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Islettes Elite Continue Long Tradition of Baton Twirling

By Shelbey Bidell

Miss Grand Island Majorettes Named - 2007

2007 Miss Grand Island Majorettes pictured (left left) are Joelle-Yvette Scheffler and Emelie-Jo Scheffler; (back) Alyssa Fuoco, Rebecca Sobol and Alissa Bailey
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   The Islettes Elite hosted a Spring Twirling Festival on Sunday, May 1st. The day-long event attracted twirlers from the region to compete in solo as well as group events. Miss Heidi Sue Mumm, the coach of the Islettes Elite, also served as contest director and organizer.
   A pageant was held during the event to name 2007 Miss Grand Island Majorette and was open to Grand Island residents only who competed in modeling and solo twirling to earn the title and tiara.
   Joelle-Yvette Scheffler was crowned Little Miss Grand Island Majorette, Juvenile Miss Grand Island Majorette is Emelie-Jo Scheffler, Pre-Teen Miss Grand Island Majorette was awarded to Alyssa Fuoco, Junior Miss Grand Island Majorette is Alissa Ann Bailey and the Senior Miss Grand Island title went to Rebecca Sobol.
   This event helped raise much needed funds for the upcoming national championships in South Bend, Indiana in July. "Thank you to all the parent volunteers for their participation and help with all aspects of the event. Your efforts are making these girls dreams become reality," a spokesman for the group said this week.

Islanders Compete For Miss Majorette of New York - 2007

(left) Katelyn Benns, Rebecca Sobol, Alissa Bailey, Molly Wynne and in front Allison Ewert
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   The Island’s own twirling athletes were awarded the coveted Miss Majorette of New York the past weekend at a state wide competition held at Williamsville North High School. Winners included Alissa Bailey (Beg 13-15), Katelyn Benns (Beg 10-12), Allison Ewert (Beg 0-6), Rebecca Sobol (Int 16+), and Molly Wynne (Nov 13-15). They were presented trophies and sashes after competing in three events (solo twirling 40%, modeling with interview 20% and strutting 40%) for a combined total granting them the title of Miss Majorette of New York. Each state winner is eligible to go on to the Miss Majorette of America held in South Bend Indiana this July at the famed Notre Dame University to compete with other state and regional title holders from around the country.
   Bailey and Sobol are coached by Kelli Russell of Williamsville and Wynne is coached by her teammate Rebecca Sobol of Grand Island. The twirlers are members of the Islettes Elite directed by Heidi Sue Mumm. Ewert is coached by Judy Evens of Niagara Falls and is a member of the Niagara Royalettes. Benns is a soloist coached by Lisa Wasson Rivera of Lewiston.
   Islanders, Alissa Bailey and Allison Ewert were also crowned Rose Queen for outstanding modeling and interview. They received a sash, trophy and tiara for their efforts.
   Other Island athletes who competed for Miss Majorette of New York included Emelie-Jo Scheffler, Erika Ewert, Shelbi Mikas, Joelle-Yvette Scheffler, Emily Fuoco, Heather Murray, Bethany Wynne, Laura Dolan, Alyssa Fuoco, and Anna Nicola.
   Emelie-Jo Scheffler win in Miss Majorette solo and Alyssa Fuoco wins in Miss Majorette modeling and solo twirling where recognized with 1st place metals.
   The Islettes Elite National Team competed in group events including pom-pom, dance twirl and parade corps.

Island Twirlers Compete In Twirlmania Contests at Disney World - 2007

Rebecca Sobol and Alissa Bailey compete at the Milkhouse in the Wide World of Sports Complex - (right) Awards ceremony held on the stage of the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular at Disney-MGM Studios

Alissa Bailey, Heidi Sue Mumm and Rebecca Sobol celebrate after the parade in front of Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom
(right) Alissa gets a hug from Tigger.

Heidi Sue Mumm judges soloists at the Milkhouse.

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   Island athletes Alissa Bailey, 14 and Rebecca Sobol, 16 competed at Twirl Mania in the Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida February 16–19, 2007.
   The event included soloists and teams from around the world competing in the sport of baton twirling. Over the four-day event the girls competed for the title of Miss Twirl Mania in their respective divisions and age groups. Other open events included solo twirling, X-strut, basic strut, military strut, and best appearing.
   Alissa Bailey brought home a 2nd place medal in military strut and a 4th place medal in auxiliary rifle solo. She also placed 6th in Miss Twirl Mania. Rebecca Sobol earned a 2nd place medal for basic strut among the thousand twirlers attending. The awards ceremony was held on the stage of the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular in Disney-MGM Studios.
   Miss Heidi Sue Mumm, coach of the Grand Island Islettes Elite, was selected from judges across the continent to travel to Orlando to adjudicate various events at the prestigious competition.
   As part of the ‘Year of a Million Dreams,’ Heidi Sue was granted a wish come true when she was given the special privilege to live her dream by marching in the Disney Parade down Main Street USA with the teams and soloists including Alissa Bailey and Rebecca Sobol and other young twirlers from around the world.
   The girls' solo coach is Mrs. Kelli Russell who also attended the event to support her athletes.
   After the competition all enjoyed time in Walt Disney World for fun, celebration and a magical time.

Islettes Star Fire Performs - 2007

Members of the The Star Fires are (front) Alissa Fuoco, Stephanie Rhodes, Alissa Bailey; (back) Shelby Milkas, Molly Wynne, Rebecca Sobol, Samantha Kenyon
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   The Star Fires, an elite assembly of twirlers from the Islettes premiered their group number at a twirling competition on Sunday, February 11, 2007 at Williamsville East High School. Set to the tune Ramalama (Bang Bang) the Islettes wowed the crowd with their unique style and zombie like costuming and make up. Comments from the judges included ‘awesome exchanges’, ‘cool music’ and ‘good teamwork’. The group will continue to prefect their routine in hope of performing at the national competition in South Bend, Indiana in July.
   The team is coached by Heidi Sue Mumm and choreography for the routine was done by world renowned twirler Chelsea Russell. Members include; Alissa Bailey, Alissa Fuoco, Samantha Kenyon, Shelby Milkas, Stephanie Rhodes, Rebecca Sobol and Molly Wynne.

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