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Volume Six

by Teddy Linenfelser

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Island Baseball Team - 1953

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The Grand Island Kiwanis Club sponsored this summer baseball team in most likely 1953. Shown from front left are John Grycel, Bob Grycel, Chuck Hall, John Hall; (2nd row) Jerry Thirion, Spike Vampotic, Ed (Del) Haller, Jim Kirst, Bill Collins; (3rd row) Jack Boehm, Francis Lapine, (Jim ?) Kerr, (Joe ?) Kerr, Dave Kean; (back) Coach Felix (Phil) Grycel. The photo was shared by John Grycel who lived on Love Road in Grandyle Village at the time as did most of his teammates.

Varsity Vikings Football Team - Fall 1966

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(front left) Bruce Kaiser, Chuck Frampton, Bob Weaver, Frankie Budwey, John Lexo, Robert White, Colin Smith, Mark Simpson, George Phelps, Mike Masters (down in front), Danny Carroll; (2nd row) Dan Gregory, Len Bagley, Paul Luipold, Mike Traverse, Jimmy Schaeffer, Mike Kelly, Bob Kellogg, Don Becker, Dave Henderson, Jim Conshafter; (3rd row) Mike Burl, Steve VanHattam, Rick Martene, David Hennigar, Rodney Passarelli, Billy Costello, Jim Maurer, Ed Safee, Pat Leach, Ted Milkey; (top) Asst. Coach Gerry LaFountain, Coach Gene Masters, Mike Wiedemer, Adair Lott, Richard DiTullio, Glen Bagley, Artie Bascoomb, Robert Dunbar, Peter Stovall. Missing from the photo is Wayne Benton. Thanks to Bill Costello, Karen Raepple, Diane Hassan, Dick DiTullio and Mel Passarelli for help with identifying the players.

Rod & Gun Club Christmas Party - 1975

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The Grand Island Rod & Gun Club held its annual Christmas party on December 29, 1975 at the Clubhouse on Whitehaven Road. Santa Claus looks just like George Buell!! Email teddy@giecom.net if you can identify the little girl.

Rotary Kids' Christmas Party - 1974

Pfohl boy with Santa Claus - December 1974

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The Grand Island Rotary Club held a Christmas party, attended by just about all of the children of its members on December 18, 1974. Email teddy@giecom.net if you can identify anyone.

Riverhaven Lodge - 1962

Whitehaven Sawmill Settlement - 1833

Riverhaven Lodge - 1962 (Elsie E. Stamler photo)
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The top photo is of the Whitehaven Sawmill Settlement headed by Stephen White of Tonawanda. The 16,000 acres of land was purchased at $5 per acre by the East Boston Company in 1833 for the purpose of cutting the white oaks and selling the timber to the shipyards in Boston and New York, via the Erie Canal. The Company cleared the land on the island opposite Tonawanda. A small "town" was laid out, including this once beautiful home (below) on the south portion of the cleared land. The building was known as Riverhaven Lodge when this photo was taken after it burned in March 1962. The land is now the site of the Holiday Inn on East River Road. John Nice, Grand Island's first supervisor, bought the property in 1848 and with his wife, raised ten children in this house. The building, referred to as "The Mansion" in days gone by, was later rented to various Islanders until it came into the Mesmer family. Fred Mesmer turned the place into Mesmer's Supper Club in November 1946.

Wayside Furniture - 1956

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Do you recognize anyone? This Wendell Stratton photo shows just part of the crowd of people who participated in a public auction at Grand Island Wayside Furniture on Saturday, January 14, 1956. According to Wayside President Dan Linenfelser Sr. at the time, over 260 sales were accepted at the auction that was attended by approximately 500 people. The furniture and carpet store, in business from 1948 to 1986, was located in what is now the Contract Interiors plaza next to Martin's Fantasy Island. Email teddy@giecom.net if you can identify anyone.

Fantasy Island - 1969

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This photo was submitted by Peggy McNulty Hooper. It was taken on the tour boat at Fantasy Island around 1969 and shows Paul Turley, Debbie Turley, Lisa DiValentino, Michael Jones and Mike's mom, Sue Colcord Jones Mallon.

