot of found memories of the Island. Hanging out at Sandy beach and Beaver island. Any and all islanders feel free to E-mail me. It would be real nice to hear from old friends."
  • 4/24/98 : Courtney Callahan Class of 2000 comments: "The good thing about Grand Island is it is a peaceful town to raise a family in. There is hardley any violance, and evey body knows eveybody."
  • 4/22/98 : Kyle Kinney now in Florida comments: "Hello to all on the island! Keep an eye out for my brothers!!!"
  • 4/12/98 : Penny "McQestion" Thomas Class of '83 now in California comments: "It was great to see Grand Island has a web page. I was just cruising thru and found G.I. It would be great to hear from anyone that might remember me. I would of graduated in 83, but I had move to California and finished jr. high and high school. I will be sure to check on your web page to see all that is going on and thanks for bringing this on the web so I can look back at my young days."
  • 4/11/98 : Richard and Marla "Strasburg" Crawford Jr. comments: "As Councilman for the Town any issues of concern to you please contact me at my EMail address or call."
  • 4/9/98 : Diane "Bykowicz" Hassan and Mark Hassan Classes of '70 and '71 comments: After living on the Island for 39 and 31 years respectively , we consider ourselves "old Islanders" and can't imagine living anywhere else. You find that your children are friends of/dating children of your classmates. We have a beautiful, friendly, close knit community far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Nothing beats summer on Grand Island!"
  • 4/3/98 : Deb "Schwieger" Hehnke Grand Island, Nebraska Comments: "I teach in the Grand Island Public Schools." ( Grand Island Nebraska. . . don't any of you teachers want to send her a note?... just for fun?)
  • 4/2/98 : Mike Brand Class of '97, Herkimer, NY, comments: "So great to see a web page. More information on high school sports. Advertise this page around town please. Hello to everyone on GI. Keep up the good work!"
  • 4/2/98 : Don and Mary Ann Mesler, Cheektowaga, comments: "What a great website! As always, Grand Island does it right! Though we aren't really 'residents', we've been serving Grand Island residents at our restaurant on G.I. Blvd for 19 years and feel like part of the Grand Island Family! Thanks to our many good friends for making us feel welcome for all these years! You've made the Islander Restaurant a fun gathering place and truly our "home"."
  • 3/30/98 : Maria "DiChristina" (Pagano) Bouchard , Class of 1970, now in Oshawa, Ontario, comments: "I miss Grand Island so I'm often back to visit family and catch up on Island news. My son Graham (Class of 1989) has been in St. Louis, Missouri for 5 years and his sister Dawn (Class of 1992) has settled in St. Catharines Ontario.
  • 3/28/98 : Judy Lantz Laurel, Maryland comments: "Thinkin' often about fun times on GI - and this great site helps! Be sure to tell my sister Betty I said Hi if you see her..."(Class of 1973)
  • 3/27/98 : Gail "Hollinger" Conshafter comments: "What a great site!!! I would love to hear from any classmates."(Class of 1973)
  • 3/25/98 : Kim Watson Class of '88 now in NYC comments: " Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Class of 1988 reunion!!!" (Sorry Kim for th delay in posting)
  • 3/22/98 : Valerie "Buckley" Swain comments: " GI Class of 1973 25 Year Reunion Friday, July 3rd."
  • 3/21/98 : Patti "Rogan" Kaifas comments: " I love this website..Thanks..I'm on it all the time and I'm letting my out of town friends know about it."
  • 3/15/98 : Teddy Filosofos Lake Mary, Florida comments: "Anyone that is coming to Orlando to see Mickey and his pals please give me a call to say hello and we will meet you."
  • 3/15/98 : Tom and Patty "Bykowicz" Turner Class of '84+'86 comments: "This site is great!! I've hooked up with some lost friends already. We have both lived on the island all of our lives and would never live anywhere else. We had offers to move to Raleigh, NC but just couldn't part from the people, places, and weather that Grand Island provides. We love it here and can't wait to raise our children as island kids. Once an islander, always an islander."
  • 3/15/98 : Richard Arsenault Class of '77, comments: "Great place to grow up but the weather doesn't compare to southern California."
  • 3/15/98 : Chales and Holly Genco comments: "Great place to raise a family."
  • 3/14/98 : John Bartholomew comments: "Great web page. Glad to see the island finally on line."
  • 3/10/98 : Denise "McCready" Rafe Omaha, Nebraska comments: "I moved from Grand Island to Omaha, Nebraska on my 16th birthday, many years ago! I graduated from Millard South High School in Omaha, Nebraska in 1979. I married Mike Rafe also from Grand Island in August of 1979. We have five children now. Their ages are 17, 15, 12, 9, & 5. We would love to hear from anyone from G.I. that we used to go to school with!"
