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by Teddy Linenfelser

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Beaver Island - Mid 1950s

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This winter scene was taken in Beaver Island Park in the mid 1950s. The girls are (left) Nancy Mote (Sayles), Kay Ames (Brooks), Mary Olsen (Becker), Barbara Glor (Martin) and Tex Claunch. Have you got a winter picture taken on Grand Island? Email it to me at teddy@giecom.net.

Isle Chapter Order of DeMolay - 1976

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Shown in the town supervisor's office during DeMolay week in March 1976 are members of the Isle Chapter Order of DeMolay. They are (back) Jr. Councilor Steve Posluszny, Hans Hoogiveen, Sr. Councilor Jim Davis, DeMolay Week Chairman Steve Waldow; (front) Supervisor Ray Griffin and Master Councilor Bob Bennett.

Historical Society - 1976

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This group of Golden Agers, except for Sharon Nichols on the ladder, were over at River Lea, the Grand Island Historical Society headquarters in Beaver Island State Park in 1976 to begin decorating the Lewis F. Allen farmhouse, circa 1849, for Christmas. From left are Lucy French, Mrs. Nichols, unknown, unknown and Kay Long. Please Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you know the missing names.

Road Knights Record Hop - Early 1960s

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Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe this photos was taken around 1963 in the hallway of Sidway School during a Road Knights record hop. Shown from left are unknown, Cal Gardner, Bill Craver, Renee Thirion (Wulf) and seated, Bob Vincent

Kay Ames' Birthday Party - Mid 1950s
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Kay Ames (Brooks) (far right) was celebrating her birthday with a backyard sleep-over when this early morning photo was taken in 1955 or 1956. The Island girls are (left) Bernie Glor Pagliaro, Peggy Close Sipes, Nancy Braddell Gorrell, Peggy Webster and Kay Ames Brooks. In the second photo taken at the same time are Kay, Peggy Close, Bernie and Nancy Braddell. Thanks to Bernie Glor Pagliaro for the photo.

GIHS Girls Swim Team At Sectionals - 1977

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The Grand Island High School Girls Swim Team competed at the November 1977 Sectional VI Class A Swimming Competition finishing 6th in a field of 12 teams. During the ECIC meet in East Aurora the previous weekend, GIís 400 relay team of Linda Allen, Sue Pultz, Karen Bates and Mary McDonough set a school record swimming the distance in 4:18.351. Some of the swim team is shown in this November 1977 photo. They are, from left Debbie Geiger, Patti Stevens, Sue Pultz and Mary McDonough; (back) Karen Bates, Debbie Moscati (McCoy), Kathy Manley and Coach Peter Sloan. The Girls Swim Team held their banquet November 10, 1977 in the Buffalo Launch Club. Please Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you can add the girls' married names.

Bykowicz Girls - 1953

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The late Delores Bykowicz, 22, and her children, two-year-old Carol (Bykowicz) Rae, (left), Diane, 9 months and Barbara (Bykowicz) Barbur, 3, posed for this 1953 photo. Diane (Bykowicz) Hassan, who submitted the photo, said, "My mother spent endless hours ironing those cotton ruffled eyelet pinafores and polishing white Stride Rite shoes and Mary Janes to make sure the three of us always looked adorable. Thanks for the memory."

Beaver Island Beach Party - 1950s

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Jim Tranter (left) and Matt Kowzan were whooping it up with their high school friends from the Island at a Beaver Island beach party in the mid 1950s. Thanks to Bernie Glor Pagliaro for the photo.

Klingels & Hoffmans - 1947

This picture was taken in the summer of 1947 at our house on Love Road in Grandyle Village. The four of us are myself on the left, then Danny and Paul Hoffman and my sister Mary Ellen Klingel Stewart. Paul and I are sitting backwards on my sister's and my bikes. The larger bike was a popular kids' tricycle in the 1940s.

Cub Pack #630 - 1970s

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 This photo of Cub Pack #630 was taken around 1975 when Richard Dietrich and Tom Broad were involved in Cub Scouting. The Pack was/is sponsored by St. Stephen's Church. Please Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you can identify anyone or tell me where the photo was taken.
   The following photo identification was submitted by Alyssa Miller Kolat this week (12/23/04). "It looks like half of Colonial Drive kids are in this photo. I think my brother Kevin is in the back row, kneeling, second from right. Definitely John and Bob Stolfo are on the far left, row 3 and 2 respectively. Chris Sweeney is second from left, front row. His brother is second from right, second row. I am pretty sure Dave Wilke is third from left, kneeling in back row. His brother Mike is directly in front of him and his brother Kevin is next to Mike on the right. I want to say that second row, kneeling, next to Bob Stolfo (second from left) is a Howe, and behind him to the right is also a Howe." Thanks, Alyssa!

