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Appreciation Extended To Those Involved In Bus Accident - December 2009

(left) Fire Chief Greg Butcher, Principal Denise Dunbar, Supervisor Peter McMahon.
(right) Initial citizen responders honored for their heroic actions during the initial moments following the bus accident on November 4th.
Dan McMahon Photos - Click for larger view

   Sidway School Principal Denise Dunbar praised and thanked students, faculty, staff and the brave neighbors Monday morning for their actions during and after a bus accident on November 4, 2009. Mrs. Dunbar praised Nancy Hefka, the school bus driver, for her calmness in assisting the students off the bus to a safe area. A neighbor ran from his office across the street to assist along with crews from National Grid Power group. The crews from National Grid stopped and assisted in escorting the students from the bus and insuring their safety. Mrs. Dunbar presented a planter to Nancy for her actions.
   Town Supervisor Peter McMahon presented a proclamation from the town to each of the individuals involved in the safety and care of the students aboard the bus. District Transportation Supervisor Jack Burns commented on the procedures followed by Nancy and the students that helped to prevent any more injuries. Jack stressed the training and drills practiced by all, created a calm and safe environment for all there. School Board President Rich Little spoke of how calm and brave each of the students were during this very stressful incident and hoped everyone has a safe and joyful holiday season.
   See Town Proclamation

Sidway Grandparents Breakfast - October 2009

(Left) James Linenfelser, grandson Evan Linenfelser and Teddy Linenfelser.
Jodi Robinson Photos - Click for larger view

   The annual Grandparents Breakfast at Sidway School began today, Thursday, Oct. 15th. The Sidway PTA sponsored event began in 1993 when the school reopened and for many years pancakes and sausage were served. Last year the menu was changed to a continental breakfast. Over the course of four days, close to 1000 people are expected to attend.

Where are the Wild Things? in Mrs. Fuchs’ Class! - October 2009

Students included in the picture are Joseph Schnettler, Bryahna Colbert, Quinn Hart, Madison Phinney, Vivienne Zacher, Edward VeRost, and Lucas Tahara
Click photos for larger view

   Mrs. Julie Fuchs’ first graders got to sink their claws into a GREAT book this October. This first grade class spent a week reading Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. The students have been exploring real vs. make believe, story sequencing, compare/contrast, retelling through the use of puppets and critical thinking skills. They also stretched their imaginations as they developed their own “wild things” to display. A story scene was created outside of their classroom to engage the students’ curiosity and enthusiasm. Each child was photographed in front of the scene and the pictures were used as a springboard for a writing activity. Of course, everyone was excited for the “Wild Rumpus” celebration at the end of the week. They shared some “wild” treats, the “original” version of the movie, and other story-based activities and had a wild and wonderful time!!

Students Taught Sidway Values - Respect, Responsibility & Safety - September 2009

   For the first week of school, Sidway students were taught the importance of demonstrating Respect, Responsibility and Safety in the halls, at the lockers and in the Sidway dining room.
   The Sidway Bee (Mrs. Karen Zirnheld) and cafeteria monitor, Helen Martinic are shown demonstrating the correct way to be responsible for our own belongings in the dining room, how to recycle our milk bottles and take care of our trays. Teacher Alicia Szyprowski demonstrated how to be responsible and safe in the hallway and while at the lockers. Students learned how to open and close lockers quietly and safely as well as how to travel quietly in the hall.
   The Sidway Values (known as the Viking Values in the other buildings) are the same three core values students are taught in grades Pre K - 12. Grand Island is the only school in the area that is currently implementing a PreK-12 Positive Interventions and Supports Program.

Sidway Opens Its Doors to First Ever UPK Class - September 2009

Click photo for larger view

   It was an historical day for the Grand Island Central School District as Sidway opened its doors to the first Universal PreKindergarten classes on September 1, 2009. A total of 36 students are enrolled in the program, 18 in the morning and 18 in the afternoon. A lottery is held each June to determine the UPK population. Students must be 4 years old on or before December 1 to be eligible. Students and teachers were excited to welcome the new preschoolers to the Sidway family! Pictured is teacher Mrs. Michelle White and teaching assistant Mrs. Linda Samland with the morning and afternoon classes.

Make A Book Night at Sidway - April 2009

Kyle Lyon shares his story with Mrs. Betsy Cali as Joe Cali works on his own creation.

   The Charlotte Sidway Elementary School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) sponsored "Make a Book Night" on Wednesday, April 20 for the first-grade students of Sidway Elementary School. Students worked together with their parents to write and illustrate stories, and then published them in beautiful covers to share with family members and teachers. The evening was complete as everyone enjoyed some cookies and juice.

Kaegebein Student Readers Visit Sidway - April 2009

Click photo for larger view

   Forty-two students from Kaegebein Elementary traveled to Sidway School on Thursday, April 23 to read to Sidway students. The student readers were chosen from those who successfully completed a reading incentive that began on Read Across America Day, March 2, Dr. Seuss’ birthday. The boys and girls had to read five books from five different genres and complete a “Reading Passport” in order to qualify. Two students who met the requirements were chosen from each class to travel to Sidway, where they entertained the class with stories from some of their favorite books.

First Graders Learn Explosive Lesson - April 2009

Students pictured are Avery Andrews, Emma Dickinson, Jack Faso and Ella Sorel are pictured teaching Principal Denise Dunbar all they learned.
Click photo for larger view

   April 23, 2009 . . . Students in Mrs. Marge Benevento’s first grade class recently completed a research project on volcanoes. The children worked with Charlotte Sidway Elementary School librarian, Janet Balk, to learn how volcanoes are formed, areas in which they are most prevalent, numbers of active volcanoes, the largest volcanoes, and many more interesting facts.

Baby Shower For Mrs. McNulty - April 2009

Sondra DeFrank Photo - Click photo for larger view

   Students in Mrs. Krista McNulty’s kindergarten class held a baby shower for their teacher on Friday, April 3. The children made a fingerprinted piggy bank, a photo frame, and a Special Wish Book for the baby. The celebration was held in the classroom during lunch time on Mrs. McNulty's last day of teaching. She will return the fall to this same group of students, as she teaches a looping class at Sidway.

Sidway Students Perform Postponed Holiday Program - Jan. 2009

The first photo shows (left) Janet Balk, Jen Leberman and Christine Clendening
Ryan Pinzel is shown at the microphone and Kaegebein Elementary music teacher, Renee Michki is shown in the white top.
Bob Kopf Photos - Click photo for larger view

Mrs. McNulty’s Class - Sondra DeFrank photo - Click for larger view.

   In preparation for their holiday program, Charlotte Sidway School kindergarten students practiced during the month of December with their music teacher, Mrs. Christine Clendening. Unfortunately, schools on the Island were closed on December 19th, the day the performance was scheduled. "Our House Is A Holiday House," featured half of the kindergarten classes in the morning and half in the afternoon on Friday, January 9, 2009.
   Kendall Suffoletta and Rachel Vrba were selected from the classes to sing solos during the "Our House is a Holiday House" song.
   Recognition was given to kindergarten team and teacher aides, Arnold Beck and his custodial staff, Mr. and Mrs. Schnettler and Parent Team, Mark Gorton (Audio/visual) and Mrs. Alicia Szyprowski.
   The programs were co-directed by music teacher Mrs. Clendening and Janet Balk (library).

Sidway Giving Tree - Dec. 2008

Click photo for larger view

   Students at Charlotte Sidway Elementary School collected canned goods and donated stars to the annual Giving Tree. The faculty, staff and students raised $406.00 and collected 340 canned goods for the Grand Island Neighbors Foundation. Many thanks to all who contributed!

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