Letters To the Editor

The response to ISLEDEGRANDE.COM from our readers has been outstanding.
Here is a list of actual reader e-mails sent to e-News Editor Teddy Linenfelser
about how well-received ISLEDEGRANDE.COM is.

August 15, 2007
Thank you so much for doing an incredible job of keeping all Islanders up-to-date
on current Islander news!  
Jamie Corrao

August 15, 2007

Wow, the isledegrande is really growing.  It is so nice to have some place to read up
on old friends and family.  It has been a long time since we have been back there for a visit.
Beverly Sterner House

May 7, 2007

Hi Teddy
I am a misplaced Grand Islander who grew up there and graduated in 1970. Up until
10 years ago, I resided in WNY  and happily accepted a transfer to the Philadelphia
area.  I never realized how much I would miss WNY. Your column helps me to feel
a sense of home by jogging my memory with family names from the past. Recently,
two of my classmates, MaryJo Gill and Randy White have written delightful stories
from their GI lives. Thank you for providing the forum for their thoughts. 

Rachel Butler 
Formerly of East Park Road

April 26, 2007

I just love your online paper and don't go a week without logging on to see
what is going on back home. Thank you very much for the "Home News" on line
for us who no longer are in the area. I - for one - appreciate it very much!
Floydette Gannon (Uonites)

September 12, 2006

I really enjoy your website & reading Grand Island
history is so interesting. Love the pictures! I found some
wonderful tid bits of interesting information that add up
to the history of how Sidway School came into being.  I
also enjoyed the news of the "Harvest Festivals" and other
little items. People like me really appreciate & enjoy all
the efforts & hard work that you and so many others do to
make this all possible. Thank you so much.

Nancy C. Cobado Kyriakakis - Parks, AR
Island resident summer 1948 through 1951

May 15, 2006

Get back to the Island maybe once every two years to see my brother, Dan, who
lives on Whitehaven.  Strange thing about the Island - once you live there you
really believe it's the best place to live.
Keep up the great newsletter. I make sure to
pull up the website every Friday. The best with the column - just
love it - it really keeps me up on what's happening on the Island. 

