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Principal - Mary E. Haggerty

Huth Road Elementary
Character Counts when it comes to Perseverance - 2009

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   The following students have been recognized by their teachers for exemplifying the character trait of perseverance. They were selected because they demonstrate what it looks like to never give up and always try their very best. These students are leaders when it comes to encouraging others as well.
Second grade: Emma Halpin, Bradley VeRost, Brandon Bruner, Wyatt Tollner, and Ashley Hurley
Third grade: Sydney Hoerner, Jacob Weise, Ricky Little, Nathan Steggs, Nicole Hoy, and Kaitlyn Grybel
Fourth grade: Braden Hawley, Chris Sharp, Ayah Abdelal, Madelyn Konopczynski, and Olivia Turck.
   Congratulations to these “Perseverance” student leaders at Huth Road Elementary School!

Huth Road Elementary Awards - June 2009

(left) H-Pin Recipients - (right) Presidential Award Winners
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   Huth Road Elementary School is proud to announce the H-Pin and Presidential Awards to the 5th Grade students.
See H-PIN WINNERS 2008-09

WNY Writing Project Features Huth Road Elementary Student Who Shines - June 2009

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   Huth Road Elementary school student, Claire Brandon, a former 3rd grade student in Miss Marciszewski’s class, was recently presented with an award for her writing of "Nightime in the Middle of the Sea." Claire and her family were invited to the Young Writer’s reception at Canisius College, sponsored by the Western New York Writing Project. The Western New York Writing Project is a nationwide education program that strives to improve student writing and thinking.
   While Claire was at the Young Writer’s reception, she read her writing piece aloud, and it is now part of the Young Writer’s Anthology. In total, 457 submissions were received for the Young Writer’s Anthology, with less than half of those actually being chosen for the anthology. Congratulation to Claire Brandon.

Huth Road Flag Patrol Honored - June 2009

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   Dona Cameron, chair of American/Patriotism of the Grand Island VFW Ladies Auxiliary, honored the Huth Road Elementary Flag Patrol and Mrs. Cindy Kaiser on Friday, June 12th at the Flag Day assembly. The Patriotic Citizen Award was presented to Mrs. Kaiser for her time and effort in directing the Flag Patrol. Each of the students were given certificates, flag pins and patches for the flag patrol vests.

Huth Road Elementary
Huth Road 5th Grade Gift To School - 2009

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   Who would have ever thought that an old pile of rocks could not only be a useful area to read in, but a beautiful area as well? The fifth grade students have been working hard on making a difference to leave their lasting “thumbprint” for the next 50 years here at Huth. They wrote letters asking for donations and even presented a PowerPoint to the PTA to ask for help. These students were commended by both School Superintendent Mr. Robert Christmann as well as Mrs. Loraine Ingrasci. Huth Road Elementary Principal Mrs. Mary Haggerty was quick to be on board to support the class in all of its efforts to get the project done by Moving Up Day on June 22nd.
   The committee members responsible for making their visions of a garden come true are: Alexis Conway, Tori Aronica, Emily Dudziak, Kaitlin Hoy, Sara Kwarciak, and Chelsea Robillard. In addition, and representing their classrooms, are: Madison Brown, Brianna Little, Adam Bahgat, Melanie Sweeney, Justine Cardone, Emily Augugliaro, Christina Sutton, Ian Estenoz, and Julia Pino. The future 5th Grade students at Huth Road were asked to continue making a difference to maintain both the Courtyard and the new addition of the Rock Garden ~ Reading Area. A big thank you for the generous donations that were accepted from the following: Huth Road Elementary School PTA, The Hoy Family, Huth Road Playground Committee, Mrs. Beth Boron, TLC Landscaping owner Mr. Anthony Massaro who not only donated, but also delivered the Compost, Mulch, Large & Small Rocks~The true nuts and bolts of all that we needed, Willow Ridge Garden Club: Patricia Kluczynski, Mrs. Neville’s 5th Grade Class, Mrs. Schauger’s 5th Grade Class, Mr. Steck’s 5th Grade Class, Mrs. Gormley’s 5th Grade Class, Mr. and Mrs. George Minton, Mrs. Clariece Samland – Plants, Bridgeview Garden Club – Plants, Mrs. Denise Czamara – Plants, Mrs. Beth Diliberto – 3 Lilac Bushes, The Little Family–Plants and Holly Bush~lots of help~including Board of Education President Mr. Richard Little Jr.-getting his hands dirty in the mix, The Giancola Family – Plants~A lot of help, The Bahgat Family – Plants, The Robillard Family – Plants/Rocks/A lot of Help, The Brown Family – Plants/Flowers/Mulch/lots of Help. If you would like to help make a difference for many years to come, donations are still welcome, just contact Mrs. Cich for more information. Thank you to everyone, teachers, staff, students, garden clubs, parents, for helping us to make this happen at Huth Road Elementary in honor of its 50th Anniversary. In both gardens at Huth, all who have helped to make a difference……YOU are all the flowers-and Forget-Me-Nots for the next 50 years.
Mrs. Kim Cich ~ Library Assistant and 5th Grade Rock Garden ~ Reading Area Coordinator

