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Rookie Billy "Zoomer" Krull Wins at Brighton Speedway
Islanders Compete

   Brighton, Ontario, June 1: In what was only his fourth ever start in a sprint car, Wheatfield, N.Y. driver Billy ‘Zoomer’ Krull took a convincing victory Saturday when the Southern Ontario Sprints (SOS) 2002 Championship Tour visited Brighton Speedway in the eastern townships of Ontario.
   Krull, whose previous experience was campaigning a 358 modified on the popular DIRT Tour in N.Y. State, has had no trouble adapting to the more powerful and lighter 360 sprint cars and has established himself in the early going not only a lead contender for the Rookie of The Year award but also a serious contender for the SOS Championship.
   Another rookie sensation, Kyle Wilson, son of SOS point’s leader Rick Wilson of Joyceville, Ontario, grabbed the lead at the start passing pole sitter Dick Mahoney of Newmarket, Ontario. Wilson, and his father then set out to run one-two for the first eight tours of the third-mile clay oval.
   Four cautions slowed the pace before the event reached the halfway mark. The first was brought out when Warren Mahoney of Alton, Ontario, and Jim Porter of Grand Island, N.Y. both spun. One lap later Keith Dempster of Alton, Ontario spun, At the restart Mahoney tangled in turn four with Tim Phillips of Grand Island, N.Y., but Mahoney’s night came to an end as a result. At the same time, John Riegling of Chatham spun.
   The race restarted and within two laps Krull blew past Rick Wilson, who at that time was sitting second enjoying the view of his17-year old son leading the race. However, the view was short-lived as Krull took the lead the next lap. Rick Wilson immediately picked up his pace and passed his son to take up the chase for the lead.
   The final caution came on lap nine when Mike Galajda of Delaware, Ontario, encountered problems forcing an end to his effort.
   The race got underway and went green for the remaining 11 laps with Krull, Rick Wilson and Kyle Wilson running in that order. Meanwhile, action behind the leaders was fast and furious, as Curt Sherwood of Sanborn, N.Y., Adam West of Ridgetown, Ontario, Dick Mahoney and Charles McCann of London, Ontario were racing hard. Dempster, who earlier had to restart at the back of the 17-car field, had moved into the fray at this point and was running eight, just ahead of Les MacMillan of Belmont, Ontario.
   By lap 12 Sherwood moved past Kyle Wilson while West, Dempster, Mahoney, McCann, MacMillan, and Glenn Styers of Ohsweken, Ontario rounded out the top 10 places and all went on to finish in that order.
   The heat races went green to checkered flag with Dempster and Rick Wilson emerging winners. Inclement weather forced a change in the program advancing the SOS feature to be run shortly following the heat races and postponing the RBM Carrier Dash which will be rescheduled for the next Brighton Swing July 13th.
   Feature: 1. Billy Krull, Wheatfield, N.Y.; 2. Rick Wilson, Joyceville, Ontario: 3. Curt Sherwood, Sanborn, N.Y.; 4. Kyle Wilson, Joyceville, Ontario; 5. Keith Dempster, Alton, Ontario; 6. Adam West, Ridgetown, Ontario; 7. Dick Mahoney, Newmarket, Ontario; 8. Charles McCann, London, Ontario; 9. Les MacMillan, Belmont, Ontario; 10. John Riegling, Chatham, Ontario; 11. Glenn Styers, Ohsweken, Ontario; 12. Tim Phillips, Grand Island, N.Y.; 13. Bob Mesmer, Grand Island, N.Y.; 14. Paul Ballantyne, Brantford, Ontario; 15. Jim Porter, Grand Island, N.Y.; 16. Mike Galajda, Delaware, Ontario; 17. Warren Mahoney, Lefroy, Ontario.
   Heat One: 1, Dempster, 2. Warren Mahoney, 3. Dick Mahoney, 4. Porter, 5. Riegling, 6.MacMillan, 7. West, 8. Ballantyne.
   Heat Two: 1. Rick Wilson, 2. Krull, 3. Sherwood, 4. Kyle Wilson, 5.Phillips, 6. McCann, 7. Styers, 8. Galajda, 9. Mesmer.
   RBM DASH: not run due to inclement weather conditions. To be run July 13th.
   Cars qualified for the DASH: R.Wilson, Warren Mahoney, Keith Dempster and Billy Krull.
   Southern Ontario Sprints Points Standings 1.Rick Wilson, Joyceville, Ontario, 506; 2. Billy Krull, Wheatfield, N.Y., 435; 3. Warren Mahoney, Lefroy, Ontario, 430; 4. Curt Sherwood, Sanborn, N.Y. 429; 5. Tim Phillips, Grand Island, N.Y., 418; 6.Adam West, Ridgetown, Ontario,388; 7. Dick Mahoney, Newmarket, Ontario, 382; 8. Jim Porter, Grand Island, N.Y., 366; 9. Keith Dempster, Alton, Ontario, 350; 10. Glenn Styers, Ohsweken, Ontario, 347; 11. Bob Mesmer, Grand Island, N.Y., 328; 12. Kyle Wilson, Joyceville, Ontario, 313; 13. John Riegling, Chatham, Ontario, 296; 14. Paul Ballantyne, Brantford, Ontario, 287; 15. Les MacMillan, Belmont, Ontario, 262; 16. Charles McCann, London, Ontario, 237; 17. Dean St. Denis, Windsor, Ontario, 235; 18. Garry Evans, London, Ontario, 219; 19. Ken Bayliss, Hamilton, Ontario, 215; 20. Ryan Coniam, Burlington, Ontario, 172; 21. Mike Woodring, Eden, N.Y. 161; 22.Erin Crocker, Wilbraham, Mass.,128; 23. Mike Galajda, Delaware, Ontario, 105; 24. Vinnie Christiano, Tonawanda, N.Y., 103; 25. Phil Plant, Brantford, Ontario, 93; 26. David Goetz, Kenmore, N.Y., 68.
   Dash Standings: 1. Rick Wilson, 120; 2.Warren Mahoney, 110; 3. Mike Woodring, 55; 4. Curt Sherwood, 50; 5. Ryan Coniam, 50; 6. Billy Krull, 45; 7. Tim Phillips, 45; 8. Dick Mahoney, 40; 9. Vinnie Christiano, 35.

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