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Principal Denise Dunbar

Sidway Holiday Sing-Along - 2006

(left) Kaegebein boys Choir and Mrs. Renee Michki; (right) Mrs. Claus (Barbara Leifer-Lavitz) and Santa (Norm Cerillo)

Sidway student Rhett Robinson with his sister, a Kaegebein chorus member, Gabby Robinson
Jodi Robinson Photos - Click for larger view

   The annual Sidway Holiday Sing-Along took place on Thursday, December 21, 2006. This year's special guests besides Santa and Mrs. Claus, were the boys and girls chorus of Kaegebein Elementary. The first song, "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," paired up siblings from the two schools singing together. The choirs from Kaegebein directed by Renee Michki and the first and second grade Sidway students under the direction of Christine Clendening, then took turns singing songs for the crowd. The faculty chorus even joined in with "Jingle Bell Rock."

Sidway School Announces Reflections Winners - 2006

Shown from left are William Person, Allison McDonald, Lauren Chadwick, and Jaynie Decker
Click photo for larger view

   Wednesday, December 20, 2006 . . .Allison McDonald, Jaynie Decker, Lauren Chadwick, and William Person are Sidway Elementary Schoolís representatives in the 2006-2007 PTA Reflections Program. Reflections is a national PTA creative arts contest that encourages participation in art, music, photography, and literature. Jaynie and Allisonís drawings and Lauren and Williamsís photographs have been sent to the Niagara District PTA for judging at the district level. Each student received a certificate of participation and a $10 gift certificate from Barnes and Noble from the Sidway PTA for their efforts. Congratulations to all!

Operation Safe Child At Sidway School - 2006

(left) Joyceln Rockwood, and (right) Lt. Russell Scanio and Camryn Fisher, 6

School Principal Denise Dunbar with Camryn Fisher, preparing to have her picture taken for Operation Safe Child Program.
Dan McMahon Photos - Click for larger view

   Grand Island High School junior, Joyceln Rockwood, an Explorer with the Erie County Sheriffs Explorer Post #505, is shown taking the students' pictures and fingerprints at Sidway Elementary School on Tuesday, November 21, 2006. The kindergarten and first graders have had the opportunity to participate in the Operation Safe Child Program, a State wide program coordinated in Erie County by the Erie County Sheriff's Department.
   Shown right is Camryn Fisher preparing to have her fingerprints recorded with the assistance of Lt. Russell Scanio of the Erie County Sheriff's Dept.
   Click for FAQs about Operation SAFE CHILD Program.

Sidway's Feasting First Graders - 2006

Mrs. Stott and her class.
Jodi Robinson Photos - Click for larger view

   The first grade students in Mrs. Cheryl Stott's class at Sidway School learned quite a bit about Thanksgiving this year. On Friday, November 17, 2006, they helped volunteer parents chop vegetables and apples for their very own Thanksgiving feast. Vegetable soup and apple muffins were on the menu that day.

Sidway 1st Graders Camp Out With Books - 2006

Click photo for larger view

   Many Sidway School first grade students took advantage of the annual Camping Out With Books on Tuesday evening, November 14, 2006. Mrs. Barbara Goldman sang to the children before they visited various classrooms where teachers read them a story next to the campfire. At the end of the evening, the children had refreshments in the dining hall.

Sidway Students Walk To Fire Headquarters -
Learn Fire Prevention - Nov. 2006

(from left) Classes crossing Grand Island Blvd. - Students teachers and parents standing at a safe distance while firefighters and equipment respond to an incident - Students learning about firefighters gear, what a firefighter looks like in full turnout gear - Students listen attentively as they learn about the specialty response equipment including snowmobiles and "4-wheelers" and a special sled to assist with the removal an injured person from the fields.
Dan McMahon Photos - Click for larger view

   Thursday, November 2, 2006 . . .Kindergarten and first grade students from Sidway Elementary School walked to the Grand Island Fire Company Headquarters, on a cool but very sunny day to learn first hand about fire prevention and the Fire Company. The NYS Police, Erie County Sheriff's Dept. and the Grand Island Fire Company's Fire Police ensured the safety of the classes as they were crossing Grand Island Blvd. While they were arriving at Fire Headquarters, an alarm of fire was dispatched and our little visitors were kept at a safe distance so firefighters and equipment could respond to the call. The classes were divided into four groups to learn about fire prevention, emergency first aid, firefighters equipment, clothing and the 9-1-1 center. Fire prevention included Stop Drop and Roll procedures, emergency fire drills and 9-1-1 call procedures. The groups rotated from section to section at 15-minute intervals.