  • 3/8/98 : Judy "DiTullio" Penque comments: "Is anyone else having trouble remembering the names of all these people?? I've lived here quite a few years and don't know any of the wonderful people that signed in - I guess I should've gotten out more."
  • 3/8/98 : Betty "Caldwell" Merritt comments: "Although I have been away from GI since 1967, I still have very fond memories of the great times I had while during my short five year residence. I am so thrilled there is a web site where I can look up old friends. I still get very melancholy when I reminisce over my years at GI High. I miss you all."
  • 3/8/98 : Robert & Patricia Haag comments: "Glad to see Grand Island on the web. Grand Island is a great place live and raise a family."
  • 3/7/98 : Karen "Sciandra" Raepplecomments: "Fantastic website..just checking it out for all my out of town sisters and brothers-in law. They will love it! Hello to all my old friends out there."
  • 3/7/98 : Kerry "Sciandra" Erling Allen, Texas, comments: "Hi everyone! This is really neat! I see lots of Familiar Names on here. Been Living in Texas for 6yrs. I love it! But, I will always be a GrndIslGrl!!! I miss Grand Island alot! Most of the Sciandra's have left but, we will always come back to visit, I Promise! (Hi Mom!! Send Money) :)"
  • 3/7/98 : Rick Erling Allen, Texas, comments: "Class of 78, now living in Allen, Texas. This is a great website, Excellent idea! It will be great to keep in touch with the Island and old friends. Remember the reunion July 3rd."
  • 3/7/98 : Jay Raepple comments: "Eat more pizza." (I think he means "John's" pizza)
  • 3/6/98 : Elizabeth MacDonald Seattle, Washington, comments: "I went to elementary school in G.I. and would have been in the class of '95. Now living in Wash. state."
  • 3/4/98 : Patti "Dietz" Oglietti Seaside, California, comments: "Hello,I was born and raised in Niagara Falls, NY. At 7449 Buffalo Ave. Right on the river near Sullivan`s (no looonger there).My mom made me practice playing my trumpet down on our dock. They said you could hear me on Grand Island. Do you remember me now? Anyway I grew up looking across the river at your lovely shore and used to swing from a rope into the river there. I am 48 now and have only the best of memories at Grand Island. Forever homesick".
  • 3/3/98 : Tina "Gamboian" Furgele Class of 88, Connecticut, "comments: The Grand Island High School Class of 1988 will be holding their 10-year Reunion on August 15th, 1998 at River Oaks. E-mail me for more information!"
  • 3/3/98 : Betty "Floyd" Furgele comments: "I have lived here 30+ years and love it! it's scenic, peaceful and rural."
  • 2/27/98 : Stephen Kovacs Class of 78, comments: "I am looking forward to seeing as many fellow classmates as possible at our 20th re-union on 3 July 1978. If you have any questions feel free to drop me an E-Mail."
  • 2/27/98 : David Hennigar Delray Beach, Fl, comments: "Look's like a great web page. I'll pass it on."
  • 2/25/98 : David Szubinski Baldwinsville, NY, comments: "I grew up on the Island and enjoyed playing in many soft ball leagues there."
  • 2/25/98 : Bob Guenther Tavernier, Florida, comments: "All I have to say is, I miss the Bedell House and wish I could come home more to see my family."
  • 2/23/98 : Pat Gill Lompoc, California, comments: "I have great memories of the Island. Some of the best times were the parties, dances, and basketball games at the High School.(Class of '68) The Grand Island summers were some of the best I remember .....with swimming and boating. We lived on East River for a year and then moved to Staley Rd. I don't miss the SNOW at all."
  • 2/20/98 : Bob Monaco comments: "Grand Island is a great place to live and work is so true...some of the best restaurants in Western New York are located on the island."
  • 2/20/98 : Jeff and Tamie Matthews comments: "The island is THE best place to live and raise a family!"
  • 2/18/98 : Barb and Jerry Barlow comments: "Great to see Grand Island on the net. Lots of great info here!"
  • 2/17/98 : Bob Doran Atlanta, Georgia, comments: "I went to St. Stephens elementary and would love to hear from any classmates!"
  • 2/16/98 : Randy Whitbeck comments: "Class of 73 Excellent web site! It is nice to see a lot of familiar names being posted."
  • 2/16/98 : Helena "Kovacs" Brierton Miami, comments: "Howdy fellow '76 Vikings, will see you at the Fourth of July celebration."
  • 2/16/98 : Carl Kopf Huntington Conneticutt, comments: "Hello Grand Island. We used to live on Laurie Lane, 1973-77. My brother put me on to your sight because he had a hand in the design... Well done, Bob."
