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Principal Frank J. Cannata

Sidway Holiday Sing-Along - Dec. 2003

(center) Physical Education teacher Brian Willats and godson (right - click for larger view)
Jodi Hayes Robinson Photos

   Sidway School students enjoyed their annual Holiday Sing-Along on Monday, December 22, 2003. Everyone joined in singing to many old favorites with "NY Rockin' Review," a four piece band. The kindergarten classes sang "Jolly Old St. Nicholas," while the first graders sang "On Christmas Morning" and "Suzy Snowflake." Principal Frank Cannata read "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" with the pages displayed on a huge screen on the stage. A first grade student played his violin and received a standing ovation after playing "Jingle Bells" beautifully. Santa made a visit and listened as first grade teacher Mrs. Marie Hartz's students sang "Peace On Earth." Many Sidway teachers became back-up singers and filled the stage singing "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree." The program ended with everyone singing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas."

Sidway Decorating Contest - Dining Room vs. Kitchen - Dec. 2003


Jan Rogers, Helen Tomkinson, Helen Martinic and Luanne Shelvin
Jodi Hayes Robinson Photos

   The ladies in the dining room and kitchen of Sidway School put in many hours (all personal) in their quest to be named "best decorated." It started as a challenge before Thanksgiving and after a period of two weeks the decorations were complete. Faculty and staff of Sidway have been asked to vote by email from December 17-19, 2003. The kitchen crew was declared the winners on Monday, December 22, 2003. Nice job ladies!
Rose Bell, Sue McMahon, Lisa Kaufman and Margie Walker
Jodi Hayes Robinson Photos

Sidway's Sleigh Full Of Toys - Dec. 2003

Jodi Hayes Robinson Photo
   Sidway first grade teacher Julia Fuchs was listening to the radio when she first heard about the "World's Largest Toy Drive."
    Local radio station Kiss 98.5 is sponsoring the drive and toys will be given to eligible parents at the St. Adalbert Response To Love Center in Buffalo. Ms. Fuchs, her class and lots of Sidway employees and families donated many toys. Principal Frank Cannata and Ms. Fuchs, on Monday, December 15, 2003, delivered the gifts to the radio station.

Sidway's Singing Santa

   Sidway School Principal Frank Cannata received an early Christmas gift from his mom, Mary Lou Cannata, this year! A five foot singing, dancing Santa that also sings karaoke has a special spot in the principal's office.

Student Artists At Sidway - Dec. 2003

Jodi Hayes Robinson Photos - Click photos for a larger view.

   Sidway School students in art teacher Theresa Barnack's classes have been very busy. The theme in art this year is "Animal Art." The projects are displayed as you come into the school and down the first floor hallway.
   The kindergarten classes learned all about the butterfly life cycle. They then made a collage of the complete life cycle using construction paper, tissue paper, clothes pin, pipe cleaner, styrofoam container, paint and glue.

   The foyer at the school entrance showcases the "Seascape Diorama" and the "Bird Habitat." A diorama is a three-dimensional construction of collaged objects built in a shallow box. Joseph Cornell, an American artist, was famous for creating box collages. The students created a seascape diorama in class using artwork and found objects. Paint soaked string was used for seaweed, modeling clay was formed into sea creatures and found objects such as shells, rocks, driftwood and weeds completed the seascape habitat.
   The young artists created a bird habitat. Bird sculptures were formed by using jumbo beads, feathers, model majic, bumpy chenille, wiggly eyes, shredded paper, string, sticks, glue and water.

   Henri Rousseau (1844-1910) was a great French painter who never went to art school. He is best known for jungle paintings with hundreds of thick, green leaves, flowers and tropical animals. Rousseau taught himself to draw by observing animals in the zoo, plants in the botanical gardens and lots of practice.
   The students created a jungle picture in the style of Rousseau. They first drew wild animals by observing them in pictures. Then they used a fun print making technique with real leaves to create the exotic jungle foliage.

Kinder-Kids From Sidway Visit Nursing Home - Nov. 2003

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   Elderwood at Riverwood resident Mary Ann Marinello enjoyed a recent visit from Joel Peppers and Allison DeMartin. The Kinder-Kids from Ms. Barbara Goldman's and Mrs. Patricia Hitcho's classes at Sidway School made their annual visit to the Health Care Center. The children entertained the residents with songs and poems and brought Thanksgiving greetings and facial tissue.

Sidway Celebrates Halloween - 2003

Jodi Hayes Robinson Photos

   Halloween was celebrated with colorful costumes and tasty parties at Sidway. Some students were dancing in the dark in the auditorium, while others did a little bit of school work as in Mrs. Cheryl Stotts first grade class. - Click the group photo for larger view

"Weird Science" Visits Sidway Students - 2003

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   Lester, the Scientist visited Sidway School on Tuesday, October 28, 2003 and entertained the students with science magic. Thanks to the Sidway PTA, the children learned that science is "all around us." One of Lester's student assistants helped show how molecules are the "building blocks for the whole world" through a disappearing magic trick. Other student assistants showed how centrifugal force works with the help of hula hoops. Lester had a large tissue paper balloon that was filled with hot air and floated to the ceiling. The students had a wonderful time learning about science and magic.