Island Elementary Art Teachers Awarded National Endowment for Humanities Grant - 2009

Art Teachers, Alexann Incao, right and Dana Allen, left with the Artwork
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   Kaegebein and Huth Road Elementary schools on Grand Island are one of over 56,000 schools and public libraries across the nation awarded the Picturing America program. Picturing America is a free initiative from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) that helps teach American history and culture by bringing some of the country’s great art directly to classrooms. Art Teachers, Alexann Incao and Dana Allen, were each awarded 40 large, high-quality reproductions of great American art and a comprehensive teachers resource book to facilitate the use of the works of art in core subjects. Picturing America’s resources are designed to allow each work of art to enhance the study of American history, social studies, language arts, literature, and civics. Both art teachers will be implementing this program in September.

Huth Road Elementary
Students Celebrate their Achievements Through Readers are Leaders Program - 2009

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    The students at Huth Road Elementary School were encouraged to read as many books as possible throughout the school year. Certificates were given to students who read 25 books, students with 26-35 books got a special ribbon, students with 36-49 books got a pin, for 50 or more books read the students received a metal and students with 75 or more books were honored with a Readers are Leaders t-shirt. This incentive program not only encouraged reading for the students, but for most it seemed to be a challenge for them as well. It made students explore different types of books as well to fully grasp the importance of reading and that readers truly are leaders! Pictured are the celebrating (and some silly students) who read 50 or more books within the school year! Congratulations to all! And remember to keep reading throughout the summer!

Huth Road Elementary
Character Counts When It Comes to Sportsmanship - 2009

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   The following students have been recognized by their teachers for exemplifying the character trait of sportsmanship. They were selected because they all demonstrate what it looks like to have good sportsmanship by being fair in making decisions. These students are leaders when it comes to following the rules of the game. They are honest and congratulate others when they see students do well at something. It’s these stellar students who show true sportsmanship, and doesn’t just mean playing sports but being a good sport all around!
From second grade: Olivia Wright, Kostas Vasiliadis, Alyssa Konopczynski, Zachary Reading and Bryce Wolf.
From third grade: Tyler Bernatovicz, John Griffin, Lauren Piechowiak, Emily Cordero, and Parker Phillips.
From fourth grade: Jack Stieringer, Emily Jelonek, and Anthony Stolfo.
From fifth grade: Rachael Farmer, Michael Ziehm, Carissa Parsons, Chancellor Warmus, and Kaitlin Hoy.
Please help us congratulate these “Sportsmanship” student leaders at Huth Road Elementary School!

Huth Road Elementary's Annual Spelling Bee Winners - 2009

Shown with Principal Mrs. Mary Haggerty are Third Place winner Olivia Turck, First Place winner Sydney Keane, and Second place winner Emily Nobumoto.
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   The annual Huth Road Elementary School’s Spelling Bee was open to the students in fourth and fifth grades. Two students as well as an alternate were chosen to participate from each class. Mrs. Deanna Cannavo and Mrs. Ellen Lewis were happy to present the spelling bee to the students and want to thank all of them for working hard to prepare for the Spelling Bee. Principal Mrs. Mary Haggerty is proud to announce this year’s Huth Road Elementary Schools Spelling Bee winners. Holding the first place is fifth grader, Sydney Keane, second place is fifth grader Emily Nobumoto and third place is fourth grader Olivia Turck. Please help us congratulate our 2009 Spelling Bee champions!

