"Between the Bridges"
by Teddy Linenfelser

Grand Island, N.Y.
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Photo courtesy of Rich Call
Class of '85

Thursday, December 30, 2009
Good morning Gary in Pompano Beach, FL, and good morning Melissa in Charlotte, NC.

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Shown above are the 10-year-old kids who enjoyed the Fire Company's December 19th Christmas party and now look forward to becoming Santa's helpers next year. As mentioned here before, it's MaryElisabeth Rustowicz' parents, Maura and Kevin, who put this party together year after year. The kids are (left) Robert Sadkowski, Darnell Cleveland, Sydney Khreis, Trevor and Katilyn Palamuso who are sitting on Santa's lap, MaryElisabeth, Brittney Kephart and Victoria Aronica. Thanks to Bob Aronica for the photo.

Congratulations to Cheryl Redlein who bowled a 290-694 last week with the A-Best Ladies league at Mallwitz's Island Lanes.

Happy birthday to Paul Facklam III (four today), Lana Schaar (today), Elsie Fleischmann, Jeff Nordvik and Linda Butcher (tomorrow), Donna Williams (cheers on New Year’s Day), Sandy Krecisz (Friday), Maria Bobak (her 20th on Friday), Ramona Blackmore (Saturday), Bethany Cherenzia (10 on Sunday), Hanna Panzica (12 on Monday), Joseph Kuszcak (10 on Monday), Sue Novits (a milestone on Tuesday), Marie Lorence (20 on Tuesday), Jonathan Figler and James Thompson (both celebrating 21st birthdays on Tuesday), and Ed Krecisz, Melissa Hill and Ron Webb (Wednesday).

Looking Back 60 years - Miss Sharon Bauer entertained at a tea party on Thursday afternoon, December 29, 1949 for the following little ladies and their dolls: Janie Costin (Rocks), Donna Yakam (Krehl), Donna Horner (Anderson), Susan Nailor (Bauer), Carolyn Bucknam (McFarland), Carol Chateauneuf (Stevens), Kathie Cotter (Little), Peggy Cotter (Will) and Teddy Klingel (Linenfelser).

Looking Back 50 year - Buffalo "officials" Monday, December 27, 1959 included Paul Denler acting as council president, and James O'Dea who "won" an election for city judge. The teens, members of the CYC at St. Stephen's Church, participated in a day-long session in Buffalo's city hall when about 65 young people of area CYC units "took over" city government. •••• A commercial, industrial and development committee was functioning within the town board for the first time. Robert E. Study was chairman. Other committee members were Supervisor George J. Burgstahler and Councilman Harold E. Beck.

Looking Back 40 years - During the year 1969 Grand Island Fire Company volunteers responded to 180 first aid calls and 132 fire alarms. The information was released by Fire Chief Richard K. Lovelee.

Looking Back 30 years - Winners of Cub Pack 423's Pinewood Derby were Reed Wright (1st), Michael Cerillo (2nd) and Richy Susfalk (3rd). Among other winners were Dean Laible (Best Paint Job), Danny Linenfelser (best solo), and Sean McMahon (most “Kool”).••••Town Attorney Richard J. Couch, Town Councilman Paul McCarthy, Roy Hawkes and Jon Baedeker, in a canoe and a rowboat, cruised from Long Road across the West River to Navy Island on the Canadian side on Saturday afternoon, January 5, 1980. The purpose of the overnight campout was “to commune with nature.”

Our sympathy to the families of William “Bill” Drozdowsky, Robert P. Shoemaker, Bill Wood, Elaine F. Bellinger, Rose P. Agro, Joanne P. Carr, James A. Kish, Laura Ann Metzgar and former resident Joyce L. (Webb) Beland who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

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Be sure to see the "Have A Heart For Our Military," a project the Trinity Church parishioners are hosting. See Have A Heart For Our Military

Here's What's Happening in Our Town!
Our Town Inauguration ceremonies take place at the Golden Age Center at 12 noon on Friday.••••The School Board invites all alumni from the graduating classes of 2007, 2008 and 2009 to attend a linkage meeting for constructive conversation on Tuesday.•••• See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island happenings.

Happy new year to all of you from all of us here at Isledegrande.com.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." Please pray for our country. God bless America.

Thursday, December 23, 2009
Good morning Larry in Mattydale, NY, and good morning Arliss in Batesurg, SC.

Happy birthday to Krista Smith (21 today), Paul Harper Sr. (97 tomorrow), Joyce Mongan (tomorrow), Marissa Catanzaro (a teenager on Friday), Sean McMahon (Friday), Jim Rogan special greetings on Christmas Day), Cayleigh Fitzsimmons (6 on Christmas), Jack Buzby (7 on Saturday), Allison Hill (her 7th birthday Saturday), Abigail Dallassandro (a teenager on Sunday), Robin Laible and Rob Meyer (Monday), James Soto (5 on Monday), Jennifer Ungaro (Tuesday), and Yvonne Martin (93 on Tuesday).

Kathleen and Jim Carroll recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary traveling to England, Ireland and Dallas. Best wishes to the Carrolls who were married on December 17, 1949.••••Karen and Todd Roesch are wished a beautiful day and a happy first anniversary. Todd and his bride were married December 29, 2008.

Get well wishes to Bill Wood. Bill is in the Neuro ICU at Millard Fillmore Gates Circle and cannot have visitors yet but cards of cheer will brighten his day. Mail for Bill may be sent c/o 3304 Sandy Beach Road, Grand Island. So sorry to report Bill's passing on Saturday, December 26th.••••Rick Pelham is wished a speedy recovery as he deals with serious health concerns. Let's keep both men in our prayers.

Looking Back 60 years - Brownies of Troop 221 who put on the play, “A Gift For Loke” were Libby Smith (Borgese), Margie McMahon (Prange), Annette Boehm (Fuhr), Judy Daggett and Barbara Glor (Martin). Brownies Susan Turnbull and Janet Lee Sunderland (Bangs) added to the entertainment by demonstrating their tap dancing skills.••••This note was among those in my mother, Marion Klingel's Grandyle Village column in the December 1949 Island Dispatch: Santa did bring a puppy to our house Christmas Eve. I overheard my small daughter explaining to a friend that it isn’t a thoroughbred – just part Cocker and part Spaniel! Some dorg! We called that Christmas puppy "Jingles."

