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Mary E. Haggerty

Kaegebein Reflections – January 2010

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   See "Reflections Winners"

What’s Cool at Kaegebein - Dec. 2009

Mike Randall visited Kaegebein Elementary School for his Channel 7 "Cool at School" program. Adults in the group picture are Library Clerk Carol Hamlin, School Secretary Carol Pizur, Principal Mary Haggerty and Mike Randall and in front of Mike Randall, teacher Patricia Ludwiczak.
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    Mike Randall paid a visit to Kaegebein Elementary on Tuesday, December 15, to find out What’s Cool at School at the Wee Deliver Post Office after being contacted by fifth grader Kristiana Morell. Wee Deliver is an In-School Postal Service originally developed by the US Post Office to help promote literacy. Students have the real life experience of writing and addressing letters, which are mailed in the school mailbox and delivered to friends, classmates and teachers each day.
   Fourth and fifth grade students apply for positions by filling out an application, taking a test and obtaining teacher recommendations.
   Two teams of seven students are chosen to be Postmasters, Facers, Cancellers, Clerks, Sorters, and Letter Carriers. This year’s Post Office Employees are: Kaitlyn Tuohy, Alyssa Ruminski, Emma Schultz, Mallory DelSignore, Abraham Zherebilov, Max Keller, Kristiana Morell, Mikayla Claus, Abagail Czerwonka, Megan Frisch, Jessica Harvey, Genna Baldassarre, Jessica Faso and Grace LoTempio.
   School secretary Carol Pizur and teachers Tricia McDonald, Deanna Schoenberg and Patricia Ludwiczak oversee the program to make sure the mail gets out.
   Students at Kaegebein Elementary love writing letters, and as our employees say, “Wee Deliver!”

Kaegebein School, Staff Collect For Neighbors Foundation - Dec. 2009

(front left) Gabriella Bergstrom, Brianna Bachman and Breanna Robertson; (back) Josh Kam. Tyler Simon, Brooke Bartolotta, Emma Schultz and Sophia Zacher
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   Students. faculty, and staff at Kaegebein Elementary showed their holiday spirit over the last two weeks by collecting 27 boxes full of food, new books, and presents for their neighbors in need. All items collected will be given to the Neighbors Foundation of Grand Island. Student helpers organized the food, sorted the books and gift items, and wrote school announcements to remind their friends and teachers to bring in food. Special thanks to all of the familites that sent in food and other items to make our collection great.

"Tail Waggin Tutor" Comes To Kaegebein - Dec. 2009

Mrs. Fik is shown with second grade student Shawn Sikora and "King."
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   King, a recently certified therapy dog, and his owner, Kathleen Fik, began the Children Reading to Dogs program at Kaegebein Elementary School on December 4th. This is one of Therapy Dogs International's newest volunteer programs. Children are given the opportunity to read a book of their choice to King, a Golden Retriever. He never criticizes or corrects. Mrs. Fik, a retired teacher, is there if the child wants help with a word. This builds the student's fluency and confidence in his reading abilities in a relaxing environment.

Kaegebein 4th Graders Celebrate Colonial Days - Fall 2009

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   Mrs. Kathy Chadwick's 4th grade at Kaegebein Elementary on Grand Island, NY celebrated "Colonial Day" on Tuesday, November 24th. This day is based on the class novel, Felicity Learns a Lesson, that the students read. The girls prepare the dinner meal. They make applesauce, butter, peel and mash potatoes, and prepare the stuffing. The boys learn lessons from hornbooks. The girls learn how to cross stitch and have a tea party. The boys learn about colonial occupations and construct a sign to go with an occupation they are interested in. The boys and girls also make soap, carve soap, write with a quill pen and ink, and stencil. They all enjoyed this authentic experience with colonial times.