Huth Road Elementary Students Take Part In Mini-Relay - 2009

Grand Island Relay For Life Co-chair Mary Dunbar-Daluiso is shown on the left with a group of Huth Road students
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   The students of Huth Road Elementary School showed their support of the Grand Island Relay For Life by participating in a mini-relay held on school grounds Wednesday, May 13th. Spirits were high as the students wore purple, brought in donations and walked for 30 minutes to show they cared. Music and balloons were added to the festive occasion. After the walk, the Huth Road Playground Committee treated everyone to a freezie pop. The event ended with time to enjoy the Huth Road Elementary playground. Team Huth would like to thank all the parents and students for showing their amazing team spirit and dedication to this worthy cause.

Huth Road 3rd Grade Play - Our Favorite Stories From Wayside School - 2009

Pictured are the students from Mrs. Diane Lipp, Mrs. Mary Kopf, Mrs. Penny Schmitt, and Mrs. Dickinson’s 3rd Grade class at Huth Road Elementary.
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    The students from Mrs. Lipp, Mrs. Kopf, Mrs. Schmitt, and Mrs. Dickinson’s 3rd Grade class at Huth Road Elementary are putting on a play called Our Favorite Stories From Wayside School and YOU'RE invited to join us! This is the 5th annual production of the play and can be seen on Friday, June 5th at 1 p.m. at Huth Road Elementary School. The students have worked for six weeks on character development, stage presence, voice inflection and memorization of lines. The play was written by the teachers and adapted from the popular children’s book series Wayside School by Louis Sachar. Mrs. Horrigan, accompanist and Huth’s music teacher, provided the music, and brought the play to life! This is the only play at Huth Road Elementary School and is shared and enjoyed by all the students each year with new characters from Mrs. Lipp’s third grade classroom. Hard work, rehearsals, and practice both at home and school help to make the play have many lasting memories for all of the students, teachers and parents here at Huth. Thank you to everyone for your help in making this year's play a great success! Don’t forget to mark your calendar to join us on Friday, the 5th of June! We look forward to seeing you at the play!

Huth Art Students Honored - 2009

(left) Catherine Merletti, Ian Estenoz, Simon Estenoz, and Emelie-Jo Scheffler
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   A reception was held at the Kenan Center in Lockport on May 17 in honor of the regional entries of the National PTA Reflections Program. Entrants from the Huth Road Elementary School are Catherine Merletti, Ian Estenoz (honorable mention in the visual arts category), Simon Estenoz, and Emelie-Jo Scheffler (second place in literature). Not pictured is Marissa Freedman.
   The theme was Wow! The National PTA Reflections Program is an arts recognition and achievement program for students. The program provides opportunities for them to express themselves creatively and to receive positive recognition for original works of art inspired by a pre-selected theme, while increasing community awareness on the importance of the arts in education.
   The Reflections Program was established in 1969 by National PTA board member Mary Lou Anderson. Since that time, more than 10 million students have participated in the program.
   The six categories are music, film, choreography, visual arts, literature and photography. The theme for 2009 will be "beauty is."

Huth Road Elementary Band NYSSMA Award - 2009

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   The Huth Road Elementary 4th and 5th grade band, under the direction of Mr. Craig Poissant, attended the NY State Music Association Evaluation Festival at Williamsville North High School on May 1, 2009. At this NYSSMA evaluation they performed three pieces for the judges for which they earned a "Gold with Distinction" award. This is the highest honor given. Along with their outstanding performance, the judges also commented on their exceptional behavior. "All this is a tribute to Mr. Poissant's commitment and enthusiasm in teaching our children," a school spokesman said this week. "We are all very proud of the students for their hard work and dedication. Once again Grand Island's Music Department and students shine! Congratulations!" she said.