Looking Back 20 years - The Board of Directors of the Grand Island Chamber of Commerce agreed to come to the rescue of the Grand Island Economic Development Corporation by contributing $1500 to assist the company in a dilemma caused by town board action which reduced by $5000 the original amount included in the 1990 town budget for its operation. ••••Aries Triangle No. 131 was formed in 1957 at a meeting in the living room of Honey (Austin) Atkins. Due to lack of membership, the young women’s group made the decision to turn in their charter in December 1989. ••••Kelly Gast Petrie took 2nd place honors on Floor Exercise (7.90) and scored 8.10 on Vault at a Class Level 8 local meet at Gleason’s School of Gymnastics in December 1989.••••Grand Island Citizens Against the Pipeline ( GICAP) was a newly formed citizens’ group aimed at publicly opposing the Empire State Pipeline which was proposed (and does) traverse the Island.

Looking Back 10 years - Published in a local newspaper in 1999 was the following: Jimmy Arias, unanimous choice as Western New York's top male tennis player of the past 50 years, "is without a doubt the greatest tennis player to have ever lived and played in the Buffalo area."

Grand Island's Dean Santorio was among 11 high school coaches honored on the field before kickoff at the Ralph on Sunday. Dean's honor was a happier note than the final score.

Our sympathy to the families of William “Bill” Drozdowsky, Robert P. Shoemaker, Sue Ann Gardner, Bill Wood and Thomas R. Tyson who recently passed away. Click
Deaths for complete information.

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An American Red Cross Blood Drive is being held at Fire Headquarters on Tuesday, the 29th. Be sure to send in your organization's dates for our Calendar of Events. Email your group name, title of your event, where it will be held and the date and time to teddy@giecom.net

To my devoted readers: I wish you all the merriest of Christmases and a happy and prosperous New Year. Remember to send me your news in 2010. Just email me at teddy@giecom.net.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." Please pray for our country. God bless America.

Thursday, December 17, 2009
Good morning Roseanne in Boca Raton, FL, and good morning Kelly in Palm Springs, CA.

A tip of the hat to Dick and Jenny Benz. What a beautiful sight as I drove up Baseline yesterday morning. A newly installed American flag, as tall as the building, graces the front of Dick & Jenny's Bake & Brew. I shall salute it and be reminded of how much I love my country each morning as I pass by Old Glory.

Happy birthday to Kevin Brady (today), Jaclyn Coe (her 20th tomorrow), Sue Braun, Lisa Black and Sonia Steckelberg (Saturday), George Wenner (4 on Saturday), Evan Green (21 on Sunday), Gloria Brown, John Duchnik, Pat Gill and Tanya Violanti (all celebrating on Sunday), Allyson Wolgast (3 on Sunday), Danielle Meyer (Sweet 16 on Monday), and Dale Janowsky (cheers on Tuesday).

Isledegrande.com will be updated with a new front page on Wednesday, December 23rd and on Wednesday, December 30th. We will be publishing the first issue for 2010 on Thursday, January 7th.

We are so looking forward to the children's party and Santa at the fire hall with our seven-year-old grandson, Evan Linenfelser. I have been attending this party for over 60 years, first with my sister, Mary Ellen Klingel Stewart in the old hall, formerly the town hall, then with our kids, Jimmy and Julie, followed by our grandchildren, Johnny and Amy Bidell. The party has come a long way and Kevin and Maura Rustowicz, who have served as chairmen for the past 15 years, make sure that each year's party is even better than the last.

Looking Back 60 years - Martin McSweeney played Santa Claus at the Chamber of Commerce Christmas party in 1949, and received a kiss from each of the ladies when he passed out gold key chain flashlights. Held in the Buffalo Launch Club, the party was attended by 120 guests who danced to the music of John Gast’s orchestra until 2 a.m.••••The Fire Company's Ladies Auxiliary elected officers, voted to buy a siren for the new fire truck and agreed to pack boxes for Isle shut-ins. Thirty-nine members proceeded to Del & Herb's Grand Island Grill for a Christmas party after their December meeting.••••WHLD began broadcasting from new studios built on Staley Road.

Looking Back 50 years - The Grand Island Golden Age Club was organized on Saturday, December 18, 1959 at a Christmas party at Grand Island Recreation Center, now
Mallwitz's Island Lanes. Among the 26 Islanders attending were John Stack, Rose Wright and Lucy Stamler. ••••Ilona Lang, formerly with the D.J. McNamee Realty Co., was appointed manager of a newly formed real estate firm on Grand Island. The company name was West River Realty Co. with temporary offices in her home on West River Road.••••A new ice rink, located in the parking lot adjacent to the "shelter house" near the Beaver Island Casino in Beaver Island State Park was flooded and lighted at night in December 1959.

Looking Back 40 years - Sp. 4 Rich Kramer of West River Road was home on leave after serving as an Army medic in Vietnam since December 1968. Stationed near the Cambodian border for most of his tour of duty, he served in a hospital at an advanced base and also put in about 100 hours of flying time, principally in helicopters. Kramer was awarded the Air medal with “V” for valor. •••• Honored at the December 5, 1969 athletic awards assembly were Wayne Benton (most valuable football player), Greg Costanzo (most valuable back), Kevin Donlon (most valuable lineman) and John Stickl (most improved player). •••• The Grand Island base on Whitehaven Road was one of three WNY Nike-Hercules batteries to be phased out as part of an economy drive, the Dept. of Defense announced in December 1969.

Looking Back 30 years - Pre-schoolers at the Gingerbread House had a visit from Santa, among those answering the question, what do you want for Christmas at the daycare center were the following: Nicole Dee (Roesch) , 5: “I want a Baby This and That that colors and a Mickey Mouse Turn-over Choo Choo. I don’t fight with my brother. He’s 15 and fixes my breakfast.” Sarah Hachee, 4: “I really have been a good girl. I never fight with my brother and sister and I mind my Mom a lot. I want a mini-wave oven and a Mickey Mouse phone.” And David Bulera, 4: “I’m always a good boy and I want a record player and Puff, the Magic Dragon and a Stretch Monster. I told Santa all this stuff already.”

(left) Greg Stephan, Shawn Speidel, Rayn Wolfslayer, John Bidell and A.J. Guenther shown with "Craig," a regular on the AM Cartoon Show.
Click photo for larger view

Looking Back 10 years - Island Cub Scouts of Pack 254, Den 5, shown above, appeared on television's Channel 29 in December 1999. The Cubs and their leaders, Melissa Wolfslayer and Julie Dee, visited the station in December and were a featured spot in between cartoons.

Our sympathy to the families of Byron L. "Bud" Cole, Jeanette N. Courey, Carl R. Detig and former resident Harold J. Arcouet who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

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Bud and Judy Link celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on Tuesday, December 22nd. Happy days to the Links.

A speedy recovery to Bridget Anderson, recuperating from recent surgery. And hello and Merry Christmas to Bridget's sister, Margie Prange, in town for moral support. ••••Good News! Mark Lange, who has gone through his share of health problems and a couple of serious operations, is showing signs of being on the mend.