Sandy (Hoffman) Laforme
March 29, 2006 Teddy, I just wanted to let you know that I bought a pair of estate earrings from deSignet off of eBay and had them converted to posts. I dealt with Kim who was excellent, very professional yet friendly! I had no idea deSignet was such a large business nor was a business started so long ago. The earrings I bought are stunning and I am very satisfied. I will recommend deSignet to friends. Maryjo Gill
February 7, 2006 I'm lovin' this website! What memories! I'm Jim Whiting and I played Black Bart (and, no, I didn't know the history of the name Brandon till I read it here!) for several seasons in the late '70's. Played some of the other brothers at times as well, and was Marshall Jim one day a week when Marshall Steve (Jakiel) took his day off. I currently live with my wife, Barb, in Virginia Beach. I teach high school theatre. Keep up the great work! Jim Whiting - GIHS Class of 1976 January 23, 2006 A stop by the IsledeGrande never disappoints! Sometimes it's a casual glance at something that brings a smile, or a warm memory... other times, it is simply breathtaking! It's always fun connecting with friends etc., but then there are others that simply touch our hearts like no other... Many thanks for the picture of "Father Baker" in the old photo album. Some of my dearest memories of Grand Island involve St. Martin-in-the-Fields and the energy of Father Baker. Thanks so much for all you do every week with the Isledegrande. Regards, Ellen (Hopkins) Faber December 20, 2005 Hi Teddy – Just wanted to take a few minutes and tell you how much I enjoy Between the Bridges. Keep up the great work! I love reading the names of people I once knew. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and Happy 2006. Dr. Ron Gasbarro NE Pennsylvania - GIHS Class of 1969 www.rx-press.com December 1, 2005 Thanks for your wonderful site, I know it involves a great deal of effort and dedication. I faithfully read it each week as I try to keep up with Island News. I believe it is the most current info source we have on Grand Island. Judy Polizzi November 30, 2005 Dear Teddy, I have just discovered the website with all the old photos from GI. My family lived on the island from 1950 – 1966, first in the duplexes and then on Enola Rd. My mom (June Kahl Baylis) is 84 now and thoroughly enjoying going through the old photos. Thanks for all your hard work on this site!! My husband and I spent 4 days on the island this past June – even went through our old house. I loved being back – it brought back so many wonderful memories. GI sure was a great place to live while growing up! Laura Kahl Brooke November 6, 2005 Thanks so much for all your articles, they bring back a lot of memories. Keep up the good work! See you sometime when we come home. Dawn "Merrill" Hillock September 21, 2005 I was looking through the old photos you have up on the Isledegrande.com web site - thanks for doing that! I've been gone from GI since 1987, and this site is a great way to keep up to date! Pete Capelli September 21, 2005 I want you to know that I tell everyone about isledegrande.com. My husband is from the Island and we recently (about 2 years ago) moved here. I read everything on the site and point things out to my husband all the time, it really gives you a sense of community. My kids love to get involved in school activities just to see their picture on the web. You are doing a real public service by keeping this site current, accurate, and accessible. I appreciate it. Julie Davis April 23, 2005 I'm still the biggest fan of Isledegrande. You continue to do a wonderful job. We had considered visiting the Island this summer but it appears we'll be heading in the other direction to Spokane, WA to receive that award from the Western Writers of America. Best, Thom Hatch April 12, 2005 Thanks for the great job you do with this website. You keep us off-islanders up to date each week. Keep Up The Good Work, Jeff Bykowicz March 31, 2005 Teddy, I really enjoy all the island photo's. I printed out the Bridges by Rich Call in 5x7 and framed it! I just saw a few more I will print also. AND the one of the Huntley plant....well, anyone who can make that place look so nice is a fantastic photographer! Sandie Sandie Rall-Smith January 13, 2005 The GI News is the greatest thing since indoor plumbing! Love to see familiar faces and read about the growth of the Island. Sure do miss my old friends from there and I hope to see another Sidway reunion so I can come back home for a few days! Fred Schutt January 10, 2005 By the way, I think you are doing a great job with the Island website. I find it to be very informative in every way and I visit at least once a week. John Fletcher December 22, 2004 Teddy, Just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Thank you for all the work you and the entire staff do all year keeping the Island web-site "a great place to visit" ! Happy Holidays Sandie Rall-Smith September 2004 Keep up the great work on Isledegrande, I look forward to reading it every week! Ted Stewart August 2004 Keep up the fabulous work with Isledegrande. I love looking at the old photos. They bring back wonderful memories of my life time spent on this Grand Isle. Christine Stange July 2004 Thanks to Donnette Rayhill, I have been able to re-connect with friends and times In Grand Island. My family moved to Grand Island in 1970 and left for Philadelphia in 1973. I still consider GIHS my High School, even though I attended two more, one in PA and graduated from one in Ohio. I have resided in Ohio since July of 1973, but still miss Grand Island. It has been so wonderful to see pictures of Rev. Lange, who was Pastor at Trinity UM when I attended. You do a marvelous job of updating all the info and your look back is great. I am amazed at how many of my classmates from 1974 have left Grand Island, but still return for visits. Thanks again for all the work you do to keep us out-of-town "Islanders" up to date. Meladie Spencer Jamra Former resident of Monica Lane and Ransom Road. Grand Island, New York June 2004 "Your wonderful newsletter is truly a great service and blessing to those of us with dear memories of Grand Island." Caroline Alt Fraser Colorado Springs, Colorado I would like to congratulate you on the success of your website and the record number of "hits" you received last month...it is certainly well-deserved. Thanks again. Jamie Michaud

I really enjoy the isledegrande...being away from home it is like I have a link to the Island. Keep up the great work!! Michelle "Colbert" Salvatore

Mrs. Linenfelser, I just wanted to thank you for including me in two of your recent editions of "Islanders in the News." My wife knows how much I love your site and it was certainly a surprise to see those stories. My career has taken me away from Grand Island, however I still consider it home and you allow people like me to keep up with all the news coming from our beloved Island. In addition, I would like to thank you for your consistent display of support for our troops. May God richly bless, and may He fill your heart with joy in return for all the lives you touch each week. With sincere thanks, Paul Michaud GIHS Class Of 1995 Hello Teddy! How have you been! Just wanted to let you know...that once again, I used Isledegrande to find a phone number of one your advertisers! I wanted to send a gift certificate from the Village Inn to Marcy Malecki. She is always helping me out. This Saturday I am having some friends over for dinner and wanted to serve something different....so I ask her to send me some kimmelweck rolls federal express! When I called the Village Inn, I was sure to mention that I got the number off the Isledegrande.com web-site! It is so helpful to us OUT OF TOWNERS! THANK YOU! Sandie Rall Smith