Character Counts When It Comes to Cooperation - 2009

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   The following students have been recognized by their teachers for exemplifying the character trait of cooperation. They were selected because they all demonstrate what it looks like to be cooperative, to listen, share, and take turns. These students do their part in making problems and students work better with one another and encourage others to do and try their very best. It’s these stellar students who work well with others and make everyone in the classroom feel welcome and needed.
Second grade: Allison McDonald, James Worrall, Linda Eichler, Colby Muggli, Jake Maracle, and Vincent Quarantello.
Third grade: Matthew Giordano, Nico Catanzaro, Stephen Sweeney, Jenette DiLaura, Tyler Myszka and Jessica Gonda.
Fourth grade: Angela Smith, Louis Fabiano, Shaye Fermoile, Ryan Tetreault, Madisyn Pezzino, and Tori Aronica.
Fifth grade: Sabrina Giordano, Jarod Brandon, Ian Estonez, Cailin Atkins, Camille Watt and Smeen Shah.
   Please help us congratulate these fantastic “Cooperative” students at Huth Road Elementary School!

Character Counts When It Comes to Creativity - 2009

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   The following Huth Road Elementary School students have been recognized by their teachers for exemplifying the character trait of creativity.
Second grade: Natalie Turck, Abigail Siebert, Jacob Wolf, Jonathan Prell, Maria Sciortino, and Bryce Wolf
Third grade: Cora Schuerholz, Cameron Blair, Andrew Thompson, Tess Laviviere, John Kwarciak, and Caitlin Watt
Fourth grade: Megan Adamczyk, Trevor Palamuso, Katie Kovacs, Jordan Blanchard, and Jenna Verost
Fifth grade: Brianna Little, Sabrina Lemme, Nicolas Bailey, Alexa Graff, and Alex Whetham
   Congratulations to those winners and the following students - Eric Pease, Tim Roberts, and Alexis Belstadt - who all demonstrate what it looks like to be original and creative. These students are shining stars when it comes to using their imagination and adding detail to their work. They always try hard and take pride in what they have accomplished. Please help us congratulate these fantastic “Creative” students at Huth Road Elementary School!

Huth Elementary Thanks Guest Readers for PARP - 2009

(left) Supervisor McMahon and (right) Councilman Dick Crawford read to the Huth Road students.
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   The students at Huth Road Elementary School were sent home with a packet of worksheets for the Parents are Reading Partners (PARP) program. One worksheet was a "reading contract," where they pledge to turn off the TV one night for the two weeks of PARP, and read 15 minutes a night/day. A "matching game," put together by parent Denise Freedman, encouraged the students to match the book title to the author. Once the matching games and contracts were handed in, the PTA choose four names from each grade, to win a book! The students worked on a "50 things" worksheet, of things to do other than watch TV and then try to apply those things to their everyday life! As a part of the program, special guest readers were invited to the Huth Road Elementary School to read to the students. Much appreciation goes to the following guest readers who were able to take the time to read to the students: Town Councilman Richard Crawford, Town Councilwoman Mary Cooke, Carol Jones (Director Pupil Personnel Services), Town Clerk Patricia Frentzel, School Board Vice President Neil Seaman, Town Supervisor Peter McMahon, Town Councilman Gary Roesch, Michele Iannello (10th District Legislature), Town Justice Mark Frentzel, School Board Trustee Myrna Blair, Sidway School Principal Denise Dunbar, Retired Huth Road Teacher Debbie Beis, Martha Muller, PTA President Reenie Peppers, School Board Trustee Tom Frantz, School District Foods Services Director Dennis Donovan, School District Transportation Supervisor Jack Burns, Mr. Haggerty, Audiovisual Technician Mark Gorton, School Board Trustee Thomas Franz and High School Assistant Principal Chris Swiatek. These volunteer readers demonstrate to the students the importance of reading and that readers are leaders!

Special Gift at Huth and Kaegebein Elementary Schools - 2009

Pictured are the Huth Road Students who were selected for the luncheon with Mr. Roop and Librarian Ms. Passanese
(right) Written essays by the students
Click photos for larger view