Birthday Party - 1956

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This photo was taken in June of 1956 on the occasion of Wilma "Tex" Claunch Andre's 16th birthday celebration at her house on Love Road. The Tonawanda High School students are from left Kay Ames (Brooks), Bernie Glor (Pagliaro), "Tex," Barbara Glor (Martin), Nancy Mote (Sayre), Mary Olsen (Becker), and Carol Anne Schueckler (Smith) all of Grand Island, and Joanne Murphy of Tonawanda.

Boulevard Plaza Winners - 1970

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Martha Mueller, 2nd from left, Nora Butcher, third from the left in the plaid coat and Bill Fenlon, to her right, shown in this December 1970 photo, were among the winners in the Boulevard Plaza Christmas gift drawing. The dark haired girl in the back row, far right, has been identified as Sue (Benzing) Quagliana. The other faces are very familiar. Can you tell me who they are? Just Email me at teddy@giecom.net

Historical Society Tea - 1976

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This October 1976 photo was taken at River Lea in Beaver Island State Park on the occasion of a Historical Society tea. Shown from left are members Marion Klingel, Sylvia Schaffer, Marion Steffen and Maisie Dommell.

Bob and Rob Beach - Pikes Peak - 1971

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This 1971 photo was submitted by Bob Beach and was published shortly after he and his son, Robert Jr. tackled the famous "climb to the clouds" ascent that leads to the top of Pike's Peak. Bob and Robbie are shown having just successfully completed the climb and are "sitting on top of the world."


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For information about the Seabreeze pictured here in this very old photo, click the following feature stories:
Bedell House Saloon
Grand Island Celebrates End Of WWII, V-J Day

13th Birthday Party - 1955

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Elizabeth Glor (Allen) was celebrating her 13th birthday in the Glor home on Love Road in Grandyle Village when this photo was taken. Guests at her party in September 1955 were (from left) JoAnn Radius (Vanderheite), Teddy Klingel (Linenfelser), Elizabeth, Peggy Boettcher (Fuller), Kathy Boettcher (Stisser), and Sharon Bauer; (front) Elizabeth's brother and sister, Eugene Glor and Ellen Glor.

School #4 Students Visit Edgewater Park - 1933

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This group of students from School #4 posed during an outing at Edgewater Park on East River Road near Kirkwood Drive in 1933. They are:
1. Lois Killian
2. Carol French
3. Dorothy or Lucille Killian
4. Alida Dora Van Son
5. Ehde Beth Stamler
6. Cornelia Lily Van Son
7. Muriel French
8. Ada Henrietta Catherine Van Son
9. Dorothy or Lucille Killian
Click "One-Room Schools Map
Thanks to Nancy and Ron Webb for sharing this old photos.

Grand Island Belles Bowling League - 1960s

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My sister Mary Ellen Klingel Stewart, who bowled on the Grand Island Belles league, submitted this photo taken at the Lanes on Whitehaven Road in the early 1960s. In the back (left) are Dottie Calvert, Betty C. Wunsch and Joan Collins and in front are Mary Ellen and Rose Kaminski. Interesting to note appropriate dress was always skirts, and certainly no slacks or jeans!

Sidway Kindergarten - 1971-1972

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Alyssa Miller Kolat sent this photo of the Mrs. Carol Cromwell's Sidway School PM Kindergarten class of 1971-1972 (mostly from Tracey Lane, Bedell Road and Colonial Drive– West Colonial did not exist at that time!!). Shown are (front left) James J. Menna, John Pedlow, John Bruno, Danny Wagner, Brian Sandish; (2nd row) Gale Sander, Anita Maris, Elizabeth Wynne, Kim Abel, Jenny Tomasaukas, Kelly Winship, Jill Richbart, Tracy?, Amy Stoddard, Alyssa Miller; (3rd row) Joey Wilgosz, Brian MacGuire, Matt Coughlin, Mike Clark, Jennifer Elwell, Cythia Patterson, Helena Wilgosz, Linda Wrench, Bob Castellani, Eddie Prusak, Al Wasse; (top) Mrs. Carol Cromwell, Dan Landen, David Lechak, Andy Galonka, Robbie Goddard, John MacGaffick, Dickie Gruber, Dean Nowak, Miss Marcucci. Thanks to John MacGaffick for some of the missing names.

