Lily Visits Grand Island

Student Tyler Yockey - April 2-4, 2001
Dear Diary,
   I went home on key bus with Tyler Yockey today. I met Tyler's two brothers, Andrew, 8 and Douglas, 2. We watched cartoons and had a snack. In the back yard, there were two ducks, a male and a female duck. They were swimming in the water. We had pizza and pineapple juice for dinner, it was good. After dinner, I took a ride on Tyler's remote control car. It was a blast! We read a book after, called "Door Bell." It had a lot of animals in it like me. Then we watched The Three Stooges. They were very funny! Tyler gave me a cute bunny just in time for Easter. Tyler gave me a best friend handshake! We got tired after a long day and went to bed.
April 3
   Tyler's house is quite busy by 6:30 a.m. These boys remind me of The Three Stooges. After running around, eating breakfast, getting dressed, brushing teeth, and packing lunches, I waved good bye to Tyler and his brother out the window. He was on his way to spend an exciting day at school with all of our friends! I spent the day with Tyler's brother Douglas and Tyler's mother. She has a large belly and Tyler says there's a baby in there. I was comfortable sitting on the kitchen table relaxing after the morning chaos until Douglas spotted me. He took me for a ride on his sit and spin. It was fun until he went too fast and I flew off! Then he invited me in his laundry basket to watch "Caillou" his favorite show.
   I helped them put their vacation pictures of DisneyWorld into an album. I napped with Douglas and waited for Tyler to come home. For dinner tonight I had scrambled eggs, potatoes, sausage and toast. I watched out the window as Tyler and Andrew were jumping ramps on their bikes. I have to go to bed early because tommorrow is the Big Play. I know all of the class is going to be fantastic!

Student Daniel - March 30-April 2, 2001
Dear Diary,
   I felt very lucky to go home with Daniel on Friday. We had fun on the bus, but when we got to Daniel's house the fun really began! Daniel's mom just got done making chocolate chip cookies so we were able to eat some warm cookies for a snack.
   After snack time, Daniel showed me how to play football on the computer. Then we watched a funny movie called "Chicken Run." Daniel thought I would like this movie because I used to live with some chickens on the farm. Well, he was right! The movie was funny!    We had a great dinner then I relaxed with Daniel before bedtime. I was afraid of the dark, but Daniel let me sleep in his room and that made me feel happy.
   We got up early on Saturday morning and started to get ready for Daniel's little brother's birthday party. We all went to Tops to pick up the birthday cake and I even got a balloon! Daniel's grandparents and cousin's all came over and we ran and ran and ran all over the house! Boy, was I tired! After the party was over, Daniel let me lay down on the couch with him and we both fell asleep!
   Sunday was a relaxing day and I think Daniel is looking forward to going back to school almost as much as me! I really had fun with Daniel and his family and hope to visit again soon.
    Can't wait to write about my next adventure!
PS. Daniel gave me a blue ball to travel with - blue is my favorite color!

