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Principal Frank J. Cannata

Sidway Students Enjoy Annual Sing-A-Long - 2004

Jodi Robinson Photo - Click for full view

   The annual Sidway School Sing-A-Long was held on Wednesday, December 22, 2004. All the students, teachers and quite a few parents gathered in the fitness room to sing and even dance to the holiday songs. Music teacher Mrs. Christine Clendening played the piano and librarian, Mrs. Karen Beecher joined in with her viola for a couple of songs. A funny rendition of Jingle Bells had the audience up and dancing. A slide show was presented that featured holiday pictures of each classroom. Of course, Santa came from Kelly's Country Store for a visit and wished everyone a merry Christmas.

Sidway Kindergarten Students Experience Joy Of Giving - 2004

Photo/story by Joanne Kud - Click for full view

   When Mrs. Julie Fuch’s kindergarten class at Sidway School heard that some kids don’t receive any presents on Christmas morning, they decided to participate in this year’s Toys for Tots Program, which is held in conjunction with Kiss 98.5 and the Marine Corp Reserves. Each student brought to school unwrapped toys to be distributed to less fortunate children in the community.
   The primary goal of Toys for Tots is to “deliver, through a shiny new toy at Christmas, a message of hope to needy youngsters that will motivate them to grow into responsible, productive, patriotic citizens and community leaders.”
   Each student who donated a toy had a big smile on his or her face because they felt great about what they did. They learned that each toy will put a smile on another child’s face.

Pop Art Painting At Sidway - 2004

Students from Mrs. Elaine Freedman's kindergarten class and student teacher Kamie Kozubal and art teacher Mrs. Theresa Barnack.
Jodi Robinson Photos - Click for full view

   Sidway school kindergarten students in Mrs. Theresa Barnack's art class recently worked on a special project with student teacher Kamie Kozubal. They were introduced to the pop artist Keith Haring. The kindergartners learned how Haring's artwork consisted of simple lines and patterns. They learned how he drew his art in subway stations in NYC, on walls, cars, shoes, and anywhere he could find empty spaces. He even began designing costumes for people using his famous patterns. In art, the children created patterns with lines and shapes and then had a chance to paint on Miss Kozubal in her special painter's suit. The class was divided into six sections that worked on a particular body part. This lesson correlated to the district-wide theme "Op Art and Pop Art" which will feature a K-12 art show in May at the Grand Island High School.

Chinese Education Delegation Visits Sidway - 2004

Sidway Principal Frank Cannata and the Chinese Education Delegation.
Jodi Robinson Photo - Click for full view

    The Delegation of Education from Xin-Cheng District, Nanning, Guang Xi, China visited Sidway Elementary School and Principal Frank Cannata on Thursday, December 9, 2004. The Delegation was led by Mr. Xu Wen-xian, vice supervisor of Xin-Cheng District Government and was made up of five elementary school principals and a research worker. Also visiting were three Chinese teachers who have spent the last three months practicing English and observing schools in the Clarence School District

Sidway Kindergartners Bring Cheer To Elderwood Residents - 2004

Frederick Claus Photo - Click photos for larger view
Charlotte Sidway School students from Ms. Goldman and Mrs. Hitcho's Kindergarten class took a field trip to Elderwood Health Care at Riverwood on November 17, 2004. The children brought the residents cards and boxes of facial tissues and lots of holiday cheer. In addition to the gifts, the kindergartners also performed songs they learned in an effort to bring joy to the residents during this holiday season. They are pictured above singing Teddy Bear's Picnic as Ms. Goldman leads the group with her guitar.

Sidway Students Enjoy "First Book Pick" At School's Library - 2004

Click photos for larger view
Charlotte Sidway School kindergarten students in Mrs. Lani Black's class were delighted with the chance to pick a school library book to borrow for the first time. The children, including those shown from left - Julia Koprevich, Julie Major, Emily Jelonek, Zachary Messier, visitor Sean Christian Rustowicz and MaryElisabeth Rustowicz - listened to Ms. Siewell who read a pirate story and also gave the class little bandanas. Sidway School librarian is Mrs. Karen Beacher.

