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Lions Club News Page 2007

Local people with a concern for helping others
are the people who join the Lions Club.

Dan Morabito, 773-3098; Jim Milne, 773-4940
Fax: 716 773-4940
Mission: "We Serve" is the Lions' Motto. While the blind
have always been the main concern of Lions, all in need are helped
by this organization. Local concerns are of prime importance.

Events: Special Childrens' Picnic at the Buffalo Launch Club on the second Wednesday in July each year and the Annual Spaghetti Dinner at the Holiday Inn, date to be announced. The Lions Club has a loan closet with wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches and other equipment which we loan free to those in need.

Lions Sight Night A Tremendous Success - 2006

(left) Lion Fred Roucco having his tail tugged by a mischievous loyal Lion tot.
Click photo for a larger view

   The count is in. The second annual Grand Island Lions Sight Night was a tremendous success! Over 1,100 individuals will benefit from the contributions the local communities have made to the kids who went trick-or-treating on Halloween night and who also collected eyeglasses and hearing aids from their family, friends and neighbors. With a late donation of 89 glasses from the DeGlopper VFW Post, 1,145 used eyeglasses are on their way to one of two Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centers in New Jersey and Indiana. They will be repaired, cleaned, and checked for their unique prescription and fit. From there they will be shipped wherever they are needed around the world to help those who cannot afford them. Through donations to and grants from Lions International, the cost of processing used eyeglasses is just six cents but priceless to the individuals who receive them. In just two Halloweens, the total eyeglasses collected amounts to over 2,000 pairs of eyeglasses. Nineteen hearing aids were also collected and are now at the Finger Lakes Hearing Foundation in Victor, NY. They also will be refurbished if possible and made available for a minimal charge picked up by Lions Clubs and/or shared with individuals who need them but who are financially challenged.
   Of particular note is the fact that Ms. Cheyenne Covey of Tonawanda showed up with her mom, Alicia, and step dad, Bill Litto, with a two shopping carts filled with 923 of the total plus 13 of the hearing aids. Her collection also comprised of 375 lenses and 19 hearing aid batteries.
   "Our thanks and appreciation also goes to Grand Island Tops Manager Ms. Patti Bianco who enthusiastically supported this project by providing the Playground and refreshments for all who came," Lion and Sight Lion Tom Witkowski said this week. Grand Island Lions Shelia Ferrentino, Paul Bassette and Fred Ruocco also played a part in Sight Night activities. "Our biggest thanks go the residents of Grand Island and the Tonawandas who willingly gave of their hearts, eyeglasses that may have been expensive or that dressed the face of a dear departed family member; the reasons are numerous. But without their kindness, people around the world would lose a precious commodity: the gift of sight," Witkowski said.
   Thank you from the Grand Island Lions Club!

Lions Club Announces Sight Night - 2006

   Members of the Grand Island Lions Club will host their second annual Sight Night on Halloween night, October 31, 2006. While they are trick-or-treating, children are encouraged to collect used eyeglasses and hearing aids for distribution to the poor nationally and around the world. Last year, over 900 eyeglasses were collected! For more information and a collection kit, contact Lion Tom Witkowski, Sight Night Chair, at 773-4437 or

Lions Club Entertains Special Needs Kids - 2006

Shown left are Lions member Andrew Groat, Councilwoman Mary Cooke and Rotary member Denny Dahl; Bill Wilson and Lou D'Orazio from the Grand Island Fire Company

Jodi Robinson Photos - Click photo for larger view

   For many years the Lion's Club along with the help of members of other civic groups in the area, have dedicated a day to special needs children in Western New York. This year's picnic at the Buffalo Launch Club on Wednesday, July 19th, was bigger and better than ever! As in past years, boat rides were generously provided by Buffalo Launch Club members. Over 3000 hot dogs and hamburgers were served at the picnic lunch. Pony rides, Shriner truck rides, golf cart rides, face painting and relaxing in the sun were the main activities of the day. The "Niagara Experience Players" Dance Troupe were back again to entertain with a show titled "Broadway or No Way."

Lions Club To Host 46th Annual Kids' Day Picnic - 2006

Boarding for a boat ride at a previous picnic.