"In the Black Rectangle" by Sidway Kindergarten Students - October 2003

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   "In the Black Rectangle" was inspired by Vasily Kandinsky an Abstract artist from Moscow (1866-1966). Sidway School kindergartners learned what abstract art is and how it is different from realistic art. They learned about an artist who created abstract art and how he created art while listening to classical music. The children then created their own abstract art incorporating line, shape and color, while listening to classical music in art.

Self-Portraits by Sidway First Graders - 2003

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   First graders in Theresa Barnack's art class at Sidway School reviewed what a self-portrait is and who makes it. The students created their own self-portrait focusing on facial details, neck and top of shoulders. They used a mirror to look at their own personal details such as the color of the eyes (iris), the pupils, the hair, eyelids, eyebrows, etc. The skin was painted with a liquid watercolor paint.
   After the portrait was done the students had a treasure hunt through letters to find the letters in their name. They then collaged their name and created a symmetrical and balanced design with geometric foam shapes to frame the self-portraits.

Sidway School Students Enjoy Fire Prevention Program - 2003
(Left) Sidway Principal Frank Cannata and 2nd Assistant Fire Chief Christopher Soluri demonstrate the Stop, Drop and Roll procedure; Sidway 1st grade students listen to Fire Company representative; EMS Lieutenant Joseph Torregrossa explains a head block and other rescue equipment.
Sidway kindergarten classes are shown on their walk to Fire Headquarters Friday, Oct. 10, 2003, in the main truck house, and in the Dispatch Office with Dispatcher Roseanne Krause.

Dan McMahon Photos - Click photos for larger view
   Grand Island Fire Company firefighters hosted Sidway School first graders at Fire Headquarters on the morning of Friday, October 10, 2003 and the Sidway Kinderkids in the afternoon. The students, who walked from the school on Baseline north of Grand Island Blvd. to the fire hall, watched and participated in a Stop, Drop, and Roll demonstration and listened to various firefighting and emergency medical information geered to their age level.

Meet The Lunch Ladies - 2003

Sue Trautman McMahon, cook-manager, Sidway School
Story and Photo By Jodi Robinson
   Ancesters of Sidway School Cook-Manager Sue Trautman McMahon settled on Grand Island in the 1850s on what is now Bedell Road-west. Her grandfather divided the homestead between his children and Sue grew up on Bedell.
   Sue started her schooling at Sidway, then went over to Huth for a few years. Kaegebein School was next, and then she returned to Sidway for junior high. She had to journey over the bridge for high school, where she graduated from Riverside High. Sue has been married for over 30 years and has two grown daughters.
   The lunch lady career began in 1984 as a substitute in the kitchen at Kaegebein Elementary. She eventually had a permanent position but when Sidway reopened in 1993, Sue was asked to be the cook-manager. The Sidway kitchen is a "great place to work." Sue mentions the staff enjoys each other's company both in and outside of work. Most of the people have been together for the past five years. Some of the ladies have been going to Weight Watchers together and two have made their goal while Sue has .8 pounds to reach her goal.
   There are 435 students enrolled this year at Sidway and their favorite items on the lunch menu should not surprise you. Pizza is number one, followed closely behind by hot dogs and peanut butter and jelly. Brunch for lunch and is also a favorite. Sue says interacting with the young students is the best part of her job. She wanted the parents to be reminded that a nice breakfast is offered daily with a choice of cereal, baked good, fruit and juice for those who don't have time in the morning
   At home Sue also likes to cook, with baking as her specialty, cookies, cakes etc. On weekends, she can also be found helping out at her brother-in-law's restaurant, McMahon's, when he needs a hand. Collecting tea pots is a favorite pastime, 45 at last count.

Sidway's Annual Grandparents Pancake Breakfast - 2003

(center) Hazel and George Rowe and granddaughter, Lisa - Click Photos For Larger View
Jodi Hayes Robinson Photos

   Over 200 grandparents and children waited in line Tuesday morning, September 30, 2003 for the annual Charlotte Sidway School Grandparents Pancake Breakfast. Sidway Cook-Manager Sue McMahon stated that even though there are less students enrolled than last year, her staff will still serve over 1000 breakfasts over the five-day schedule. Tuesday was the big day with 235 reservations. The breakfast has been served since Sidway reopened in 1993.

Sidway First Grade Field Day - 2003
   Jodi Hayes Dodd Photos - Click the photos for a larger view

   The Sidway School First Grade Field Day was held Tuesday, June 17, 2003. It was a beautiful day and the students enjoyed the first all play day of the summer season.

Sidway First Grade Flag Program - 2003

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   The first grade students at Sidway School entertained their parents and friends with a musical program on Friday, June 13, 2003. Numerous patriotic songs were sung by the six first grade classes of Mrs. Cheryl Stott, Mrs. Deb Szaflarski, Mrs. Pam Suszczynski, Miss Nancy Peterson, Mrs. Linda Harbison, Mrs. Dianne Tiede, Mrs. Krista McNulty and Miss Kim Rampino. A flag that was brought back from Afghanistan by first grader, Jacob McMahon's father, Sean McMahon was proudly displayed on the wall of the gym. Mr. McMahon is a member of the United States Air Force Reserves.

Sidway First Graders Tour Huth Road Elementary - June 2003


Jodi Hayes Dodd Photos - Click For Larger View

   The first grade students from Sidway who will enter Huth Road Elementary School in the fall, visited the Huth Road School on Thursday, June 5, 2003. Principal Mary Haggarty welcomed the students in the auditorium before the Huth Road 5th grade band played two selections led by Band Director Mr. Alan Ripley. Two groups were formed with one staying to see a slide presentation and the other group taken on a tour of the school by 5th grade students.