   The students at Huth Road Elementary School and Kaegebein Elementary recently had a wonderful opportunity to listen to Mr. Peter Roop, a classroom teacher and author who has been bringing children and books together for over 30 years. This visit was part of the annual author visit organized by the librarians at Huth and Kaegebein Elementary schools, Ms. Vinnie Passanese and Mrs. Pat Rizzuto and sponsored by the schools' PTA.
   Mr. Peter Roop, and his wife, Connie Roop, have written over 100 books ranging from fiction and joke books to science and biographies. Seven of their books have been chosen as “Reading Rainbow” books, including Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie, as a featured book. Peter and Connie Roop’s books have received recognition from the National Association of Science Teachers, the National Council of Teachers of English, the Children’s Book Council, and the American Library Association. They received Wisconsin’s Laura Ingalls Wilder Book Award. Peter currently enjoys writing and speaking full-time. His travels have taken him to all fifty states as well as Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia. Last year, he visited 22 states and talked with more than 50,000 students.
   In preparation for his visit, students at both schools were exposed to Peter Roop’s books and teachers planned a variety of activities in conjunction with his books. The author spent a day at each school (March 23rd and 24th) where he gave performances throughout the day, for all grade levels. At Huth Road, the librarian arranged a breakfast before school so teachers could mingle with the guest author. An “Author Luncheon” for students followed the morning presentations. Students in each class were asked to write an essay about why they would like to have lunch with the author. One student from each class was selected to represent their class at a special luncheon held in the library where they were able to ask questions and take pictures with Mr. Peter Roop.
   “Our Huth and Kaegebein Author Day Visit was wonderful! Peter Roop left our children with a special gift…the knowledge that they are all authors and can also write great stories. It only takes an idea and paper and many rough copies.”

A Lucky Shamrock Can Go A Long Way! - Mar. 2009

(left) Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Neville and her 5th grade students with their lucky shamrocks!
(right) Jacob Ramallo is proudly displaying his lucky shamrock as Kurt Villani, Cassidy Siebert, and Benjamin Abbott take a look at their shamrocks

   Mrs. Julie Neville’s 5th grade class at Huth Road Elementary School recently did a team building activity, with the help of Mrs. Brown, to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The project started with a simple, large shamrock printed with the words “I’m lucky to know (the student's name) because…” The students wrote comments to each other about why they are lucky to have that particular student in the class. Students wrote comments such as: “You are a great reader, or smart with math.” Some even wrote about how their friend was helpful to them. Afterwards, the students were very excited to see what their fellow classmate wrote about them. They all found the shamrock full of encouraging words, which would uplift them and overall impact their self esteem and cooperation as a classroom. We are sure lucky to have a class that is so kind and caring for one another like Mrs. Neville’s here at Huth Road Elementary School!

K-12 "Artists of the Month" - 2009

Click photo for larger view

   The Grand Island School District art department proudly announces Marissa and Benjamin Freedman as the K-12 “Artists of the Month.” Marissa and Ben are 5th grade students at Huth Road Elementary and are both very involved in the arts.
   Marissa likes to paint, color and draw in her spare time. She makes special birthday cards that include lots of details. Marissa is well rounded in the arts as a dancer and saxophone player. Her goal is to attend Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts High School and eventually become a 2nd grade teacher.
   Benjamin designed part of the logo that was used this year for art club. The final logo was printed on t-shirts using a photo silk-screen process. He enjoys painting and drawing along with playing his trombone. Benjamin pays close attention to detail and craftsmanship, which will help him in his career later in life. He decided he wants to become an architect.
   Marissa and Ben are hard workers and take pride in their artwork. They hand in quality work with nice details and good craftsmanship. "Good luck in your future with the arts."

Character Counts - Viking Values - Mar. 2009

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   For the month of February, students at Huth Road Elementary school learned about the Character Trait of Responsibility. Students learned about how to respond when asked to do something, To think before they act, to accept the consequences of your words and actions and and always to try to do their very best and to never give up! Students also reviewed the rules of the school and to be responsible in respecting them and carrying the rules to other students. The following students have been recognized by their teachers for exemplifying the character trait of Responsibility:
Nicholas Hess, Trevor Samplinski, Lydia Pratt, Emily Czubaj, Elisabeth Lupp, Justin Mock, Tori Appoloney, Hallie Mingoia, Marissa Hovey,Jack Bellia, Madelyn Hayden, Marlie Hess, Marie Tomasula, Ryan McDonald, Madelyn Webb, Lovepreet Kaur, Hope LoHouse, Maggie Rennells, Emily Nobumoto, Julia Kavanagh, Brendan Atkins, and Zack Schmidt.
   "Please help us in congratulating our Respect Character Trait ~ award winners!"