  • 2/16/98 : Randy White Comments: "I am a GI High class of 70 alum. I now live in Indianapolis, IN. I have lived all over the country the last 25 years and nothing is like GI in the summer! I'd love to hear from any class of 69-70-71 folks. I would especially like to hear from anybody that worked on "Bye, Bye Birdie," GI's first ever musical. Great web site, I'd like to see more pictures available."
  • 2/14/98 : Bob Beach resident 39 Years, comments: "Great website and it gets better and better. Keep up the good work. This is a great place to live and it makes me feel good to let others know about it."
  • 2/14/98 : Ray Ying Class of 1988, NYC, comments: This is a fabulous looking website...Looking forward to my 10th year reunion in August.
  • 2/13/98 : Kris James comments: " Until you leave you don't realize how great the Island is...except for the snow."
  • 2/13/98 : Steve Morgan comments: "Great site. I hope that more organizations and government agencies participate so the world can see what a Grand place we have."
  • 2/11/98 : Billy Reeves Gainsville, Florida, comments: "Hi, I lived on Fairway Lane, from 1976-80, and at the time was a 2nd to 5th grade student at Sidway Elementary. I loved my time on the island, and made some really good friends, but lost touch with them all. Would love to hear what's new on the island."
  • 2/9/98 : Steven Steck comments: "Great web site for a great community! Grand Island is a great place to live, with a tremendous school system, and terrific people. Remember to support G.I. High School and youth athletics through attendance and/or involvement!!!!"
  • 2/8/98 : Teddy "Klingel" Linenfelser comments: I've lived here all of my life and attended Charlotte Sidway School, 1947-57. I truly enjoy seeing our web grow with names of long ago Islanders as well as those who have stayed."
  • 2/3/98 : Robert Brennan comments: "it is a great site ,the island is a great place to live and raise a family"
  • 2/3/98 : Bill Stewart Sunnyvale, California, comments: " The first thing that I would like to say is that is pretty neat. Now I can keep up with all the things that happen back at home. Grand Island is still a good place after all these years That's what I here still. By the way my grandmother is Marion Klingel, one of the great historians of grand island."
  • 2/2/98 : Sherri "Tornabene" Robinson Asburn,Virginia , comments: "I was glad to see a web site from Grand Island. Even though I reside in Virginia, and have lived out of state for over 10 years I still think of Grand Island as my home. It is a place where I can just be me. Some people transplant well others of us just relocate. This site lets me see what is happening at home even though I am far away."
  • 2/2/98 : Arvilla "Webb" Kendzierski comments: "Grand Island is definitely a special place to me. I was born and raised on the Island - in fact, born right in the house I am living in now. My fondest memories are being around the farm animals and helping my dad and grandpa with the chores when I was young. I graduated from Sidway School in 48. I'd love to hear from anyone else who went to school then at Sidway."
  • 2/2/98 : Mary Ellen "Klingel" Stewart Sunnyvale, California, comments: "my husband and i are presently in calif. with our youngest son bill. my mother and sister have been keeping me up on all the island happenings, i worked as a photographer for the dispatch and made many friends through working at the paper. i attended bible presbyterian church on love road. i grew up on love road and have many fond memories. grand island has changed over the years and grown. but it will always be a grand place to live one thing we don't miss is the snow! looking forsward to hearing from fellow islanders"
  • 2/1/98 : Doug DeGlopper Indianapolis Indiana, comments: "What a great Website - congrats to Grand Islanders for a site to be really be proud of! Would love to hear from anyonme who might remember me from the Class of 1977!"
  • 2/1/98 : Bobbi "Stevens" Perry Sierra Madre California, comments "Wow! This was certainly a surprise to see Grand Island on the internet. My mom, Lee MacDonald Stevens, grew up on the Island. A couple summers ago I took my first trip (that I can remember) back to my mom's old hometown. I have a lot of wonderful memories. I remember how small my Grandma's house on Cox Road seemed. Your town is so incredibly beautiful, all the land and the trees. Keep it just as it is!!"
  • 2/1/98 : Wilma "MacDonald" Greenwood comments: "I guess just staying here on Grand Island says it all. I'm one of the very few who still live on Grand Island from my class of 44 at Sidway. Ted Kumlander lives next door to me and he was also from our class and I think he's the only one. I am one of the 9 MacDonald girls that lived here and my sister Joyce and I are the only ones that still live on the Island. I would love to hear from old time Islanders especially those I went to school with."
  • 1/29/98 : Carol "Ganster" MacDonald Tonawanda, comments: "My fondest memories to this day, are the families, namely Maryan & Marcia Traun, Carvers, Guenthers, Staleys, Tuckers, Hogans, Ames, Webbs, Mitchell, and of course my parents, Mabel (mac) & Bill MacDonald. It was the warmth of all these people and so many more I could go on all night, that made Grand Island a Grand Place!"