Retired Custodian Volunteers At Sidway - May 2003
Jodi Hayes Dodd Photos - Click photos above for larger view
   The students in Mrs. Cheryl Stott's first grade class look forward to Mr. Frank Ciszek's visits every Thursday morning. Mr. Ciszek retired as custodian at Huth Road School in 1986 after working there since 1963. Mr. Ciszek works with small groups of children, reinforcing many skills that have been taught throughout the year. During snack time the children enjoy listening to a book that Mr. Ciszak brought to share with them. Everyone in Mrs. Stott's class is fortunate to have such a kind, sincere and enthusiatic volunteer like Mr. Ciszak.
   Mr. Ciszek still has the 700+ cards he received from students at the time of his retirement.

Sidway Class Play, "A Day in Space" - 2003
   Jodi Hayes Dodd Photos - Click the photos for a larger view

   First grade students of Mrs. Pam Suszczynski and Mrs. Deb Szaflarski were outstanding actors and actresses in their class play, "A Day in Space." The play was performed on May 22, 2003 for their families. The students were very lucky to have their principal, Mr. Frank Cannata, play the piano to accompany their singing. The play was a wonderful way for the children to learn about the solar system because it included many different ways to learn such as, reading, writing, acting, singing, role-playing, and listening.
   The use of these different methods successfully enhanced the children's ability to meet the NYS Science Standards for the unit about the solar system. This play also gave the students great pride and self-confidence in themselves.
   "We want to thank everyone who helped us to be so successful! You are "OUT OF THIS WORLD."
Mr. Frank Cannata - Principal and Music Director
Mrs. Sally Black - stage director
Mrs. Christine Clendening
Mr. Arnie Beck and Mr. Kevin Astridge
Mr. Gary Bolles, Mrs. Van Norman, Mrs. Garten, Ms. Posch - Scenery and Costumes.

Sidway's Project Adventure - May 2003

Kathleen Ganz Photo - Click photo for a larger view
Sidway first graders shown outdoors for "Project Adventure."

   The annual Sidway Outdoor Project Adventure took place May 21-22, 2003 at Sidway's Outdoor Learning Center and the nature trail behind Sidway School. Special Area teachers Mrs. Theresa Barnack, Mrs. Karen Beacher, Mrs. Christine Clendening, Mrs. Jennifer Marsala, Mrs. Dianne Tiede, Mr. Brian Willats, and special guest teacher, Jeff Johnston, collaborated with the theme of nature and outdoors. High school interns Derek Kirkendall and Michael Fortunate also provided volunteer assistance.
   The concept of Project Adventure involves teamwork and cooperation. Librarian Mrs. Beacher presented interesting facts from Jim Arnosky's book, "Crinkleroot's Guide To Walking in Wild Places." The children examined pictures of animal tracks, insects, plants, and even tried out Mrs. Beacher's walking sticks.
   Mrs. Barnack had the children work on creating designs on drums they made in art class after looking at patterns and designs from Native Americans. They were also encouraged to draw things they observed on the nature trail or things they saw in Arnosky's book. Mrs. Clendening led the children on a legend map of weather and sounds using body percussion and sounds from the drums the children created.
   Hiking on the trail, the children had the opportunity to see different habitats while reaping the benefits of cardiovascular activity. They observed woodland plants and heard different birds. The walk on the trail unified elements of science and physical education curriculum. This interdisciplinary approach brought art, music, library, physical education, and science, together for the enjoyment of all.

Kindergarten Orientation 2003 At Sidway
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Kindergarten Orientation 2003 took place at Charlotte Sidway School on Wednesday, May 14, 2003. The new "Kinder-Kids" participated in classroom activities and had a ride on a school bus while parents attended informative workshops.

Elderwood Residents Visit Sidway - May 2003
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Jodi Dodd Photos
   The Sidway kindergarten classes of Mrs. Pat Hitcho and Ms. Barb Goldman hosted a group of Elderwood at Riverwood residents on Wednesday, April 30, 2003. Activities Director Becky Fronckowiak, six residents and two aides learned about class activities including morning excercises, "centers" (which is the favorite time of day), math, the alphabet and making a birthday book. The classroom visits were separated into Mrs. Hitcho's class in the morning and Ms. Goldman's in the afternoon. Everyone met in the dining room at mid-day and had a delicious lunch. After the visit with Ms. Goldman's class, the classes and residents gathered in the fitness room for a sing-a-long. The residents made gifts (shown above) for the children.

Kindergarten Musical - "Hello To All The Children Of The World" - 2003

Barb Swagler Photo - Click photo for larger, more complete view

   The "Kinderkids" of Sidway School entertained their families on Thursday, April 10, 2003 with a musical program arranged and directed by Mrs. Christine Clendening. Each class performed two songs depicting a different country. Mexico, Canada, Italy, Japan, France and Morocco were represented by the students of Miss Sue Andrews, Miss Joyce Cowan, Ms. Barb Goldman, Mrs. Lani Black, Mrs. Elaine Freedman and Mrs. Pat Hitcho.