Great bowling! Island resident Jeff Conover rolled a 290 in an 804 series with the A-Best Roofing league this week.

Riverside Salem Christmas In The Woods takes place on Sunday.••••The annual Christmas Cantata at the Bible Presbyterian Church takes place Sunday.••••A fundraiser for Nikki Zito is planned for Tuesday. •••• Send your events for the Calendar of Events at Isledegrande.com to teddy@giecom.net

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." Please pray for our country. God bless America.

Thursday, December 10, 2009
Good morning Ralph in Dover-Foxcroft, ME, and good morning Ryan in Charlotte, NC.

Our schools were closed today. The morning weather proved to be windy with very little snow flurries and the roads were clear on the way in to the office. Grand Island is lucky again as other towns have taken the brunt of the "storm." Here's hoping our luck holds out.

Best wishes to Jim Brown celebrating his 85th birthday on Monday. Happy birthday to Marianne Tranter and Kenny Lewis (today), Paul Linenfelser Sr. and Nan Haller (tomorrow), Reba Conway (18 tomorrow), Maurice Walsh (cheers on Saturday), Jackie Carpenter (Saturday), Kori Loder (18 on Sunday), Gary Sledziewski (Sunday), Daniel Donovan (5 on Sunday), Emma Santorio (her 4th birthday on Sunday), Katie Rustowicz (17 on Monday), Jennifer Pullano (Monday), Dolly Dilliot (Tuesday), Matthew Foote (his 16th on Tuesday), Alma Senn (Wednesday), Nancy Hayes (Happy Birthday on Wednesday!), Joey Guenther (16 on Wednesday), and Betty Lantz (if you see Betty on Wednesday wish her the very best).

Grand Island High School and UB graduate Alex Sanborn has made his debut in a national commercial. See
"Youtube" that shows Alex, who is playing the cashier behind the counter in this McDonald's coffee commercial. Alex is currently employed as an actor in Los Angeles.

If you will be watching the Grammy Awards on January 31st, you will see proud Mary McMahon's niece, Nikki Monninger, who is the vocalist/bass guitarist with the band, Silversun Pickups, an outstanding group from Los Angeles, recently nominated for a Grammy award for best new artist.

Joe Smith,, GIHS Class of '78 and the son of Polly and Doug Smith, has written a novel, "Psycho File," and sales are brisk. For the story and photos, see Islanders In The News.•••• Be sure to see the Islanders In The News article on author Thom Hatch who grew up on the Island.

Looking Back 60 years - Mrs. Adamine Kennelly’s fifth grade presented the play, “The Proud Princess,” in December 1949. Jimmie Tranter played the king, Phyllis Miller was the Queen. Sally Swalm was the Proud Princess, Jack Hawley was the Chief Councilor, and Lyle Dinsmore was The Herald. Scenery designers were Martha Uonites, Loisetta Taylor, Marianne Lehane, Don Burns and Gloria Anderson.•••• Bonner’s Restaurant operated by Donald Bonner at the corner of Baseline Line and Staley, and Al Weisheim’s service station on Express Highway were among those Island businesses advertising their Christmas greetings in the Island Dispatch. •••• St. Stephen’s children’s party in December 1949 was attended by 150 kids. Entertainment was provided by Dan Linenfelser and his magic tricks, along with some tap and baton twirling by Island girls in Miss Steck's dancing class in Buffalo. Franklin Klocke, who filled in for Santa, presented gifts to the little guests.

Looking Back 50 years - Thomas C. Zarbo was elected president of the Grand Island Taxpayers Association. Among other officers who would serve in 1960 were August Hein, Joseph D. Creighton, George D. McFarquhar, Sidney F. Smith, Harvey Klopp, Howard C. Reimann and Erdman P. Alt. ••••The school board met with citizen's committees in the Kaegebein School auditorium to discuss results of the previous week's conferences with State Education Dept. representatives in Albany. Discussion was on a future Jr. Sr. High School. Board chairman Dr. John Fontana reminded the committees that when Charlotte Sidway School was built (1937), Albany said it would "never be filled," and would not even consider second floor plans in first construction plans. Actually, a second floor was added in 1946-47 and the Sidway was doubled in size in 1950. •••• Among Riverside High School's four students to receive certificates commending them for superior performance in the national merit scholarship qualifying test were Marjorie Mitten (Rancudo), Douglas Bauer and Richard Swan.

Looking Back 40 years - Recipient of three Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star, Marine Sgt. John Vinovrski of Staley Road was home on leave through December 7, 1969, and due to report to Camp Pendleton, CA for three weeks before departing for his third tour of duty in Vietnam, an assignment he requested.••••Pfc. E-3 Mark Cook of Staley Road was serving in Phu Heip, Vietnam at the Headquarters Movement Control Center where he handled a wide variety of equipment and small arms.••••David and Russell Anderson received Bengal trophies at the Jr. Football banquet held in December 1969 at the Inn in the Park in Beaver Island State Park. The evening's Master of Ceremonies was Art Beyer. ••••Norman Mrkall was elected chief of the Grand Island Fire Company in December 1969. Robert Hoag, Donald Barth and Ray Pauley were elected assistant, first assistant and second assistant chief respectively. Truck house captains also elected were Robert Brennan, Herbert H. Kranzmann and Peter A. McMahon.••••Marins’ “cut your own Christmas Tree” farm was advertising daylight hours and “saws furnished.” The cost of a tree was $3.50.

Looking Back 30 years - GI Jr. Football players, coaches, families and friends gathered 250 strong for the 4th annual awards dinner at Warren’s Steakhouse in Tonawanda. Winners of the Al Schoenle awards were announced as Paul Houston (75-lb team); Dean Santorio (95 lb. Team) and Kevin Schmidt (115 lb. Team).

Our sympathy to the families of Anthony Ferrentino Jr., John P. Mager, Cynthia A. Louth, Michael Schneider, Joseph "Joe" Ognibene, Melvyn P. Nusstein, Harry Fedak, Jack Lindelow and former residents Raymond F. Kramer and Roberta F. Blasius, who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

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Here's What's Happening in Our Town!
The SUNY Fredonia Women’s Choir will present a Christmas concert at Trinity UM Church tomorrow evening. ••••The Town Recreation Department's “Welcome Santa” event is set for Saturday night.••••The Holiday House Tour and Craft Show to benefit Historic Trinity Church is scheduled for Saturday.••••A Christmas Concert will take place Sunday morning at Trinity UM Church.••••A Christmas Concert will be presented at Bible Presbyterian Church Sunday evening.••••The Holiday Inn will host Breakfast With Santa & Mrs. Claus on Saturday.•••• See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island happenings.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." Please pray for our country. God bless America.

