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Principal - Kerri Nowak

Huth Road Elementary
Character Counts Program Reinforces Viking Values – Jan. 2010

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    For the month of January, students at Huth Road Elementary school learned about the Character Trait of Respect, the students learned about how to treat others as they would want to be treated. Respect is being considerate of the feelings of others. To simply say, “Please” and “Thank you” is another way students learned about respect. Respect is shown when students listen when others are speaking-and to raise your hand before speaking. Respect is also demonstrated when students use overall good manners. The following students have won the Respect character trait award for December: 2nd grade: Ruby Chen, Reid Martin, Sam Castellino, Sean Christian Rustowicz, and Jack Hammond. From 3rd grade: Nicolas Lindaman, Eric Scalise, Wyatt Tollner, Zachary Reading, William Soos and Bryce Wolf. From 4th grade: Jacob Weise, Olivia VeRost, Nico Catanzaro, Taylor Raine, and Evan Bender. From 5th grade: Marianthi Vasiliadis, Ayah Abdelal, Jessica Surace, Marilyn Hess, and Ryan Tetreault. Please help us in congratulating our Respect award winners!

Huth Road Elementary
Character Counts Program Reinforces Viking Values - Dec. 2009

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   For the month of December, the students at Huth Road Elementary school learned about the Character Trait of Caring. Students learned about how to demonstrate ways to show that they care - to be kind to one another, to forgive others, to help others, and to think about the needs of others. The following students have been recognized by their teachers for exemplifying the character trait of caring.
Second grade: Faith Saunders, Alyssa Konopczynski, Olivia Williams, Emma Dickinson, Maggie McNamara and Jose Neyra
Third grade: Liam Hart, Nathan Stroh, Annaliese DiCarlo, Anthony Serra, and Alexa Chiarenza
Fourth grade: Joseph Samplinski, Kayla Booker, Nicole Hoy, Vanessa Shores, and Jack Bellia
Fifth grade: Karli Burford, Dakota Wolf, Breanna Smith, Marcy Barberic, and Catherine Merletti
   Congratulations to our caring award winners!

Huth Road Elementary
Artist Of The Month - Marcy Barberic - 2009

Marcy Barberic - Click photo for larger view

   The third recipient of this year’s “Artist of the Month” is Marcy Barberic. She is a 5th Grade student at Huth Road Elementary. Marcy enjoys Graffiti art and likes to create words and letters to color in her spare time. She also likes to sculpt and hand build with clay. In fact, she even experimented with clay from her front yard and let the final creation dry in the sun. Her family encourages her in the arts. Marcy shows exemplary work and is a very hard working individual. The Art Department would like to congratulate Marcy on her outstanding work.

Huth Road Elementary
Character Counts Program Reinforces Viking Values - Fall 2009

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   For the month of October, students at Huth Road Elementary school learned about the Character Trait Citizenship. The students learned about how to cooperate with one another. They became more aware about how to help or join school and community events or clubs to make a difference. Following rules and laws that are set in place also demonstrates good citizenship. Respecting people in our school and community is another great way to demonstrate citizenship. The following students have been recognized by their teachers for exemplifying the character trait of citizenship. Second graders: Luke Webb, Katrina Linenfelser, Benjamin Richard, Benjamin Spiesz, Isabella Pridgen, and Brandon Beiter
Third graders: Brianna Beyer, Abigail Siebert, Natalie Turk, Melina Aceti, and Jordan Pachla
Fourth graders: John Griffin, Madelyn Heyden, Jacob Ford, Brian Minton, Maricella Fusillo, and Hallie Mingoia
Fifth graders: Megan Adamczyk, Joseph Boyko, Tyler Muggli, Owen Morrish, Marie Tomasula, and Jason Kubanek.

Huth Road Elementary
New Reading Area at Huth Road Elementary School
In loving memory of Mr. Peter Mele - 2009

Dr. and Mrs. Merletti have two daughters who attend Huth Road Elementary school. They are Lauren, a second grader and Catherine, a fifth grader.
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   The Library Media Center at Huth Road Elementary School has received a very generous gift from the Merletti family. In honor of their late great grandfather, Mr. Pete Mele, the Merletti family donated funds to create a new “Reading Area,” for the children in the Huth Road library. This area consists of comfortable rocking chairs, a table and a bench. Ms. Vincenette Passanese, the library media specialist, says, “The new reading area is a fantastic addition to the library and provides a casual and fun atmosphere in which children may enjoy reading.”
    In addition to the reading area, Ms. Passanese purchased books about gardening, countries, travel, and grandparents, to add to the library collection. These were just a few of Mr. Mele’s or “Grandpa Pete’s” many interests. Bookplates were placed in each book in memory of Mr. Mele and a plaque will be placed in the new “Reading Area” in his honor. Ms. Passanese, teachers and students would like to thank the Merletti family for their very special gift to the school’s library.

Huth Road Elementary
Lucky Students Get Fire Truck Ride to School - 2009

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    When visiting the Grand Island Fire Company’s open house, children had the opportunity to enter a raffle for a “Fire truck ride to school!” Many entered with the hopes of being one of the chosen few. The lucky ones this year from Huth Road Elementary are: Sean Christian Rustowicz, Mary Elizabeth Rustowicz, Madison Senger, Kelsey Mahoney, William Soos and Faith Saunders. Accompanying them on the ride was Huth Road Principal Mrs. Kerri Nowak as well as the Fire Company’s volunteer firefighters. A big thank you to the volunteer firefighters for coming to our school to teach students about fire safety during fire prevention week and for the FANTASTIC gym bag & pencil given to each of our students!