Student Cole - March 28-29, 2001
Dear Diary,
   It's Wednesday, and after a fun day of making jam in school, I'm back on another bus, the "bike bus" - with Cole. I really wanted to watch out the bus windows as we went on our way to Cole's house, but Cole explained that I should stay in my travel bag and rest. There are alot of kids on the bus that would want to play with me, so then I'd be too tired to play at Cole's house!
nbsp;  I was shaking all over as Cole ran to his front door - he says that he likes to race to the door so he can beat the bus before Mrs. Conover pulls away. Boy, that Cole is a fast runner! As we got to the door, I heard a voice say, "What's in the bag?" That's when Cole introduced me to his mom. We were also greeted by "Princess Alexis," their big yellow lab dog, but they all call her Lexi!
nbsp;  Also, I got to meet Cole's babysister, Autumn. She was having fun in her swing, so Cole's mom let me ride with her. After Cole and I got done showing his mom all the things in my travel bag, Cole immediately tried to make me feel at home by getting a playmate for me. It was another lamb. Her face is white. We rested together on my pillow. Her name is "Fleece." Before we knew it, Cole was bringing out more and more of his "stuffed" friends! I enjoyed meeting them all, but there's way too many to remember all their names! Then Cole and I watched a little bit of Cartoon Network, while we played on the floor with Lexi. I think Lexi was a bit jealous of all the attention that I was getting. Cole all of a sudden said, "I want to go to Hawaii!" Cole's mom said that Hawaii is about half way to New Zealand! Then we all went to the computer, where Cole picked out pictures for his "Guess and Share" homework. Cole was thinking of alot of "J" words, and all of a sudden, he had alot of pictures. We went to glue the pictures on cards. Cole really likes his "Guess and Share!" We took a break and Cole laid down. He got real quiet and told his mom that he didn't feel good. She found out he had a tummy ache. I'm not sure why, but Cole's mom gave him a bucket to keep by his bed. She took his temperature, but it was normal. While Cole rested, his mom thought I should stay with her, so I wouldn't catch anything from Cole, in case he was sick. I rested on his fish tank, and watched the big fish with Autumn! I also looked out the front window and noticed the school that I went to with Matthew. There is also a cool playground across the street. Cole's mom said hopefully it will be warmer when I come back to visit, so we can play there. I also noticed Cole's mom likes dolls. I bet Natalie and the other girls would like her Barbies! Since Cole wasn't feeling good, the night was quiet, but I did get to go to Tops (again) - that is a popular place on this Island! Lily

March 29 Cole's mom let him sleep in, since he needed the rest. She decided that he should stay home, just in case he was contagious. But he never did need that bucket! When Cole finally woke up, he said he was feeling better. So Cole, Autumn and I watched his favorite game show-"the Price is Right." George, his bird, flew over to the chair while we were watching tv!! George is a cockatiel. Cockatiels come from Australia, which isn't too far from New Zealand. George likes to whistle tunes. He tries to say "hello" and "pretty bird." I sat with George on top of the window blinds, but he didn't get too close. Cole's family hopes I can come back on a weekend when there's more time for fun stuff. Hopefully the weather will be nicer by then. Tomorrow at school will be the Kindergarten music program. That will be fun. Lily
Student Amanda - March 26-27, 2001
Dear Diary,
   Today I met Amanda. We came home from school and played with her sister Julianna, and her two cousins Nicole and Joshua. They are twins who are 1 year old.
   Amanda's dad made us dinner. We had steaks to celebrate my arrival. After dinner, I was introduced to their dog named duck'etter. Kind of a silly name for a dog. Duck'etter is a 3-year-old yellow lab that likes his belly scratched.
   Amanda's momand dad let us stay up until 8:30. We watched this great cartoon called the Wild Thornberry's. Aliza Thornberry can talk to animals, but it is a secret. After the cartoon was over, Amanda's mom and dad made us go to bed. We said our prayers and were tucked in and soon fell asleep.
   At 2:30am I decided to play hide and seek with Amanda. I had a great hiding place. Even her mom and dad couldn't find me. I was hiding in the blankets (her dad was not happy with the game at 2:30 a.m.) We then fell asleep again snuggeling together. Soon this loud noise woke us all up and we were told that we had to get ready for school.
   Amanda went off to school, her sister to Nani's house (Grandma) and her mom and dad went to work. I stayed home with Duck'etter. When Mandi came home from school, she picked me up and we went to see her friend Sarah. Sarah has a really big house with lots of toys. We played dressup and I had a really pretty dress on. Soon Mandi's mom picked us up from Sarah's house and we drove over to where her dad works. Her dad drives a really big truck with 18 wheels. Amanda is in a performance on Friday and she has to wear a yellow outfit. We all went shopping for the outfit. After we found the yellow outfit we became really hungry and went to a restaurant called Bob Evans for dinner.
   By the time dinner was over, it was almost 8:00pm and almost time for bed. Amanda and Julie fell asleep in the car on the way home. So I was the only one watching the Scooby Doo cartoon in the car on the way home. Mandi and Julie didn't wake up so their mom and dad carried them into the house and up to bed. Mom and dad made sure that I had my favorite pillow and blanket and tucked me in with them.
   I had a really fun time with Amanda and her family. I am going to miss her, but I am looking forward to making some more friends. I can't wait to see everyone tomorrow.