Thursday, December 3, 2009
Good morning Rosanne in Boca Raton, FL, and good morning Jim in Le Roy, NY.

John Cunningham standing behind (left) Tim Wheeler, Heidi Allen, and Jim Borowinski
Click photo for larger view

Retired US Navy and member of the GIHS Class of '88, John Cunningham is the proprietor of Ann O'Malley's Irish Pub in St. Augustine, FL. John, who turned 40 this week, sponsored a pub trip to the Buffalo Bills vs Jacksonville Jaguars game on November 22nd in Jacksonville and enjoyed the company of Tim Wheeler, Heidi Allen and Jim Borowinski, members of his Class of '88.

Congratulations to National Guard Airman First Class James R. Byrne (GIHS Class of 2002), and Reserve Airman Matthew A. Krupczyk (GIHS Class of 2009). The Airmen recently completed basic training at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas.

Two-year-old Megan Zahradnik enjoyed spending time with her grandparents, Carol and Dave Hamlin of Love Road and sleeping over night while her mother, Stacey Zahradnik and aunt, Rachel Hamlin joined a zillion other shoppers who traveled to the Factory Outlet Mall at midnight on Thanksgiving. From what I've heard, a lot of Islanders took advantage of the added hours (in the middle of the night and early, early morning) and better prices. Christmas shopping has reached a new level!

Happy birthday to our grandson, Evan Linenfelser, turning 7 today and to Natalie Carter, celebrating her sixth birthday today. Happy birthday also to Cameron Cherenzia (a teenager tomorrow), Deb Russell (tomorrow), Aidan MacNeil (6 tomorrow), Marie Basile (hats, horns, cards, cake and ice cream on Saturday), Luke Gworek (3 on Saturday), Barbara Barbur (the big 6-0 on Sunday), Miranda Proctor (9 on Sunday), Tracy Albertsson (Sunday), Julia Capage (5 on Monday), Korey Bennett (16 on Monday), David Ehde (cheers on Tuesday), Jean MacDonald (Tuesday), and Sydney Khreis (11 on Wednesday).

Driving along East River Road Saturday night on our way to brother Mike Linenfelser's annual get-together was a beautiful sight. Lots of Christmas lights up all the way and no doubt more to be displays as the days go by.

Looking Back 80 years - The Town of Grand Island paid $400 for snow fence, $256.41 for fence posts and $20 to George H. Alt for trucking the snow fence in December 1929 as the town geared up for winter weather.

Looking Back 60 years - One of the most ambitious building projects on the Island was being conducted by the Grand Island Rod & Gun Club. A new shooting field was nearly completed and also in the process of completion were the club rooms. •••• The Kozy Korner Stitchery Klub met last week at the home of Elsie E. Stamler on Whitehaven Road. •••• It was 60 years ago this month that the song, “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” was introduced to the nation, and played on most radio stations. The still popular song was at the top of the charts for a total of 12 weeks.

Looking Back 50 years - The Tonawanda Board of Education, in December 1959, voted to raise the tuition for Island students from $165.00 per year to $200. Increase in rate for out-of-district students was based on a recent court decision which allows a school district to charge the difference between cost per pupil and amount received in State aid.

Looking Back 40 years - The GIHS Spotlighters presented “The Lottery, A Day in a Life,” created by high school student Glenn Lange. Among the students taking part were Bill Askew, Gary Trotter, Dave Burke, Lynda Smith, Kathy Minton, Frances Kearney, Kathleen Meosky, Liz Smudski and Glenn Lange.•••• Supervisor Ray Griffin made his theatrical debut with the Island Theater Group’s “A Thousand Clowns.” Ray portrayed Murray Burns, a free spirited television scriptwriter and Arlene Billstone took the opposite lead as Sandra Markowitz, a neophyte social worker. ••••The 1,200 foot addition to the rear of Kelly’s Country Store was nearing completion just in time for the holidays. •••• The Niagara River thundered over Niagara Falls for the first time in six months. A 72-ton crane gnawed away at the earth and rock cofferdam that, since June 12, 1969, had diverted nearly 100,000 cubic foot of water per second from the American Falls to the nearby Canadian Horseshoe Falls.

Looking Back 30 years - Marge Egan played her dulcimer and the Grand Island High School string ensemble under the direction of Herbert Nasgowitz provided special music for the Historical Society’s “Hanging of the Greens” event at River Lea. Tree trimming, carol singing and refreshments rounded out the program on Sunday, December 9, 1979. •••• Eleven-year-old Bobby Fraser had a great day when he entered the annual judo tournament in Port Dover. Bobby won all his matches with full 'ippons' and first place in his final match, along with the Best Technique award.

Our sympathy to the families of Evelyn Lukasiewicz, Edward A. Casey, Lillian Carpenter, Joyce A. Good, and former residents Marcy E. Mulvena and Harry B. "Skip" Board, who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

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Grand Island has some fantastic bowlers and Brandon Digati is right up there with the best. Brandon bowled in the the recent Thanksgiving Classic, amateur bowlers tournament, at Transit Lanes where he defeated Ron Thompson and won the championship with a prize of $1,720. The tournament continues on Sunday at Allie Brandt Lanes beginning at 11 a.m.

First flakes just about covered the ground here on Tuesday and now on Thursday afternoon we are expecting several inches of lake effect snow. It's time to be thinking about snow blower purchase or repair. Pete Marston's Marston Power Equipment on the Boulevard has the snow blowers and is an expert small engine repairman.

Here's What's Happening in Our Town!
A Health Insurance Open Enrollment Meeting hosted by the Chamber of Commerce takes place this afternoon.••••The Grand Island Community Chorus invites everyone to its Winter Nights & Holly Days concert on Sunday.••••A One Island, One Team, One Dream, To Be Drug Free meeting is being held on Tuesday evening.••••A Pearl Harbor Day Remembrance Service will be held at noon Monday at the VFW Post #9249. •••• See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island happenings.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." Please pray for our country. God bless America.

Thursday, November 25, 2009
Good morning Jay in Walnut Cove, NC, and good morning Jeff in Duluth, GA .

Connie Godfrey Millikan and her husband, David, are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary on Saturday. Best wishes to the Millikans.••••A belated happy anniversary to Jamie and Jon Dalbo who celebrated their 2nd anniversary yesterday (November 24th).

