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"By Niagara's rushing waters,
Near a forest cool,
Stands our honored Alma Mater
Charlotte Sidway School"

Sidway School Reunion Photo - Posted January 9, 2003
   Photos submitted by Phil Killian. Click photos for larger view.

Eight of the 21-member Charlotte Sidway School Class of '41 attended the Sidway Reunion July 6, 2002, just 61 years later! Shown front left are Carol (French) Mabey, Betty ( Welfare) Phillips, Helen MacDonald; (back) Bill Stack, Dorothy Lyden Lovelee, Earl DeGlopper, Dorothy Waltman Dillemuth and Phil Killian.

The MacDonald sisters are (left) Carol MacDonald Ganster, Kathy MacDonald McKenzie, Wilma MacDonald Greenwood, Leona MacDonald Stevens, Helen MacDonald Haigh and Joyce MacDonald Neill.

Siblings from left are Danny "Whitey" Dlugosz, Jean Dlugosz Killian and Walt Dlugosz.

Sidway School Reunion Photo - Posted October 17, 2002
Sidway School 8th Grade Class of 1941
   Photo submitted by Phil Killian and taken by Wilma "MacDonald" Greenwood. Click photo for larger view.
The Sidway School 8th grade graduating class of 1941 was well represented at the July 6, 2002 school reunion with eight classmates attending. Shown front from left are Carol "French" Mabey, Betty "Welfare" Phillips and Helen "MacDonald" Haigh; (back) Billy Stack, Dorothy "Lyden" Lovelee, Earl DeGlopper, Dorothy "Waltman" Dillemuth and Phil Killian. The backdrop is the artwork of JoAnn "Radius" Vanderheite who recreated the front of the school building for Sidway Reunion's Sesquicentennial/July 4th, 2002 parade float.

Charlotte Sidway School Reunion Committee
Donates $1738.59 To the GITA/Veronica E. Connor Scholarship fund

Grand Island Teachers Association President Tracey Beatty (left) is shown in front of the Connor Middle School, September 30, 2002 accepting a check for $1738.59 from Charlotte Sidway School Reunion Committee members Alice Gardner and Richard "Shorty" Vanthoff. The proceeds of the July 6, 2002 Sidway School reunion (Classes 1937-63) are being donated to the GITA/Veronica E. Connor Scholarship fund.

Sidway School Reunion Photo - Posted October 3, 2002
   Photo submitted by Peggy Pfohl Bauman.

Shown left are JoAnn Radius Vanderheite, Russ Hill, June Brockwell O'Connor Teddy Klingel Linenfelser and Hazel Fancher Rowe.

Sidway School Reunion Photos - Posted September 12, 2002
   Photos below submitted by Barbara Glor Martin.
(left) Sherrie Mitchell Wendling and Donna Horner Anderson; (right) Science teacher Matthew Cyran with Mrs. Cyran

Sidway School Reunion Photos - Posted August 22, 2002
   Photos below submitted by Penny Ball. Click photos for larger view.

   The Sidway School Reunion 2002 photos from left are of Chairman Shorty Vanthoff, Karen Heimlich Clark and JoAnn Radius Vanderheite at the sign-in table; Love Road girls Diane Harding Swick, Sue Turnbull, Barbara Glor Martin, Penny Ball, Judy Nailor Meer and Bernie Glor Pagliaro; and Terry and Sue Turnbull.

   Photos below submitted by Penny Ball. Click photos for larger view.

   From left Don Burns is seated with Bernie Glor Pagliaro, Mary Olsen Becker, and Penny Ball.

Sidway School Reunion Photos - Posted August 22, 2002
   Photos below submitted by Marianne Lehane Ward. Click photos for larger view.


   The first photo shown was fun to be apart of. As our neighbhorhood gang gathered for the picture, more and more "Village" kids were spotted in the crowd and called to pose with us. No doubt there are a few other photos taken at the same time, with even more of us who grew up on Love Road and East Park in the 1940s and 50s. Kneeling in front (left) Susan Turnbull, Lynn Cullen Euse, Marianne Lehane Ward, Myrna Dworak Boerschig, Teddy Klingel Linenfelser and Molly McMahon Powers; (back) Judy Hanna Hathaway, Nancy Seifert Dinan, Barbara Glor Martin, Peggy Boettcher Fuller, Doris Harding Watson, Pat Geary Kostenbauder, Sue Nailor Bauer, Judy Nailor Meer, Kathy Boettcher Stisser, Peter Glor, Bernie Glor Pagliaro, Peter McMahon, Penny Ball, Sharon Benzing Minet, Brent Minet, Ellen Glor, Pam Ball Fries, Elizabeth Glor Allen and Dan McMahon.
   Shown in the second photo in front are Diane Hamilton Mossman, Nanette Jacobs Haller; (standing left) Barbara Glor Martin, Marianne Lehane Ward, Susan Turnbull, Martha Uonites Dilliot, Pat Gardner Hardman, Skip Trautman (Class of '54), Judy Hanna Hathaway, Carleen Alt Taylor and Janet Mistretta Goodsell.
   The third photo is Don Burns, Class of '54, shown with the book he published this year - "Piano People."
   The last two photos are of Janet Mistretta Goodsell and Judy Hanna Hathaway, and Marianne Lehane Ward, Lyn Laman and Judy Hanna Hathaway (Teddy Klingel Linenfelser is on left with back to camera and Jim Tranter, far right.)