Shuffle Board From Mesmer Tavern Donated To Fire Company - 1983

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The Grand Island Fire Company's annual shuffle board tournament began shortly after Isabelle Mesmer (front left) and her daughter, Tootie Mesmer Maurer donated the shuffle board from the Mesmer tavern to the Fire Company in 1983. Firefighters shown in back are (left) Jack Hugill, Tim Jordan, Rick Pellam, Clayton Clarke and Bill Weis. The Mesmer tavern once stood on the north west corner of Staley and Baseline roads.

Costello and Linenfelser - 1968

Penny Costello and Mike Linenfelser were going steady when this photo
was snapped in Mike's front yard on East River Road just before Halloween 1968.
The Linenfelsers were married just 30 years ago, May 4, 1974!

Bernie Glor's 11th Birthday - 1951

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Bernie Glor (Pagliaro) was celebrating her 11th birthday in the kitchen of her family's Love Road Home on January 8, 1951. Shown from left are Barbara Glor (Martin), Sally Swalm (Hansen), Penny Ball, Bernie Glor, Lynn Hoerig, Peggy Webster (hidden), Peggy Close (Sipes) and Nancy Mote (Sayres).

Teddy's Islettes All Girl Drum Corps - 1976

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Shown in this 1976 parade picture are most of the members of Teddy's Islettes All-Girl Drum Corps. From left are Debbie Kemsley, Barb Rogan, MaryBeth Wright, Dorothy Young (nearly hidden), Lorraine Baldwin (Dale) and Laurie Conn (Lazik). Missing from the photo was Sharon Wright. Please Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you have corrections or the girls' married names.

Middle School Cast - 1977

The year was 1977 when 8th grader Mike Dallessandro played Santa in a musical titled "What Are You Giving For Christmas." Those in the cast from left are Sharon Mergler, Loretta Condino (Grupp), Mike Dallessandro, Lisa Eichel and Doug Ford. The original musical was written by teachers Tom Charlton and Clark Elliott. If you know the girls' married names, Email me at teddy@giecom.net.

Young Dancers Workshop - 1957

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This photo of members of Norma Ferarra's Young Dancers Workshop was taken in December 1957. Please Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you recognize the dancers.

Fire Prevention Open House - 1987

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The Grand Island Fire Company held its Saturday open house during Fire Prevention Week in 1987. Shown are Assistant Chief Ray Pauley and Firefighter David Amato checking questionaires brought in by school students. The Head children are shown with their dad. Please Email me at teddy@giecom.net with their names.

Islettes' Elite - 1994

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The Islettes' Elite Baton & Drum Corps posed next to Trinity UM Church when this photo was taken in 1994. Shown front left are William Hochul, Sarah Hochul, Kelsey Nordvik, Rebecca Sobol, Katie Nordvik and Matthew Hochul; (2nd row) Amanda Stamler, Jeffrey Nordvik, Danielle Wendt; (3rd row) Jackie Sondel, Anna Wendt, Jacob Stamler, Justin Sondel, Bill Webb, Kellyn Wendt, Becky Cunningham; (4th) Janelle Becher, Jennifer Meyer, Valerie Mondoux, Jamie Acquard, Stephanie Dipasquale and Director Heidi Sue Mumm; (top) Barb Sobol, Elizabeth Webb, Margaret Webb, Susan Wozniak, Nathan Galbreath, Jamie Jablon, Kristen Homa, Amy Dzierba and Sue Cunningham.

Huth Road School Show - 1967

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Sally Gollwitzer (Goris), Laurie Griffin and Janice Harris, all members of Teddy's Islettes, twirled their batons in the Huth Road School talent show on Saturday, April 29, 1967. The show was given twice in the school auditorium, attracting large audiences each performance according to the news clipping. The performances were in conjunction with the Huth Road School PTA's annual "Fun Carnival."

Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary Officers - 1970

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Officers of the Grand Island Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary in 1970 posed for this photo at a Fire Company dinner held in the Buffalo Launch Club. The officers are (top) Vice President Susan Benns, Recording Secretary Sue Kohn, Treasurer Barbara Peck, Chaplain Sarah Watkins, Corresponding Secretary Mary Becker, Trustee Mary McMahon, Sgt. At Arms Mary Ellen Stewart, and President Barbara Anderson. The Auxiliary, that year, raised money to panel the banquet hall for the firemen and also made 40 Easter baskets for an orphanage in Buffalo.

Crystal Beach Day - 1968

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The Grand Island Lions Club challenged town employees to a tug-o-war at Crystal Beach Day in 1968. Supervisor Ray Griffin and his team outdid the Lions at the picnic and later in the week the Lions gave the Supervisor a royal ride from the Grand Island Plaza to the town hall. Shown with Ray as they offer their congratulations are Art Wade, Marty Wolverton and Henry Schenck.

PTA Month - 1977

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    It was PTA month and Supervisor Raymond P. Griffin was signing a proclamation on October 5, 1977. Shown from left are Evelyn Lewis, Judith Papalia, Grand Island PTA Council President Carol Pownall, Supervisor Griffin, P. Kuhn, Csilla Stevens, Lee Harris and Kathleen Sciortino.