Painted Chairs at Huth Bazaar benefits Relay for Life - March 2009


   Custom painted wooden chairs were raffled off at the Saturday, March 7th Huth Road Elementary School’s PTA Bazaar. Along with the many games, refreshments, and basket auction, this particular CHAIRtable event at the bazaar stole the show! The raffle proceeds will benefit Huth Road’s Team for Relay for Life to be held June 5th. There were many painted chairs with different themes. Winners were:
Flower Chair (Painted by: Art Club 5th Grade students) Ryan O’Neil
Smiley Face Chair (Painted by: Mrs. Percival’s class) Madison Finn
Sports Chair (Painted by: Mrs. Boron’s class) Jacob Hooton
Sabres Chair (Painted by: Mrs. Schauger’s class) Sara Gorton
Pizza Chair (Painted by: Mrs. Lipp’s class) Mrs. Lipp Won!
Circles Chair (Painted by: Art Club 5th Grade students) Julie Becker
Thanks to the fantastic support from the PTA and the overall community who make the Huth Road Bazaar a wonderful success!

Poetry Valentines for Veterans - Feb. 2009

Click photo for larger view

   The students in Mrs. McMann's third grade class at Huth Road Elementary school, recently created valentines for Veterans to send to them at The Veteran's Hospital in Buffalo. Students copied a patriotic poem on the back of red, white and blue hearts. The students also penned personal thanks to the veterans for their dedication to our country. Some of the students gave their valentine to a Veteran they already knew. One student asked, "Can I give this to my Grampa? He was in the war." The students worked very hard to create a Valentine they were proud to give to our country's heroes. The principal at Huth Road Elementary School, Mrs. Mary Haggerty, cheerfully volunteered to take the valentines to the VA Hospital for the students.

Character Counts Program Reinforces Viking Values - Feb. 2009

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   For the month of December 2008, students at Huth Road Elementary school learned about the Character Trait of Respect. Students learned about how to treat others as they would want to be treated, and how to be considerate of the feelings of others. Students were encouraged to use basic manners, to respect and listen when someone is speaking, raise your hand before you speak and to respect other students' belongings. The following students have been recognized by their teachers for exemplifying the character trait of RESPECT.
Second grade: William Soos, Dalton Nytrai, Grace LoHouse, Julia Eichel, Anthony Seifert, and Brandon Beiter
Third grade: Savannah Turello, Zane Johnson, McKenna Davis, Katie Kuch, Arthur Meaney and Joshua Hannibal
Fourth Grade: Marianthi Vasiliadis, Alexia Shivers, David Pachla, Samuel Eichel and Brooke Rowland
Fifth Grade: Jill Anderson, Tom Botticello, Mohammed Eltagouri, Emma Smilth, and Daniel Grinchishin.
   Please help us in congratulating our Respect Character Trait ~ award winners!

Huth Road Elementary Receives First Box Tops For Ed. Check - 2009

Click photo for larger view

   Huth Road Elementary School students have been rallying around a PTA supported fundraising progra, BOX TOPS for EDUCATION, and have helped to raise $971.70 by just collecting and submitting General Mills Box Tops for Education. Box Tops are worth 10 cents each and some are worth 50 cents each and this adds up quickly.
   "Our school goal is $1000 which we will reach, and we need the community's support to help us surpass our goal," a spokesman for the project said this week. PTA can provide more educational programs for all the students at Huth Road School with any extra money collected! Island residents interested in helping with the fundraiser are asked to send the Box Tops into any Huth Road Elementary. For more information see
   The school is also collecting Campbell's UPC labels for education. The school receives points for each UPC and we order from the Campbell's Catalog. For more information see