An extra special happy birthday to Alma McTigue, celebrating her 90th birthday on Saturday. Happy birthday to Lynn Kalman and Lois Morgan (today), Tim Carr and Bill Gworek Jr. (tomorrow), Skip Uonites (Friday), Don Loder (Saturday), Mark Goc (a milestone on Saturday), Peter Marston III (two years old on Saturday), Marcia Pfohl (cheers on Sunday), JoAnn Vanderheite (Sunday), Eric Harnden (17 on Monday), Chris Carter (20 on Monday), John Cunningham (his big 4-0 on Monday), Brandon Antonelli (21 on Monday), Pat Hyman and Pat Yell (Monday), Pat McNulty and Joan Bodkin (Wednesday), Rob Hopkins (25 on Wednesday), and Riley Crosby (5 on Wednesday). A belated happy birthday to Betty Kaeffer who celebrated yesterday (Tuesday).

Looking Back 60 years - Post Master Edward T. Sheehan reported that the price of mailing Christmas cards had gone up since the previous year with those, unsealed, requiring a 2-cent stamp. ••••Since dial phones were installed on the Island, Marion Ekiss, Etta Kaiser and Marg Lyden, former Island telephone operators, were working at the main office of the Telephone Company, training for long distance operators.••••The Grand Island Volunteer Fire Company purchased a new fire truck.

Looking Back 50 years - Trinity Church on Whitehaven Road hosted the Community Worship Service at 7:30 p.m. Thanksgiving Eve as a continuation of a cooperative effort begun by a group of Isle Protestant churches the previous year. The five congregations participating were United Presbyterian, St. Martin-in-the-Fields, St.Timothy, Emmanuel and Trinity. The service was open to all. ••••The new Neisner's 5 cents to $1 Variety Store was advertising a 10" musical top at $1.37 and a "Wells Fargo" Double Gun & Holster Set at $2.77. ••••Our Volunteer Fire Company, under the direction of Assistant Chief George Darby, worked for hours Tuesday morning, November 30, 1959 to quell a blaze which completely destroyed Duffy's Rod & Gun Club on Ransom Road. Responding to an alarm about 1 a.m., firemen found the building in flames. Lack of water hampered their efforts, and exploding shells in the burning structure menaced the firefighters. Privately owned tank trucks hauled water and all Island firefighting equipment was brought to the scene. It was new fireman, 18-year-old Peter McMahon's first working fire.

Looking Back 40 years - The Saturday, November 15, 1969 snowstorm caused the bridges to be closed, traffic moving at a snail’s pace, and cars following tracks laid down by earlier drivers. •••• The high school mathematics department challenged the rest of the faculty to an 8 p.m. basketball game on November 26, 1969 in the school. Math teachers making up the Mathletes team were Keith Church, Dick Bessel, Paul Fitzgerald, Rick Anderson, Pete Prozik, Terry Bowman and Bob Wakefield and were coached by Mrs. Barb Zafuto. The other faculty team members were Gene Masters, Jim Ratell, Bill Sudemeyer, Toby Jewett, Louis Pozzi, Richard Dekowitz, Bill Stuckwick, Tom Hoolihan, Norm Wessel and Nick DeAngelo.••••St. Stephen School students presented “Through the School Year With Music” on November 21, 1969. Some of those taking part in the program were Mary Sue Wilkin, Norm Bauman, Sandra Wright, and Karen Utz and the songs included “Singing in the Rain,” “Breezing Along with the Breeze,” and “June is Busting Out All Over.”

Our sympathy to the families of Helen Stewart, Michael G. Sendlbeck and former residents Maclyn Russell Turley and Heidi Vossler Campbell, who recently passed away. Click
Deaths for complete information.

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Do you have an annual Thanksgiving football game here on the Island? If so, be sure to see "Turkey Day Football" to learn about the Parks and Recreation Department's temporary football fields set up at various locations for your use.

Here's What's Happening in Our Town!
A Community Thanksgiving Dinner is being offered at Island Presbyterian Church tomorrow. ••••Girl Scout Troop 1710's annual cookie sale will be held Friday at Adrian's. •••• A Flu Shot clinic is scheduled for Saturday at the Library. ••••The Snowmobile Club meets on Wednesday.••••See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island happenings.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all, near and far, and may a little happiness fall on those who are grieving, lonely, ill, or dealing with heartbreak. You are in my prayers.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." Please pray for our country. God bless America.

Thursday, November 19, 2009
Good morning Barbara and Gordon in Indialantic, FL, and good morning Jeff in Duluth, GA .

A very happy birthday goes out to Eileen Minton today as she celebrates her 80th birthday. Happy birthday to Ron McNamee (tomorrow), Joan Butcher (Saturday), Benjamin Kose (18 on Saturday), Bob McNamee (Sunday), Timothy McMahon (the big 3-0 on Monday), and Arlene Rosman and Nick Tomkins (Monday). A belated happy 21st birthday to Jeffrey Stange who celebrated on Monday, November 16th.

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, next week's news at Isledegrande.com will be posted on Wednesday, November 25th. Email contributions for consideration in the "Between the Bridges" column to me at,

Best wishes to Mark and Diane Hassan, celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary tomorrow; to Bob and Pat Haag, marking their 40th on Monday; to Cindy and Kurt Raepple, married 25 years on Tuesday; and to Tom and Sandy Edwards, celebrating their 30th anniversary on Tuesday.

(left) Judi Raepple, Alan and Rae Anne Swan and Rick Raepple - Click photo for larger view
Rick Raepple writes that he and his wife, Judi, were walking along the Wharf on Duvall Street in Key West and surrounded by thousands of people, "when out of nowhere I get tapped on the shoulder to see our friends Rae Anne and Alan Swan who were also vacationing in Key West. Rae Anne and Alan were participating in the annual Parrots Head Gathering (Jimmy Buffett fans)," Rick explained. "We had a few laughs, listened to some great music and enjoyed the warm weather. Guess it just goes to prove that you better be on your best behavior at all times because you never know who you will unexpectedly run into and where."

Walkers were walking, runners were running and teens were spotted climbing trees in Beaver Island State Park Sunday afternoon. People were on the beach and sitting on picnic tables enjoying the sun and mild temperatures. Even a few die-hard Frisbee golfers were spotted on what may have been our last really nice weekend.

Looking Back 60 years - It was midnight on Saturday, November 19, 1949 that the Island's dial conversion of metropolitan toll-free telephone service was set in motion. A November 1949 issue of the Island Dispatch related an interesting story on how dozens of men simultaneously pulled out "heat coils" all over the area to make the change over from crank phones to the new dial system. •••• Town board meeting business in November 1949 included a communication from Frank Pinzel, Secretary for the East River Taxpayers’ Associations, regarding the possible installation of a "sodium vapor" light at the intersection of Baseline Road and Grand Island Blvd. ••••Highway Superintendent Harold Yensan reported at a town board meeting that the Spaulding Road was to be opened to traffic, that the trench had been filled at East Park and Red Jacket, and snow fences put in place. ••••A legal notice of November 21, 1949 referred to an existing manhole at the intersection of Rattle Snake and Red Jacket roads. Do any of my readers remember a proposed Rattle Snake Road?

