Grand Island Youth Board

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Mission: "To support and enrich the physical, emotional and social well being of youth throughout our community"
Goals: Working collaboratively with youth, town government and community groups to:
  • Develop a comprehensive plan that promotes the use of existing programs and facilities
  • Develop new programs to meet the diverse needs of the youth on Grand Island.

    The Grand Island Youth Board believes that when young people are presented with,
    and given access to, youth development opportunities
    they can: See their own potential and avoid risky behavior.
    Effect positive change in their community, school and neighborhood

    Why we exist

    The Grand Island Youth Advisory Board is an advisory board to the Town Board of Grand Island and is dedicated to the healthy, comprehensive development of Grand Island youth through collaborative action.

    As young people grow and develop from late childhood to adolescence, their sense of community expands greatly.

    Along with their family and school, their community becomes a potentially powerful source of:
    Opportunities to become involved
    Opportunities to be perceived as assets
    Building skills for successful involvement
    Recognition for their contributions

    The Grand Island Youth Advisory Board is working toward communicating accurate and timely information concerning issues facing children and families. We hope to facilitate improved coordination, cooperation, and engagement among the community youth-related organizations and town government.

    What You Can Do

    How All Individuals & Organizations In A Community Can Help Youth Thrive:

    Learn the names of children and teenagers who live near you or work in shops and community centers you frequent. Greet them by name.

    Model a positive, healthy lifestyle. This includes finding peaceful ways to resolve conflict and being motivated to achieve.

    Support efforts to create or expand opportunities for children and youth to participate in teams, clubs and organizations.

    Build at least one informal, ongoing, caring relationship with a child or adolescent.

    Examine your attitudes about children and youth. See young people as resources rather than problems

    Look out for children and youth around you. Help keep them safe. Report dangerous and inappropriate behaviors to parents, school officials, or law enforcement officers.

    GET INVOLVED in volunteer efforts with children and youth.

    A Message From Our Youth

    "Because much of publicity given to American Youth is negative, it is important to recognize the positive attributes of Grand Island's Youth. We strive to act as strong role models for others through our efforts to enrich our community. In doing so, we are contributing to a brighter future.

    Who We Are

    Officially established in 2000, the beginning of the new millennium, the Grand Island Youth Advisory Board consists of 15 community members,
    five of whom are Grand Island youth between the ages of 14 and 19. The Grand Island Youth Advisory Board is interested in input from the community.
    We welcome any suggestion on enhancements to youth you may have to offer. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Grand Island Youth Advisory Board or have any youth-related ideas, please contact the board's chair.

    If you are a member of this organization, we need your help. GIECOM.Net has partnered with the Connections program to help Grand Island as a community "Get it Together." Please visit our website G-I-Together.ORG and fill out our SURVEY. Every group on Grand Island will have its own FREE web page showing: meeting times and location, contact persons, your Mission Statement and a listing of events. We will also be linking your news events that appear in the local media and on IsledeGrande.Com, Grand Island's E-News Source, to your page, maintaining an archived journal of pictures and news. This is the perfect opportunity for your group to connect with potential new members and the community.

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