Miss Jahn - March 23-26, 2001
Dear Diary,
   I left Grand Island today and visited a place called Kenmore. I was getting a little nervous as we drove over the bridge but Miss Jahn assured me everything would be all right. She buckled me up safe and sound in the back seat. We went on several errands when we left Sidway. We went to the bank and the credit union. We also went down to another school in Buffalo called D'Youville College. Miss Jahn told me that bigger students come to school here. We went to see some people Miss Jahn teaches with here. We met a very nice man named Dean Bishop. "He is a very important man," Miss Joahn said. "He is my boss here." After this visit, we finally went home to Miss Jahn's house. She has a dog named Kody. He is a very big dog, who, I think, thinks he is little like me. He kept trying to sit in Miss Jahn's lap. Miss Jahn left to go to the movies. She asked if I wanted to come, but I am too tired. Kody will keep me company.
   Saturday: Wow! We got up very early today, 7:00 a.m. Miss Jahn is helping her almost husband's family with an estate sale. I am excited, I wonder what it will be like. We had a lot of fun looking at all the old pictures and toys we found. I saw a lot of people come to buy things today. We had pizza for lunch. Boy, does Miss Jahn love pizza! Kody missed me today. He took me right out of my travel bag and brought me right over to the couch when we got home. He wanted to play tug-o-war with me, with one of his toys, but I got really nervous so Miss Jahn played and I just watched. Miss Jahn says tomorrow will be an even busier day! We will do two of her favorite things, shop and go to lunch!
   On Sunday we went to pick up Miss Jahn's sister. She lives in North Tonawanda. We went to Target today to shop, then we went to lunch at a place called Montana's Steak house. They let me draw on the tablecloth with crayons! After lunch we went to the mall. I helped Miss Jahn pick out the jewelry she will wear at her wedding. She was very excited when we left. After the mall, we went to Barnes and Noble, a book store. Miss Jahn bought a couple new books. One was called "The Giant Jam Sandwich." She will read to her class on Monday. Jam starts with Jj. That is the letter of the week in her class. We bought jelly beans too. I wonder what she will do with those.
   Kody is sad I am leaving. He keeps laying on my travel bag. I think he will really miss me. We had pizza again for dinner. I don't think anyone likes pizza more than Miss Jahn!!
   Well, I am very tired. Miss Jahn will tuck me in for bed. Each night she tucks me in, and she tells me how special I must really be to have a chance to visit so many new places. She is right! I am very lucky to have Mrs. McMann and all of her students as my friends. I can't wait to see everyone tomorrow!

Student Joshua Zernickel - March 21-22, 2001
Dear Diary,
   I'm spending some time on another side of Grand Island. Today I went home with Joshua Zernickel. He lives in a beige house with his mommy, daddy and sister, Amanda. Amanda is 9 years old and is in fourth grade.
   Joshua told me about his Aunt. Her name is also Lilli. It was neat to have the same name, but they are spelled differently. Josh's sister is learning to play the violin. She has been playing for six months and is getting really good. I never realized how beautiful the violin sounded until I listened to her play. On the second day, Amanda was rollerblading and fell and hurt her arm. She was crying really hard. Her mom was worried that she broke her wrist. They put ice on it, and it felt a little better. However, Amanda couldn't practice her violin that night.
   We had pancakes, sausage and bacon for dinner. Josh's mom secretly told me that Joshua is a really fussy eater. She had a hard time thinking of a recipe for the class recipe book. She didn't want to send in a recipe of "how to make a hot dog." At the last minute she remembered Josh liked rolls made in the bread machine.
   Joshua took me to Buffalo State College. He goes to a speech class there. A student named Maureen works with him. She is really nice. Josh worked really hard and got to play a really cool basketball game. That campus is a lot bigger than Sidway School.
   Josh's bedroom is really neat. It is done in all kinds of space things. He has spaceships, rockets, and planets everywhere. The best part is when the light is turned off. The whole ceiling is lit up with a glow-in-the-dark sun, moon and stars. It was like we were sleeping under the real stars! Well, I have to move on now.

