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We are looking for pictures of Grand Island, such as sunsets, sunrises, gardens, trees, mailboxes, or anything of interest; and we need your HELP. E-mail

The goal of this page is to allow Grand Island residents and others to see the essence of Grand Island. We need pictures. If you have photos and would like to share them, please feel free to E-mail or Snail mail them to us at deSignet International, 1869 Whitehaven Road. You may also drop them off, and we will scan them while you wait. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Let's show the world what a beautiful place Grand Island really is. Thank you.

Sunrise & Relfections - November 2004

Click photos for a much larger view
November 2004. . . Nathan Cook photographed this sunset over Veterans Park
along with the reflections in Buckhorn Park and at Woods Creek.

October Sunrise Over Buckhorn State Park - 2004

Clayton Eley Photo - Click for larger view
Clayton Eley's Buckhorn State Park sunrise, taken October 18, 2004

October Sunrise Over Veterans Park - 2004

This sunrise was taken over Veterans Park by Nathan Cook on Monday, October 18, 2004.
For wallpaper size (may take time to load), click Nathan Cook Photo.

"Early Morning Fog - Beaver Island Golf Course" - 2004
Clayton Eley Photos - Click photos for larger view
Clayton Eley's Beaver Island Golf Course photos were shot on a foggy, early June 2004 morning.

"September West River Sunset" - 2004
Jeff Goris captured these West River sunset photos on September 17, 2004.

"Ray Of Light" - 2004

"Early Morning Mist At Beaver Island"

Clayton Eley Photos - Click photos for larger view
"A Ray Of light" and "Early Morning Mist At Beaver Island"
were taken by Island resident Clayton Eley on Monday, September 27, 2004.

"South Bridge Sunrise" - 2004

Clayton Eley Photo - Click photo for larger view
"South Bridge Sunrise" was taken by Clayton Eley on Monday, September 27, 2004.

Dewy Morning At Beaver Island - September 2004

More Nathan Cook photos of Wednesday morning's heavy dew (Sept. 22, 2004) may be seen by clicking Nathan Cook Photos. The photos, also available in computer wallpaper size, are large and may take time to load.

Beaver Island Sunset - September 2004

Nathan Cook Photos - Click photos for larger view

   These photos were shot on Tuesday evening, September 21, 2004 during another spectacular Island sunset.
They show the reflection on the "lake" between Grand Island and Beaver Island.

Red Dusk - 2004
Nathan Cook Photos - Click photo for "extra" large view suitable for wallpaper
These spooky sky photos were taken just before dusk on Friday, September 17, 2004. Photographer Nathan Cook referred to them as "red dusk."

Sunset Over Navy Island - Aug. 2004

Nathan Cook Photo - Click photo for much larger view
This sunset over Navy Island was photographed yesterday, August 31, 2004, by Nathan Cook.

Big Bird! - August 2004

Lynn Kahn spotted this fellow on Staley Road Saturday evening, August 21, 2004. It is a turkey vulture and not uncommon to the Island.

Honey Bees At Town Hall - July 2004

Nathan Cook Photos - Click photos for "extra" large view suitable for wallpaper

   Jim Linenfelser discovered this small swarm of honey bees while maintaining the town hall grounds the afternoon of July 12th. They had attached themselves to a flowering plum tree west of the hall and were about five foot off the ground. These photos were taken the (foggy) morning of the 13th, about 7:30 a.m.; shortly before the swarm took flight. With the cool, damp morning weather, the swarm was exceptionally docile.
   A well-established hive will often send out a swarm during peak flower season. The swarm will have a good cross section of different aged worker bees and a queen. They will settle in bushes, trees, on buildings whatever is convenient and send out scouts to locate a good location for a new hive. Once an acceptable site is found, the swarm will swiftly depart for the new location leaving only a few scales of wax attached to the surface that held the swarm.

Willow Reflections, Beaver Island State Park - April 2004

Nathan Cook Photo - Click photo for "extra" large view suitable for wallpaper
This photo was taken on a very still day in mid-April 2004 in Beaver Island.

Where Is This Barn - 1990s
Click photo for larger view

My sister, Mary Stewart, was asked to photograph this barn several years ago as a gift to someone's parents.
She remembers that the barn was behind a house on Grand Island, NY but doesn't recall where.
Email me at if you identify the location.