Looking Back 50 years - Island residents welcomed the opening of the Neisner's Store, a complete "5 & 10" variety and junior department store, in the Grand Island Blvd. plaza on Friday, November 19, 1959. Rolland's Gift and Jewelry Shop opened the same day. •••• The town board passed a bond resolution in November 1959 for $22,300 for the construction of Meadow Lane and Meadow Lane extension. •••• Den mothers of Cub Pack 452, Mary Buckley, Doris Rees, Norma Juhre and Betty Godfrey, directed the boys in making a country store for the "Country Night" held in Kaegebein gym on Friday, November 20, 1959. The evening included Leo Schlottman of Red Jacket Road instructing square dancing for the parents, along with cider and doughnuts for everyone.

Looking Back 30 years - Among those taking part in the Grand Island High School Madrigal Singers' production of the Broadway musical, “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown,” were Dave Piszczek, Dane Lange, Brian Russell, Brent Patmos, Mary Jo Mergler and Merideth Hartrick.

Our sympathy to the families of Joy Dallessandro, Norma Juhre, Helen M. Stewart and former resident Elsie M. Schulz who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

When Cathy Thomas of Miss Cathy's Dance Academy offered a tap dance class to the high school students in preparation for this year's musical, "Thoroughly Modern Millie," she had no idea it would be so popular. Over 100 enthusiastic kids showed up for the class in hopes of being selected for the production.

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Here's What's Happening in Our Town!
The Friends of the Library’s discarded book sale will be held tomorrow and Saturday in the Community Room of the Grand Island Memorial Library. ••••The VFW Post #9249 Ladies Auxiliary will host a Hot Turkey Sandwich with Gravy feast on Saturday.•••• The Zonta Club’s annual poinsettia sale orders must be received by Saturday.••••The first concert in the 2009 Recital Series will be held at Trinity UM Church Saturday evening. ••••The annual Grand Island Ministerium Ecumenical Thanksgiving service will take place Sunday evening. ••••A pancake breakfast to benefit St. Stephen's Church will be held on Sunday. •••• See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island happenings.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." Please pray for our country. God bless America.

Thursday, November 12, 2009
Good morning David and Beth in Franklinville, NY.

(left 1957) Dayton Fancher, Don Fancher (right 2005)

Merritt Kinsey
   Milestone birthdays! A very happy 70th birthday to twins Dayton and Donald Fancher, celebrating on Tuesday, November 17th, and to Merritt Kinsey, born on November 18, 1949. The twins' photos are from the Sidway School's 9th grade Class of 1957 yearbook - and from a Fancher Family Feature 2005 at Isledegrande.com.
    Merritt's photos are from the 1956 Sidway School yearbook when he was a first grader, and also a more recent photo taken along with his band members in an Islanders In the News feature. Be sure to click his photo in that article!

A tip of the hat to the girls in the Zonta Club on their most enjoyable luncheon, basket raffle and fashion show. Next on their agenda is the annual Poinsettia Sale.

Happy birthday to Bryan Fred (cheers today), Kelly Williams (her 18th birthday today), Pam Barton (very best wishes tomorrow), Brooke VeRost (8 tomorrow), Mary Burngasser (Saturday), Samantha Kuszczak (Sweet 16 on Saturday), Nicholas Dingey (10 years old on Saturday), Sarah Brand (5 on Saturday), Cyndi Booker and Ron Viavada (Sunday), Michael Judson and Scott Kalman (Monday), Sierra Maras (9 on Monday), Annabelle Linenfelser (2 on Monday), Bobbie McNulty and Judy Penque (Tuesday), Katie Feyerabend (a milestone birthday on Tuesday) and Joseph Shanor (his 20th on Wednesday).

Celebrating milestone anniversaries this week are Bob and Val Funk, married 30 years on the 17th and Patty and Bud Yensan, marking their 20th wedding anniversary on November 18th. Congratulations everyone.••••A belated happy anniversary to former residents Linda and Ron Penta who celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on October 31. The Pentas are now residents of Carolina Shores, N. C.

Great bowling! Mike Mallwitz bowled yet another 300 game (771 series). Mike, who bowled this game with the Friday Night Businessmen at Mallwitz's Island Lanes, now has 11 perfect games to his credit.

Looking Back 60 years - A group of East Park Road neighbors formed a Garden Club 60 years ago and their meetings proved to be enjoyable and instructive. Thanksgiving center pieces were the topic of discussion on November 8, 1949. ••••Jim Fleming, Dick Hogue, Mike Costin and Terry Turnbull were among Scouts who took an overnight “hike” on Navy Island. •••• The town board voted to purchase 50 ebony, steel, folding chairs for the town hall from Daniel Linenfelser of Wayside Furniture who informed the board members of a price of $3.50 each. Wayside Furniture Company was located in the little strip mall to the right of Fantasy Island on Grand Island Blvd.

Looking Back 50 years - The Island’s total collection for UNICEF in 1959 was $500 according to chairman Lee Tetkowski.

Looking Back 40 years - Members of the Island United Presbyterian Church welcomed the St. Stephen’s Church children, students from the Huth Road School, who were having their Wednesday released time education at the Presbyterian church as a living example of the ecumenical principle.

Looking Back 20 years - Senior Cliff Scott led the Varsity Vikings to a win over the Iroquois Chiefs at Rich Stadium November 18, 1989 with a score of 41-3 making the Vikings B-1 champs. Among other key players of the game, played in sub-zero temperatures, were Chris Roggow, Jason Weis, Chris Oursler and Brian Sykes. Seth Buzby was perfect on four extra point attempts and kicked the ball well into the fierce Rich Stadium wind.

Our sympathy to the families of Miriam E. Macguire and former resident Roger Butcher who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Matthew B. Cyran, a science teacher at Sidway School in the 1950s, died Monday at the age of 84. He was a resident of North Tonawanda and had been ill a short time.

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Here's What's Happening in Our Town!
The National Honor Society's annual spaghetti dinner will be held tomorrow at the high school.••••The GIHS Spotlighters Drama Club presents Alice In Wonderland tomorrow and Saturday evening.••••St. Stephen School's Shopping Extravaganza is being held Sunday afternoon. ••••The Historical Society open house for November is scheduled for Sunday. ••••Diabetes testing will be available at the Knights hall on Sunday.••••The town board meeting and workshop will be held at the Library Monday evening.••••The school district vote takes place at the high school on Tuesday. ••••See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island happenings.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." Please pray for our country. God bless America.