Kaegebein Teachers Receive Awards - November 2009

Maureen Gambino and Lucinda Kennedy

    Maureen Gambino, second grade teacher at Kaegebein Elementary School, has been elected to the Advisory Council for the Professional Development Schools Consortium. This nationally recognized, multidimensional program is collaboratively designed and managed through a PDS Advisory Council and the PDS Consortium, and is comprised of teachers and administrators from local elementary schools and Buffalo State College faculty members. College faculty, school administrators, and practicing teachers deliberate on how to cooperatively supervise pre-service teachers and provide closer connections to classroom practice, promote professional development for in-service teachers, improve student learning, and research educational practice for school reform. Mrs. Gambino has acted as a liaison from Kaegebein Elementary School for the past several years, facilitating the learning of dozens of student teachers and providing staff development for the staff at Kaegebein Elementary.
   Lucinda Kennedy, speech-language pathologist at Kaegebein Elementary School, has been awarded “Multicultural Diversity Champion” by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). ASHA is honoring Ms. Kennedy for her efforts to advance multicultural issues in communication sciences and disorders. Ms. Kennedy holds a masters of Education, is a certified Speech-Language Pathologist, and is certified to teach English as a Second Language. According to an ASHA press release, Multicultural Diversity Champions have demonstrated respect and value for differing backgrounds and points of view and their achievement addresses the impact of culture and/or language on their profession.

Kaegebein PTA's Reflections Winners - November 2009

   The Kaegebein Elementary School PTA has announced winners of this year's Reflections program, a national PTA creative arts competition established to promote the arts. See Reflections Winners

Kaegebein Elementary School
Spooky Cafeteria Enjoyed By Students - October 2009

Top: Mrs. Booker at pumpkin estimation station.
Bottom:Relay chair Mary Dunbar-Daluisio reads to student. - Click photos for larger view.

   Second grade teacher Mrs. Cyndi Booker supersized her annual spooky classroom set-up this year by moving it to cafeteria 2. Students at Kaegebein were invited to make a donation to the Kaegebein Relay For Life team and gain entrance to the Halloween inspired space. Upon entering the darkened room, decorations were everywhere and seven learning centers were scattered throughout. They included a listening center where Halloween books on tape were played, a bats activity center where videos and information on bats were shown. An ooze station was quite popular, as well as the pumpkin estimation station where you could guess the weight of pumpkins and how many candy corn were in a jar. The "spooky room" also featured a flashlight reading station, mummy parts touching station, identifying skeletal bones and spider web toss. Over $600 was raised through donations for the Kaegebein School relay team.

Spooky School Project At Kaegebein - October 2009

   Kaegebein School has turned cafeteria 2 into a spooky school for the week of October 27-30th. All students are invited to bring a donation into their classroom by Monday, October 26th to participate. Donations will benefit the Kaegebein Relay For Life team. The class with the highest donations will be awarded a pizza party on October 30th. For more information check out the
spooky flyer.

Second Graders Celebrate Hawaiian Week - October 2009

Mrs. Eileen Mitchell and students. - Click photo for larger view

    Mrs. Eileen Mitchell's second grade class celebrated Hawaiian Week at Kaegebein Elementary School. The theme for this unit centered around a story from the children's literature book entitled "Luka's Quilt." In the story Luka and Tutu (grandmother in Hawaiian) set out to sew a traditional Hawaiian quilt. Woven throughout the story were other Hawaiian words and customs. The second graders were busy learning about foods, dance, and flowers native to Hawaii. The students made their own leis. To culminate the week long activities the second graders dressed in Hawaiian clothing. The children sampled many fruits native to the islands (pineapple, coconuts, kiwis and bananas). In addition they learned how to do the "Hula," a native Hawaiian dance. A good time was had by all.

Kaegebein Elementary
First Day of School - September 2009

   Tuesday, September 1st . . .Summer vacation was cut short this year for Grand Island students as they started another school year, this time before Labor Day. Students at Kaegebein School got a warm welcome back by the teachers and staff as they embarked from the buses and headed into their classrooms. See photos by Mary Stewart, see
"Kaegegebein Elementary's First Day.".

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