Children Of School #4 At Edgewater Park - 1933

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The children attending School #4 on the West River between Whitehaven and Bedell roads, are shown at Edgewater Park in 1933. The Edgewater Park, hotel and marina were located on East River Road between Edgewater and Kirkwood drives. Thanks to Ron and Nancy Webb for sharing this photo.

Miss Guzzetta's Huth Road School 4th Grade - 1977

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Town Supervisor Raymond P. Griffin visited Miss Jan Guzzetta's 4th grade class at Huth Road Elementary School on May 25, 1977. It looks like a sword he is showing the students. Heath Mazenauer is the blonde near the center of the photo and we think Mark Drexelius is to his left. Just behind Heath, wearing glasses, could be Don Lare. The boy on the right (dark hair showing the left side of his face) is Jimmy Pullano. Note the knife Health is holding and the hats on two of the boys. Thanks to the readers who identified the students.

Bedell House - 1908

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This 1908 postcard shows the loading dock for the ferries at the Bedell House. The promenade on right led from the ferry landing just south of the Bedell House to the Buffalo Launch Club. The photo has been added to the Bedell House Saloon Feature, posted in June 2005 at Isledegrande.com.

Miracle Worker - Island Theater Group - 1975

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Rehearsing for the Grand Island Theatre Group's May 1975 production of The Miracle Worker are (left) Marge Raczkowski as Kate Keller, Joy Mesmer as Anne Sullivan and Thad Raczkowski as Captain Keller. Other cast members under the direction of Elizabeth Beach were Eric Hansen, Emily Kunkel, Debbie Demler, Mindi Davis, Chris Zoltoski, Ron Davis, Jim Brown, Robert Beach Jr., Sandi Brown, Linda Thomson, Peggy Zoltoski, Cathy Zoltoski, Lisa Pauley, Karen McGraw, Marie Roberts and Shirley Siccio.

Nutcracker - 1985

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Since first posting this photo on September 1, 2005, I have found out a little more about the production. The Empire State Ballet presented Tchaikocsky’s “The Nutcracker” December 6, 7 and 8, 1985 on the Grand Island High School stage. Directed by Barbara Striegal, the performance was sponsored by the High School Band organization. Islander Shari Beharry danced the lead role of Clara.

New Ferry named In Charlotte Sidway's Honor - early 1920s Or Before

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   This undated photo was shared by Cathy Trautman Kaegebein and shows Mrs. Charlotte Sidway with rope and bottle as she christens the new "ferry tug" named in her honor. It was no doubt taken in the early 1920s or before. The former Charlotte Spaulding, for whom the Charlotte Sidway School was named, was born on July 17, 1843 and died at the age of 90 on January 20, 1934.
   Numbers on the photo correspond to the following names:
1. Charles Kaegebein
2. Henry W. Long
3. George Alt Jr.
4. William Kaegebein
5. Adam Kaiser
6. George Grehlinger

Uonites Family - 1973 and 1950

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 Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Uonites are shown in their driveway on Whitehaven Road, seated in the center of the picture, surrounded by their family. Shown are (very front) Danny Uonites; (second row) Vickie Uonites (wiping her brother's face), Teresa Fahrer, Kevin Dilliot; (seated) Martha (Toots) Uonites holding Frederick Claus, Peter Fahrer, Floyd (Flop) Uonites holding Donna Claus; (standing) Skip Uonites holding Rusty Uonites, (with his wife, Carol's big mouth that looks like it is growing out of the side of his face), Paula Jean (Uonites) Tickner, Laurie Uonites, Tammy Dilliot, Dolly (Uonites) Dilliot, Floydette (Uonites) Gannon; (very top) Ron Tickner and Arnie Dilliot.
   The photo on the right, taken around 1950, shows Skip Uonites and Jackie Ehde standing with Jean and Floydette Uonites in front. Skip is holding a little bird in his hand.