Schools Work Together To Support Flag Patrol - 2009

Click photo for larger view

   So many times in life, we hear people whine and complain that “Life isn’t fair.” Teaching our children what to do “when life gives you lemons” is just what this story is about. Up until this year, the students who raise and lower the flag at Huth Road Elementary School, known as the “Flag Patrol,” have not had anything to wear that delineates them from others while performing this patriotic duty. Fifth grader, Clare Ahne, didn’t see this as unfair, but as an opportunity to enact her civic responsibility. Clare, assisted by her friend Sabrina Giorando, used their creativity and computer skills to prepare and present a Power Point to share with the Huth Road PTA. The result was a feeling of pride by the girls and a donation of $50 to ensure that the Flag Patrol could be properly outfitted. When the Family and Consumer Science Dept. at Connor Middle School heard of the need to turn the donation into action, Mrs. Fonte’s Life Skills Class eagerly agreed to construct reversible vests in a variety of sizes to fit over outerwear of all seasons. What a wonderful feeling when our educational community comes together to solve a problem and demonstrate that patriotism is a value that should be upheld and respected by children of all ages. Pictured are Huth Road Flag Patrol members along with VCMS Life Skills Students. Huth Road 5th grade Safety adviser Cindy Kaiser is shown far left, second from the right is Connor Middle School Life Skills Class teacher Mary Jane Fonte and Principal Mary Haggerty is on the right.

“Team Huth” Earns Best Team Spirit and Top Fundraising Awards - Relay For Life 2008 - 2009

“Team Huth” members! - Click photo for complete view
By Kim Cich

   We've all heard that it takes a village to raise a child. And we also know that it takes a team to raise over $12,000.00 for the American Cancer Society! TEAM HUTH was the proud recipient of the Top Fundraising Team and the Best Team Spirit awards for Grand Island's 2008 Relay For Life at a recent awards ceremony. The Huth Road team is made up of over 30 dedicated teachers, faculty and staff members of Huth Road Elementary School. But the team is much bigger than the names on our roster. The students and their families are key supporters of this team, wholeheartedly supporting the Christmas Cookie Sale, getting their teachers out of "jail" at the Huth Road Bazaar, and participating in Huth Road's Mini Relay. Teachers, faculty and staff also raised funds highlighted by having a Biggest Loser Contest, selling snacks in the faculty diner, hosting salad bars, and participating in a dress-down day. Team Huth’s slogan for 2008 was ‘Revved Up For a Cure’ with a NASCAR Race theme. Their flag routine performed on the track and tent decorations also earned them the “2008 Best Team Spirit” Award! TEAM HUTH is proud to be part of Grand Island’s amazing Relay For Life event. The team is already fundraising for the 2009 Relay and is looking forward to seeing everyone on June 5th at the GIHS track. Until then Go Team Huth! Thank you to one and all who help to make the Relay for Life a fantastic success with all benefits to the American Cancer Society!

K-12 "Artist of the Month" - 2009

Click photo for larger view

   The Grand Island School District art department proudly announces Laura Szczepankiewicz as the K-12 "Artist of the Month" for December. Laura is a fifth grade student at Huth Road Elementary who first became interested in art as a kindergarten student. She prefers pencil drawing but is talented as well in other art media. Laura always produces quality work. When she feels satisfied with her work, she knows that it is complete. Aside from her school work, she enjoys sketching outdoor scenes and sea animals and creating sculptures out of home-made bakers clay. "I like making things out of paper-mache, bakers clay and painting pictures to give as gifts," Laura says with a smile. Eventually, she hopes to become a dolphin trainer. Her sketches of sea animals tie into her love of art and science. Congratulations Laura!

Character Counts Program Reinforces Viking Values - 2009

Click photo for larger view

   Students at Huth Road Elementary School, during the month of December 2008, learned about the Character Trait of Caring. Huth Road classes learned about how to demonstrate ways to show that they care, to be kind to one another, to forgive others, to help others, and to think about the needs of others. The following students were recognized by their teachers for exemplifying the character trait of caring.
Second grade: Emma Sullivan, Melina Aceti, Megan Wessner, Anthony Ceccato, and Nathan Hunt
Third grade: Julianna DeSimone, Abigail Fay, Samantha Garcia, Vanessa Shores, and Brian Minton
Fourth grade: Sydney Khreis, Hayley Latvala, Cassie Moss, Cassandra Shores, and Dilshawn Randhawa
Fifth grade: James Martin, Andrew Carlson, Melanie Sweeney, Samantha Lesinski, and Leah Jasek
   Honorees not pictured are Austin Haak, Gabriella Sciortino, Jamir Williams-Middleton, and MaryElisabeth Rustowicz.

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