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A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

New York City Lights - 2002.
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Ice Sculpture

This ice sculpture was created for the Timmins, Ontario Winter Carnival 2002.

A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words!

Terry VonCraig photo

What Beach? Sandy Beach! (click again for a still larger view!)

Buffalo Broadcasting Hall of Fame Site

Randy White

Hello all fellow Islanders!
I'm sending this out to all on my list who grew up in Western New York in the 50's and 60's. Check out the Buffalo Broadcasting Hall of Fame site. There is a virtual treasure trove of goodies from the history of radio and TV in Buffalo. Air checks from the heyday of KB radio (Joey Reynolds, Fred Klestine, Tommy Shannon, to name a few) and much, much more. Check this place out, it'll bring back some fabulous memories as it did for me. Also be sure to check out the links page as there are links to some other fabulous sites with sound clips from radio in Buffalo and Toronto. Please enjoy and drop an e-mail to let me know what you think and how you're doing. Take care all. Randy White
GI Class of 1970 Operations Manager WTHR-TV

Remembering Our Servicemen/Women & Desert Shield

By Teddy Linenfelser

      Servicemen and women from Grand Island, NY joined the coalition forces in Saudi Arabia 10 years ago this week. Many had been deployed months earlier. As family members forwarded the addresses of their relatives serving "over there" - to the Island Dispatch in 1991, editor
Joelle Logue printed every one of them and encouraged all of us to write letters, send cards and boost the moral of our courageous young and not so young men and women. The Island Dispatch was mailed to each and every one of our citizens serving in Operation Desert Shield, a 43-day war to liberate Kuwait from the forces of Saddam, the Iraqi president.
On April 6, 1991 over 300 residents attended the Grand Island Civic Day Celebration at the town hall for our 55 veterans of the Persian Gulf War. A reception followed in the fire hall where coffee, Danish and doughnuts were served. And it was on April 10, 1991 that reservists from the 914th Tactical Airlift Group (TAG), more than 200, returned home from a six-month tour of duty in the Persian Gulf.
The following is list of those who served from Grand Island:
Sgt. John N. Graesser, U.S. Army; SRA Shawn Abbatessa, SSG Daniel Bach, LCDR Brian Binnie, PFC James Borowinski, SPEC Andrea Auten Chapman, PFC David Ciechoski, MSGT USAF Keith H. Coffey, SPC Kevin Corcoran, CPL Christopher Cutonelli, William A. Davis, Gary Douglas DeLong US Coast Guard, SGT Robert L. Drumm, SPC Mark Ewert, SPC Richard A. Fletcher, 2LT Peter C. Fowler, CPT Thomas M. Fowler, Mark S. Gavlak, CPL Ronald Gramza, TG/SGT Douglas Gregory, L/CPL David L. Gross, SPC Thomas C. Heldwein, SGT Richard Hess, PFC Eric Herbst, 1st LT Michele Mangin Imiola, PFC Thomas Kane, HMC Gail Kavanaugh U.S.N., SPC Sean C. Lenhard, WO1 Steven Maglisceau, TSGT Edward Marszalkowski, LT Deonna Maul, SGT Robert J. Moore, SPC Rodney E. Norton, Capt. Timothy Phillips, SPC Greg Przystal, L/CPL William J. Reitz, Dieter Remus, W4 Don Savage, SFC John Savage, SSG Christopher Savoy, CPL LTC David C. Scruggs, Stephen M. Sherwood, PFC Brian Speller, PV-2 Shawn Spier, PFC Randall Staub, SSG Theresa M. Szpala, SPC Marc Thompson, Paul R. Tominich, LT Ronald Ungaro, 1st LT Thomas C. Utz, PFC David Werley, Philip G. Williams USN, LTJG Patricia Wirth.
At least five names are missing from this list. Please notify us at Grand Island E-News if you know of someone who should have been included.

Eagle Sightings on the Island

By William O'Connor

      Tom Burke of West River Road reported Monday, January 8 that he and several other people have seen American bald eagles flying over West River near Navy Island. Eagle sightings have occurred there at this time of year for the past several years. None of these birds appear to be nesting, but they are becoming a more common sight along Lake Erie and the Niagara River according to Burke.
   Many scientists feel that bald eagles and other top predators in the Great Lakes region were driven to the brink of extinction due to the pesticide DDT and other persistent toxins in the environment. Several of these chemicals were banned in the past three decades. The re-appearance of eagles and other top predators is a sign for many people that conditions may be improving here.
   The Niagara River was designated a "globally significant Important Bird Area" by a consortium of environmental and government organizations a few years ago. The river's swift current prevents freezing. Open water provides year-round habitat for many aquatic species including osprey (sea eagles), swans, sandpipers, turns, and several heron and gull species. For more information about bird sightings in our area, readers may call dial-a-bird, a service of the Buffalo Museum of Science, (716) 896-1271.
   Burke hopes that someday, he and his children will see bald eagles nesting in the islands of the Niagara.

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