Student Sage - March 19-20, 2001
Dear Diary,
   I went home with Sage today and boy-o-boy does she have a wild house! Sage has two brothers (Paul and Reid), they like to play hockey and wrestle! It seems to be all they do! As you can imagine, I was a little nervous when I saw them hitting a golf ball with some small hockey sticks in Sage's family room! But they're pretty good at getting that little ball into the net....they only took a few leaves off of Sage's Mom's trees and plants! Ouch!
   Sage usually likes to play with her brothers, but she could tell that I wasn't used to the wild and rough play of the we went to her room. She read me lots of cool books and showed me her collections. After dinner we spent more quiet time playing and reading in Sage's room, then came downstairs and watched a movie about a volcano... we went to bed early so that Sage wouldn't have trouble getting up for school on Tuesday.
   Tuesday we got up early for school and I watched Sage get on the big yellow, it's huge! I stayed home with Sage's mom and watched her doing all of the things American moms do: work on the computer, work around the house and run errands. Do moms get free choice? I was just wondering! Anyway, I was waiting for Sage to get home from school and when she and the boys got here the wild times started all over again! Sage and I got a yummy snack (she's very thirsty after school) and sat down together for some book reading and pretending. We got to do it for a little bit but when the second boy came home, guess what they started doing again? That's right... hockey - wild hockey in her family room! It's a good thing Sage's mom needed to go to work - phew, those sticks and that ball make me nervous! Well, we all piled into the van and we set off to West Seneca (Sage says it's where her Grandma & Grandpa live). Sage and I became so sleepy in the van that we actually fell asleep! Can you believe that? Two five-year-olds taking a nap? Well it happened! When I woke up, we were at Grandma and Grandpa's house. I met Sage's cousin Rayna and their dogs and her grandparents. We had a wonderful time together playing and watching video's and building things. We all had to share (sometimes that was hard) but it was lots of fun. I liked it.
   Well, time for bed now... I need to get my things packed. I'm movng again tomorrow.

Student Andrew Yarnes - March 16-18, 2001
Dear Diary,
   After celebrating Andrew's birthday with our class, it was my turn to go home with him! Mrs. Yarnes drove us to Huth Road School to pick up Andrew's big sister. She is in 2nd grade and her name is Jessica. Andrew had a good checkup at his doctors', and then we headed home. Andrew was holding me up high in the car so I could see out the window. I especially liked when we went over the Grand Island Bridge, and I could see the river! We got home, and Andrew showed me all around. My favorite place is Andrew's room. I got to meet Jumper. He is a Pipa frog who lives in a fish tank on top of Andrew's dresser. I also enjoyed playing with Jessica's toys...especially a little black dog named Pepper. We watched a video after dinner and had popcorn. On Sunday, Andrew turned 6 years old! Mr. & Mrs. Yarnes had a party, and I got to meet Andrew's cousins, aunts, uncles and his Grandma. She just got home from Florida, where she was visiting Great Aunt Fran. There was pizza - Andrew's favorite - and birthday cake. I asked Andrew what he liked best, and he told me it is his new scooter. He also said he liked having me be there, too. It was a special weekend to spend at the Yarnes' house! I hope you had a great time, Andrew. Lily

Student Elena Watt - March 14-15, 2001
Dear Diary,
   I went home with Elena today. As soon as I walked into the house, I met Elena's younger brothers Eric, 4, and Cameron, 18 months. Elena and I had to spring into action because Cameron was running around the house with a green marker. (Elena's Mommy, Lisa, needed help because she was making an important phone call). By the time we wrestled the marker out of Cameron's hands, his face, lips and tongue were green. Do not do this at home!