Sidway Students Complete Summer Reading Program - 2006

Library Clerk Mrs. Lori Seewagen (left), Librarian Mrs. Karen Beacher (right).
Jodi Robinson Photo - Click for larger view

   The following students were recognized at Sidway during the month of September because of their participation in the Grand Island Memorial Library's Summer Reading Program: "Books, A Treasure." They each received a certificate for their efforts, and a prize from the Library Treasure Chest that included reading related patches, pencils, bookmarks and bracelets. A photo was taken of the group on Wednesday, October 11th.

Mrs. Kwarciak's 1st grade class: Luke Ailinger, Elizabeth Mitchell, Joelle-Yvette Scheffler, and Savanna Stoddard.
Mrs. Benevento's 1st grade class: Matthew Carlson, Gabriel D'Addario, Jaynie Decker, Amber Graves, Parker Morrow, Caitlin Watt and Sara Wolcott.
Miss Petersen's 1st grade class: Tyler Bernatovicz, Katherine Gibbons, Ryan Kernin, Natalie O'Brien and Adam Patterson.
Miss Littlefield's 1st grade class: Victoria Busch, Emily Cordero, Madeline Emmi, John Kwarciak, Margaret Morgan, Allison Sorri, Anna Ungaro, and Taylor Zajdowicz.
Mrs. Hitcho's Kindergarten class: Brendan Atkins, Elizabeth Koyn, and Francis McNamara. Mrs. Stott's 1st grade class: Lauren Chadwick, Mark Giancola, Patrick Harper, James Horwitz, Spencer Mitchell, Mark Seibert, and Andrew Thompson.
Mrs. Ehlenfield's/Mrs. MacDonell's 1st grade class: Eva Bobeck, McKenna Davis, Isabel Dickinson, Alicia Haak, and Conner Hutton.
Mrs. Taylor's 1st grade class: Zane Johnson, Abigal Klie, Sierra Maras, Arthur Meaney and Heidi Scouten.
Mrs. Fuchs' Kindergarten class: Quinton Becker, Miranda Proctor, and Drew Thompson.
Ms. Goldman's Kindergarten class: Jack Hughes.
Miss Andrew's Kindergarten class: Gianna Horvath.
Mrs. Szaflarski's 1st grade class: James Grinchishin, Madelyn Heyden, Joseph Killian, and Katherine Riederer.
Mrs. Hartz' Kindergarten class: William Hoover, Alex Laschinger, and Alexander Melisz.
Miss Cowan's Kindergarten class: Lucas Duck.
Mrs. Suszczynski's 1st grade class: Sarah Burns, Jessica Faso, Jack Glose, Richard Litlle and Kayla Staub.
Mrs. Stevenson's 1st grade class: Hallie Mingoia.
Mrs. Shoemaker's 1st grade class: Sarah Bykowicz, Alana Enright, Nicholas Kam, Kayla McCauley, Chloe McQuestion, and Julie Pusateri.
Mrs. Schroeder's Kindergarten class: Alexa Chiarenza, Laura McKenna, Lydia Pratt, and James Worrall.
Mrs. Ivancie's/Mrs. Luzi's Kindergarten class: Emma Halpin, Alyssa Jaenecke, and Gregory Simonian.

Annual Sidway Pancake Breakfast A Success - 2006

Left: Rhett Robinson and grandmother Bette Wisler of Jamestown.
Right: Kitchen Manager Sue McMahon serving.