Kindergartners Visit Kelkenberg Farms - 2004

Kindergartner Jack Norgiel, assisted by a member of the farm staff, and parent Mr. Pillers, prepares to ride a pony.
Fred Claus Photos - Click photos for larger view
Charlotte Sidway School students in the kindergarten classes of Mrs. Lani Black's and Mrs. Barbara Goldman's classes took a field trip to Kelkenberg Farms on Wednesday October 20, 2004. Students, teachers and parents toured the farm, and the children were able to ride a pony, milk a goat and visit with all the farm animals. In addition to the animals. The field trip featured a hay ride out to a pumpkin patch where the kindergartners picked their very own pumpkins to take home.

Sidway Art Students Display Work At Conference

    Works of art by students from the Grand Island School District have been selected for an exhibit at the annual conference of the New York State School Boards Association in Buffalo, N.Y. A reception will be held from 6-8 p.m. Thursday, October 21, 2004 for the NYSSBA/NYSATA art exhibit at the New York State School Board Conference at the Buffalo Convention Center. Three students of Sidway Art Teacher Theresa Barnack have work in the show. Madeline Dallessandro who is a first grader at Sidway, Carly Bernatovicz and Mclain Erhard, formerly from Sidway are now second graders. The art exhibit will be located in the Exhibit Hall and work will be arranged alphabetically by school district. This exhibit is organized annually by NYSATA to showcase the artistic achievement of students at the elementary through high school levels. An opening reception will be held on Thursday, October 21 at the Buffalo Convention Center. The New York State Art Teachers Association is comprised of art educators at all levels from preschool to college and administration. Promotion of excellence in art education in New York State for all children is its primary purpose.

Sidway's Grandparents' Breakfast Well Attended - 2004

Reg Schopp Photo - Click photos for larger view
Charlotte Sidway School's annual Grandparents Breakfast was again a huge success. Shown from left enjoying the pancakes and sausage are Dorothy Rowswell, Gloria and Jim Galoppo and their grandson, Travis.

Sidway Students Visit Fire Headquarters - Oct. 2004

Click photos for larger, complete picture.
(left) Students arrive at Fire Headquarters; Class at fire fighting equipment station;
(right) Students ask questions in the communications center
(left) Students at the emergency medical station prepare to board the EMS response van;
(right) students shown inside the EMS van during their walk through.
Dan McMahon Photos.

   Sidway School kindergarten and first grade students with faculty and parent supervision walked from their school on Baseline Road north of Grand Island Blvd. to the Grand Island Fire Company headquarters on Friday, October 8, 2004. Members of the Fire Company led demonstrations at various stations set up for the children and adults. The audience learned about the firefighters' protective gear, the emergency medical equipment and the emergency 9-1-1 communications center. Each student learned and practiced the Stop, Drop and Roll drill in case their clothing were to catch fire. The final station was the fire fighting equipment, the hoses, tools and fire engines. Each student was given a chance to walk through one of the emergency medical vehicles on display.

Sidway Students Learn Bus Safety - 2004

Bus Drivers Barbara Gill (left) and Caroline Fuhrman explain bus safety.
Jodi Robinson Photos - Click for full view

   As part of Grand Island Central School District's bus safety program, the students of Sidway were brought to the Transportation Building during the week of September 20th to learn more about bus safety. Each class viewed a short video that featured "Winnie the Pooh" and his friends learning proper bus riding safety. After the video, drivers Barbara Gill and Caroline Fuhrman went over the rules with the children. The children then took a turn opening and climbing through an emergency hatch and emergency window. Students pictured above are from Mrs. Marie Hartz's looping class. Mrs. Letty Dahlquist was the substitute teacher that day.

First Day Of School - 2004

Fred Claus Photo
   Grand Island schools opened on a rainy Wednesday morning, September 8, 2004. Taking the big step on her first day of school is Mikayla Ann Claus, daughter of Kelly and Fred Claus of Marilyn Drive who is now a kindergarten student at Charlotte Sidway School. Mikayla turns 5 years old today, Sept. 9th.