Sidway Families Enjoy Ice Cream Social - 2003
Barb Swagler Photos - Click photo for larger view

   The Sidway School PTA hosted its annual Ice Cream Social on April 3, 2003 and provided entertainment by Glen Colton, a children's entertainer from Orchard Park. Guest "scoopers," the Sidway School secretaries and staff, were kept very busy by the large number of students and their families

Yellow Dino Visits Sidway To Talk About Personal Safety - 2003
Jodi Hayes Dodd Photos - Click photo for larger view

   First graders from Mrs. Benevento and Mrs. Lipp's classrooms learned a lot about personal safety on Thursday, April 3, 2003. Yellow Dino came to the school with Miss Sharon to talk about the different things children can do to be safe. "Keep your eyes open - to see what's happening, act - use feet to move out of the way, feel - listen to what your heart tells you in an emergency - yell for help, use your voice. The children also learned the Dino secret, the Yellow Dino Yell. If a tricky stranger gets close to you, yell, "help, this is not my dad!" Another good pointer was "take three steps back and run like the wind," if a tricky stranger gets too close. The Sidway School students also learned that bad people can look nice so be aware.

Fantastic Friends Meet For Brunch At Kaegebein - April 2003
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   Mrs. Chadwick's fourth grade class from Kaegebein and the kindergarten class of Mrs. Hitcho from Sidway held their annual Springtime brunch on April 4, 2003 at Kaegebein as part of their "Fantastic Friends" partnership. The children enjoyed a brunch of eggs, pancakes, sausages, muffins, fruit, and drinks. They also made a bunny craft and had an egg hunt. The "Fantastic Friends" meet throughout the year, working together on different projects, and will meet for the last time this year in June for a picnic at Sidway.

Sidway First Graders Have Egg-Citing Day! - 2003

Jodi Hayes Dodd Photos - Click for larger view
   The first graders in Mrs. Pam Suszczynski and Mrs. Deb Szaflarski's classrooms had an egg-citing day on Monday, April 7, 2003. To celebrate spring break, the students were treated to a delicious brunch in the dining room prepared by their parents. Thanks to Kitchen Manager Mrs. Sue McMahon for scrambling up the eggs!
   After brunch, the students sewed paper eggs to fill with jelly beans and searched the fitness room for eggs that were filled with erasers, stickers and candy. The egg-citing day ended with the bunny hop and the hokey pokey.

Sidway Students' Artwork At Amherst Museum - 2003

Sidway first grader Keegan Belstadt gets a boost from his aunt, Trisha Zimmer, as he admires his artwork on display this month at the Amherst Museum.

    Sidway Elementary School's young artists will have their work on display through April 25, 2003 at the Amherst Museum. As an active member of the New York State Art Teachers Assocation, Sidway art teacher Theresa Barnack was invited to sumbit student work for the show.
   "I was able to submit four student works, but because I incorporated four pieces into one frame, I was able to include seven children this year," Mrs. Barnack said.
   Sidway exhibitors are Benjamin Shaw Ashley Gugino, Natalie Schultz, Hiba Al-Naji, Kyle Lindquist, Keegan Belstadt, and Mariah Koepp.

Grand Island Teacher Chosen Dunlop Educator Of The Week - 2003

Click photo for larger view

   A Grand Island kindergarten teacher has been chosen as the Dunlop Educator of the Week. Marie Hartz, who has taught kindergarten at Sidway Elementary School since it re-opened in 1990, was nominated by parent Susan Miles.
   Mrs. Miles, who helps in the classroom one afternoon a week, nominated Mrs. Hartz for the "amazing way" that she presents lessons in the classroom.
   "I feel the most important thing that she has taught to the class is to 'solve your problems in a peaceful manner,'" Mrs. Miles said.
   "She has also used this concept in trying to explain to the children that Saddam Hussein does not want to solve his problems in a peaceful manner and that our President is doing everything he can to try and get that accomplished.
   "I couldn't ask for a better teacher for my son," Mrs. Miles said.
   Mrs. Hartz said she was pleased with the nomination, and that she views her teaching career as a way to say thank you to the Grand Island School District.
   "My daughters went to school on Grand Island and had excellent teachers. I want to give my students the same opportunities my daughters had," she said, thanking especially Mr. Prozik, Mrs. Kupiac, Mrs. Starck and Mr. Bessel for their strong influence on her daughters.
   As an educator of the week Mrs. Hartz will receive a $250 savings bond from WBEN radio and Dunlop Tire, and will be recognized at a dinner in May at the Adam's Mark in Buffalo.
   Mrs. Hartz and the other 12 weekly educators will be eligible to win the Educator of the Year designation, with a grand prize of a $500 Savings Bond, and an all-expenses paid trip for two to Kissimmee, FL.

Sidway Students' Artwork At Library - 2003

Sidway Elementary School students invite the public to see their artwork on display this month (April) at the Memorial Library on Bedell Road. From left are Natalie Argy, James Osborn, Grace Bolton, Joseph Berdi, and Genesis Caspedes.