More Sidway School Reunion Photos - Posted August 15, 2002
   Photos below submitted by Peggy McNulty. Click photos for larger view.

   July 25, 2002...The photos from left are of Joe Morrison and his wife, Karen, of Virginia Beach; old friends Don O'Connor and Ron McNamee; and Margaret Dick, left and Brent Minet in the rear are shown during the Sidway School reunion.

   Photos below submitted by Mary Olsen Becker

Photos from left above are of Barbara Glor Martin, Barbara Yadloczky Oddo, Karen Carr Keefe and Helen Olsen Szymanski, and Karen McCall Beecher. Click photos for larger view.


Photos from left above are of Helen Olsen Szymanski and Monica Prast Sikora, Ron Webb and Penny Ball with Wilma MacDonald Greenwood in the background, Nancy Mote Sayre, Mary Olsen Becker, Bernie Glor Pagliaro and their friend Wilma Claunch, Dave Dusenbury and Mary Olsen Becker.

Click photos for larger view.

Sidway School Reunion Photos

   July 25, 2002...The photos from left are of Mary Fahrer Grant, Pete Mazenauer, Dawn Merrill Hillock and Larry Hillock, with Pete Sloan and Tom Pedlow in the background; Sandy Capatch Dee, Alice Gardner (Sidway Reunion Committee), Pat VanDyke Smith, Pete Sloan, Tom Pedlow and Joe Morrison; Sonja Miller (Committee) and Pete Mazenauer; Louise Johnson Toth, Dawn Merrill Hillock, Tim Gross and Janice Jasper Thornblom; and Richard Smith (Committee).

Sidway School Reunion Photos Wanted
We will be glad to post photos taken at the July 6, 2002 Charlotte Sidway School reunion. Be sure to identify as many faces as possible and include your name, email address and permission (or decline) to have it linked to the photos. Send photos to Teddy "Klingel" Linenfelser.

Newest Additions to Sidway Reunion Reservation List (July 3, 2002)
58 Mike Harding
61 Pete Mazenaur
59 Skip Mazenaur
61 Debbi Robinson
60 Ken Shobert
61 Andrew Beyer
60 Helen Olsen
57 Peggy Pfohl
57 George DeGlopper
62 Nancy Collins
62 Becky Beuhrig
60 Sharon McMahon
45 Shirley Kean
49 Ed Zuchowski
Ethel Yuhas TEACHER

Newest Additions to Sidway Reunion Reservation List (June 20, 2002)
38 June Senn
48 Carl (Leland) Mote
62 Gunther Clemens
61 Loretta Emerson
59 Marcia Nowak
63 Richard Kaiser
62 Tim McNamee
61 Dave Haller
60 Chuck Lalloz
61 Charlotte Benns
58 Andy Liesenfeld
53 Lorraine Noras
55 June Brockwell
52 Bob Buzby
59 Walter Dlugosz

Newest Additions to Sidway Reunion Reservation List (June 13, 2002)
57 Barbara Beck
53 Ron Livingston
61 Dave Haller (Margaret Ann)
61 Richard Lozo
62 Joanne Trautman

Newest Additions to Sidway Reunion Reservation List (June 6, 2002)
61 Sandy Capatch
46 Laurel Waltman
58 Dawn Waltman
57 Dayton Fancher
45 Joyce MacDonald
61 Christine Pinkow
61 Earl DeGlopper
56 John Pedlow
59 Hazel Fancher
61 Rick Fuller
62 Barb Sonberg
53 Marge Kovascev
53 Bob DeGlopper
62 Sherry Wade
61 Tom Pedlow
63 John Dick
57 Betsy Kinsey
62 Gary Garrison
57 Russ Hill
60 Barb Harrison
61 Donald Dlugosz
60 JoAnn Haller
56 Monica Prast