   Members of the Grand Island Lions will host their 46th Annual Kids' Day Picnic on Wednesday, July 19, 2006 at the Buffalo Launch Club, 503 East River Road, Grand Island from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Plenty of hot dogs, hamburgers and beverages will feed the nearly 1200 kids and their caretakers who will enjoy the boat rides, pony rides, golf cart rides, face painting, music and clowns, and Grand Island Fire Company volunteers will have their trucks on hand. The Lions thank the public for their attendance at their annual spaghetti dinner, providing funding for this memorable day of fun and enjoyment for a lot of very special children.
   Lion Floyd Doring is chairing this year's event. For further information, contact him at 773-7132 or 773-8484.

Lions Club To Hold 36th Annual Spaghetti Dinner - 2006

Photos from a previous Lions Club dinner

   The 36th annual Grand Island Lions Club Spaghetti Dinner will be held Monday,
April 3, 2006 at the Holiday Inn Ballroom. Dinners will be served from 5 p.m. to
8 p.m. Tickets are $7 for adults and $4.00 for children ages 5 through 12. For more
information contact Dick Crawford at 773-4121.

Lions Sight Night A Success - 2005
(left) Lion Tom Witkowski, Cheyenne Covey, and Lion Paul Bassette at Tops on Sight Night
(right photo) Lion Tom Witkowski makes the award presentation to Cheyenne Covey at the Holiday Inn.
Click photos for a larger view

   The Grand Island Lions Club extends its heartfelt thank you to Grand Island and Tonawanda residents for their support of its first Sight Night this past Halloween. Over 900 eyeglasses, 480 lenses and two hearing aids were collected making it an outstanding success. These items will be refurbished and donated to over 1,100 individuals throughout the world who will now have the opportunity to see or hear clearly possibly for the first time in their lives.
   We would like to give particular mention to Miss Cheyenne Covey from Tonawanda who collected 852 eyeglasses and all the lenses and hearing aids. She was honored at the most recent Grand Island Lions Club meeting, attending with her father and stepfather. We also thank Sam Qureshi, Grand Island Tops store manager, for allowing us the use of the playground and providing refreshments for all participants. And to all of you who donated, our first Sight Night would not have been successful without you! Thank you so much!
Lion Tom Witkowski
Sight Chair
Grand Island Lions Club

St. Stephen's Students Are Lions Club Poster Winners - 2005

   Winners of the International Peace Poster contest, sponsored by the Grand Island Lion Club, have been announced. Justine Lazatin and Reba Conway, both St. Stephen School students, received prizes of a $50 savings bond. This year's theme was "Peace Without Borders."

Lions Club Announces Halloween Party - 2005

   A Halloween party for young children will be hosted by the Lions Club at Tops from 6-9 p.m. on Halloween. Children are to bring their collections of eye glasses/hearing aids to the Tops Market playground on Grand Island Boulevard where each participant will be entered into drawings for prizes. Members of the Grand Island Lions Club, who are promoting their first Sight Night on Grand Island, will be in attendance between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. Refreshments will be available for all participants. Click "Sight Night" for more information.

Lions Club Promoting Sight Night on Halloween Night - 2005
Children To Collect Unused Eyeglasses, Hearing Aids Along With Trick-or-Treats

   On Halloween night, October 31, the children of Grand Island and surrounding communities will have a unique opportunity to help the underprivileged and tragedy-stricken around the world. The Grand Island Lions Club, in cooperation with LensCrafters, the Luxottica Foundation, and the Grand Island Tops Market, will sponsor the first Sight Night on Grand Island.
   Sight Night is a time when all children can collect unused eyeglasses and hearing aids along with their trick-or-treat candies. The eyeglasses will be shipped to Lions Recycling Centers in Indiana and New Jersey where they will be cleaned, categorized by prescription and shipped to areas around the world where Gift of Sight health missions are scheduled. The eyeglasses will give individuals who cannot afford them, a new life that will vastly improve their education or help them in their jobs. To date, over 100 missions have been performed with over 2 million individuals helped.
   The collected hearing aids are shipped to the Finger Lakes Region Hearing Foundation to undergo evaluations and reconditioning. Ultimately, they are donated to financially challenged individuals, some in our own area. Hearing aids that cannot be repaired are recycled with the money placed in a restricted fund for our region to cover hearing aids and exams for financially challenged individuals.
   Eyeglasses and hearing aids may be in any condition; even single lenses or empty frames are acceptable. Hearing aid batteries can also be donated.
   Children are encouraged to notify residents before Sight Night that they will be collecting so residents can have the items ready when kids come by. Children will then bring their collections to the Tops Market playground on Grand Island Boulevard where each participant will be entered into drawings for prizes. Lions will be in attendance between 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Refreshments will be available for all participants. Residents may also stop by to drop of their items.
   For more information, contact Lion Tom Witkowski at 773-4437 or email at
    Participating websites are, or