Teddy: Your newspaper has been delightful reading and viewing for the past hour. This is the first time I just sat and sat and looked and looked. Thank you for all the work you put into it. I enjoyed it thoroughly and think it may well become a habit. Elizabeth L. Beach Editor's note: The following is in reference to the feature on
the late Gregory P. Huxley Jr.
Teddy I am so pleased to see this item included in your column. This young man came from the area of NYS I now live in - Central, NY. I knew his dad (Greg Sr.) years ago when he was hired to work at Marcy State Hospital as a therapy aide. I was the nurse in charge of his unit and spent quite a bit of time with training him. I worked often and hard alongside Greg. He was one of the best employees I ever have had the honor of working with. He also treated everyone, both patients and peers, with dignity and respect. I am sure that he instilled these same qualitites in his son. So I thank you for including this article in the isledegrande site. Maryjo Gill Class of '70 Island resident '61-'70 December 2003 Hi Teddy My grandfather, Dick Williams, built Fantasy Island and I sure do wish he was still alive to provide me with the answer to your trivia question. I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your efforts on The isledegrande.com website. Living in Texas, so far away from home, your website helps me to get a piece of home every week! Keep up the good work keeping all us "islanders" connected. Michele Beauchamp (GIHS Class of 1982) December 2003 Hi Teddy I love your site. It is so fun to scroll through, especially when I have not looked at it in a while. It is like a walk down memory lane. Thanks for keeping that up. Only us true Grand Islanders can really appreciate it. Debbie Bleich December 2003 Jack Suchocki, (jsuchocki@comcast.net) whose parents resided on Grand Island when
he was born in the early 1940s, provided the history of his family's home on West
River Road and featured in volume 4 of our Old Photo Album.
Hi Teddy, I went off to attend college in Miami in 1961 and have lived out of state ever since. I have always spent a bit of every summer there on the 'ol
homestead and will really miss the Island after the place is sold. My parents
continued to live there until my mother's death in 1979 and my father's in 2000. I've lived in just about every corner of this country in the years since I left for college and can honestly say with great confidence that Grand Island
is indeed a very special place. Keep up the great work Teddy. The Island IS SPECIAL and it's wonderful to see that someone cares enough to collect and preserve its heritage and history
for all those who follow. I visit your site often and each time it's
like a quick visit back home. As I come across any old photos and slides that I think you might be
interested in I'll e-mail them to you. Thanks Teddy!!! I hope you and your family have a great holiday season. Jack (Jack Suchocki) December 10, 2003 I enjoy your stuff tremendously, keep up the good work. Dave Burke, SMSgt USAF (Ret) Panama City, FL December 3, 2003 Hi Teddy, I’m e-mailing you regarding the 1978 Lions Club picture. The person in the first row (far right with the sunglasses on and shirt open) is Austin Giambra. It’s my husband’s uncle. I absolutely love this website! I go on every Friday to catch up on all the Grand Island news. Thanks for putting it together! Have a great day! Sandy Santorio I was pleasantly surprised to see your Guest Book up and running again. Yahoo! Thanks for mentioning our 27th wedding anniversary in last week's column. I went out of town (to our cabins) last Thursday to spend time with Mark who is really busy with his hunting guide business. Mark has always been an avid hunter and we've seldom spent our wedding anniversary together because he's either being a great white hunter or working with clients in the southern tier. I just arrived home yesterday and was surprised to find the congratulatory message in your column. As always, I love your column and all the information on the Isledegrande website! ~Diane~ (Hassan) Thursday, November 20, 2003 Hi Teddy, I was just surfing the web and came across the Fire Company website. It was great to look at all the pictures of the familiar faces and the action. It has been about 6 years since I had to resign and move to the Town of Tonawanda for my job and I miss the company dearly, but I will never forget the 11 years of service I experienced. I kind of got choked up reminscing about all the good and bad times in my mind. Oh well, 17 more years before I can retire and then I hope to come back to "the Island" to join again. Send everyone my regards when you see them. Take care and keep up the great work!! Sincerely, Jon N. Cinelli, Town of Tonawanda Paramedics and former GIFCo EMS Captain Friday, September 26, 2003 Teddy, Week after week, month after month, Isledegrande.com just keeps getting better!
Thanks a lot for providing such a great source of nostalgia for us former Islanders. Best, Thom Hatch (A Colorado resident, Thom Hatch is a noted author of five published books and former resident of Grand Island.) Monday, July 7, 2003 Teddy - First and foremost, a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to you and the staff at GIECOM.net and the Isledegrande Web site, for helping the reunion committee for the class of '83 locate many "lost" friends and classmates. We were able coordinate our events and communicate with everyone!! Without this site, we would not have had such a great evening and a fabulous turn out!
Of the few we had left on our missing list, many showed up at the River Oaks event, as they were found by friends and family due to the publicity from your site.
Teddy, thanks again! We will email you some pictures, so you can post another great success story!
Sandi Cunningham
Susan Kew Fadel
Deby Agnello Morgan
Shelley Arcouet Smith