Thursday, November 5, 2009
Good morning Barbara in Winter Springs, FL, and good morning Rick in Sarasota, FL.

Thanks so very much to the VFW Ladies Auxiliary for their donation to Isledegrande.com. The VFW ladies made their donation almost immediately after our newest message was posted on our front page last Thursday.

A speedy recovery to Hazel Rowe and Fran McMahon. Hope you are feeling a lot better by now, gals.

Click photo for larger view
Happy birthday to Ben Franklin shown with his grandson, Jesse, at Ben's 70th birthday party. Wife Bernie writes that "it was held in our community in Chandler, AZ with thirty friends and family here to celebrate. We love living in AZ.... BUT Grand Island will always be home to us." Nice to hear from you, folks!

Happy birthday to Shirley McNulty (today), to Alyson Czerwonka (6 today), Ryan Proctor (6 tomorrow), Emily Kahn (20 tomorrow), Pete Burrows and Mike Braun (tomorrow), Joshua Less (a teenager tomorrow), Robert Arch (7 tomorrow), Helen Radder (92 tomorrow), Mary McMahon (Saturday), Lisa Kessler (best wishes on Saturday), Grace Kulikowski (her 14th birthday on Sunday), Kevin Warmus (Monday), Helen McMahon (8 on Wednesday), Jeffrey Stange (his 21st on Wednesday), and the delightful and adorable Lucia Roesch (celebrating her first birthday on Wednesday).

This recent Varsity Vikings football story featuring Nate Benoit was lost in the shuffle but well worth reading. See Varsity Vikings.

Congratulations to our Lady Viking Soccer Team on a 2-0 win over Amherst and also to our Varsity Vikings Boys Soccer Team on a 3-1 win over Cheektowaga on Tuesday!! Come see them in the Finals this Saturday at Amherst at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. respectively!!

Good news! Five-year-old Ian Cameron's October 27th cancer scans of his brain, spine and stomach are all clear for another year. Ian, son of Dona and Rob Cameron, has been cancer free now from Stage 3 Neuroblastoma since September 2005. The Camerons thank all of their awesome friends and family for prayers and well wishes.

The Grand Island Varsity Viking Football Team is traveling to Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park tomorrow (November 6th) for the Section VI Class A championship game. The game is set to begin at 8:30 p.m. against 2008 state champ, Sweet Home. Go Vikings!

The Grand Island High School Advanced Technology and Design class was the winner of the Great Pumpkin Farm Trebuchet contest held in Clarence, NY last month. See www.youtube.com for a video. The full story is on the High School News Page.

Looking Back 60 years - Isle residents looking forward to the new telephone system were invited to demonstrations on "How to Use Dial Telephones," being held at Tuckers Grocery Store in Ferry Village, Evan’s Delicatessen (formerly Batsfords) in Sandy Beach and at 69 East Park Drive during November 1949.

Looking Back 50 years - According to the High School Happenings column in the November 1959 Island Dispatch, "Jim DiTullio, Bishop Duffy tackle-fullback, is probably the tallest and heaviest high school player around these parts. He is 6 foot, 4 inches tall, weighs 260 pounds and is still growing.” Today Jim is known as "Puppet."

Looking Back 30 years - Bunny Luther, a Republican, was the victor in the November 1979 election for supervisor over incumbent Supervisor Ray Griffin, a Democratic. The vote was 2894-2853. Griffin held the office for 16 years. Longtime Town Receiver of Taxes Robert K. Kaiser lost to Martin T. Prast.••••Fifteen-year-old Marj Bessel was honored as the Niagara Association AAU Outstanding Female Athlete of the Year. The GIHS sophomore represented her school on the girls’ track and cross country teams.

Looking Back 20 years - The inland harbor for the multi-million-dollar River Oaks Marina next to the Holiday Inn was filled with water from the mighty Niagara on November 11, 1989.

Our sympathy to the families of Glenn A. Hansen and former residents Charlotte M. Swalm, Judy (Huff) Froman and Anna L. Kinney, who recently passed away. Memorial services are being held Saturday in memory of Mabel "Vicki" Broad and Lisa A. Geisenhoff. Click Deaths for complete information.

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All reports that I heard were of far less than the usual number of children collecting goodies on Halloween night. For my out-of-town readers who grew up here and have great memories of being outside after dark with lots of other kids in costumes - our weather was dry, breezy, with a temperature of about 50 degrees.

Here's What's Happening in Our Town!
The Historical Society meets tonight when a program on the history of Niagara Falls will be presented.••••The annual International Night at Connor Middle School is scheduled for tomorrow evening.••••A fundraiser in memory of Curry Glor is being held on Sunday. ••••The Zonta Club’s Fall Fashion Fling will be presented on Sunday. ••••One Island, One Team, One Dream, To Be Drug Free will be held at 6 p.m. Tuesday (note new time). ••••Veterans Day services will be held at the Veterans Park Memorial Wall at 11 a.m. Wednesday morning.•••• Homemade Chicken & Biscuits will be served at the Knight's of Columbus Hall on Wednesday. •••• See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island happenings.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." Please pray for our country. God bless America.

Thursday, October 29, 2009
Good morning Elizabeth in Catonsville, MD, and good morning Janet in Cicero, IN.

A belated but sincere happy anniversary to Earl and Rita DeGlopper who celebrated their 59th anniversary on the 21st, and also to Jennifer and Jeff Loder who just celebrated their 10th anniversary on the 23rd.

David LaDuca, GIHS Class of 1987, would like to get in touch with teacher, Charlie Wolfer, a social studies teacher at the high school. "He had a memory peg system of remembering 100 historical events. It's something I'd like to find a copy of," David writes. Email to
teddy@giecom.net if you can put David in touch with Mr. Wolfer.

Daylight Savings Time ends Sunday morning (Nov. 1st). Remember to "fall back," and turn your clocks back one hour before going to bed Saturday night.

Milestone birthdays! A very happy birthday to Dick DiTullio celebrating tomorrow and to Nancy Gorrell, born on Halloween. The photos are of Dickie, a cool dude at age 14, and Nancy as a fourth grader at Sidway School.