Sidway School's 1st Grade Flag Day Program - 2004
Dan McMahon Photos - Click for full view

   First graders at Sidway School have been preparing for their First Grade Flag Day Program under the direction of Mrs. Sheryl Rohr and the end result on Monday, June 14, 2004 was something to be very proud of. Pictures of the musical tribute to our flag were taken during the morning show featuring the students of Mrs. Nancy Peterson, Mrs. Cheryl Stott, Mrs. Marie Hartz, Mrs. Pam Suszczynski and Mrs. Karolyn Ivancie, Miss Renee Jagiello and Mrs. Ruppel. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Aric Schrey. The National Anthem was sung by the select singers: Logan Pace, Kyle Staub, Joshua Tavano, Ryan Allen, Giuseppe Campanella, Alexander Garey, Graciana Giambra, Alyssa Pelosi, Christina Rossitto, Emilie Wolcott, Eric Adams, Sara Cichon, Kimberly Huffnagle, Nathan Marino, Lauren Rogoza, Melissa Ullrich, Mathew Wellence, Bethany Wynne, Jordan Yamonaco and Aric Schrey.
   Musical presentations included "It's Flag Day!, Give 3 Cheers For the USA, We Love the USA, This Land Is Your Land," and "America The Beautiful." The program ended with the entire cast and audience singing "Your A Grand Old Flag."
   Another large group of Sidway School first graders presented their Flag Day program in the afternoon of June 14, 2004.

Buffalo Zoomobile Visits Sidway First Graders - 2004
Jodi Robinson Photos - Click for full view

   The Buffalo Zoo "Zoomobile" visited Sidway School's first graders on Tuesday, June 1, 2004. The students learned adaptations and characteristics of three different classes of animals...mammals, birds and reptiles. The students were split into three groups that rotated among the stations. They also learned environmental issues and saw the skins, bones, teeth, horns etc. of many different animals.

Sidway First Graders Enjoy Outdoor Project Adventure - 2004

Jodi Robinson Photos

   The annual Sidway Outdoor Project Adventure took place May 26-27, 2004 at Sidway's Outdoor Learning Center and nature trail behind Sidway School. The concept of Project Adventure involves teamwork and cooperation. Special Area teachers Mrs. Theresa Barnack, Mrs. Karen Beacher, and Mrs. Sheryl Rohr presented art, literature, and music activities under the shelter with the theme of nature, animals and the percussion sounds of weather using the drums the children created in art class. The first grade children embellished their drums with designs from various patterns inspired by Native Americans, while Mrs. Beacher showed various books about animals, plants, insects and interesting facts relating to the hike they were about to embark on with the physical education teachers Mr. Brian Willats and Mrs. Jennifer Marsala. Hiking on the trail, the children had the opportunity to see different habitats while reaping the benefits of cardiovascular activity. They observed woodland plants and heard different birds. Mrs. Dianne Tiede, our nature expert, provides us with a wealth of knowledge to pass along to the children on the hikes. The walk on the trail unified elements of science and physical education curriculum. This interdisciplinary approach brought art, music, library, physical education, and science, together for the enjoyment of all.

Sidway School PTA Officers - 2004

Click photo for a larger view.

   Sidway School PTA Officers installed in the Buffalo Launch Club May 25, 2004 are (front left) President Nancy Major, Principal Frank Cannata, 1st Vice President Ann Giancola, Council Delegate Kim Schopp; (top) Recording Secretary Trish Eichel (seated), Corresponding Secretary Tracy Myers, Treasurer Tracy Kozlowski, Council Delegate Barb Swagler, and 2nd Vice Presidents Bernice Schoener and Maura Rustowicz (seated).

Japanese Koi Fish Visit Sidway School - 2004

Pictured are Mrs. Barnack art teacher, Miss Barth student teacher, kindergartners from Mrs. Hitcho's class. and Mrs. Szabo from Niagara Aquarium.
Jodi Robinson Photos - Click each photo for a larger view.