GI Lions Community Service Award Presented To Amanda Kaiser

   July 21, 2004 . . .The Grand Island Lions Club, today, awarded a $500 youth community service award to Amanda Kaiser, a member of the Grand Island High School Class of 2004. The Grand Island Lions Club, whose motto is "we serve," initiated the award to encourage Grand Island youth to get involved in voluntary community service.
   Lions Club President Dick Planavsky presented the award to Amanda during the Lions Club "Special Kids Picnic," an annual event held at the Buffalo Launch Club where 1200-1500 handicapped children and their counselors are treated to boat rides, pony rides, face painting, hamburgers, hot dogs and soft drinks along with many other fun activities. "This picnic is an ideal place to present this award because it is a great example of the community service the Lions Club seeks to encourage among today's youth," Mr. Planavsky said.
   Amanda will be attending Mercyhurst College in the fall. She attended summer workcamps from 2000-2004 to work on the homes of the poor and needy in communities across the U.S. including Niagara Falls, Vermont and the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico. She served as a small group leader and confirmation mentor at Trinity United Methodist Church and was an interfaith hospitality network volunteer. She also worked on the Seneca Street Church project, a Lions Club service project, and was a Journey's End volunteer.
   Amanda, an honor and high honor roll student, is the daughter of Ross and Sally Kaiser.

Lions Club Hosts 46th Annual Special Childrens Picnic - 2004

Firefighters Ray Pauley, Carl Aley and Butch Meyer - Niagara Experienced Players
Buster Bison - Supervisor Peter McMahon, Tom Wigkowski, Dan Robillard
(right photo) Picnic Co-chair Tom Schultz (left) and Chairman Jerry Dubiel
Jodi Robinson Photos

   July 21, 2004 . . .Members of the Grand Island Lions Club, with assistance from several other Island organizations, hosted their annual Special Children's Picnic on Wednesday, July 21, 2004 at the Buffalo Launch Club. The Club has offered this event every year since 1959. Between 1200-1500 handicapped children and their counselors were treated to boat rides, pony rides, face painting, hamburgers, hot dogs and soft drinks along with many other fun activities.
   Also featured was an appearance by the Niagara Experience Players. The not-for-profit Niagara County organization of young people was formed about thirty years ago and is geared to youngsters ranging in age from 8-18 who perform choreography and vocals during their shows. This year's Lion's Club Picnic entertainment was entitled "Swingin' 2004." The group raced off to the Canal Fest to do another show right after the 11 a.m. performance at the Buffalo Launch Club.
   Chairman of this year's picnic was Jerry Dubiel and his co-chair was Tom Schultz.

Lions' Hot Dog Sale Is Tuesday
In Conjuction With GI Community Band Concert - 2004

   Members of the Grand Island Lions Club will hold a hot dog sale at the Town Commons from 5-7:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 27, 2004 - during the Grand Island Community Band concert. Hot dogs and pop will be sold at $1 each. Funds raised by this sale will benefit the Lions Charity Fund which creates around $12,000 per year for charitable events. Mark Bullock is the chairman of the sale.