   Sidway School's kindergartners and first graders will have their artwork on display this month at the Grand Island Memorial Library. Art teacher Theresa Barnack said the art work is in connection with the district wide art theme: "The Art of Nature and Landscapes." There are paintings influenced by VanGogh, Cezanne, Homer Winslow, and others. Mrs. Barnack said the children have learned a variety of visual art concepts, such as still life, seascapes, landscapes, warm colors, cool colors, collage, and art in different cultures. "There is also art work reflecting our author visitor's poem, When I Dream, she said. Kindergartners whose artwork is in the conference room display area are Alasia Adams, Brianna Brandon, Nicholas Brink, Robert Ellegate, Russell Gorcheck, Christina Rossitto, Margaret Rustowicz, Jordan VeRost and Bethany Wynne.
   Showcases in the library's foyer feature artwork of several first graders. Displaying clay leaf prints in conjunction with the district wide theme of The Art of Nature and Landscapes are Sena Arman, Jacob Athoe, Peter Chopra, Joshua DeBole, Thomas Doctor, Emily Glose, Andrew Grinchisin, Madeline Jackson, Zachary Jones, Brittany Little, John Loncher, Vincent Malpica, Joseph Medley, Brentyn Mendel, Alexandra Montesano, Kaitlyn Norton, Jordan Phetteplace, Zoann Pittman, Marissa Ruffolo, Vincent Shores, Christopher Stawiasz, Brandon Stevenson, Nicholas Young and Jaydon Wegrzyn.
   First graders whose work is in the conference room display area are Natalie Argy, Grace Bolton, Jacob Burford, Genesis Cespedes, Ashley Gugino, Michael Kleinschmidt, Elizabeth LoBrutto, Gregory Nicolia, James Osborn, Paul Sukmanowski and Joseph Verdi.

Sidway Students Enjoy Author Visit - March 2003
Author Kimberly P. Johnson and enthusiastic audience.
   Jodi Hayes Dodd Photos - Click the photos for a larger view

   The Sidway PTA sponsored a great time for all the students on Thursday, March 27, 2003. One of the events was a visit from Kimberly P. Johnson, an author of children's books. She wrote "The Adventures of the Itty Bitty Bunny," "The Adventures of the Itty Bitty Frog," and "Tag-Along Fred" among others. Miss Johnson entertained the students at three assemblys throughout the day. To coincide with the author visit, parents read Miss Johnson's books to the students in the gym and then they had physical activity stations centered on each book. The four stations were soccer relay, rock wall, scooter relay and baseball/football. To coincide with the author visit, the students gathered in the gym where parents read to them from Miss Johnson's books. They also enjoyed physical activity stations centered on each book.

Sidway Kindergartners Enjoy Bedtime and Books - March 2003
Shown from left are Miss Littlefield's class, Mrs. Ivancie and Miss Jagiello's Class and Principal Frank Cannata with all of the winners.
   Kim Baldassare Photos - Click the photos for a larger view

   Kindergarten students from Sidway School enjoyed the Bedtime and Books program on the evening of Thursday, March 13, 2003, and received a book from RIF for their participation. They were able to go to different stations where their teachers, their librarian Mrs. Karen Beacher and their principal, Frank Cannata read stories to them.

Sidway Yearbook Coloring Contest Winners - 2003
Shown from left are Miss Littlefield's class, Mrs. Ivancie and Miss Jagiello's Class and Principal Frank Cannata with all of the winners.
   Jodi Hayes Dodd Photos - Click the photos for a larger view

   March 2003. . .The Sidway PTA sponsored a coloring contest with the winners' pictures to be displayed in the yearbook. The theme of the yearbook and the contest was "Many Friends, One World." Most students participated and did a great job. The first place winners received a classroom pizza party and certificate, the runners-up received a certificate. First place in the kindergarten competition was Austin Mahoney from Mrs. Ivancie's class, and runner-up was Christian Bauman from Mrs. Hitcho's class. Nicholas Demita from Miss Littlefield's class won first place in first grade and runner-up was Emily Valint from Mrs. Szaflarski's class.

Sidway Small Theatre Presents! - March 2003
   Jodi Hayes Dodd Photos - Click the photos for a larger view

   Sidway Small Theatre presented "The Little Red Hen Makes A Pizza," on March 6 and 7, 2003. The performers were first grade students of Mrs. Marge Benevento and Mrs. Diane Lipp. The story is of a little red hen who is trying to get her farm animal friends to help her make a pizza. Through 3/4 of the play the animals don't want to help because they are too busy doing other things. Then they smell the pizza baking and decide that they will help her after all. The story was told through eight different adorable song and dance numbers.

Sidway Students Learn About Poison Prevention - March 2003

Jodi Hayes Dodd Photos - Click for larger view
University of Buffalo School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences students visited Sidway School on Tuesday, March 4, 2002. Six teams of UB students were sent to do a Poison Prevention presentation to all the kindergarten and first grade students. The program focused on the many different ways poison can get into your body, what to do in an emergency, how poison can look like candy, and preventative measures. Shown is Miss Andrews' kindergarten class.

Sidway Students Present "Share a Winter Smile" - February 2003

Jodi Hayes Dodd Photos - Click for larger view
Miss Maureen Littlefield's 1st graders and Miss Sue Andrews' kindergarten class entertained their parents and relatives on Thursday, February 27, 2003 with a play titled "Share a Winter Smile." The students told the story, written by their teachers, of a boy who hated winter. Singing, dancing and wonderful costumes along with great enthusiasm made this a very enjoyable production.

Sidway School Celebrates 100th Day of School - 2003
Jodi Hayes Dodd Photos - Click photos for larger view

   The first grade students of Mrs. Pam Suszczynski, Mrs. Deb Szaflarski and Mrs. Marge Benevento were treated to a performance by JuJu Beans The Clown on Thursday, February 13, 2003. Sidway School classes celebrate the 100 day milestone every year. Along with JuJu Beans (grandmother of an attending student), the children sat at tables with ten different snacks from which they were to take ten pieces each to put in their snack bag. A fun and delicious time was enjoyed by these lucky first graders!