Story by Sidway Art Teacher Mrs. Theresa Barnack
    Kindergarten students in Mrs. Barnack's art class at Sidway School worked on a special project with student teacher Demeree Barth. They were introduced to Japanese culture and Japanese Koi fish to create a windsock in celebration of the springtime weather. This lesson correlated to the district wide theme of "Animals in Art" which was recently on display in the Grand Island High School's Viking Mall. Some of the art show is currently on display in the foyer window showcases. The koi fish lesson also departed from 2-D space and entered into the third dimension of "moving art." The children learned about Japanese folklore and the symbolic meaning of the koi fish that represent strength, courage and good luck. Miss Barth shared a story with the children entitled "A Carp for Kimiko."
   When Sidway Principal Mr. Cannata observed the lesson, he was excited and called a friend Mr. Szabo, a Sidway parent who owns a fish store in Kenmore, The Niagara Aquarium Pet Shoppe. Mr. Szabo graciously loaned a tank with two baby koi fish for the children to see while were working on this unit. Mr. Brandon, another Sidway parent donated the cardboard circles that the windsocks were painted on. When Ellicott Paint went out of business, Mr. DeGlopper, a grandparent of a Sidway student, sought out and delivered paint that was donated to Sidway. Thank you to all the people who came together to make this and other projects happen!

Sidway Student Wins Art Basket - 2004

Jodi Robinson Photo - Click each photo for a larger view.

   Sidway School student Christina Rossitto won the basket of art supplies at the recent district wide Grand Island art show held on Monday, May 17, 2004. Her name was drawn from all those who correctly filled out a questionnaire. The theme this year is "Animals in Art," and the window showcases in the Grand Island High School Viking Mall will be on display for a limited time.

Sidway's After School Program Features 50's Theme - 2004

Jodi Robinson Photo - Click each photo for a larger view.

   The after school "Y" program at Charlotte Sidway School had a 50's theme party Friday, May 21, 2004. First grade teacher Mrs. Cheryl Stott thought her student Sara Colon was adorable in her poodle skirt. We agree!

Sidway Kindergarten Students Visit Zoo - 2004

Ginger DeMita Photos - Click each photo for a larger view.

   Charlotte Sidway School's entire kindergarten enrollment took a field trip to the Buffalo Zoo on Tuesday, May 18, 2004. Judging by the photos, everyone enjoyed the animals and the good weather.

Kindergarten Orientation At Sidway - 2004

Fred Claus Photo - Click photo for a larger view.

   Charlotte Sidway School's annual Kindergarten Orientation took place Wednesday, May 12, 2004. Current kindergarten and first grade students of Charlotte Sidway school had a half day so that faculty and staff could host the orientation. Grand Island High School student volunteers escorted the visiting kindergartners to the lunch room for a snack, and then to specific rooms in the school where planned activities took place. Parents and students ended the orientation with a bus ride around Grand Island thanks to Transportation Supervisor Jack Burns and his staff.

Monarch Butterfly Transformation at Sidway - 2004

Jodi Robinson Photo - Click photo for a larger view.

   The students at Sidway School watched the human sized transformation of a caterpillar into a monarch butterfly on Wednesday, May 5, 2004. Dr. Donald Birdd, Department Chair of Earth Sciences and Science Education at Buffalo State College has been entertaining students with his incredible performances for over 17 years. It took Dr. Birdd over 600 hours to put the monarch costume together. As he transforms from the cocoon into the butterfly, Sidway Librarian Karen Beacher narrated interesting information about the monarch. The monarch has four wings. The longest living tracked monarch is 4 years old. That means four roundtrip flights to South or Central America over the years. The students then had a chance to ask questions of Dr. Birdd. Members of the Sidway PTA helped man the six learning stations that were set up for the students to learn more hands-on information about insects.

Author K.D. Nelson Visits With Sidway Students - April. 2004

Kathleen Ganz Photo - Click photo to see all of the winners.