Glor Family, Love Road - 1944 - 1957
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   (left) Ora and Eldon Glor and their children are shown in front of their Love Road home in Grandyle Village in the spring of 1944. From left are Barbara Glor (Martin), baby Peter Glor, Elizabeth Glor (Allen) on her dad's lap, and Bernie Glor (Pagliaro). The family photo on the right shows Peter, Mrs. Glor, Bernie, Mr. Glor, Barbara, Elizabeth and Ellen Glor. Eugene Glor is in front. Thanks to Bernie Pagliaro who submitted the photo.

Bunny Luther's Last Campaign - 1987
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Republican Supervisor Laverne "Bunny" Luther, in that office for eight years, was in the midst of a re-election campaign in the fall of 1987. The photos were taken at a fundraiser for Bunny, held in the Bedell House in Ferry Village in October 1987. Bunny ran against Democrat Martin T. Prast who won that election. The former supervisor, who came back to beat Marty in a close election in 1989, served several terms as councilman before being elected to the top post. He did not seek re-election in 1991. The Bedell House burned the year after these photos were taken. In the left photo, Supervisor Luther, wearing a white shirt and tie, is standing behind a table full of fans and in the right photo, he's shown in the center with Bill Wood on his right. Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you recognize the others.

Sidway 4th Grade Class - 1945
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   This is the Charlotte Sidway School 4th grade class with their teacher Rosari Foti (Pingatore) who was teaching a combination 3rd/4th grade in 1945. Thanks to Jerry Thomas of Mahopac, NY who helped with identifying his classmates.
   Shown from front left are John (Buster) Ekiss, Harry Staley, Jerry Thomas, Teacher Miss Rosari Foti, boy unknown, Jim Fuller?, Bill Petillon; (2nd row) girl unknown, Patricia Staffen (Yell), Alma Wright, Joann Perry (Ward), Ethel Kress (Rusch), Sally Smith (Detally), Joanne Rank (Urtel), Shirley Wohlfehrt (Smith), Patricia Howard (Bachert); (3rd row) Benny Clark, Harry Barrett, Evelyn Byroads, Ed Zuchowski, boy Unknown, Richard Schwagler, Shirley Lamkin (Cotton)?; (4th row) boy unknown, girl unknown, David Ehde, Norm Smith, Emily House, Ed Redinger, Stephanie Woods (Mauri), Melvin Sommers, Jean Elliott, Harold Phillips, Geraldine Mrkall (Serba), Don Weitan and Jack Wohlfehrt. Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you recognize the others or if you are aware of name changes.

Explorer Post 510 - 1963

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This photo of the Grand Island, NY Explorer Post 510 was taken at the Kiwanis Youth Center on Bush Road in the summer of 1963. From left are Bud Wonacott, Butch Boettcher, unknown, Jim Boettcher, Philip Carlin, Jeff Long and George Worth.

LaSalle Ave. Flood - 1989
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Photographer Mary Stewart, my sister who is a former resident of LaSalle Avenue, took these pictures on June 19, 1989 when LaSalle was flooded due to a sewer blockage and heavy rain. Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you recognize anyone!

Landel Milk Truck - Year Unknown

Click bottom photos for larger view

These photos are from the Landel collection, courtesy of Island resident Ruth Landel. The photo of Henry and Isabelle Landel is marked "first milk truck." Mr. Landel, a Grand Island farmer, was one of the first Islanders to haul his milk to Buffalo. He died in 1937. Mrs. Landel was born on July 10, 1861 and considered the oldest pioneer resident on Grand Island when she celebrated her 93rd birthday in 1954. Born in Germany, she moved to the US in a sailing vessel at age 6, married at 22 and came to Grand Island. The Landels resided on Love Road west of Baseline Road in the house shown right (and still standing). The home was originally built by the Laisdel family. The lower photos are of (left) The Landel brothers; (right) The Neilans, grandparents of Miss Landel.

Aerial Views Of Island Bridges - 1930s
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These photos were taken by Dr. Teresa Ruth's grandfather, the late Robert H. Volgenau, who lived in the area and was a photographer and bi-plane pilot in the 1930's. The photos of the south (left) and north bridges were taken around 1935 when the bridges opened. The left photo also shows the Express Highway (GI Blvd.) and the two-lane Beaver Island Parkway. Cayuga Island is shown at the bottom (center) in the right photo and Navy Island is in the upper left of that picture.

Love Road Neighbors - 1954

I took this picture in our front yard on Love Road in 1954 with my Baby Brownie camera. From left are Karen Kohlhagen Wallace and her sister, Sue Kohlhagen Long who lived on one side of us and Mark Stefik whose family lived on the other side The black and white dog may be Karen and Sue's dog, Lady or it could be Mark's pet, Pepper.

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