Another Sandy Beach Park Club Parade Photo - Late 1950s

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   This is another Sandy Beach Park Club parade photo, courtesy of Debbie Robinson. The girl, second from the left in the army helmet looks like Kathleen Minton Watson. The girl behind Kathleen and to her left is Leanne Pitre Hopper. If you can identify any of the others, email me at teddy@giecom.net.
   Randy White, GIHS Class of 1970, writes: "The shot was taken right by my house at 3342 Sandy Beach Rd. The house on the left was the Rays and the one on the right was the Neals. I'd recognize those crank out windows anywhere! Thanks for sharing these photos. I always enjoy them."
   However Emily Dahlstrom also wrote: "The parade always traveled down Wallace Drive when I was a kid. I think that that is the Winter's house in the foreground, and the Utts house in the background." Your comments are welcome!
   Irene Austin Ehde also wrote this week, agreeing with Emily that the parade did go down Wallace Drive. According to Irene, who lived right across the street, the picture is in front of Ken and Laura Winter's home.

Birthday Party - June 1975

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Jimmy Linenfelser was celebrating his 6th birthday in 1975 with a party in his house on Ferry Road. From left are Christina Linenfelser (Ramsperger), Danny Linenfelser, Chris Schorb, Leslie Nesbitt (Curtin), Kevin Jones, Dean Laible, Jimmy, and Paul Meosky. In the foreground are Wesley Billstone (kneeling) and Brian Helenbrook. Missing from the picture is Jim's sister, Julie Linenfelser Dee.

Sandy Beach Parade Identity - Gail Riordan Byron - 1959

Gail (Merrill) Allen wrote this week (August 1, 2005) to identify her friend, Gail Riordan Byron, shown on the far right in the Sandy Beach Park Club Parade photo of children on bicycles. Scroll down for complete photo.

Webb Photos - 1940s

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Chet Webb, Mel Webb and Roy Trautman at the Mobile Station, Grand Island, NY in the late 1940s.

(left) Arlington DeGlopper's horses, Grand Island, NY - (right) Eugene Dinsmore, the son of George H.(1874-1950) and Catherine E. Bartram Dinsmore (1882-1959), died in World War II.
Thanks to Nancy and Ron Webb for sharing this old photos.

Sandy Beach Parade Identity - Kathleen Minton Watson - 1959

Barb Minton called this week (July 27, 2005) to identify her sister, Kathleen Minton Watson, shown center wearing a tiara in the Sandy Beach Park Club Parade photo of children on bicycles. Scroll down for complete photo. All of George and Eileen Minton's children - Kathy, Peggy, Barb, Peter and Paul, took part in the parades in their Sandy Beach neighborhood over the years.

Sunday School - 1934

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This photo of a Trinity EUB Church Sunday School Class of 1934 belongs to Corry Van Son Webb and was submitted by her son Ron and his wife, Nancy Webb. Shown second from the right is Ada Henrietta Catherine Van Son Brauer. Nancy writes that they would appreciate it if someone could help identify the others.

Sandy Beach Parade Identities - 1959

Margaret Goodman has written to identify herself and siblings in the Sandy Beach Park Club Parade photo. Scroll down for complete photo. Margaret is dressed up as an organ grinder and is on the left with the sideburns, mustache and suspenders. Her sister, Mary Lou, is in a monkey outfit and wearing winged glasses "and the squint." Margaret also reports that, "My brother Phil is on the middle bike in the back row in the other picture."

Sandy Beach Park Club Parade - Early 1960s
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Thanks to Debbie Robinson for sharing these old photos, assumably taken at a Sandy Beach Park Club Parade in the early 1960s. You tell me! The little girl in the front in the photo on the right is Sandra Krueger. Can you identify anyone? Email me at teddy@giecom.net. Former resident, Sam Aswad, 80, has identified several people in the photo on the right. Click that for the names.

Roesch - Linenfelser Vacation - 1977

Our summer vacation in 1977 was a camping trip to York Beach, Maine with Gary and Carol Roesch and their children. Shown from left are Gregg and Todd Roesch, Julie Linenfelser (Dee) and Tracy Roesch. Missing from the picture was our son, Jim Linenfelser. Email your favorite old photo to teddy@giecom.net.