   Sidway Elementary students were thrilled when children’s author K.D. Nelson visited their school to read some of her stories and talk about chameleons, the main character in her books.
   Author Committee members Debbie Szaflarski, Pam Suszczynski, Dianne Tiede, Pat Hitcho, Teresa Barnack and Karen Beacher prepared the students by reading Nelson’s books to the children in the library and developing an art project featuring chameleons for each grade level.
   The children also completed a coloring and writing project on the topic, and the teachers presented each classroom with a chameleon shaped magnifying glass as a memento of the author’s visit.
   The author said she enjoyed seeing the children’s artwork and presented a poster to hang in every classroom. One child from every classroom won an award for the most outstanding art project.
    Kindergarten winners are Caitlyn Bykowicz, Arianna Schrey, Natalie Braun, Taylor Cecere, Jakob Ramallo, Tanner Morrow, Udeyvir Cheema, Kyle Burns, Holly Lutnick, Marc Thompson, Joshua Husvar and Emma Smith. First grade winners are Marissa Catanzaro, Shannon Driess, Alyssa Pelosi, Thomas Euscher, Andrew Riederer, Russell Gorcheck, Alyse Borelli, Jordan Russo, Mclain Erhard and Colin Osborn.

Folk Singer Entertains Sidway Students - 2004

Jodi Robinson Photos

   Sidway Elementary students were entertained on Earthday, Thursday, April 22, 2004 by Folk Singer Nan Hoffman. Mrs. Hoffman, who recently moved to Grand Island, presented two shows to the kindergarten and first grade students. The shows included sing-along songs including "The Dandelion Song" and "Oh, I Wanna Be A Dog," which the kids got a big kick out of. Mrs. Hoffman brought along the dancing doll instrument. Wooden dolls in the form of a frog, moose, bear and dog dance on a wooden paddle which Mrs. Hoffman sat on and made a clogging type sound. These were accompanied by traditional songs that are so old that no one knows who originally wrote them. Mrs. Hoffman also sang songs accompanied by her guitar.

Sidway Dining Room Staff Loves April Fools - 2004

Dan McMahon Photos

   Charlotte Sidway School students were quite surprised to see their favorite lunch ladies, Lisa Kaufman (left) and Margie Walker, nearly unrecognizable. It was their way of saying, "April Fools" and getting a laugh or two from the kindergarten and first grade students as well as the faculty and staff.

Working With Clay At Sidway - 2004

Shown are first grade students of Mrs. Julie Fuchs.
Jodi Hayes Robinson Photos - Click each photo for a larger view.

   We caught the first grade class of Mrs. Julie Fuchs in the art room on Wednesday afternoon, March 24, 2004. The students watched art teacher, Mrs. Theresa Barnack go through the process of making a "pinch pot." The first step after being given their chunk of clay was to roll it into a ball. It was tough at first until the clay warmed up in their hands. The students then stuck their thumb into the center and made an opening which they worked until it was their chosen size. Next came the smoothing process to take away the cracks. The pots will now dry until after the spring break. We will get pictures of the finshed product at the end of April.

"I Like School" Presented by Sidway Kinderkids - 2004

Jodi Hayes Robinson Photos - Click photo for a larger view.

   The kindergarten students of Sidway School presented the annual play on Friday, March 26, 2004. Half of the classes performed in the morning while the other classes performed in the afternoon. These shows are always standing room only with the parents and other family members viewing what is usually the first time on stage for their little stars. Nine songs were sung, some accompanied by kazoos and musical instruments.

PARP Games At Sidway - 2004

Shown are first grade students of Mrs. Julie Fuchs.
Jodi Hayes Robinson Photos - Click each photo for a larger view.

   The PARP (Parents as Reading Partners) Games were held in the Sidway gymnasium on Wednesday, March 24, 2004. Physical education teachers Jennifer Marsala and Brian Willats set up the gym with five different activity areas. Volunteer parents from each class began the fun by reading a story to a group of students. After the story, the students traveled to each center which included wall climbing, cross the river, balance beam, shooting baskets and swinging island.