Sidway School Art Classes Create Masks - 2003

Jodi Hayes Dodd Photos

   First graders in Theresa Barnack's art class at Sidway School created masks out of plaster strips over a face mold. After that was dry, a layer of gesso was applied. The students then listened to the story "My Many Colored Days" by Dr. Seuss to see how an artist could use color to portray an emotion or feeling. The students chose a color and feeling for their mask and painted with an acrylic color. The next session they painted details in many colors after looking at various masks from around the world and observing symmetrical patterns. "We also observed how unique designs were placed in the center. The last class is when the gluing of sequins, yarn, cardboard and painted sticks and beads are added," Mrs. Barnack explained.

Sidway School Students, Parents Enjoy Annual Book Fair - 2003
Jodi Hayes Dodd Photos - Click photos for larger view

   The Sidway Book Fair is being held this week (Feb. 4-6, 2003) in the fitness room during the school day, and in the evening on February 6th. All classes are taking turns visiting the book fair where they are able to purchase books. Pictured left are Miss Cowan's kindergarten class as they look for a special book with their classmates and some family members.
   The public is invited to attend the Family Night on Thursday, Feb. 6 from 6 to 8 p.m. There will be a wide selection of books and other items at 30 percent off cover prices.

Island Teachers Help To Donate Books to Cancer Institute Pediatric Unit - 2003

   Charlotte Sidway faculty members are doing their part to help provide books for the pediatric unit at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Members of the Niagara Frontier Reading Council and teachers from Sidway School have teamed up to purchase $600.00 worth of books for Roswell Park Cancer Institute. The books will be delivered to Roswell by Sidway teachers Julia Lyn Fuchs, Marge Benevento and Kim Rampino, Huth Road Elementary School Principal Mary Haggart and other NFRC members on Wednesday, January 29, 2003. Sidway faculty members Marge Benevento, Sue Andrews, Julia Lyn Fuchs and Kim Rampinothat purchased the books at the Scholastic Warehouse.
   Members of the Niagara Frontier Reading Council and the teachers at Charlotte Sidway School are extremely dedicated to sharing their love for reading with others. "A well-known children’s author, Eleanor Coerr, generously donated some of her autographed books to us, including Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes," Mrs. Fuchs explained. "These books were sold at our NFRC Brunch and profit from these books, in honor of Sadako and other children with Leukemia (and other forms of cancer) were in turn used to purchase books for the children at Roswell Park Cancer Institute," she said.
   The mission of the Niagara Frontier Reading Council is to promote literacy Education, encourage professional development, and to provide community service that fosters literacy within Western New York. We hope to instill a passion for lifelong learning and to encourage readers to build a vision of the future. We are a non-profit organization. Click for further information.

Sidway 1st Graders "On Top of Spaghetti" Week - 2003

Miss Maureen Littlefield's class first grade class. Click for larger photos.
Jodi Hayes Dodd Photos
The first graders in Miss Maureen Littlefield's class read the book, "On Top of Spaghetti" last week. The children spent time on Friday, January 24, 2003 working on four different pasta projects. At the first station, the students cut up vegetables and made a delicious pasta salad. At station two, they were each given a bag of different kinds of dried pasta with which they made a graph organized into separate types and then colored in the graph. Station three was putting the pasta names into A-B-C order and at the last station, they counted the letters in each pasta name.

Sidway 1st Graders Study and Create Model Solar System - Janaury 2003

Miss Marnie Jasinski's first grade class. Click for larger photos.
Jodi Hayes Dodd Photos
Miss Marnie Jasinski's first grade class at Charlotte Sidway Elementary School has been studying Space during the month of January 2003. The students have learned about each of the nine planets, the stars, the sun, the moon, astronauts, and our planet Earth. One of the projects they engaged in during this unit was the creation of a large paper mache model of the Solar System. Each student chose a planet or a star they would like to make and began the very messy process of creating their own piece of the Solar System. "We all had a great time making our planets and stars," Miss Jasinski said this week, "and we enjoy looking at our Solar System hanging above our lockers everyday!"

Sidway's Fun Night 2003 Was Just That - January 2003
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Sidway Elementary School's 3rd annual Family Night was held Friday January 17, 2003. The much anticipated event featured a Family Fitness Obstacle Course, a Basket Raffle, great food, and Sidway's version of Slime Time Games. Eventually slimed was a student from Mrs. Diane Lipp's class. Over 160 incredible baskets were donated by local businesses, Sidway families, and Sidway teachers and staff. There were many happy winners! Sidway students and parents were terrific sports about coming up on stage to get cream-pied, hit with bananas, wet sponges, shaving cream and cheese doodles, all in the spirit of friendly competition and loads of fun.

Sidway Kindergartners Learn About Vincent Van Gogh - January 2003

Right photo is the art work of Natalie Henderson. Click for larger photos.
Jodi Hayes Dodd Photo
Charlotte Sidway School kindergartners created a still life of sunflowers after learning about Vincent Van Gogh in art class. They listened to the story "Camille and the Sunflowers" by Laurence Anholt to learn about VanGogh's life. We looked closely at the paintings and talked about how he used color, shape and texture in his paintings. Students looked at real sunflowers and had a large sunflower still life set up in the middle of the art room to observe while painting. After collaging wallpaper for their tablecloth, they used tempera paint mixed with sawdust to create a thick textural paint, and painted the sunflowers. The vases were cut from paper and colored with oil crayons with the children's signature of their first name... just like Vincent signed on his paintings.