Grandparents Ted and Judy Giaquinto having breakfast with Rhys Mendel.
Jodi Robinson Photos - Click for larger view

   This year's Sidway Grandparents Pancake Breakfast didn't break any records but still fed almost 1000 hungry customers. Kitchen Manager Sue McMahon reported that thousands of pancakes and sausages were served over the course of the week of October 2-6, 2006, with Monday being the biggest day.

Annual Flag Day Celebration At Sidway - 2006

First grader Joseph Boyko played the Star Spangled Banner on the guitar and Sidway Principal Denise Dunbar is shown speaking to the students and parents
Kim Schopp Photos - Click for larger view

   Charlotte Sidway Elementary School first grade students took part in the school's annual Flag Day celebration on Wednesday, June 14th. The photos are of the first grade classes of Mrs. Amy Stevenson, Mrs. Pamela Suszczynski, Mrs. Deb Szaflarski, Mrs. Pamela Shoemaker and Mrs. Ivancie and were taken during the afternoon performance. The students sang patriotic songs that they have been practicing for a good portion of the year with Mrs. Christine Clendening in music class. Some of the first graders spoke on facts about the United States Flag.

Charlotte Sidway School Orientation - May 2006

   An orientation program for kindergarten children registered for 2006/2006 in the Grand Island Central School District will be held at Charlotte Sidway School at 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 16, 2006.
   All registered children and their parents are invited to attend. A special program for the new Kinder-kids will include classroom activities and a ride on the big yellow bus. While the boys and girls are actively engaged in classrooms, parents will participate in an informative workshop.
   At the conclusion of the program, there will be an Open House. This program is designed for new kindergartners and their parents only. No siblings please.

"Life Cycle of Plants" Program At Sidway - 2006

Kim Schopp Photos - Click for larger view

   Sidway Elementary PTA sponsored "Life Cycle of Plants," a program presented by University of Buffalo Professor Dr. Donald Birdd. Dr. Birdd presented to both kindergarten and 1st graders on May 1st and 3rd at Sidway school. His program involved all aspects of the life cycle of plants, how each plant starts as a seed and its growing process. He demonstrated this process by letting the children dissect lima beans, carnation flowers and string beans. He was dressed in a flower costume, which gave the children the opportunity to see every part of a flower and ask questions. He also had a life size seed pod that "grew" a root, a stem and leaves to show the students how plants grow from start to finish.

Sidway Students Welcome Curious George and PARP Program - March 2006

Kindergarten students with teachers Mrs. Patricia Kwarciak (left) and Miss Heidi Mesmer.
Jodi Robinson Photos

   The Sidway PARP (Parents as Reading Partners) program began for the students on Monday, March 27, 2006 and runs through Friday, April 7th. Curious George was on hand this year to help PARP coordinator Mrs. Tracey Shores explain the program to the kindergarten and first graders. Each child is asked to sign a contract and read with an adult for 15 minutes each day for two weeks. When the contract is complete the students are eligible for prizes. The PARP program is presented by the PTA each year in all the elementary schools.

Sidway Basket Raffle/Family Fun Night Huge Success - February 2006


Fred Claus Photos - Click for larger view
   The Sidway Basket Raffle and Family Fun Night held Friday, February 3rd in the Baseline Road school, was a great success and fun was had by all! The basket raffle included 113 baskets set up in the fitness room, all donated by local businesses, families of students and individual classrooms.
   The evening's activities included a bounce house and a bounce slide in the gymnasium for children to enjoy, free of charge. An art center was set up in the cafeteria where children could create works of art to submit to the company, Original Art Works, who then turned the artwork into shirts, tote bags, mouse pads or other products. Pizza, drinks and snacks were available in the cafeteria.
   All proceeds will be used by the PTA to provide fun and educational programming throughout the year to students at Charlotte Sidway Elementary School.

Sidway Students Perform "Find A Friend in Me" - February - 2006

Diane Hassan Photos - Click for larger view
   Sidway Elementary School students in the kindergarten classes of Miss Sue Andrews and Miss Maureen Littlefield performed a play titled "Find A Friend in Me" on the morning of Thursday, February 2, 2006. The children performed 13 songs wearing their gorgeous costumes for an appreciative standing room only crowd of parents, grandparents and friends.

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