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Interim Principal Henry Peters

Sidway School Reflections Winners Announced - 2005

Pictured from left are Ryan McDonald, Marcella Barberic, Lauren Chadwick, and Timothy Howard.
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   Ryan McDonald, Marcella Barberic, Lauren Chadwick, and Timothy Howard are Sidway Elementary School's representatives in the 2005-2006 PTA Reflections Program. Reflections is a national PTA creative arts contest that encourages participation in art, music, photography, and literature. Ryan, Marcella, and Lauren's drawings and Timothy's literature selection have been sent to the Niagara District PTA for judging at the district level. Each student received a certificate of participation and a $10 gift certificate from Barnes and Noble from the Sidway PTA for their efforts. Congratulations all!

Kaegebein Choir Sings For Sidway Students - December - 2005

Jodi Robinson Photos - Click for larger view
   Kaegebein music teacher Mrs. Renee Michki brought her Kaegebein Choir to Sidway School on Thursday, December 22, 2005 for a holiday concert and sing-a-long. The choir included students from third, fourth and fifth grades. Sidway music teacher Mrs. Christine Clendenning accompanied on the piano. A special visit from Santa delighted the students from Sidway and Kaegebein.

Sidway Students Donate Books To Hurricane Katrina Area School District - 2005

   As part of their holiday festivities, instead of exchanging gifts with each other, students from Charlotte Sidway School donated books to students in the St. Bernard Parish School District. Only two of the kindergarten classes have been reopened after the devastation from Hurricane Katrina. The classes are being conducted out of a trailer located in the high school parking lot. The following classrooms participated:
   Kindergarten: Miss Joyce Cowan, Mrs. Patricia Kwarciak, Mrs. Pat Hitcho, Mrs. Molly Ehlenfield, Miss Heidi Mesmer
   1st grade: Mrs. Karolyn Ivancie, Mrs. Marge Benevento
   Additionally, the faculty and staff donated school supplies, books and a gift card.

Glenn Colton Concert Starts Holiday Season For Sidway Students - November 2005

Glenn Colton, Principal Henry Peters and students.
Jodi Robinson Photos - Click for larger view

   Mr. Glenn Colton is a favorite at the local elementary schools and on Wednesday, November 1, 2005 he brought his Christmas Show to Sidway School. An enthusiastic audience enjoyed singing his famous "Mr. Ducky Wucky" song followed by many holiday favorites. Mr. Colton used funny props that the students got a kick out of and many students participated along with Sidway School Principal Henry Peters.

Sidway First Graders Enjoy Camping Out With Books - November 2005

Boy Scouts From Troop 630 helped out with the Camping Out With Books Event on Tuesday, November 15, 2005.
Kim Schopp Photos - Click for larger view

   The first graders of Charlotte Sidway Elementary School got into their pajamas, grabbed their favorite stuffed animal... and came into school at night for their annual Camping Out With Books event, this year held Tuesday evening, November 15th. They start with a sing-a-long in the dining hall, then break apart. They visit a classroom where teachers read them a story next to the campfire and then move on to the next room. At the end of the evening, the children go back to the dining hall and have hot cocoa and cookies, along with getting to choose a free book from RIF (Reading is Fundamental) to take home. Boy Scout Troop #630 assisted with the event.

Sidway 1st Graders Celebrate Halloween - 2005

Bottom: Mrs. Pam Suszczynski's class.
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   The first grade classes of Mrs. Pam Suszczynski and Mrs. Deb Szaflarski joined together to celebrate Halloween on Monday, October 31, 2005. During a first grade assembly all the students displayed their costumes on the stage. Then the two classes played games together, had snacks and watched "The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown."

Sidway Staff Decorate Principal's Office - October 31, 2005
Kim Schopp Photos - Click for larger view

   Sidway interim principal Mr. Henry Peters was surprised on Halloween morning. The staff arrived early to decorate his office and wish him a happy Halloween.

Sidway Pizza Chefs - 2005

Shown from left are teachers Katie Gaughan, Patti Becker, Robin Higgins, Linda Samland and students.
    Jodi Robinson Photos - Click for full view

   For the lucky Sidway students who are in the special education class at Sidway, it's who you know! One student's family happens to own the Towne Cafe on Grand Island Blvd. The students were invited to lunch on Thursday, October 20th to make pizzas and decorate pumpkins. It was a beautiful day so the group walked to the restaurant.