Lions 46th Annual Special Kids Picnic Next Week - 2004

   The Grand Island Lions Club will hold its 46th annual Special Kids Picnic at the Buffalo Launch Club on Wednesday, July 21, 2004. Features of the annual event that is expected to draw 1200 young people this year will include Buster Bison, Niagara Experience Players, the Shriners, magicians, clowns, the Grand Island High School Band, face painters, Excalibur boat, Mercy Flight and hot dogs and hamburgers with all the fixings. Chairmen this year are Jerry Dubiel and Tom Schultz. Lions Club Members from the U.S. and Canada will be on hand for these special friends. The Lions held their first picnic at the BLC in 1959.

Lions 34th Annual Spaghetti Dinner - 2004

   The 34th annual Grand Island Lions Club Spaghetti Dinner will be held Monday, March 29, 2004 at the Holiday Inn Ballroom. Dinners will be served from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Tickets are $5.50 for adults and $3.00 for children ages 5 through 12 (Under 5 eat for free). For more information contact Dick Crawford at 773-4121.

White Cane Sale Announced by GI Lions Club - 2003

   The Grand Island Lions Club will hold its annual "White Cane Sale" Friday, August 22, 2003 and Saturday, August 23. Members of the Lions will be accepting donations for the blind and handicapped at Grand Island businesses and on the roads. A "special kids" picnic, hosted by the local Lions each year, is just one of the ways Grand Island's Lions Club meets the needs of the community.

Lions Club Hosts 48th Special Childrens Picnic

Barbi Lare Photos - Click left photo for larger view
   The Buffalo Launch Club was once again the site for the Grand Island Lions Club Special Children's Picnic. The picnic, in its 48th year according to Lions Club members, was attended by 1000 young people, handlers, helpers and volunteers. The BLC grounds were bustling with activity that included the all time favorite, boat rides, as well as Shriners Go Kart rides, pony rides, and a landing by Mercy Flight. The Grand Island Lions were assisted by Lions from the Kenmore Club, Meritton Lions from Canada and Orchard Park Club Lions. Other volunteers included Trivan from Trinity Church, Boy Scouts, and many others. Six boats were available for rides, according to Lion Jim Kennedy who has been in charge of lining up the water crafts for several years.

Lions Club Announces Special Children's Picnic 2003
   Members of the Grand Island Lions Club will hold their 45th annual Special Children's Picnic on Wednesday, July 16, 2003 beginning at 9 a.m. at the Buffalo Launch Club. Co-chairmen for this year's picnic are Jerry Dubiel and Tom Schultz. Volunteers may contact any member of the Lions Club. Lion Dick Crawford may be reached via e-mail,
   The Lions' special guests are treated to a picnic lunch, pony rides, golf cart rides, Shriners go-carts, music, face painting and most important - a boat ride on the river. Also participating are members of the Grand Island Fire Company and the Excalibur, a custom designed, handicapped accessible boat.

Lions 33rd Annual Spaghetti Dinner

   The 33rd annual Grand Island Lions Club Spaghetti dinner will be held Monday March 31, 2003 at the Grand Island Holiday Inn. The dinner will begin at 5 p.m. and run until 8 p.m. Tickets are $5.50 for adults and $3.00 for children ages 5 through 12. FREE Glaucoma Testing will be held from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Featured will be the traditional bake sale and a chinese auction. The proceeds of this dinner help the Lions offset the costs of the annual special kids picnic that is held each summer at the Buffalo Launch Club. This year's special kids program is scheduled for July 16, 2003.

Golf Tournament 2002

Barbi Lare Photo

Once again the Rotary Club and the Lions Club of Grand Island have combined their efforts in staging a golf event as a fund raiser for both clubs. Richard Crawford (left), a Lion, and Dennis Dahl, a Rotarian handled the details for the event at River Oaks. There were various contests, followed by a lunch and dinner, complete with prizes for the golfers.