   When Elena wasn't looking, Cameron and I played a game called Throw Me Down On the Floor and Bite Me Repeatedly. It definitely was not as fun as the game Trouble or ZABOOMAFOO, so I was glad when Elena and her Mommy distracted Cameron. Elena and I then ran around her house in a little stroller. We got into the van, then zipped back to Sidway to pick up Rachel, Elena's older sister, from Brownies. Then we zipped off again to Tops to do some grocery shopping.
   After Elena got tired of carrying me (I'm not that heavy) she sat me next to Cameron who wanted to play the Throw Me Down On the Floor game again. Elena decided it would be best to put me in a little yellow shopping cart. It was much more relaxing. We went back to Elena's house and had dinner (ham). I sat on a very high countertop out of Cameron's reach, while the girls took a shower and got ready for bed. Elena's Mommy read part of a Junie B. Jones book. What a hoot! I fell asleep between Rachel and Elena.
   Thursday was a quiet day. I spent some time with Eric. He gets up at 6 a.m. because his school bus comes at 7 a.m. We talked about DisneyWorld and poptarts. After Eric left, the girls got up at about 7:10 a.m. and it was a mad rush to get ready before the bus came at 7:45 a.m. I spent a good deal of the morning meditating and avoiding Cameron.
   When Elena came home, we went to McDonalds and played on the big slides. Elena went up and down but I kept getting little shocks when we came down the slide. Yeow! That Smarts! The kids got ready for bed and I kissed them all good night. I stayed near my black bag so I wouldn't get lost in the girls' bed. (Actually, Rachel kicks and Elena grinds her teeth). I'm exhausted, but I'm looking forward to my next visit. Baa Baa for now, Lily

Student Alexander - March 12-14, 2001
Dear Diary,
   I went for a ride on the Bird bus with Alexander. He likes to be called Alex, not Al. He was so happy that I would be spending time at his house, and everyone was so excited to meet me. I met Alex's dogs, Max and Mugsy. Alex showed me around his house. In his living room, I looked out the front window and saw water everywhere. I asked Alex why there was water in front of his house. He said because we are on Grand Island, and the island is surrounded by the Niagara River. Alex took me on his dock. It was neat. I wish it were summer because Alex said I could go on the jet ski with his Dad. Alex has an older brother named Nicholas, who is eight years old. He is cool. Boy, Alex wakes up early (too early for me). I think it was 6 a.m. Alex brushed his teeth, put his clothes on and had plenty of time to watch TV and play with his brother before the bus came. At 8:00 I waved goodbye to Alex. I stayed with Alex's Mom and Dad while Alex was in school. I took a nap and played with some toys. Then at 3:20 Alex came home from school. I was hiding. He had to find me. We went outside and played for a while. Then we went to the home of Alex's friend Brad. Brad has a twin sister; her name is Melissa. At 5:30 p.m. we went home to eat dinner. We had pasta and sauce with meatballs and bread. It was delicious. After Alex does his work and takes a bath, we are going to make Purple Cows for dessert. After dessert we are going to play an animal game, ZOBOOMAFOO. You have to get three animal friends and the foods they eat and get them to the party first in order to win. Alex won! I'm tired. Alex's Mom will read us a story, and then I'm going to sleep, because I have a new adventure to go on tomorrow. Lily

Student Matthew - March 9-12, 2001
Dear Diary,
   My great adventure at Matthew's house started in style! Matthew and I got a ride home with his Mom - no bus ride for me! Matthew lives in a big white house with lots of trees. When we arrived at his house, the first thing Matthew did was to introduce me to his stuffed animals. Matthew sure has a lot of animal friends. I got nervous when his "live" dog, Cassie, sniffed me. She wanted to shepherd me because she is part Collie. Cassie and I made friends, and she even gave me a ride on her back. On Saturday morning Matthew and I were the first ones up, and Matthew read to me, "Danny and the Dinosaur." I liked that book. After a while Matthew and his family went to the Huth Road Bazaar. Matthew won a goldfish, and I was so happy for Matthew.
   Matthew and his brothers played Hide and Seek with me. His brother, Michael, took me and showed me a good hiding spot. His other brother, Jon, also joined us, and after a while I got scared. Luckily Matthew found me, and we got to hide from his brothers. Then we went to Denny's for dinner, and after that we went to his Grandmother's house. She really is a nice lady, and I liked playing at her house. On the way home I fell asleep in Matthew's arms.
   On Sunday we woke up early, and Matthew's Mom and brothers went to CCD class at St. Stephen's. I got to visit an old friend, Sarah Ernst, and we spent most of the day with the Ernsts because Matthew's brothers went to a birthday party. What an exciting day! It's time to go to bed. Back to school again on Monday morning. It's been a busy weekend. Lily