Sidway Grandparents' Pancake Breakfast - 2005
Sidway Cook Manager Sue McMahon and Carol Nordvik are shown in left photo serving the Grandparents' pancake breakfast.
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   Over a thousand breakfasts will be served during the week of October 3-7, 2005 as the Charlotte Sidway School Grandparents' Kindergarten Pancake Breakfast takes place. This annual event began in 1993 when Sidway was re-opened after being closed for many years.

Sidway, St. Stephen Students Learn Bus Safety - 2005

Pictured from left Shane Pfohl, from Ms. Andrews' class at Sidway School, is being assisted by Karen Dallessandro, Barbara Backlund, and from inside the bus, Amy VeRost, as he climbs through the side emergency window.
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   As part of Grand Island Central School District's School Bus Safety Program, kindergarten and first grade students at Sidway Elementary and St. Stephen School participated in a Bus Safety Program at the Transportation Center. Students watched a movie on bus safety, were given a tour of the Transportation Center, and were shown how to cross safely in front of the bus when the red lights flash. The Bus Safety team, consisting of Barbara Backlund, Barbara Gill, Carolyn Furman, Faith Mantione, Amy VeRost, Karen Dallessandro, Bonnie Kaiser, and Denise McMahon, assisted the students in exiting the bus through the back emergency door, and side emergency window. The program was informative, and the students enjoyed it.

Sidway Elementary School PTA Officers - 2005-2006

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Charlotte Sidway Elementary School PTA Officers are (front left) Annalea Masiello (Rec. Secretary), Kathy Franz (Direct Donations), Ann Giancola (President), Lisa Fabiano (Corr. Secretary), Melissa Taylor (Teacher Rep.); (back) Kathy Chadwick (Council Delegate), Nancy Major (Council Delegate), Maura Rustowicz (2nd VP), Bernice Schoener (2nd VP), Kim Kernin (1st VP), Tracey Kozlowski (Treasurer), Marge Benevento (Teacher Rep.), Henry Peters (Principal)

Sidway Kindergartners Celebrate Last Day of School - 2005

Maura Rustowicz Photo - Click for larger view

   Kindergarten students in Mrs. Lani Black's class and Miss Barbara Goldman's class are shown after they walked over to Adrian's for an "End of the Year" treat.

Sidway School Presents "It's Flag Day!" - 2005

Jodi Robinson Photos - Click photos for larger view

   The first graders at Sidway School presented an enthusiastic flag day show on Tuesday, June 14, 2005. The students, dressed in red, white and blue, and wearing hats made in class, marched into the gym waving flags. Thanks to music teacher Mrs. Christine Clendening for directing and arranging this show full of patriotic songs. All first grade classes participated, with half entertaining their families at a morning show, and the others in the afternoon.

Sidway Participates in "Chairs From Kids" Auction - 2005

Jodi Robinson Photos - Click photos for larger view

Teachers in local schools in December 2004 were asked to paint chairs to be auctioned off to benefit The Erie Niagara Sunrise Exchange Club which promotes the prevention of child abuse. Sidway Art Teacher Mrs. Theresa Barnack happily agreed and the kindergarten students helped with the project. The chairs will be displayed from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Monday, May 16, 2005 at the District Art Show in the Grand Island High School. The two chairs pictured above will be joined by many others at the auction taking place at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, June 2, 2005 at the Buffalo Launch Club, 503 East River Road. "Come and bid on beautifully created chairs crafted by kids of all ages!" Special thanks go to two first graders, Maya Harper and Sara Kwarciak, who were an enormous help to Mrs. Barnack in finishing the project. Tickets for the auction are $5 for adults and no charge for children.