Lions Announce White Cane Sale 2002

   The Grand Island Lions Club will hold its annual "White Cane Sale" this year on Friday, August 23, 2002 and Saturday August 24. Lions Club members will give a Lions Club bookmark to anyone who provides a donation of any amount to the Grand Island Lions welfare fund. The welfare fund provides assistance to blind and handicapped people of all ages. For example, the Grand Island Lions host a "special kids" picnic each year for over 1,000 children at the Buffalo Launch Club. The kids enjoy boat, pony, and golf-cart rides and good food all provided free of charge through volunteers and donations to the Lions welfare fund.
   Grand Island Lions will be accepting donations on Grand Island Boulevard on Friday morning from 6:30 to 8:30 a.m. and at Tops Market and HSBC and M&T Banks on Friday and Saturday. The Grand Island Lions greatly appreciate the cooperation they receive from Grand Island residents and businesses in the "White Cane Sale" each year.

Lions/Rotary Annual Golf Outing - Thursday, September 12 - 2002

   Members of the Grand Island Rotary and Lions Clubs will hold their fourth Annual Golf Tournament on Thursday, September 12, 2002 at River Oaks Golf Club. Charitable programs of both clubs will be the benefactor of the golf outing. The host clubs are seeking sponsorships and door prizes. For more information, call Denny Dahl (773-1452), Dick Crawford (773-4121), Ted Bates (773-5811) or Dan Morabito (773-3098).

Lions Club Hosts 44th Special Childrens Picnic
Click photos for a larger view
Barbi Lare photos & Story

   Members of the Lions Club with assistance from some of the Island's organizations and Scout troops, held their 44th annual Special Kids Picnic at the Buffalo Launch Club on Wednesday, July 17, 2002. The children were treated to all kinds of activities including pony rides and boat rides on the Niagara River and, of course, lunch with all the trimmings. Guests and counselors came by the busload and by private car to enjoy the hot summer day on the beautiful Buffalo Launch Club grounds.

Lions Club Poster Contest Winners Announced

Fred Claus Photo

Lions Club poster contest winners (left) Matt Zarbo, Laureen McGowan and Alex Hultegren pose with Veronica Connor Middle School 6th grade art teacher Andrew Dulak.

Members of the Lion's Club held an awards dinner May 22, 2002 in the Buffalo Launch Club when student winners of "Lions International Peace Poster Contest" were recognized. First place winner Alex Hultegren won a $200.00 savings bond; 2nd place winner Matt Zarbo won a $100.00 savings bond, and 3rd place winner Laureen McGowan won a $50.00 savings bond.

Lions 32nd Annual Spaghetti Dinner

Lions Club member Kathy Norris is flanked on the left by her son, Michael and Linda Koch who helped with the serving.

Face/hand painter Kali Mordant (fresh from a soccer game) is shown with Danielle Bush.

Barbi Lare Photos

Lions Club members, friends, and Boy Scouts from Troop 254, staged the best dinner in town Monday (April 15, 2002) in the Grand Island Holiday Inn. The Annual Lion's Club Spaghetti Dinner featured prizes, split club drawings, and face & hand painting, not to mention the spaghetti, meatballs and sauce, accompanied by salad, bread and beverages.

Las Vegas Night Draws Crowd

Barbi Lare Photo

Grand Island Rotary and Lions Club members drew a good crowd for their 3rd Las Vegas Night at the Buffalo Launch Club on Saturday, Feb. 16, 2002. Both Clubs provided the table leaders and card shufflers for the evening and other members collected all sorts of theme baskets for the Chinese raffle. Co-chairs this year were Jim Ryan and Alan Geldin.

Lions, Rotary 3rd Annual Las Vegas Night

   Members of the Rotary and Lions Clubs of Grand Island will present their 3rd annual Las Vegas Night 7 p.m. Saturday, February 16, 2002 in the Buffalo Launch Club, 503 East River Road.
   The evening of fun will feature games of chance, prizes, food and drinks. Tickets for $20, to be cashed in for chips, will be available at the door.

Rotary/Lions Golf Tournament

   Grand Island's Rotary and Lions club members will hold their golf tournament Wednesday, August 15, 2001 at the Beaver Island Golf Course. Tee Off time is 9 a.m. The tournament includes lunch at the turn, scramble/best Ball, cocktail reception, dinner and awards. For complete information call Dan Morabito, 773-3098.