Newest Additions to Sidway Reunion Reservation List (May 30, 2002)
61 Mike Gast
58 Sue Leckie
63 Harry Gibbs
54 Jean Dansberger
61 Donna Hughes
62 Wayne Kinney
Doris Kinsey (teacher)
57 Dave Wolf
55 Francis Lapine
Catherine Divizio (teacher)

60 Dan McMahon
62 Sue Trautman
41 William Stack
60 Don O'Connor
62 Butch Morrison
61 Louise Johnson
60 Dave Fleischmann

Newest Additions to Sidway Reunion Reservation List (May 23, 2002)
55 Sue Nailor
48 Joan Burgstahler
47 Howard Killian
61 Judy Karb
44 Ted Kumlander
62 Linda Roberts
62 Donna Vanderbles
57 Peggy Boettcher
55 Janet Mistretta
54 Jim Kovascev
57 Kathy Boettcher
59 Don Burrows
62 Fran Kelly

Newest Additions to Sidway Reunion Reservation List (May 16, 2002)
40 Doris Fleischman
63 Dan Moran
61 Bob Kaiser
61 Kathy Hickman
61 Janice Jasper
51 Marilyn Dinsmore
54 Dave Dusenbury
62 Ellen Glor
53 Bruce Gushue
54 Earl Long
62 Nancy Luther
59 Dan McNamee Jr.
59 Ron McNamee
62 Dan Mulvena
56 Charles Pinkow
53 Glen Smith
54 Richard Smith
57 Jerilyn Stedman
41 Dorothy Waltman Dillemuth
Matthew Cyran (teacher)

Newest Additions to Sidway Reunion Reservation List (May 6, 2002)
45 Bob Dworak
46 Sally Staley
61 Bob Tranter
61 Erle Jackson
57 Chuck Lambert

Newest Additions to Sidway Reunion Reservation List (April 29, 2002)
53 Ed Pfohl
63 Dan Buckley
Lyn Mauri Laman (teacher)
61 Claire Reimann

Newest Additions to Sidway Reunion Reservation List (April 22, 2002)
45 Cecelia Stack
62 Dale Millar
60 Kathi Lang
63 Cathy McNamee
55 Grant Glessner
62 Brian Sheehan
57 Marie Christman

Newest Additions to Sidway Reunion Reservation List (April 18, 2002)
54 Don A. Burns Jr.
58 Carol Radder
60 Judy Huff
54 Lee Thomas

Newest Additions to Sidway Reunion Reservation List (April 17, 2002)
48 Chas P. Bridge
41 Earl DeGlopper
54 Phyllis Miller
56 Eric Reimann
41 Betty Welfare
62 Cathy Haller
61 Floydette Uonites
55 Claire Rupp
53 Roger Killian

Guess Who's Coming To The Sidway Reunion!
   The following is a list of those who have made reservations for the July 6th Sidway School Reunion. Have you sent in your reservation form? Please note that additions to the list appear at the top.
62 Bill Boggess
60 Cal Gardner
58 Mike Murphy
41 Carol French
55 Gary Lechner
55 A. David Yakam
57 Jerry Bryans
62 Bill Boggess
61 Judy Lexo
60 Cal Gardner
62 Bill Rupp
58 Mike Murphy
41 Carol French
59 Bernie Carminati
54 Leroy "Ben" Franklin
62 Eugene Dinsmore
62 Aldrich, Ada
59 Aldrich, Carol
62 Allen, Linda
55 Alt, Carleen
54 Anderson,, Phillip
62 Baldwin, Norman
54 Ball, Penny
62 Ball, Pam
56 Bartlett, Gary
61 Beach, Linda
61 Beck, Tim
62 Bell, Paula
62 Benton, Pat
62 Benzing, Sharon
47 Blaydon, Christopher
62 Boettcher, James
62 Boggess, Bill
62 Braddell, John
57 Bradley, Kathy
62 Brown, Joyce
63 Buckley, Nancy
53 Burgstahler, Gail
58 Burns, Ann
57 Costin, Jane
52 Cullen, Lynne
62 Davis, Linda
53 DeGlopper, Charley
62 Denler, Caryl
58 Denler, Paul
52 Dinan, Corky
60 Dinsmore, Jim
57 Dinsmore, Jeanne Marie
56 Dinsmore, Pete
60 Dinsmore, Sharon
59 DiTullio, Judy
59 Dlugokinski, Ray
61 Drake, Tonya
55 Duncan, Barbara
53 Dworak, Myrna
58 Eastman, Jean
59 Ehlert, Lynn
56 Ensminger, Henry
59 Fahrenholz, Holger (Butch)
61 Fahrer, Mary
58 Fahrer, Pete
57 Fancher, Don
59 Fitzsimmons, Karen
58 Fitzmorris, Gerry
56 Fleischmann, Sally
56 Fontana, John
37 Forsythe, Betty
59 Franklin, Nancy
57 Gangloff, Sharilyn
61 Gardner, Alice
56 Gardner, Elizabeth
55 Gardner, Nancy
54 Gardner, Pat
59 Gast, John
62 Geary, Pat
58 Glasgow, Loyd (Butch)
55 Glor, Barbara
54 Glor, Bernie
57 Glor, Elizabeth
59 Glor, Peter
53 Glose, Albert
61 Gross, Tim
62 Haen, Mary Ellen
58 Haller, Carolyn
57 Haller, Del Jr.
55 Hamiltom, Diane
55 Hanna, Judy
53 Harding, Doris
58 Hayes, Billie Ruth
62 Haynes, Rodney
59 Heimlich, Karen
63 Hillman, Roxanne
59 Hillock, Larry
55 Horner, Donna
62 Huff, Janet
58 Hy, Richard
55 Jacobs, Nan
62 Kaiser, Dave
60 Kaiser, Jim
60 Kerr, Betty
54 Kerr, Joe
59 Killian, Dan
54 Killian, Harold
41 Killian, Philip
57 Klingel, Teddy
59 Kovacsev, Barbara
38 Kreger, Shirley
48 Kruse, Mary Ann
56 Kuehling, Judy
51 Laur, James
55 Lehane, Marianne
61 Lexo, Judy
60 Linenfelser, Jim
57 Linton, Margaret