Sidway Students in District Art Show - 2005

Jodi Robinson Photos - Click photos for larger view

Sidway Art teacher Mrs. Theresa Barnack sends congratulations to the following Sidway students...
their artwork will be featured in the Grand Island "Op Art and Pop Art Show" at the Grand Island High School
on Monday, May 16th at 6:30 p.m. Kindergartners and First Graders Featured In the Showcase: Kristen Atkinson, Samuel Eichel, Rohin Gill, Madison Green, Maxwell Keller, Sean Lenhard, Holly Lutnick, Rebecca Martinic, Chelsea Robillard, Jake Schmidt, Cassidy Siebert, Nicholas Szabo, and Marie Tomasula. "100 Sidway Soup Cans" created by 100 Sidway Kindergartners, inspired by the Pop artist Andy Warhol. Op Art Cityscapes by First Grade: Jacob Bass, Dominique Capizzi, Andrew Carlson, Vincent Chiarenza, Cameron Colan, Aprill Edwards, Alexandria Gorchek, Jessica Gugg, Maya Harper, Emma Railey, Arianna Schrey, Brendan Sheehan, Laura Szczepankiewicz, and Tanner Morrow. Jasper Johns Numbers & Letters: and Keith Haring Pop Art Patterns by Kindergarten: Nicole Czamara, Timothy Howard, William Hughes, Lily Anna Leffler, Andrew Little, Kelly Schlifke, Alexis Studley, Jenna VeRost, Madelyn Webb, Brianna Weissman, Sarah Wellence, and Gillian Worrall Optical Illusion by Kindergarten: Genna Baldassarre, Nicholas Capizzi, Maxwell Keller, Sydney Khreis, Genaveive Koyn, Hayley Latvala, Faith Martell, Owen Morrish, Emily Nobumoto (first grade), and Lindsay Proctor. Keith Haring Action Figures by First Grade and Op Art Rubbings by Kindergarten: Louis Fabiano, Robert Jankowiak, Zackery Messier, Katelyn Newbould, Chelsea Robillard, Heather Robinson, Emelie-Jo Scheffler, and Emma Worthy. Op Art Weavings by First Grade, Op HeArt Drawings Kindergarten and First, Op Art Rubbings by Kindergarten: Mikayla Claus, Matthew Crist, Samuel Eichel, Simon Estenoz, Rebecca Hennessy, Joel Peppers, Sean Pufpaff, Emma Railey, Rachelle Regnet, Cassie Shickluna, Caleb Stallard, and Taylor Internicola.

Sidway Kinderkids Perform in "It's Showtime" - 2005

Jodi Robinson Photo - Click for larger view

   Music teacher Mrs. Christine Clendening arranged and directed the kindergarten students' annual spring musical on Friday, April 22, 2005. This is her 10th year of putting together the musical and for the first time she was assisted by physical education teacher Mrs. Jennifer Marsala. The kids performed with enthusiasm and were a joy to watch. They sang many songs and some classes used scarves as an accessory to their singing. As always it was a packed house with many family and friends in attendance.

Elderwood Residents Visit Sidway For Lunch and More - 2005

Elderwood residents having lunch and visiting with kindergarten hosts.
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Jodi Robinson Photos

   Kindergarten teachers Mrs. Pat Hitcho and Mrs. Barbara Goldman have a tradition of introducing their students to the residents of Elderwood Adult Residence located on Grand Island. Each year the students visit Elderwood Health Care Center and see how the residents live and then the residents come to the school to enjoy lunch and a visit with the students. This year's visit coincided with the dress rehersal of the kindergarten musical, much to the residents' delight. After the musical, a nice lunch was served in the school dining room. The kindergarten students then led the way to the fitness center where they sang songs accompanied by Mrs. Barbara Goldman on her banjo, played duck-duck goose and shared something about themselves.

Guest Readers At Sidway Promote PARP - 2005

Miss Joyce Cowan's kindergarten class is shown with guest reader Jeri Schopp, Grand Island School Board Member and grandparent of a Sidway student.
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Kim Schopp Photos

   The annual "Parents As Reading Partners" (PARP) program that promotes the love of reading took place in the schools from April 4 through April 10, 2005. Sidway School classes as well as other Island schools were treated to a guest reader who read to them during their normally scheduled library time. The students signed contracts at the beginning of PARP agreeing to read 15 minutes a night with a parent or guardian. For each night that they read, they colored a picture of a sea creature and brought it back to school to hang in the dining hall. The dining hall's display of pictures is practically covered with sea creatures, which is a very good indication that most of the Sidway students were reading nightly.
   All students were presented a prize package filled with great prizes on the last day of PARP, just for reading! The students received a pass to the Niagara Aquarium, certificates for free Wendy's fries and a free game of bowling from Island Lanes, and bookmarks from the Grand Island Memorial Library.