Art Projects By Sidway School First Graders - January 2003
Living Seascape-Mixed Media

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Jodi Hayes Dodd Photo
Charlotte Sidway School first grade students began a recent art project by looking at the art work of many seascape artists including Winslow Homer and Vincent Van Gogh. Discussions followed where they learned about colors (warm or cool) and how colors relate to mood and feeling. The students learned different techniques to use including Gyotaku (Japanese Fish Printing), Eric Carle style collage, and overlapping and mixing colors. The pictures (shown above) were made with acrylic paint, oil crayons, tissue paper, black marker and printmaking ink.

It's Magic - Science Circus with Professor Nosinoff - January 2003

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Jodi Hayes Dodd Photo
Sidway School students on January 16, 2003 were entertained by Nels Cremean, CEO or "Chief Executive Oddball" of IN JEST. IN JEST is a company that entertains, educates and uplifts people. Nels holds a Masters in Education from the University at Buffalo and has trained with artists and directors from Ringling Brothers, Commedia Dell'Arte and Cirque Du Soleil. Working solo and with others, Nels presents several distinct programs that blend theater, juggling, humor and audience participation. The program provided to the Sidway students was the Science Circus where "The Professor" performs math and science demonstrations using circus skills. The students were amazed and amused as they learned about physics, coordination, robotics, mathematic and more. The program was brought to Sidway School through the financing and efforts of the Sidway School PTA.

Sidway First Graders Collect Bears For Nursing Home - 2002

(Left photo) Resident Melva Slish with her husband, Frank. (Right photo) First Grade Teacher Krista McNulty, Elderwood at Riverwood Activities Director Becky Fronckowiak, Brock Tetreault and his mom, Kim Tetreault.
Jodi Hayes Dodd Photos

Sidway School first grader Brock Tetreault came up with an idea after the Rev. Earle King gave each of the parishoners of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church a $1 one Sunday morning and told them to do whatever they wanted with it. Brock's grandfather was in a nursing home last Christmas and he thought the people needed something to hug. "Operation: Teddy Bear" was born. Brock's mother, Kim got together with Sidway School first grade teacher Krista McNulty and all the students brought in stuffed animals. Other donations of plush toys came from St. Martin's parishoners and Grand Island Co-op parents. Several first graders along with their moms and their teacher visited Elderwood Health Care Center at Riverwood on Grand Island Blvd. on Monday, December 23, 2002 and passed out a total of 45 stuffed animals that were collected.

Sidway Students Visit Pizza Hut - 2002

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Kim Baldassarre Photo
Pam Suszczynski's first graders walked to Pizza Hut accompanied by their teacher and parents and a police escort on Tuesday, December 17, 2002. They made their own pizzas and were given a tour of the building.

Holiday Games At Sidway School - 2002

Jodi Hayes Dodd Photo - click left and right photos for larger view

   The Sidway School physical education teachers organized a holiday games program on Friday, December 20,2002. Brian Willats and Jennifer Marsala planned three events that included a scooter relay, a candy cane relay and "pass the present." The students of Maureen Littlefield, Molly Harper, Marie Benevento, Marnie Jasinski, Melissa Taylor and Diane Lipp are shown above having a rip-roaring time.

Sidway Celebrates the Holidays - 2002

Sidway School students and teachers, including Mrs. Cheryl Stott and her first grade students (above), enjoyed a sing-a-long and story on Thursday morning, December 19, 2002. To celebrate the upcoming holiday, Principal Cannata read "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."
Jodi Hayes Dodd Photo

   The week of December 16th through the 20th brought many exciting happenings at Charlotte Sidway School. Classes celebrated with various parties including some whom even walked to Pizza Hut for theirs. In anticipation of Santa’s arrival, the children, teachers and staff held a sing-a-long on Thursday (Dec. 19, 2002). Under the direction of Sidway Music Teacher Christine Clendening, the children sang many favorites including Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer, Christmas is Love, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Sidway Principal Frank Cannata read his favorite Christmas story, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” to the children. The highlight of the morning was a visit from Santa himself.

Sidway School Students Visit Riverwood

Barbi Lare Photos
   Charlotte Sidway Elementary School kindergartners, for the 10th year in a row, visited the residents of the Elderwood Health Care Center at Riverwood on Grand Island Blvd. Youngsters entertained the residents this month, with a whole list of songs and brought Thanksgiving cards and boxes of tissues to them.
   Sometimes one of the residents has a great grandchild in the group so it is doubly as much fun for them. This year, Kyle Staub was able to see his great grandmother while she was in the therapy area. Each of the youngsters delivered a box of tissues to one of the residents personally. During the recent visit, the youngsters and their parents were treated to a tour of the facility with a walk through the kitchen where they were required to wear a white hair net.
   The group then traveled through both floors of the home and sang to the residents. Along with the youngsters, the therapy dog, Rosie, and the Charlotte Bear made the visits.