63 Mike Yensan
62 Lynn Mohring
60 Gary Reese
56 Ida M. Staley
55 Martha "Dolly" Uonites
45 Arnie Dilliot
61 Billica, Beverly
54 Lyle Dinsmore
53 Linton, Bill
63 Loder, Dale
60 Loder, Don & Karen
41 Lyden, Dorothy
54 MacDonald, Carol
41 MacDonald, Helen
55 MacDonald, Kathleen
51 MacDonald, Leona
44 MacDonald, Wilma
57 Maclean, Bob
63 Madia, John
53 Malecki, Mary
55 Malecki, Paul
55 Markle, Jean
60 Martin, Dianne
62 Martin John
58 Maurer, Marilyn
55 Mayer, Gerald
54 McCall, Karen
61 McMahon, Molly
57 McMahon, Pete
60 McNulty, Pat
61 McNulty, Peggy
63 McNulty, Shirley
61 Merrill, Dawn
53 Mesmer, Dave
64 Merrill, Gail
61 Miller, Sonja
57 Mistretta, Diane
55 Mitchell, Sherrie
62 Morgan, Marcia
54 Mote, Nancy
52 Nailor, Judy
61 Northrup, Doug
57 O'Dea, Marty
62 O'Dea, Mike
54 Olsen, Mary
62 Owens, Ruth
58 Pankow, Walter
61 Prosser, Fred
57 Radius, JoAnn
63 Reinauer, Karyl
46 Riggs, Robert
48 Roberts, Shirley
51 Robinson, Bob
62 Rupp, Bill
49 Rupp, Mel
58 Sawdey, Richard
61 Schram, Bryan
60 Schueckler, Sue
57 Schutt, Carlton
55 Schutt, Fred
53 Seifert, Nancy
55 Senn, Carol
40 Senn, Norma
57 Shear, Marianne
56 Sheehan, Tom
62 Simms, Linda
61 Sloan, Pete
59 Smith, William (Lee)
48 Stack, Paul
54 Staly, Donna
62 Stambaugh, Margery
61 Stay, Jerry
51 Sugier, Wanda
63 Swain, Terry
49 Thomas, Jerry
54 Tranter, Jim
58 Tranter, Don
54 Trautman, Skip
48 Turnbull, Terry
55 Turnbull,Sue
61 VanDyke, Pat
61 Vanthoff, Karen
54 Vanthoff, Richard (Shorty)
60 Vincent, Bob
62 Wadon, Deane
57 Walgate, Lorraine
42 Webb, Bette
44 Webb, Earl
54 Webb, Ed
54 Webb, Ron H.
57 Webb, Ron B.
51 Weingartner, Ann
62 Williams, Kathleen
58 Williams, Pat
62 Wolanske, Carol
63 Wunsch, Peter
54 Yadloczky, Barbara
55 Yadloczky, Pat
62 Yensan, Gregg
58 Yensan, Bud
59 Zuchowski, Robert
Reservations so far
Henry Fessard
Marjorie Ehde Anderson
Alice Goodwin
Dave Meyers
Marion Young