Student Natalie D'Addieco - March 7-8, 2001

Dear Diary,
   Today I came home with Natalie. First, Natalie showed me around her big house. Then we made a beaded flower pot. I made friends with her pet lamb. We listened to Natalie's new music box. It plays "I'm Always Chasing Rainbows." We watched "Pokemon," too! Before we went to bed, I had my picture taken by the wall of hand prints. We watched "Rugrats," and we played with all of the Barbies that Natalie got for her birthday. Natalie snuggles me and Elmo in bed. I can't wait to visit Natalie again! Lily

Student Sarah Ernst - March 5-6, 2001

Dear Diary,
   What a great two days I had at my new friend Sarah Ernst's house. She took really good care of me on the bus, and when we got home, she introduced me to her family. She has two brothers named Nick and Chris and her Mom and Dad. She also has a black dog named Pepper. I was a little afraid of the dog at first, but Sarah told me she wouldn't hurt me. We did so many great things at Sarah's house. We played games and played in her room with all her stuffed animals. Sarah has a great playroom in her basement with lots of toys. On Tuesday Sarah took me to her dance class. I was a little shy and just watched, but it was so much fun. Then we went over to Sarah's friend's house for dinner. I'm really sorry to go, but I know I'll never forget the fun we had.

Student Alex Brown - March 2-4, 2001
Dear Diary
   This was my first weekend in the United States. I stayed at Alex Brown's house. Alex has a lot of stuffed animals that I met. My favorite one was her pet tiger. I was afraid of the pet tiger at first, but then I realized that the pet tiger was very nice.
   I also learned a new game at Alex's house. It's name is Trouble. I had never played this game before. I had four pieces that I had to try and get to my home base first to win the game. Alex was very good at this game. She won every time. She had a very good victory dance she did each time she won. I can't wait to see Alex again.

   Lily has been very busy visiting the different families in Mrs. McMann's class. In the meantime, we have heard from relatives in New Zealand by email. They even sent a picture of Lily's younger brothers!

   Lily's family is very excited to see her on the Web. Now they can keep track of her adventures. Next week we should have some stories from Lily about her stays with the kindergartners in Mrs. McMann's class.


Lily watches the Yankees practice at the Kaegebein field.

Kindergartner Zoe Dodd and Lily at the Kaegebein School playground on Love Road.

Lily looks over coloring contest winners in the office.

Lily enjoying her visit at

        New Zealand resident, Lily the Lamb is on an extended visit to Grand Island. She is residing at Sidway School on Baseline Road with Mrs. Amy McMann's kindergarten class. The following is a letter to the community from Lily herself!

"Hi I'm Lily the lamb. I'm visiting from New Zealand. I became friends with Mrs. Amy McMann, kindergarten teacher at Sidway school, when she visited my country years ago.
   I've been having the most wonderful adventures while staying with each child in Mrs. McMann's class. Zoe Dodd's mom works at and took me to work one day. The e-news thought it would be great to hear about my adventures while I'm visiting.
   The Dodds took me to a great playground at Kaegebein School. We played on the playground and watched the Little League Yankee's practice. It is winter now in New Zealand, so I am really enjoying your spring weather.
    Your friend,

Grand Island e-News received the following from Mrs. McMann and her students after Lily returned to the classroom and described her latest visit. 

         As Lily's agents, we are extremely excited and supportive of her new efforts. We wish you the best of luck in making her famous! When she returned to school, she contacted her ambassador from New Zealand and found out that they have extended her visa!
    Students in Mrs. McMann's kindergarten class are Zoe, Michael, Andrew, Sarah, Daniel, Christopher, Sage, Alex, Maggie, Elena, Adam, Madeleine, Alex, Amanda, Tyler, Joshua, Cole, Matthew, Natalie, and Alyssa.


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