Sidway 2nd Grade Picnic - 1950

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This is my second grade class and our teacher, Mrs. Marion "Long" Young. We spent our 2nd grade year in half day sessions and there were over 35 students in our Sidway School classroom. We brought our lunches on the last day of school and had a picnic on the area where the school buses now park. Shown front left are Norma Edwards (head down), Carolyn Bucknam (McFarland), Annette Boehm, Suzanne Lenz, Paul Hoffman, Patty Lecour, Dorothy Ackerman and Kathy Bradley (Smith). Behind them are Lynn Sargent, unknown, Penny Pedlow (Fischer), Elizabeth Glor (Allen), George DeGlopper, unknown, Sharon Bauer, Gail Kirby and Dick Robinson. In the back are Mrs. Young, unknown, Michael Chateauneuf, Danny McNamee (hand to mouth) Jerry Thirion (white shirt) and Michael Edwards. Thanks to Dick Robinson's sister, Debbie, for sharing this old photo.

Batsfords Delicatessen - 1950s
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Thanks to Emily Dahlstrom for these pictures of Batsfords Delicatessen and owners, Mae and Tom Batsford, in front of their place on East River Road at Wallace Drive. The business is now known at the Beach House. Do any of my readers have an idea of when these pictures were taken?

Crystal Beach - 1950s

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Thanks to Flo Uonites Gannon for this picture of Island youngsters at Crystal Beach in the early 1950s. They are (front) Dickie Webb; (back) Bobby Webb, Dolly Uonites (Dilliot) and Ronnie Webb. Do you have a similar picture? Send it along for this column to teddy@giecom.net.

Ceil & Chucks - 1974

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Chuck Carter of Ceil & Chucks, now B.A.'s Saloon, is shown holding Eric Beyer in 1974. The photo on the right shows Kris Group holding Eric, Kathleen Group and Joan Group at the bar.

Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary Flea Market - June 1985

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Members of the Grand Island Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary held their annual flea market at the fire hall on Saturday, June 1, 1985. In the left photo are Chris Weaver and her young daughter, Jennifer with Don Anderson in the background. In the right photo are (left) Rachel Hamlin, Bridget McMahon, Lisa Lozo (with her head down), Christine Lozo and Molly McMahon looking over the treasures.

Road Knights - 1965
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The Grand Island Road Knights was a group of high school boys whose mission was to help motorists in need, to work on their own cars, and to try to improve the image of hot-rodders, so popular in the 50s and 60s. The Road Knights club served as ushers for the Golden Age Club’s Vaudeville Show when these photos were taken on Friday, May 21, 1965 in the Grand Island High School auditorium. Shown in the photo on the left are (front) Blaise Rindone and Cliff Greathouse; (middle) Whitey Dlugosz, John Linenfelser, John Butcher, Doug Smith, Rick Grotz and Tony Guenther; (top) Iron Mike Yensan. In the center photo are Blaise Rindone, Whitey Dlugosz, Terry Funk, Doug Smith and Rick Grotz. Blaise Rindone is also shown in the photo on the right. Among the young people taking part in the show were Patti Griffin, Paul Griffin, Maria Havens and Teddy's Islettes members Sue Trautman (McMahon), Gail Hoag (Ide), Arthura Haller (Van Heerde), Kathy Pedlow (Ziemer), and myself, Teddy Klingel (Linenfelser).

Community Band Picnic - 1950s

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Grand Island Community Band members enjoyed an annual picnic at the Westwood Drive home of Bill and Marion Pinkow. This photo was probably taken around 1954. Some of those in the smaller version (left to right) are Ed Fitzsimmons, Charlotte Bruce, unknown, Fred Conrad, Vern Mooney, unknown, ?Jack Strother, and Frank Miller. Shown in the lower corner of the far left window is band director, Bill Pinkow leaning over as he plays his trombone. Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you recognize the others.

Memorial Day Parade - 1954

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Grand Island Boy Scouts formed the color guard and led the annual Memorial Day parade around the block of Love Road and East Park in 1954. From left are Colin Lewis and C. Robert "Bob" Smith. David Kean is on the far right. Homes in the background are those on East Park Road. Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you recognize the others.