Sidway Students Celebrate St.Patrick's Day - 2004

Ginger DeMita Photos

   Charlotte Sidway School students in Miss Andrews' and Miss Littlefield's classes celebrated St. Patrick's Day with St.Patrick's activity centers in the school dining room and fitness room. The eight centers included math with lucky charms, making leprechaun hats and playing bingo. The kindergartners and first graders, joined by Mrs. Friedman's and Ms.Cowan's kindergarten classes, also enjoyed the performance and demonstations by the the McCarthy School of Irish Dance.

Child Safety Month at Sidway School - Mar. 2004

(Left photo) Fuccillo Chevrolet giving back to the community: pictured are General Manager Tom Kanaley, KidzSafe Foundation Executive Director Alan Shulman with the Yello Dyno and Sidway Principal Frank Cannata; (right photo) Concerned for the welfare of our children Island Pediatrics sponsor Dr. Christopher Mascia (center) is pictured with Sidway PTA President Nancy Major, and Principal Frank Cannata.
Click photos for a larger view.

   Charlotte Sidway School was the setting for a month long Child Safety Program. To start off on March 2, 2004 the University of Buffalo School of Pharmacy presented a poison prevention program to the students. The children were taught the dangers of everyday household cleaners and products that are poisonous if swallowed or inhaled, and what to do in a poison emergency. Each student was given Poison Helpline stickers for their home telephones along with coloring activities and parent information sheets for reinforcement at home.
   The feature focus of this month was the Yello Dyno Child Safety course presented to both the Sidway students and an evening program designed for parents. The Yello Dyno program teaches children through the use of puppetry and music to keep themselves safe from “tricky people” who may try to harm, abuse or abduct them. The yellow dinosaur puppets get the children singing and dancing, and using their voices to show them what to do if they should be victimized. This is the fourth year Sidway PTA has presented this program for its students and the first year to include a Parent Awareness Program. In cooperation with Huth Road and Kaegebein PTAs, over 100 parents attended the parent education event. In past years the Yellow Dyno Program was financed through a New York State Educational grant. Due to cuts in the State budget, this grant money no longer exists. The program was in jeopardy of not taking place, but due to the generosity and commitment of community sponsors, Fuccillo Chevrolet, Island Pediatrics, HSBC Bank and Tops Markets, along with a successful Sidway PTA basket raffle, the children were able to benefit from this worthwhile program. Sidway PTA and its members are truly grateful to these sponsors for their commitment in helping the children of Grand Island grow up safely.
   As an end to the month long events, parents were given the opportunity to have identification cards made up for their children. The ID cards have all pertinent identification information, including the child’s fingerprint and may be used as ID when traveling. The cards may also be given to authorities if the child becomes missing. Parents are encouraged and welcome to borrow literature on the topic of child safety, including "Yellow Dyno’s Raising Safe Kids in an Unsafe World," from the PTA Parent Resource Center located in the office at Sidway.

Author Day At Sidway- 2004

Above students visit with author Kim D. Nelson

Artwork by Sidway Students.
(above) Jodi Hayes Robinson Photos - Click photos for larger view
   The first grade and kindergarten students of Sidway School enjoyed the visit of local author Kimberly D. Nelson on Tuesday, March 16, 2004. The three programs were provided by the Sidway PTA. The main character in her books is a chameleon named Raff. "Raff's Magic Touches" and "Raff and the Magical Tour" were read with the aid of big screen illustrations during the programs. These books were the focus of library, art and classroom projects in the previous weeks. Librarian Mrs. Karen Beacher has read the stories and discussed them with students during class. In art class, teacher Ms. Theresa Barnack and the kindergartners and first graders learned about the author visit and looked at her books. They learned what an illustrator is and learned how to illustrate what they thought the parade in one of the books might look like. During regular class the students colored headbands which they wore to the program.
   After reading the stories, Mrs. Nelson discussed the process of writing and illustrating a book and where her imaginative ideas come from. Her stories revolve around courage, kindness and how to be a good person. Mrs. Nelson told the students that "kindness starts with you" and "learning to be a good adult starts when you are a kid."