October 2002 Hi, I am Dora (Muller) Harrison, 1st graduating class from Grand Island Jr./Sr. high school 1966. I have really enjoyed your site, and know alot of work was put into this site. Thank you for a stroll down memory lane, I even sent a few E-mails off after I signed in. September 5, 2001 Hi Teddy, What great pictures to look at. Even the Sandy Beach softball team 1949 which had my brother and all his friends in it. I sent this info to a few people today. Thanks so much for letting me know about these pictures. Ginni August 14, 2001 Hi Teddy, I wanted to let you know that your website is really wonderful! I saw the senior twirlers picture of long ago, and I couldn't believe that I could still
remember everyone's name. It brought back so many good memories...keep up the great work! Deanne August 8, 2001 Teddy - These "old" pictures are priceless. What memories they bring back. Keep up the
outstanding work!! Gary Long July 2001 I have a long overdue thank you to make to the parishioners of The Whitehaven Road Baptist Church. It was not long ago Family Life Ministries wanted to put up a radio tower behind the church. When the neighbors and I were opposed, they listened to our plea and decided to ask them to find a location elsewhere. As luck would have it, they were successful. So a very warm, heart felt thank you to all from your neighbors. Sincerely, Mary A. Dunbar Daluisio June 20, 2001 John Tommasulo, Jr. class of '85 comments: Thanks for creating and maintaining the great web-site. All towns should be so fortunate. June 9, 2001 I have just (belatedly) come to realize what a great site you have! Just wanted to send a long a compliment. Liz Wilbert Broker Associate Century 21 Hopkins Square June 6, 2001 Hello from sunny and very hot Florida. Once an Islander always an Islander. It doesn't matter how far you go, home is the Island. Thanks so much for having your sight on the web. It keeps us in touch with our home town. The best to you. Susan Willard June 7, 2001 Dear Teddy, Congratulations on the Grand Island internet site! Thanks for a great job in posting our information. The whole Isle de Grande Site is a beautiful idea, but, it must be a lot of work. I tell any young people, who are friends of my adult children, that they should post their names and internet sites on the high school list, and visit the site for some home-town enjoyment and news. Many of them live in other states or overseas. Again, Many Thanks, Elsa Later Note: Lee (Tetkowski) and I brag to all the other women from different areas of Erie County about the Island's website and invite them to view it. Thanks again, Elsa (Bondar - League of Women Voters) June 7, 2001 Teddy, I received the notice for the reunion yesterday. I just took some time to go through the web site and really enjoyed seeing some of the old photos and notes about some of the people I used to know. I especially liked the picture of the Suchocki place on the Highway as Jack and I were pretty good friends, and I used to spend time there. I thought I heard somewhere/sometime that Jack was a pilot for the airlines. Keep up the good work. Sincerely, Tom Duncan Baseline Road '51-'61 (Across from Sidway). May 7, 2001 Thanks Teddy! I do read your paper and I enjoy reading it...you can kill hours and not get to everything. I check in every few days. (Betty Lance) May 6, 2001 Dear Teddy Linenfelser, Greetings from the Coral Sea. My family has lived on the Island for over 30 years. I left the Island in 1986 and am presently stationed onboard the USS Germantown stationed in Japan. I have been visiting this website since the end of 2000 and want to thank you for your hard work. It is nice to be able to read about home when I am out to sea and can't make that call home. Thank you for making a difference. Have a wonderful day. Sincerely, Wendy Sue Card, HM1, USN Friday, March 09, 2001 From: Ralph Gabarro To: Teddy Linenfelser Thanks for putting me in the class listing. I have already been in touch with old friends that I had not been in contact with for years. Feb. 23, 2001 My son discovered your homepage while doing an internet search the other day. Between the Bridges brought back a lot of wonderful memories. Grand Island was truly a superb place