Sidway Graduating Class - 1945

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The Charlotte Sidway School eighth grade graduating class of 1945 posed in front of their school in June of that year. They are (front) Joyce Sheehan (Evans), Shirley Kean (Rengel), Donna Anderson (Walker), Marguerite Raines, Cecilia Stack, Dorothy Mahnk; (middle) Robert Dworak, Herman Steele, Phyllis Wilson (Hiam), Florence Webb, Norma Anderson, Olwyn Jones (Swanson), Richard Rank, Joan Gehrman (Hassenfratz), Danny Kaegebein; (top) Robert Killian, John Staley, Edward Schutt, Arnold Dilliot, Clarence Newman and Richard Beningo. Their teacher was Reva Kohn who taught the combined 7th and 8th grade class.

North/South Lane - 1977 - UPDATE!

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This photo was taken on September 11, 1977 in the North and South Lane neighborhood. Thanks to Christine "Miller" Besancon for the following information. The girl on the bike is Susan Osinski and the blond hair boy on the Big Wheel is her brother, Matt Osinski who is now with the G.I. Fire Company. The girl in the Stars and Stripes outfit with the baton is Kerry Fisher and the boy in the black t-shirt kind of in the middle of the picture is her brother, Kevin. The little girl on the right who is bending down is Margaret Oliverio. The blond hair boy in the Adidas t-shirt is David Brand. the little boy on his left is Christopher Hejmanowski and the boy in the white t-shirt behind him is Mark Djelski, who lived on Baseline Road. The boy in the striped shirt behind Susan Osinski is Josh Boyko, and the boy way in the back raising his hand is David Squires. "We used to have a block party every year and all the kids in the neighborhood would ride their bikes down the street to start the party off," Christine said. (6/16/05)

Little League - 1957

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Grand Island Little League teams were playing on the vacant land across from the town hall and fire hall in 1957, the first year Little League came to Grand Island, and the year this photo of the Washington Senators Little League team was taken. Kneeling from left are unknown, John Lindsey, Bobby Tranter, Lowell Anderson, Dave Haller, Thom Hatch, Pete Baker, Paul Harper and Dave Dyer; (back) Coach Ed McFadden, unknown, unknown, Bobby Harper (our best player and probably the best in whole league), unknown, Tom Boehm, unknown, Michael (?) Skotnicki, and unknown coach. Thanks to Thom Hatch who submitted the photo. Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you recognize the others.

Bedell House - 1979

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Sandie Rall Smith (center) was celebrating her 24th birthday at the Bedell House in May 1979 along with Debbie Kaiser (left) and Dave Kaiser (right) and a bunch of regulars from Canada whose boat was known as the "Candy Ass Crew."

Chicken Wing Contest At Big Willie's - April 1979
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A Chicken Wing eating contest was held at Big Willie's in 1979 when these photos were taken. Louie Quagliana, Jerry Stay, Walt Rivers and Big Willie are shown in the first picture and Pat O'Riley is in the chicken costume. Jerry opened the place and operated Big Willies located next to TC's Tavern, on the site now occupied by McDonald's Restaurant.

School #4 - 1934

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   Thanks to Earl DeGlopper Sr. for lending this photo of the children and their teacher (off to the left of the picture), posed outside of School #4 on West River Road north of Bedell Road on June 16, 1934. Notice the West Niagara River in the background. In front (left) are the Stevens twins, Earl DeGlopper, and Carol French (Mabey); (back) Ehde Beth Stamler (Parrish), Marion DeGlopper (Coates), unknown, Hank Ehde, unknown, and Ray Sommers. Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you can identify the "unknowns" or the teacher's name.

Marooned On Grand Island - April 1933

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   This photo was submitted by lifelong Islander Shirley Luther. The former Shirley Kreger, a 4th grade student at School #9, now the site of the Grand Island Town Hall, wrote the following in a scrapbook of Grand Island history that won her a first place ribbon in 1933.
   "In April 1933 Grand Island was cut off from the mainland by a heavy flow of ice brought down the river from the lakes. The ferries were unable to break through the ice jam for about a week. A temporary ferry consisting of a motor boat and small scow, was operated from the north end of Grand Island (the location of one of the State parks) to LaSalle. Many of the people finding it necessary to get supplies, had to use this ferry."
   Shirley explains the photo as a group of Islanders loading milk on to this temporary ferry to transport it across to the LaSalle area. She is the little girl on the left standing with Catherine Ann Kissinger and Elmer Kaegebein.