Sidway Kindergartners Perform "Friends" Play - 2004
Ginger DeMita Photos - Click each photo for a larger view.

   Sidway School kindergartners from Miss Susan Andrews' and Miss Maureen Littlefield's classes spread a little sunshine on Friday, February 27, 2004 during their performance of "Find a Friend in Me." Set in a forest, the play's main character, a lion, had trouble making friends. It didn't take long for him to learn lessons in kindness as all the forest animals and plants taught him about friendship. All the singing and dancing were enjoyed by everyone!

Sidway Fun Night 2004 Is A Fun Night! Basket Raffle Numbers 100+

Sidway Principal Frank Cannata and some of the helpers during the evening: Nicole Stewart, Katie and Maggie Rustowicz, Ellen Lutnick, MaryElisabeth Rustowicz, another Lutnick boy, and a little Stewart boy. (Email names to

   Sidway School's annual Family Fun Night was held Friday, February 13, 2004 in the school. A basket raffle featured over 100 baskets, all donated by businesses and families of Sidway School. The Sidway School PTA is most appreciative to the following list of those who donated for the successful event:
Adam's Steak & Seafood
All that Jazz
Aquarium of Niagara
ASI Signs
Bison Baseball
Brownstone Bistro
Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Museum of Science
Buffalo News
Buffalo Zoo
Chocolate House
Coca-Cola bottling Company of Buffalo Inc.
Como Restaurant
Contract Interiors
Cozy Landscaping Services
Dahill Chiropractic
Dan the Man Tee shirts
Duby's House & Pet Sitting
Firth Jewelers
Flower a Day
Grand Island Auto Tech
Grand Island Rod & Gun Club
Grand Lady Cruises
Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn Grand Island
Island Fitness Center
Island Physical Therapy
Island Tanning
Jack & Jill Preschool
John's Flaming Hearth
Just Right Gifts
Kelly's Country Store
La Hacienda
M & T Bank
Maid of the Mist
Maria's Hallmark
Martin's Fantasy Island
Mary Kay – Dawn Bonara
Montana Mills Bread Co.
Napa Auto Parts
Niagara Clipper
Niagara Frontier Publications
Old Country Buffet
Picasso's Pizza
Premier Group
Prime Outlet Mall Inc.
Regal Cinema
Rich Products
Salvatore's Italian Gardens
Strong Museum
The Grand Island Chamber of Commerce
The Rose Liquor Store
Timberlodge Steakhouse
Village Inn
Wavelengths Hair Salon
West Herr Automotive Group
Jim and Diane Holt
Claudia O’Neil
The Stube Family
The Aronica Family
The Belter Family
The Hennessey Family
Mrs. Fuch’s Class
The Bernatovicz Family
The Kline Family
The Bolles Family
US Border Patrol
The Watt Family
Mrs. Stott’s Class
Niagara Aquarium
The Shaw Family
Michelle and Jacqueline Kehoe
The Major Family
The Pino Family
Sidway PTA
The Giancola Family
Annette Kelly
Sidway Phys. Ed. Dept
The Egloff Family
The Carlson Family
The Pusateri Family
Mrs. Ehlenfield’s and Mrs. MacDonnell’s Class
Cheryl Stott and Joanna Kurpiewski
The Wik Family
The Basolaqua Family
Mrs. Suszczynski’s Class
Worthy Works Video
Jill Newsome
Susan Ljugberg-Murrary
UK Software
Tracy Myers
The Smith Family
Toni and Joe Aronica
The Winder Family
Sidway Teachers
Mrs. Barnack
Special Area Teachers
Mrs. Freedman
Sidway Reading Department
Benjamin Family
Mrs. Tiede and Mrs. McNulty’s class
Mrs. Fuchs and Mrs. Birchfield
Mrs. Harbison’s class
Sandi McCrosshan
Miss Littlefield’s class
Dan Robillard
Mary Cooke
Amy Reynolds
Julia Davis
Sidway Custodial Staff
Sidway Office Staff