Fireworks 2004
Former resident Mary Stewart took these shots of the July 4, 2004 fireworks display over the Niagara River from
the Holiday Inn. Notice the cruiser with all its lights on. Click photos for a larger view.

Sandy Beach Sunset - July2004

Diane Hassan Photo
This was taken as Mark and Diane Hassan were relaxing on their boat at the Sandy Beach Park Club over the Independence Day weekend.
The picture surely promotes our peaceful surroundings on Grand Island. Click photo for larger view.

Woods Creek - May 2004

Nathan Cook Photo
Click photo for "extra" large view suitable for wallpaper
This May 15, 2004 photo was taken facing the south side of Woods Creek from the bridge on West River.

Winter's West River Sunset - 2004

Mike Dudley Photo - Click photo for larger view.

   Mike Dudley snapped this early evening sunset in January or early February 2004 on West River somewhere between Staley and Whitehaven.

Buckhorn Marsh/Wetland - June 2004

Nathan Cook Photo - Click photo for an "extra" large view suitable for wallpaper
This June 3, 2004 photo was taken overlooking the marsh/wetland in Buckhorn Park.

West River Sunset - May 2004

Nathan Cook Photo - Click photo for larger view
A West River sunset in May 2004, just a week before all the leaves opened up in 2004.

East River Sunrise - May 2004

Emily Dahlstrom photographed the
the sunrise from Grand Island looking over the East River
on Wednesday, May 12, 2004

In The Gloaming - April 2004

Nathan Cook Photo - Click photo for larger view
In the gloaming off of South Grand Island April 22, 2004.

Red Mite - April 2004

Red Velvet Mite - Size: ~3mm - Click photo for larger view
This Red Velvet Mite was photographed April 19, 2004 on Grand Island by Nathan Cook. Nathan explains that these are active and voracious predators that live among the leaf litter and bark of trees. The young parasitize a variety of terrestrial arthropods and the adults will often seek out and eat insect egg clutches. Close wetland relatives include spiders and ticks.

Blue Spotted Salamander - April 2004

Click photo for larger view
Nathan Cook, out on a nature walk, April 14th with daughter Alie and her friend, Chris Rose,
rolling over logs, checking under loose bark etc., found this little black salamander
with blue spots. "After giving it a good look-over we returned it to the wet leaf debris," Nathan said.

Beaver Damage - April 2004
Click photo for larger view
April 7, 2004. . . Nathan Cook, on an early evening walk Wednesday in Buckhorn State Park
with daughter, Alie, found a willow tree/bush that the beavers had well attacked.

Blooming Spring Crocuses - April 2004

Click photo for larger view
Nathan Cook photographed these crocuses found in "Daisy's yard" on Sandy Beach Road just before the Easter weekend.

Mini Siberian Iris Blooms - March 2004

Click photo for larger view
Hollis Busch of Cardinal Lane photographed her mini Siberian Iris on March 15, 2004.
"They are blooming in spite of the snow. Spring is coming for sure."
Here is another one of Hollis' Iris. Click Here

Finally! 50 Degrees - February 2004

Lynn Kahn took this picture on Saturday, Februrary 21, 2004 in midafternoon. "It is looking
out my Riverwoods Drive kitchen window onto my deck," Lynn explained. "The thermometer is showing a
temperature I haven't seen for months and I love the evolving snow shapes!"

Cold Weather Window - January 2004

According to Emily Dahlstrom, who captured the frost on her East River Road window one
January morning, "There are advantages to having drafty windows!" Click for a larger view.

Minus 7 Degrees On The East River In January 2004

This photo of an East River dock was taken on January 10, 2004 when the temperature at 7 a.m. was minus seven.
Lynn Kahn, who snapped it at the end of her street, Riverwoods Drive, says, "even at -7 degrees, we live in a beautiful place!" Click for a larger view.

Christian Silhouette

Rob Beach photographed this scene in St. Stephen's Church Cemetery in April 2003
Click for a larger view.

West River Sunset - November 26, 2003

This is another beautiful West River sunset photographed on November 26, 2003 by Rob Beach.
(Save As Wallpaper?)