Ferry "Orleans" Crushes Bedell House - March 1955

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This photo is from the Elsie Stamler collection and is a seldom seen, down-river view of the Bedell House and the Orleans. Heavy river ice caused the ferry, Orleans to crush the Bedell House pier and the building on March 22, 1955. Click Features Page for the complete story.

Fire Company Car Wash - Spring 1984

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The Grand Island Fire Company's second annual "Topless" car wash featured the beauties from of the 1984 Rookie Training class. Shown from left are "Chief Rinser" Paul Gorman, Washers Mark Kowzan, Tim Kendall, Bob Hlastala, Pete Coppola and "Captain Cashier" Ron Cook applying a "Fire Truck Shine" to Firefighter Lou D'Orazio's 1982 Chevette.

Staley Road - 1950s

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Peggy McNulty Hooper submitted this photo taken on Staley Road where her family resided for many years. A barn was being taken down sometime between 1950 and 1955 on the property at 3014 Staley Road and these two fellows were there to help out. Can anyone identify them? Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you recognize them.

Sidway School 5th Grader Wins Literature Contest - 1984

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James Sahr, a fifth grader at Sidway School on Grand Island in 1982, was named one of the five state winners in a PTA literature contest with his entry, "Life in These United States." Shown from left are Sidway PTA President Cheryl Laible, James, Sidway Principal Miss Catherine DiVizio and James' teacher, Mrs. Muriel "Mickie" Chenoweth. Jim Sahr is a GIHS graduate, Class of 1990.

Zonta Club Easter Project - 1964

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The caption under this "Buffalo Evening News" clipping of March 1964 says: "Gay Easter bonnets, festive with straw, ribbons and flowers, are modeled by three members of the Grand Island Zonta Club before distribution to hospital patients. Trying on the chapeaux which Zonta members made are, from left, Mrs. Robert E. (Eleanore) Campbell, Mrs. John (Lottie) Suchocki, project chairman, and Miss Vera Riener.

Big Willies - 1979

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Big Willies, opened and operated by Jerry Stay, was the place to be and these girls were totally enjoying themselves. They are (left) Bobbi McNulty, Jane Dowd Boyle, Debbie Greiner and Peggy McNulty Hooper. The photo was taken on Easter Sunday, April 15, 1979 when Big Willies was located next to TC's Tavern, on the site now occupied by McDonald's Restaurant.

"Singing McNulty Kids" - 1950s
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Little Irishman Michael McNulty (left) sang "When Irish Eyes Are Shining" on a WEBR radio show hosted by Eddie Joseph in the 1950s and his talent won him a prize. His sisters, Patty (Yensan), Peggy (Hooper) and Shirley, equally as Irish, were singing "Dungaree Doll" at the Vets Hospital in a show put on by Islander Martha Clark when this 1950s picture was taken. They are the children of the Patricia and the late Mike McNulty, formerly of Staley Road.

Middle School "Cinderella" - 1977

Music director Tom Charlton is shown at the piano rehearsing the music for middle school's "Cinderella" with Bernie Delong and Sue Black. The production took place on the high school stage in May 1977. MaryJo Megler played the "Stepmother" and her daughters were played by Barry Conway and Mike Dallessandro. As the story goes, one of their wigs fell off during the performance giving away the fact that "she" was a "he." Email me at teddy@giecom.net your favorite old photos.

Variety Club Telethon - 1976
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  Grand Island residents came out in full force for the Variety Club Telethons, most often held at the Knights of Columbus Hall years ago. This was the 1976 event and Dan Linenfelser of Wayside Furniture was doing his magic tricks for the kids. I recognize Sue Anstett with her brother next to her in the center of the group in the photo on the left. Since posting this picture, I've heard that the blond in the middle of the right photo is Mark Brown and that the blond next to him is Jimmy Marshall. A reader has suggested that the boy in the photo on the right, just behind the boy in the front row with his mouth open, could be Tom Turner. Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you recognize the others. Patty Turner has written to say that the boy with his mouth open is, indeed, her husband, Tom.