Reservations Outnumber Last Two Sidway School Reunions
A second Sidway Reunion notice mailed last month to those associated with the school graduating classes of 1937-1963 has brought in a hefty number of reunion reservations. At this point in time, reservations outnumber the 1996 reunion by 150 and more are coming in daily, and from as far away as California. Contact Teddy "Klingel" Linenfelser, Peggy McNulty or Shorty Vanthoff or any member of the committee if you did not receive the mailing which included a tentative schedule of Sesquicentennial events taking place around the Saturday, July 6, 2002 date of the reunion.

Notice Mailed To All Sidway Students 1937-1963
A second Sidway Reunion 1937-1963 notice was mailed Monday, February 11, 2002 to those associated with the school graduating classes. Please contact Teddy "Klingel" Linenfelser or Peggy McNulty or any member of the committee if you did not receive this mailing which includes a tentative schedule of Sesquicentennial events taking place around the Saturday, July 6, 2002 date of the reunion.

Sidway Reunion Committee To Send 2nd Notice
   Members of the 1937-1963 Charlotte Sidway School graduation classes, and all those who were, at any time, in the classes of '37-'63, will be sent a second Sidway School reunion notice which will also include information on the Sesquicentennial being held on Grand Island this coming year.
   Classmates are urged to let the committee know of address changes. For those reading of the reunion here for the first time, a reunion notice was mailed in the spring of 2001. If you did not receive yours, the committee does not have your address. Emails may be sent to
Teddy "Klingel" Linenfelser or Peggy McNulty.
   The Sesquicentennial Program Book committee is looking for various old photos including Sidway School as it looked when it opened in 1937 and Batsfords on East River Road in Sandy Beach. Photos may be emailed or mailed to Teddy Linenfelser, Town Historian, 2098 Ferry Road, Grand Island, NY 14072.

Sidway Classmates Invited
To Be Part of Sesquicentennial Book
An historic program book to commemorate the Island's Sesquicentennial is being produced with Island history and old photos as well as greetings from Isle residents and those across the nation. Complete information on how to be a part of Grand Island's history book may be found by clicking Sesquicentennial and scrolling down.

Visit our Historic Preservation Page

2002 Sidway Reunion

and the Grand Island Sesquicentennial

A Sidway School Reunion of the 1937-1963 graduation classes, and all those who were, at any time, in the classes of '37-'63, is being planned in conjunction with the Grand Island Sesquicentennial (1852-2002).

Print out the form below and mail it to us as soon as possible. We are trying to reach as many Sidway students ('37-'63) via e-mail as possible. It will save the committee future postage money that will help us better the event.

Dear Classmates, Teachers and Staff,

   A Charlotte Sidway School Reunion will take place at the Charles N. DeGlopper Memorial Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #9249 Pavilion, 2121 Grand Island Blvd., on Saturday, July 6, 2002. In conjunction with the celebration of Grand Islandís Sesquicentennial, we invite you to join us for our third Sidway reunion.

   As time goes by, we think back to our formative years with fond memories. We are hopeful that those who were not able to attend the 1990 and 1996 Sidway reunions will be able to join us, and we look forward to seeing everyone on July 6, 2002.

   A week of Sesquicentennial events, highlighted by a mammoth Fourth of July Parade, is being planned to celebrate the 150 years of Grand Island's township.

Charles DeGlopper VFW Post #9249 Pavilion
2121 Grand Island Blvd., Grand Island, NY 14072

Saturday, July 6, 2002     Noon till ?
Includes music, food, beer and pop. Cash bar available. Casual attire
Reservations necessary - Adult Party - Cost per person $20

2002 Sidway School Reunion Reservation Form
Click To Print Form Only

1. ________________________________first, maiden and last name
2. 19___ Sidway Class
3. I will____,    will not ___ attend
4. ___ reservations @ $20 each. (List names for each reservation) Name tag at door is your "ticket."
5. Additional donation $_______
6. E-mail address _______________________@____________________ . ___ ( )

P.O. Box 1185
Grand Island, NY 14072

Sidway Reunion News
Missing Person List
   Can you help us locate any of these former Sidway students? They are listed according to class. Invitations to the July 6, 2002, Sidway School Reunion were mailed this week. If you are a part of the Sidway Classes 1937-1963 and have not received yours, please let us know.
   We would also like to let our out-of-towners know that advertising information for the Sesquicentennial Souvenir Book of History is available on our Sesquicentennial Page.

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