West River Sunset - November 2003

Rob Beach photographed the West River sunset near
the Whitehaven overlook, November 23, 2003
Click for a much larger view - be patient.

West River Sunset - Sunrise - November 2003
Reg Schopp photographed the West River sunset Sunday, November 23 2003

and the East River sunrise the next morning, November 24, 2003.
Click for a much larger view - be patient.

Schutt Homestead

Former resident Mary Stewart photographed the Schutt
homestead on Stony Point near Bedell Road in the late 1980s.
John Schutt came to the United States from Germany,
bought the farm and raised his family there.
Henry Schutt inherited it and also raised his family there.
Click for a larger view.

Lunar Eclipse - November 2003

Nathan Cook photographed the
lunar eclipse during all stages Saturday
night, November 8, 2003. This picture was taken at 7:57 p.m.

Beaver Island Oak Tree - January 2003

Barbara McMichael captured this icey oak tree scene on
January 30, 2003 in Beaver Island State Park.
"It was about 10 degrees outside at the time, and
everything looked like it had a coat of 'frosting' on it."
Click for a larger view.

West River Sunsets - January 2003
Rob Beach photographed the West River sunset in winter, January 21, 2003
Click for a larger view.

Coyote Pauses For Camera - May 2002

Bill Click took this photo on the morning of May 4, 2002.
The coyote is standing at Bill and Gail Click's pond at 1070 Alt Blvd.
Click for a larger view.

Burntship Creek - Winter 2001

This winter scene was snapped by Island resident Chuck Capage during the height of our stormy weather last week (late December 2001). The area is Burnt Ship Creek running beneath Baseline Road near Huth Road.

Island resident Chuck Capage captured this sunset from the Tonawanda side of the East Niagara River. Click photo for larger view.

Just Like Being There! Photographer Mary Stewart, watching the fantastic July 4, 2001, aerial display from the Holiday Inn, captured several excellent shots of the fireworks over the East River, including this one. Click photo for an even larger view.

Autumn On The Island

A scene in Beaver Island State Park taken by photographer Barbi Lare of Images-Words-Pictures.

This one makes great "Wallpaper" for your computer screen. Try this... Click Here to open the same photo in a larger format--be patient. Now right click your mouse on the photo. That will bring down a menu bar. On the list is the option "Set as Wallpaper." That will put the photo on the opening screen of your desktop behind your icons. This works with any photo you find on the web that you would like to have on your desktop. Good Luck, RS.

Here is a Great September Sunset by JoAnn Hugill

A Moonset with a story. After an early start at work (5am), I noticed the moon falling in the West, and I decided to capture a moonset. I got up the next morning, and I was ready with my tripod in hand. The moon was full and all looked perfect. I found the perfect place close to the water's edge, so I could capture the full effect of the moon's reflection off the water. Only one difficulty--after waiting almost an hour for the moon to set, a serious problem arose, no pun intended: the sun. The photo shows the enlightened sky. Oh well, RS.


A tree with a tale. After finishing my last role of film while waiting for a picture of a Heron on a log, I knew that "Murphy" was bound to present a great photo opportunity, and so he did. Walking home after a series of good sunset photos which were a bit uneventful, I saw the Heron arrive with a flare. He perched himself atop the tree, a pose seldom seen, and he stood erect with his head held high. Murphy had won. I returned for a photo of the tree against a setting sky, just so I could reflect on the moment and remember to always keep a backup role of film. RS

Without a question, we have some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Lynn Kahn's "Spring Two" photo - Winter 2001.

slander Lynn Kahn captured this lightning on film at about 3 a.m. April 12th, from her home on Riverwoods Drive. (April 2001). Click on the photo for a larger view.

Al Bykowicz took this photo of his backyard on Stony Point Road through his kitchen window in March 2000. Deer eating out of backyard birdfeeders is common on the Island, and if you look closely, you will see another deer on the left waiting her turn!

Springtime 2001! Former resident Mary Stewart, who is spending the summer on the Island with her husband, Jim, and son, Bill, took this photo of the baby birds, born in a nest in the engine compartment of the Stewarts' motorhome. Mary is a former photographer for the Island Dispatch and the Grand Island Record.

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