Cub Scouts - 1950s

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Three Grand Island Cub Scouts and their mothers posed in the Sidway School in the 1950s. Mark Long is in the middle with his mother Jean Long behind him. Would that be Donny Moreland on the left? Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you recognize the others.

Alt Fire - 1953

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Marion Klingel and Marion Hawley were no doubt in a nearby yard making coffee and sandwiches for the firefighters during a Stony Point Road house fire when Donald and Vivian Alt and their five children lost everything on Monday, March 2, 1953. The little girl in the photo is Linda Hawley. The Fire Company's two fire trucks were used to fight the fire and water was drawn from front yard cisterns and from a creek that ran along side the house. Four enlisted men from the nearby army base assisted firemen in trying to save the structure. Could the fellow shown on the right be Ed Kinney?

Dilliot Wedding - 1958

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It was a beautiful day, Dolly and Arnie Dilliot's wedding day, when this photo was taken on October 18, 1958. They were married in Trinity Church and their reception was held in Bo Otto's on East River. From left are Karen Dilliot, Paula (Uonites) Tickner, John Dilliot, Floyd "Flop" Uonites, Noel "Pete" Dilliot, Martha "Toots" Uonites, Arnold Dilliot, Martha "Dolly" (Uonites) Dilliot and Floydette (Uonites) Gannon. Thanks to Flo Uonites Gannon for this picture.

St. Stephen School Senior Citizen Breakfast - 1986

This photo was taken of two very handsome young boys and the late Marion Klingel during the 1986 senior citizen breakfast at St. Stephen School. The boy on the left is Edward Ciura, and the one on the right is Donny Kutzbach, son of Linda and Don Kutzbach.

Charlotte Sidway 8th Grade Graduating Class - 1938

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The Charlotte Sidway School 8th grade graduating class was only the second to graduate from the new school that opened on February 1, 1937. Shown front left are Ruth Marks, June Senn Abernathy, Marion DeGlopper Coates, Shirley Kreger Luther, and June Christman Renwick; (2nd row) June Elsesser Dukes, Ehde Beth Stamler Parrish, Arthur Merrill, Franklin (Bobby) Mesmer, and Harry Stamler; (back) Howard Salton, Joe Zehnder, Donald Scott, Harold Kaiser and Clarence Schutt. Class officers were President Marion DeGlopper, Vice President Joe Zehnder, Secretary Shirley Kreger, and Treasurer Ehde Beth Stamler. Thanks to Harold Kaiser for the photo and to Phil Killian for identifying everyone.

Neighbors - 1981

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Courtney and Roberta Johnson and Stacey Hamlin (Zahradnik) and her little sister, Rachel were visiting my mother, Marion Klingel, in her Love Road home when this photo was taken in 1981. The Johnson girls lived on one side of mom, and the Hamlins were on the other.

YWCA Tots - 1970s

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The year was probably 1975 when these children were attending the YWCA child care program on Wednesday mornings at Trinity United Methodist Church. They are (left) Stephanie Klock, Jill Murphy, Laura Goddard and Paul Grainger. If you have married names for the girls, email them to me at teddy@giecom.net

Sidway Glee Club Dance - 1954
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The Sidway School Glee Club of 7th through 9th grade students under the direction of Mrs. Carol Thompson, enjoyed the Club’s 3rd annual dinner-dance in December 1954. Trimming the tree before the party (front left and clockwise) are Peggy Boettcher (Fuller), Jerry Thirion, Marilyn Ford (Fortner), Trudy Reimann (O'Connor), Elizabeth Glor (Allen), (unknown), Ruth Conrad (Dunlap) and (kneeling) Kathy Boettcher (Stisser). Standing around the punch bowl, front left and clockwise are Johnny Meyers, Barbara Klocke (Vogelin), John Fontana, Mrs. Thompson, Jack Cormack, Paul Geschender, Dennis Guilfoil, Barbara Beck (Muratore) and Gail Kirby.

Fire Hall Christmas Party - 1974
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These two photos were taken at the Grand Island Fire Company Christmas party in December 1974.
The children on the left are Gregg Roesch, 3; Jimmy Linenfelser, 5; and Kristen Franklin Rosser, turning
5 on Christmas day that year. Kristen's mom, Bernie Franklin is holding baby sister Nancy, born on November 10, 1974.

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