Huth Road Elementary
Hoedown At Huth - 2009

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   After reading literature about life on a ranch, second graders at Huth Road School made their reading come to life! Students dressed in their finest western gear to add to the fun. The cowboys and cowgirls gathered together in the gym for a Hoedown. The teachers led the groups in the Cha-Cha Slide - our version of a hoedown for 2009! Participating classes were those of teachers Mrs. Anna Agnello, Miss Kristin Donnelly, Miss Heidi Mesmer, Mrs. Jeanne Percival, and Mrs. Janine Shroeder. A good time was had by all- yee-haw! Pictured are the second graders enjoying the ho-down!

Huth Road Elementary
The Coldest Drinking Fountain - 2009

By Jennifer Ricciuti - Click photo for larger view

   The students of Mrs. Maryann D’Avolio’s 4th grade Huth Road Elementary Science class were given the opportunity to learn about the Scientific Method. The students performed an experiment to determine the coldest drinking fountain in the school. They were divided into six groups of either three or four students. Each group started their testing at a different fountain.
   The students used the Scientific Method to determine the coldest drinking fountain. The steps used in the Scientific Method were: Ask a Question: Which drinking fountain at Huth Road is the coldest? Background Research: Students discussed their opinions based on prior experience using the various drinking fountains. Students also received a review lesson on reading a thermometer. Hypothesis: The students were given the opportunity to form their own hypotheses and wrote on their lab notes. Test the Hypothesis: Each group used thermometers to test which drinking fountain was the coldest by turning on the fountain, filling a cup and immediately using a thermometer to test the water. Then they read their thermometers and recorded their answers in degrees Fahrenheit. These findings were recorded on a data chart. Analyze Data: The groups visually compared the data to determine the coldest temperature. Each group's temperature readings were slightly different. Temperatures ranged from a high of 70° F for the drinking fountain in Cafeteria #2 to a low of 44° F for the drinking fountain in Cafeteria #1. Report Results: The drinking fountain in Cafeteria #1 was universally found to be the coldest drinking fountain.
   A discussion regarding why the temperatures varied took place and led the students to some new hypotheses which they hope to test; such as leaving all thermometers in the water while the temperatures are read and letting the water run for the same amount of time at each drinking fountain. The fourth graders sure seemed excited about Science!

Huth Road Elementary
Elementary Summer Reading Celebrations - 2009

Pictured are Miss Vincenette Passanese and Mrs. Deanna Cannavo who encourage the summer reading and close with the celebration. Also pictured are students from Mrs. Zimmerman’s 3rd grade class proudly holding their well earned reading prize of a bookmark!
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   Once again the summer reading program was a huge success. Sidway, Kaegebein, and Huth Road Elementary schools all participated in the New York State Summer Reading Program, in conjunction with the Grand Island Memorial Library. The theme this year was “Be Creative @ Your Library.” The students were required to read eight books throughout the summer and return a completed form to school in September when school began.
    As a part of the Huth Road Elementary school’s summer reading celebration, students from all grades were invited to a party where they enjoyed a tasty treat and played bingo.
   Each year, the librarians and reading teachers from all elementary schools meet with Children’s librarian, Mrs. Anne Slater from the Grand Island Memorial Library to plan for the summer ahead. They are looking forward to planning yet another successful summer reading program in 2010.

International Day Of Peace Reflected at Huth Elementary With Pinwheels for Peace - Sept. 2009

Pictured from left are McKenna Prochaska, Alexis Boos, Bailey Warmus, Nicole Paolini, and Brendan Atkins.
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    Today’s students are bombarded with television images, video games, and magazine articles/newspapers that give importance to conflict and war. Violence has become commonplace and accepted as part of our society and, for some, it is a way of life. It is our hope that through the Pinwheels for Peace project, we can help the students make a public visual statement about their feelings about war/ peace/ tolerance/ cooperation/ harmony/ unity and, in some way, maybe, awaken the public and let them know what the next generation is thinking. Pinwheels for Peace is an art installation project started in 2005 by two Art teachers, Ann Ayers and Ellen McMillan, who teach at Monarch High School in Coconut Creek, Florida, as a way for students to express their feelings about what’s going on in the world and in their lives. The project was quickly embraced by their students, entire school community and by millions of art teachers, teachers, parents, children and adults who desire peace in our world. Huth Road Elementary School’s third grade Art classes with Mrs. Allen were excited and honored to participate in something that reflected the meaning of Peace. The students created pinwheels, - as part of the creation process, the students wrote their thoughts about "war and peace / tolerance/ living in harmony with others" and used peace symbols and the American Flag as symbols. The entire week was dedicated to this peace project to have the third graders express themselves. They assembled the pinwheels and on International Day of Peace, Sept. 21, 2009 and throughout the week, the students "planted" their pinwheels outside of the school as a public statement and art exhibit/installation. The spinning of the pinwheels in the wind will spread thoughts and feelings about peace throughout the country, and the world!

Huth Elementary
Welcome Back To School! - Sept. 2009

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    Huth Road Elementary School’s teachers and staff welcomed students back to school this past Tuesday, September 1st. Pictured are students arriving to school. Also pictured are Emily Cordero, Taylor Raine, Cameron Blair and Gabriel D’Addario with Huth Road Elementary School’s new principal Mrs. Kerri Nowak. We all want to wish everyone at Huth a very happy, successful and enriching school year!

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