to grow up. My mother still has a dining room set bought from Dan Linenfelser in the early 50's. My father Ralph who was active in establishing the new Little League field on Staley Road along with Lou Madia and Pat Carroll, passed away on March 1, 2000. My mother Terry lives in Maine and is doing well. Great home page! Keep up the good work Feb. 2001 And, again, have to tell you how much we appreciate your work! Especially enjoy the old photo album! Wonderful memories of Grand Island. Ellen "Hopkins" Faber Feb. 17, 2001 Betty Dohn Ashley - Hi! to you on Grand Island. It is so exciting to hear from you. I want you to know how much I enjoy your weekly news.---can't believe how much time I spend with it. Feb 9, 2001 Hi Teddy, Yes both addresses are still the same. Thanks for the info. We hope to be there. Also really enjoy the website. It is fun and a great service to all who use it. Bryan Schram Jan. 14, 2001 I love the web page! I have recently changed my ISP. . . Karen "Bednarz" Trageser (Class of '75) Jan. 8, 2001 From Shirley "Lewien" Reitebach - Thanks for the great work involved in this web site. It keeps us once islanders informed on what is happening on the island. Jan. 3, 2001 Happy New Year! What a great job. I enjoy this site as does my cousin Patty Dower Hamilton in Australia. She was back in the USA in October for her father John Dower's 90th birthday in Denver,CO. Keep up the good work. We all look forward to the next week. Take care and stay well. As Always, Debbi Robinson Dec. 31, 2000 Just wanted you to know that I got an email from Ron Webb who graduated from my class back in 54 - he saw my name on your website. #2 to find me that way, so thanks again. Also, I told him about the reunion. This is a good way to start getting out the word. Is there a piano where the reunion will be? We need to get Don Burns to come play! Dec. 12, 2000 Teddy, Thanks for getting back to me. The site is wonderful and I've heard from ALOT of people I haven't seen hide nor hair from in 30 years. Keep up the good work! Skee Dec. 8, 2000 Hi Teddy: I love the on line newspaper and always check it out first thing on Thurs. Keep up the good work. Thanks. Sherry Watkins Nov. 30, 2000 Thanks for letting me know about this - it looks great!!! Hope all is well on GI! Doug DeGlopper Nov. 28, 2000 TEDDY THE PICTURES OF GRAND ISLAND, THE DUPLEXES, AND THE WAY WE WERE IS GREAT. THE PLAZA WAS SO FUNNY I REMEMBER IT SO WELL THANK YOU. YOU DO A GREAT JOB, I ENJOY YOUR WORK SO MUCH, I MISS GRAND ISLAND. SAY HELLO TO EVERYONE, THANKS AGAIN GREG DEMIKE Nov. 21, 2000 Hey Thanks very much for this great site! Although I'm in close contact with my remaining family on the Island, it's fantastic to see the articles and photos of old friends and neighbors! Marge (Kevin and Marge Schwanebeck) November 18, 2000 Just wanted you to know I visited this web site and think it is great. Vivian Smudski November 17, 2000 Marrissa (Sissie) Wilson, Fournerat Sfournerat@AOL.com comments: This is a wonderful website! I receive the town paper, but by the time it gets here the news is outdated!Im so glad you found me..... November 15, 2000 Teddy- Great newspaper! Is it only on-line now? Very informative...I like to see what's happening in my home state from afar... Nicole L. Hoffman November 15, 2000 From Bob Ryan Hi Teddy, I was shocked to see my name and e-mail address on your site. It is probably the work of my brother-in-law or his wife, Tom & Kathy DeLoughry on Ferry Rd., who I believe you know. Your site is just great and you obviously have put a lot of work into it - - labor of love, I'd guess. Keep up the great effort. Nov 15, 2000 Hi Teddy - Please include me in any Island updates. I'd love to be part of the mailing list. Thanks very much and happy holidays! Alyssa Miller (glockenspiel player - Teddy's Islettes - 1977!!) Nov. 14, 2000 From Bernice Glor Pagliaro Thanks for sending a copy of the news -- loved the old photos! Mary Olsen just got in touch with me thru finding my email in your list --it was fun hearing from her. Keep up the good work Nov. 14, 2000 Oh My Gosh, thanks ever so much, Teddy and please give my love to all..... Thanks again. Jack No. 14, 2000 Dear Teddy, I love your publication and the website. Thank