Lions' Club Stages 43rd Handicap Picnic

Barbi Lare photos & Story

Ray Pauley photo
   The challenged young people of WNY were welcomed to the 43rd annual Lions' Picnic July 18, 2001, at the Buffalo Launch Club. The guests and their counselors, about 1,150 of them, came by the busload and private cars.
   Assisting in the annual operation were over 100 volunteers, including Scouts, Lions from all over WNY and Canada and volunteer firefighters from the Grand Island Fire Company.
   Lion Jim Kennedy was again in charge of river rides. Eight boats were made available by their owners, including a couple of houseboats and the Excaliber from Buffalo, for rides up and down the river.    A major Lions' event, the day was chaired by Paul Krupa. Attendees enjoyed pony and horse rides, as well as golf cart rides, courtesy of River Oaks. The Ismalia Temple provided its new miniature 18-wheeler for rides around the BLC parking lot. Other entertainment included clowns, face and arm painting, balloon making, Niagara Six Players (skits and songs), and a roving guitar player. Rounding out the program was the constant recorded music for listening and dancing provided by Islanders John Dudley and Barb Gatti of Serenade Music Services.
   Hot dogs (1,500 lbs.), hamburgers (1,500 lbs.) and potato salad (1,300 lbs.) completed the great day; and the weather, once again, was perfect.

Rotary/Lions Annual Golf Outing

   Members of the Grand Island Rotary and Lions Clubs will hold their Third Annual Golf Outing August 15 at Beaver Island State Park. Proceeds will benefit many charitable programs sponsored by the Rotary and Lions. Tee Times start at 9 a.m. and the contribution is $90.00 per golfer, which includes 18 holes, a cart, lunch at the Turn, and a catered dinner/barbeque to follow after the tournament. The social hour will begin at 5:30 p.m., followed by the barbecue at 6:00 p.m. If you are not a golfer and would like to attend for the barbeque and refreshments only, the cost is $25. For more information, call Denny Dahl, 773-1452; Dick Crawford, 773-4121; or Ted Bates or Dan Morabito, 773-3098.

Annual Lions Club's
Spaghetti Dinner Another Success

Barbi Lare photos
   The Grand Island Lions Club's spaghetti dinner at the Holiday Inn was a complete success with plenty to eat, great company and proceeds going to the Lions Picnic for the handicapped and the Club's work with the blind. Chairman Spencer O'Boyle (left) and Co-Chair Bruce Rines are shown in the photo on the right. Tookie the Clown and his sidekick, Shortie, were all around the room. Face painting was there for kids of all ages. Cub Scouts from Packs 254 and 425 and Boy Scouts from Troop 254 were bussing the tables, and Tops personnel joined Lions members and friends at the serving table. Youth Group members from St. Stephen's also helped out.

Lions Spaghetti Dinner April 2, 2001
   Members of the Grand Island Lions Club will offer their annual spaghetti dinner from 5-8 p.m. Monday, April 2, in the Holiday Inn. Dinners are $5/adult and $2.50/children. The dinner will feature door prizes and raffles with big-ticket item prizes, including several DVD players. Proceeds will go toward the Lions annual Special Childrens' Picnic.

Las Vegas Night/Thanks to Rotarian and Lions

Barbi Lare photo
   The Buffalo Launch Club was the site of activity on Saturday evening (Feb. 24, 2001) when the Grand Island Rotary Club and the Grand Island Lions Club joined forces to present the trappings for 'gambling' for a good size crowd in attendance.
    Black Jack tables, dice games and spinning wheels, along with pull taps and two tables of items for raffle drawings kept everyone busy.
   Winners as well as loosers had a good time knowing the proceeds would be divided by the host clubs who will in turn, provide for their respective charitible contributions.
   Lion, Jim Ryan (left) and Rotarian, Alan Geldin chaired this year's event.

Lions, Rotary To Combine For Las Vegas
   Members of the Lions and Rotary Clubs of Grand Island are combining their efforts to hold a Las Vegas Night on Saturday, February 24. The Buffalo Launch Club, 503 East River Road, will be the site with the event beginning at 7 p.m.
   Games of chance, prizes, food and drinks are on the agenda. Tickets for $20, to be cashed in for chips, will be available at the door.
   If last year's event is any indication, the evening will be full of fun and games for all takers.

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