Sidway First Graders Are "Wild About Art!" - 2004

Masks on display in Sidway School hallway.
Jodi Hayes Robinson Photos

    Wild about Art! After creating jungle pictures in art, influenced in the style of Henri Rousseau, first graders continued developing in the district-wide "Animals in Art" theme with sculptural masks. First they created plaster of paris strips over a face mold. The following week they gessoed the masks to make them smoother and stronger. In the third session they chose which animal they wanted to create, then wrapped the mask in a tissue paper wrap. The last sessions were used to embellish with model magic, marbles, paint, feathers, raffia, vinyl/leather scraps, marker, etc. to complete their animals. The students were under the direction of art teacher Theresa Barnack.

Sidway, Connor Middle Students Attend Art Reception - Feb. 2004

Sidway art teacher Theresa Barnack and her students gather near the masks that are among their creations on display at the Amherst Museum. From left are students Melissa Ullrich, MaryKate Petz, Kathryn Gentz, Mark Valle, Eric Ackerman Jr. and Natalie Henderson.
Kathleen Ganz Photo - Click for a larger view.

   Grand Island schools were well represented at the New York State Art Teachers Association Student Art Show at the Amherst Museum. Art teachers Theresa Barnack from Sidway and Nora Klein from Connor Middle School were at the museum on Feb. 7 with their students to explain their creations and view work from other young artists in the area. Participating from Sidway were MaryKate Petz, Natalie Henderson, Taylor Latvala, Eric Ackerman Jr., Melissa Ullrich, Devon Perri, Mark Valle and Kathryn Gentz. From Connor Middle School were 8th grade students Jennifer Chiechoski, Theresa Covatto, Carly Hall, Kyle Kraft, Sam LoPresti, Scott Thompson, Kristin Tollner and Shana Wierchowski.

Sidway Student Artwork In NYSATA Art Show - 2004

   Sidway School art teacher Theresa Barnack has announced that the following students will have artwork in the NYSATA art show at the Amherst Museum from February 7-17, 2004 entitled "Hands & Hearts:"
Natalie Henderson, Taylor Latvala, Eric Ackerman, Melissa Ullrich, Devon Peri, Mark Valle, Kathryn Gentz, and MaryKate Petz.
   An opening reception from 1-4 p.m. on Saturday, February 7th will be held the Amherst Museum and the public is invited to come and view the exhibit. The exhibit includes artwork from participating teacher members of NYSATA (New York State Art Teachers Association) and their students from the Western New York Region.

Sidway Basket Raffle/Family Fun Night Rescheduled - 2004

   A Basket Raffle/Family Fun Night sponsored by the Sidway School PTA will take place from 6-8:30 p.m. Friday, February 13, 2004 at the school. The evening's schedule follows:
• Early bird ticket sales - 4-6 p.m.
• Event begins at 6 p.m. with pizza and baked goods in the cafeteria and the basket raffle in the gym
• Obstacle course, games, bouncy houses begin at 6:30 p.m.
• Basket ticket sales end at 8:15 p.m.
• Entire event ends at 8:30 p.m.
   For further information or to donate a basket, call Maura at 773-1335.
   The event has been postponed from Jan. 16.

Sidway Basket Raffle/Family Fun Night POSTPONED To Feb. 13 - 2004

   A Basket Raffle/Family Fun Night sponsored by the Sidway School PTA will take place from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Friday, January 16, 2004 at the school. Early Bird basket raffle ticket buyers may come at 4:30 p.m. Those interested in donating a basket for the raffle are asked to call Maura Rustowicz, 773-1335 or email to

If you are a member of this organization we need your help. GIECOM.Net has partnered with the Connections program to help Grand Island as a community "Get it Together". Please visit our website G-I-Together.ORG and fill out our SURVEY. Every group on Grand Island will have its own FREE webpage, listing: meeting times location, contact persons, your Mission Statement and a listing of events. We will also be linking your news events that appear in the local media and on IsledeGrande.Com, Grand Island's E-News Source, to your page, maintaining an archived journal of pictures and news. This is the perfect opportunity for your group to connect with potential new members and the community.

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