you Teddy, so much, for all your hard work keeping us up to date with all that history!!! Love, Holly Whitford Best handybest@aol.com (home) Nov. 12, 2000 Hi Teddy--You really do great work! I missed The RECORD --but now I have somehing else even better. Keep up the newsy news__ta ta--Dee (Dolores DiTullio) Nov. 12, 2000 Hey Teddy, This is Michele Rathmann......Class of 80. I think it's an excellent idea. Class cooridnator. and I also think that this would be great as far as people visiting. I also think people would like to have important announcements on the online news... Keep up all the good stuff....I'm in Orlando and I love the connection to home. Nov. 12, 2000 Teddy, Thank you for the email telling me about the online newspaper for Grand Island. I truly enjoyed reading it. Good Luck, I bookmarked it for future references. Regards, Margaret Ann Haller Nov. 12, 2000 Teddy: This is very nice. What a great way to spread local news. Uma Nov. 10, 2000 Hi there, Teddy. This is a good idea with the online paper. My mom told me about it but I hadn't had a chance to check it out. Sounds and looks pretty good. Keep up the good work! Denise Nov. 9, 2000 HI Teddy... Thank you for emailing me the Grand Island web site. I really appreciate it very much. I enjoy all the news of the island. I told my mother that I would print out copies for her of the island while she is in Florida. Thank you again ! Have a nice week end! Gail Nov. 8, 2000 CONGRATULATIONS ON THE BIRTH OF YOUR NEW WEB NEWSPAPER AND GREETINGS FROM SUNNY FLORIDA. YOUR "NEW BABY" WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED BY MANY "ISLANDERS" HERE IN THE "SUNSHINE STATE"! THE EFFORTS PUT FORTH BY REGGIE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR HIM BEING ELECTED GRAND ISLAND'S ONLY "WEB AMBASSADOR"! CHRIS AND I ARE BOTH PLEASED AT THE PROSPECT OF BEING ABLE TO GET THE "ISLAND" NEWS BEFOR IT BECOMES "ANCIENT HISTORY". BEST REGARDS, ED AND A"CHRIS" MCCAFFERY Hi Teddy, I went to the island website last night and really spent some time there- you have done a great job- it looks wonderful !! Just had to let you know- Ellen loves it too, and now Rick is going to check it out- GREAT JOB !!! Love, Pam :) Nov.6, 2000 LSmith893@cs.com I guess it's a sign of me getting older but I check your website regularly for the obits!!! I love what you've done with your site and check it often. Thanks so much. Nov. 3, 2000 Hi Teddy: I can't tell you how delighted I am with your IsledeGrande.Com. It is wonderful! Forget the former Record - this is great, however, the down side is that it does truly make me miss the Island even more! I will give some thought as to perhaps what someone like myself who loves the Island and is now living somewhere else would enjoy hearing. I don't know what I would do without your hard effort. How are you financing this task? I would be happy to contribute if you are taking $ to keep this going. Talk to you soon. Sherry Watkins Nov. 2, 2000 Teddy, Great job on the Islegrande site. It is even better now! I love the news. Keep up the good work. Randy White GI Class of 1970 Operations Manager WTHR-TV Indianapolis, IN rwhite@wthr.com Oct. 27 2000 Whenever I got a chance yesterday I looked for your column on line. Today, I saw the new format and I really like it. Thank you for keeping us Off Island, Islanders up-to-date. Don't forget... I have some old pictures it you want some... Sandie Oct. 29, 2000 Thanks for the memories!!! Tom Moynihan Oct. 25, 2000 Teddy, I love your pictures, etc. Please keep them going. Also, reunion for Sidway in 2002 is great idea. I'll be there if it happens! Thanks, Mike O'Dea Indianapolis, IN Nov. 18, 2000 Great addition to the site thanks! Ginny & Denis Forster New Port Richey, Fl. Oct. 12, 2000 I loved the "OLD PHOTO ALBUM", "the way we were". You all work so hard on this website, your work is truly appreciated! Thank you Sandie Rall Oct. 11, 2000 Teddy, Great job on the old photos, brought many smiles...Keep them coming. Rick (Raepple) Hi Teddy, The web site is great. I printed the pictures out for Mom to see, our computer is up stairs and she can not do the stairs to often. Thanks. (Arthura Haller Vanheede)

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