  • 1/30/98 : Lee "MacDonald" Stevens ElMonte California comments: "Great Web Page... even though I make it back "home" every few years... it is nice to see that I can get an Island "fix" on the web if I need one."
  • 1/29/98 : Paul Ackley Columbus, Ohio,comments:"Nice page-glad to see Grand Island is finally on the web. . ."
  • 1/27/98 : Linda "Martin" Carroo Hoffman Estate,Illinois,comments: "I was a "part-time" resident, since I spent my summers on GI at my Aunt's house on Red Jacket Drive since I was two years old! I met some wonderful people there and I have terrific memories! I hope to come and visit again soon."
  • 1/27/98 : Sandy Martell-Valentino Signal Hill California,"comments:Having a great life in sunny California, would love to hear from any of my old friends from the Island. Glad to see the Island is on the web.
  • 1/27/98 : Rick Michalowski Please come and visit us, it's Katrina's 657 Main Street across from Shea's. Your Web Page is Great.
  • 1/27/98 : Carol Reeves comments: Have found your site very interesting and would like to be able to access more information about it if possible. My grandmother's parents built a home there in 1895 and four of their children were born there. One of my grandmother's brothers, born there in 1897, wrote a rather lengthy "Huck Finn" type story of growing up on the island. He talks about different families and areas. I have edited his manuscript and often thought about whether or not it would be historically meaningful and worth publishing. I would appreciate any more information concerning the island names, postcards, maps, etc. If anyone has any information about the island from 1895 to about 1940 I would love to hear from you. I'm also interested in the history of Edgewater Resort started by a German who wanted to start an excursion park on the island. He speaks of families by the names of Grellinger, Carroll, Voestch and Long! Our family name was Lattner. I would like to hear from anyone who remembers these names or my familie's name."
  • 1/25/98 : Vincent Randy Cologne Germany,"comments: I got to spend some time at my now parents-in-law's, the Robinsons. My first stay on GI was in July of 1990 when I came as an exchange student for a month. It is indeed a grand place to live"
  • 1/25/98 : Tom gormady "comments: Now in Austin Texas. glad to see the island is keeping up with the times. I'll sure enjoy loggin' on from time to time to see what's new."
  • 1/25/98 : Toni Martin Bailey "comments: Spent many vacations on Grand Island visiting my sister and brother-in-law when my children were growing up. Have many happy memories of being there."
  • 1/25/98 : Tonya Robins Drake "comments: Great to see G.I. web site. I wish I could be there with all of you." Now in Escondido California
  • 1/23/98 : Donna Jayme "comments: Thanks for making this available. I have many friends across the US an beyond that are interested in this web page. We're linking this country together!"
  • 1/15/98 : Bob & Jerri (Reeb) Fiolek comments: It is great that you have the email page, have heard from several people already."
  • 1/14/98 : Jeff Banas Class of 68, living in Michigan: GREAT JOB !!!, Very impressive, Bang up job, What a great idea for islanders to keep in touch! Visit me for Family History Research
  • 1/13/98 : Maria Wichmann : Von-Luck-Str. 19,Berlin,Germany
    Exchange student GIHS 1994-95 -had a wonderful time!
  • 1/11/98 : Finn Mathisen : Royken, Norway A really Grand View !
  • 1/5/98 : Paul Robinson : G.I. Resident Great place to live!
  • 1/5/98 : Bob & Jerri (Reeb) Fiolek : G.I. Resident 1972-1994
    Would like to say hello to all our friends on Grand Island. Would love to hear from anyone interested in writing. Looking at the aerial photo brings back many pleasant memories.
  • 12/4/97 : Cindy (Mason) Shields : G.I. Resident 1956-81 now in Florida
  • 12/1/97: Robert L. Drumm : G.I. Resident 1972-1996, now living in Florida
    I would love to hear from anyone on the island who remembers me. Grand Island was a Grand place to live (I think I heard that somewhere before). Did you know that there is a Grand Island, Florida also? I Would like to see a directory for GI folks with email addresses.
  • 11/30/97 : Henry Schenck : G.I. Resident Paul and Becky Schenck send their thanks and regards.
  • 11/25/97 :Tony Buscaglia
    At least some of the retired folks can wander into the Isledegrande! Thanks for putting us on the map!
  • 11/24/97 :Kevin Cobello : G.I. Engineering Dept.
    It is great to see Grand Island have a Web Page.
  • 11/20/97 :Marge Craddock
    Finally got a chance to check out "our" website. The picture is perfect and I can't wait to send it to some of the people I have met online who have heard of Grand Island, Nebraska and are suprised to hear of Grand Island, NY. I am so proud of our unique community and now have something else to boast about. Keep up the good work.
  • 11/17/97 :Gary Long : now living in Kansas
    Good looking website. Glad to see a Grand Island, NY site on the net. As an "old" G I family member, I look forward to future items.

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