Sidway School Holds First Grade Halloween Parade - 2002

    All first grade students at Charlotte Sidway Elementary School took part in a Halloween parade of costumes today (October 31, 2002) with each class taking a turn on the stage in the small gym. Shown is Molly Smith as Statue of Liberty with a very real looking torch, who was chosen as the costume favorite. Mrs. Suszczynski's class is shown on the stage.

Sidway School Grandparents' Breakfast 2002

Barbi Lare photos
   Sidway School PTA's annual Grandparents Breakfasts were held the week of September 30, 2002 when over 1000 breakfasts were served in the school dining room. Shown from left are Sidway School Cook Manager Sue McMahon, PTA breakfast coordinators Nancy Bolles and Sue Grenda. George Casey and his granddaughter are also shown enjoying their breakfast at school on September 30th.

Sidway Elementary 911 Remembrance - 2002

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Jodi Hayes Dodd Photo

The entire student body and teachers of Sidway Elementary School attended an outdoor presentation at 9 a.m. Wednesday (Sept. 1, 2002). Principal Frank Cannata read a poem, "I Love Living In The USA," written by a 4th grade student from downstate. The Pledge of Allegiance was then recited under a flag brought back from Afghanistan by Sean McMahon, father of Sidway School kindergartner Jacob McMahon.

First Day Of School 2002 At Sidway


(Barbi Lare photos)
   Schools on Grand Island, including Charlotte Sidway, opened Wednesday (Sept. 4, 2002). Devin Brandon, 3, (shown with mom) is not happy as his sister Brianna is off to school. "He will miss her," his mother said.

Sidway Elementary First Grade Flag Day Celebration - 2002

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The Sidway Elementary first grade Flag Day program took place Friday, June 14, 2002. Due to the many participants, half of the classes performed in the morning with the other half giving an afternoon show. A solo performance of "The Star Spangled Banner" by Cole Smith from Mrs. McMann's class was the highlight of the morning program. Eight patriotic songs were sung by the various classes. The enthusiastic audience, children and teachers joined in at the end to sing "God Bless America."

Riverwood Residents Visit At Sidway

   April 2002. . . Residents of Elderwood Health Care at Riverwood traveled to Charlotte Sidway School for their annual return visit. Earlier in the school year, the kindergarteners visited Riverwood. The visitors, who were entertained by the KinderKids, enjoyed music, games and sharing a special luncheon in the cafeteria. Youngsters are shown gathered around resident, Margaret Villano, a retired teacher and longtime Island resident.

Sidway Students Take the Stage

   Classmates in Miss Sue Andrews' kindergarten and Miss Maureen Littlefield's first grade at Sidway Elementary School entertained parents, grandparents and other relatives and friends with a musical play they produced on the Sidway stage Tuesday, December 18, 2001. Leading the cast of "Find a Friend in Need" were Dalton Pitts as The Rabbit and Natalie Baldassarre as The Lion. The kindergartners and first graders sang many familiar songs which drew a great round of applause from their audience.

Sidway School's First Day 2001

(Barbi Lare photos)
   Grand Island public schools opened Tuesday morning under sunny skies and warm temperatures. Kindergarten and first grade students from Sidway School were photographed on opening day. St. Stephen School students returned to classes Wednesday morning.

Sidway Students Take the Stage

   Classmates in Miss Sue Andrews' kindergarten and Miss Maureen Littlefield's first grade at Sidway Elementary School entertained parents, grandparents and friends and other relatives with a musical play they produced on the Sidway stage Tuesday, December 18, 2001. Leading the cast of "Find a Friend in Need" were Dalton Pitts as The Rabbit and Natalie Baldassarre as The Lion. The kindergartners and first graders sang many familiar songs which drew a great round of applause from their audience.

Sidway Students Learn of One-Room Schools

(Barbi Lare photo)
   After visiting an actual one-room school in Lancaster, the students of Linda Harbison at Sidway School, were visited by a former teacher who had attended a one-room school. Elaine Johnson, now retired, described to the youngster some of the benefits and some of the hardships of attending a one-room school. She also spoke of having to walk to school and because she had older siblings, she had to wear hand-me-down clothes. The retired teacher, who showed pictures of her class and their activities, emphasized that learning was up to each student to learn inspite of conditions.
   Mrs. Johnson taught science in the Kenmore Middle and East high schools for 22 years before her retirement. Her early education was in the country in Iowa, where she also received her Education Degree at Iowa U. She received a Masters Degree from Buffalo State College.

Sidway Students Entertain Riverwood Visitors

After classroom activities, Mrs. Hitcho (right) and students assist a resident as they prepare to go to lunch.
(Barbi Lare photo)
There is a regular exchange of visitors between Sidway School kindergartners and Riverwood Healthcare Center residents. This time, Riverwood residents visited the school to be entertained by Mrs. Goldman's and Mrs. Hitcho's classes in song and classroom activities. A new wrinkle was added to this visit - the visitors stayed for lunch in the cafeteria. A tasty baked chicken was served, much to the delight of the visitors.
   Riverwood visitors Rena Ponton, Anna Mae Cook, Marianne Marinello, Dorothy Tosetto and Sophie Gilbert with volunteer Jane Foster visited with Becky Fronckowiak, Activities Director.

Sidway Book Fair

(Barbi Lare photo)
   Students at Charlotte Sidway School had their annual book fair last week in the activity room with books available on all sorts of topics,and all grade levels. The theme of the program is a 'Reading Tree' where a table for activities was available. Book Fair 2001 is a service of the school's PTA organization.

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