Sidway Students Display Artwork At Grand Island Memorial Library - 2005


Jodi Robinson Photos - some click to larger size

Congratulations to the following Charlotte Sidway School students who have their artwork on display for the month of April at the Grand Island Memorial Library on Bedell Road:
First graders:
Masks in the foyer showcase
: Emily Bognar, Emily Nobumoto, Alexa Graff, Cassie Shickluna, Heather Robinson, Spencer-Jon Zukic, Joseph Kulikowski, Edward Logel, Benjamin Freedman, Julia Lawley, and Lydia Tiedemann
In the conference room:
First graders:

Kady Liesenfeld, Jarod Brandon, Aaron Bobeck, Lindsey Supparits, Ryan Wilton, Joshua Husvar, Jill Anderson
Kelsey Mahoney, Emma Schultz, Genavieve Koyn, Madelyn Webb, Charles Pratt, Marilyn Hess, Julia Koprevich, Megan DiBeradino, Jordan Anthony
Seascape Dioramas in the foyer showcase:

Madelyn Webb, Joseph Boyko, Genavieve Koyn, Nicholas Szabo, Madison VeRost, Andrea Colan, Emily Prawel.

Author Steve Swinburne To Visit Schools - 2005

   Students and faculty of Sidway School are preparing for a visit from author/photographer, Steve Swinburne, on Monday, April 11, 2005. As a life-long naturalist, Mr. Swinburne enjoys sharing his passion for nature and exploring world places; and as an author, he enjoys writing about wildlife and our planet.
   The Author Day visit to the school will begin with a brief breakfast at 8 a.m. for faculty, staff, and PTA officers. It is a meet and greet time prior to the students’ entry into the building. The school’s PTA is the financial sponsor of this annual event. The Author Committee includes: Librarian Karen Beacher, Art Teacher Terri Barnack, Kindergarten Teacher Patricia Hitcho, Special Education Teacher Dianne Tiede, 1st Grade Teachers Debbie Szaflarski and Pam Suszczynski.
   Mr. Swinburne will present three programs during the day and will autograph books that parents have ordered for use in the classroom until the author’s arrival. Sidway’s book sale is going on now, and Librarian Karen Beacher is reading and discussing the books with the children in their library classes for the next few weeks.
   Mr. Swinburne will visit Huth and Kaegebein Elementary Schools during the same week.

Kindergarten Students Design Soup Cans - 2005

Jodi Robinson Photos

   The Kindergarten classes at Sidway Elementary learned about Pop artist Andy Warhol in art class with teacher Mrs. Theresa Barnack. They learned that Mr. Warhol took everyday objects and turned them into art. He is known for his soup cans and portraits. The students created their own labels with "Sidway's" instead of "Campbell's" using bright colors.

Sidway Basket Raffle/Family Fun Night Huge Success - February 2005

   The Sidway Basket Raffle and Family Fun Night held February 4, 2005 was a great success and fun was had by all! The basket raffle had well over 100 baskets, with the most sought after baskets being a Build-a-Bear basket for the kids and a pair of diamond earrings for the adults. The Sidway PTA would like to thank its many contributors:
"Basket Raffle Contributors"

Sidway Basket Raffle/Family Fun Night - February 2005

   A Basket Raffle/Family Fun Night sponsored by the Sidway School PTA will take place from 6-8:30 p.m. Friday, February 4, 2005 at the school. The evening's schedule follows:
• Early bird ticket sales - 4-6 p.m.
• Event begins at 6 p.m. with pizza and baked goods in the cafeteria and the basket raffle in the Fitness Center.
• Obstacle course, games, bouncy houses begin at 6:30 p.m.
• Basket ticket sales end at 8:15 p.m.
• Entire event ends at 8:30 p.m.
   For further information or to donate a basket, call Maura at 773-1335.

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