Happy birthday to our daughter, Julie Dee (tomorrow), to Tim O'Connor (cheers tomorrow), Morgan Proctor (6 on Halloween), Emily Fred (nine years old on Sunday), Sarah Kustich (11 on Sunday), Carissa Bailey (Sunday), Michael Dlugokinski (21 on Sunday), Tom Hayes (Monday), Doug DeGlopper (hats, horns and cheers on Tuesday), Anthony Weis (5 on Tuesday), Jacob Schmidt (20 on Wednesday), and Alli DeMartin (11 on Wednesday.••••A belated happy 18th birthday to Dominic Cannata who celebrated on Tuesday.

For those of you who missed the Fire Company's Ladies Auxiliary chowder sale Saturday, chowder is still available by calling Jennifer Pullano, 773-3883.

Looking Back 60 years - The cold, damp Halloween evening of 1949 wasn’t so pleasant for the younger kids, but the Grandyle Village Property Owners Association's big bonfire and refreshments made up for the weather. The Association's Treasure Hunt for the teenagers was a huge success. First place winners were Dick Schwagler and “Skip” Noth. Joanne Rank (Urtel) and Bev Fleming (Barril) and Bob Riggs and Mike Costin placed second and third respectively.•••• 1949 was the year that Georgie DeGlopper came to his second grade classroom at Sidway School on Halloween appropriately dressed as a hay stack complete with "little mice." George continues farming on the Island just as many generations of the DeGlopper family have done in the past.

Looking Back 50 years - Neighbors on Ferry Road held their annual Halloween supper at the home of the Paul Brobeils with Jean Cudmore as co-hostess. The teenagers arranged a song fest, an apple dunking contest and a bonfire outdoors as part of the after supper activities. ••••Winners of the Jaycees Children's Halloween party costume contest were Henry Loechel, Sylvia McCullough and Fred Bidell (named the scariest in his headless horseman costume). The party was held at the Grand Island Gables (now Island True Value Hardware) with over 400 children taking part.•••• Republicans again captured all town offices in November 1959. The following were elected: Supervisor George J. Burgstahler; Peace Justice F. Donald Hawley; Councilman Robert E. Study; Town Clerk Elsie Stamler; and Tax Collector Robert K. Kaiser.

Looking Back 40 years - Island election results for 1969 follow: Supervisor – Ray Griffin; Councilmen Paul McCarthy and George Sullivan; Town Justice Richard O. Robinson; Assessors Art Wade and Dan Linenfelser; and Highway Superintendent Joe Roe. •••• The 129-year-old landmark barn which at one time housed the Grand Island Playhouse, was destroyed by a fire reported at 7:24 p.m. Thursday, October 30, 1969. The playhouse, which held 200 theatre goers, had been vacant for several years. The barn was near the south east corner of Baseline and Bedell roads, and was on property recently rezoned for apartments. The Fire Company was unable to save the building from the fast moving fire.

Our sympathy to the families of Joseph F. Hacker, Ronald J. Lisses and former resident Lisa (Doebert) Geisenhof who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Congratulations to Evan Carey who was recently named to the 2009 USA Swimming Scholastic All America Team by the Scholastic All America Subcommittee Times and Recognition Committee.

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Look What's Happening!
The Boys Volleyball Team will host a volleyball tournament Saturday at Grand Island High School.••••Tricks-or-Treaters will be going door to door for goodies between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Saturday.••••The Grand Island Lions Club will host its annual Sight Night on Halloween.••••Members of the Golden Age Club will host a Holiday Happenings event on Sunday. ••••Tuesday is Election Day and polls around the Island will be open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.•••• See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island happenings.

News for the Between the Bridges column may be emailed to teddy@giecom.net.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." Please pray for our country. God bless America.

Thursday, October 22, 2009
Good morning Kathleen in Willard, MO, and good morning Peter in Amherst, NY.

Islanders Jill and Shawn Kephart celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary at the Second Chance Prom in Buffalo Niagara Convention Center last Saturday night. Best wishes to the Kepharts.•••• And best wishes also to Karen and John Wenner (married five years today), to Mike and Carolyn Schopp (their 5th anniversary tomorrow), Jeff and Barb Kirsch (celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary on Tuesday) and Joan and Skip Fred (marking their 20th on Wednesday, the 28th).

Happy birthday Mark. If you see Mark Rathmann this weekend, wish him a very happy 50th. Mark was born on October 24, 1959.••••Happy birthday to Kevin Koch (tomorrow), Chase Harding (5 tomorrow), Mike Weaver (Saturday), Agnes Becker and Tracy Boyce (best wishes on Sunday), our grandson Johnny Bidell (20 on Sunday), Mallory DelSignore (10 years old on Sunday), Joshua McMahon (5 on Sunday), David Russell (a milestone on Monday), Paul Soto (Tuesday), Nikki Zimmerman (sweet 16 on Wednesday), Matt Linenfelser and Jarmen Benns (Wednesday), and Jimmie Stewart III (17 on Wednesday). •••• Happy birthday to Terri Carney, celebrating a birthday this week.

Looking Back 60 years - This was included in the "With Dottie on The Party Line" column in the Island Dispatch 60 years ago: "The new television set at the Bedell House has caused a lot of favorable comment. Speaking of television, will someone please tell us who, if anyone, watches Fran, Kukla and Ollie! Brother!"

Looking Back 50 years - Among the winners of Hank Alt's Grandyle Mart fishing contest were Dave Haller (black bass Jr.), Jack Hanlan (black bass Sr.), Tom Carter (muskellunge Jr.), and Walter Davis (muskellunge Sr.) ••••Lee Tetkowski was chairman of the UNICEF campaign on Grand Island in October 1959, just as she is today. ••••High School news in October 1959 included the following: Dennis Guilfoil was president of the Student Council at Riverside High School; Bonnie Taylor (Ford) was one of Tonawanda High's prettiest twirlers; Cheerleaders at Riverside included Barbara Beck, Ann Burns, Susan Hogue and Barbara Luippold; Playing in the band at the dedication of the new Tonawanda Senior High School on Sunday, October 18, 1959 were Marilyn Ford (Fortner), Penny Pedlow (Fischer) and Peter Glor; Roy Campbell and Barbara Beck (Muratore) were co-chairmen for Purple and Gold Day at Riverside; Members of Tonawanda High's chorus hailing from the Island were Carolyn Bucknam (McFarland), Diane Mistretta (Goupil), Karen Hoffman and Sharon Lafferty (Thompson).

Looking Back 40 years - Steelworker Third Class Michael D. O’Dea, U. S. Navy of East River Road returned from Vietnam with the U. S. Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 58 (MCB 58) to its homeport at Davisville, R.I. •••• Wayne Benton came off the injured list after a two-week lay-off and scored 17 points to help the Vikings’ victory over Cleveland Hill, 23-0. Jim Conschafter added to the score with a one-yard TD run. Other names of note for this game included Bob Smith, Greg Costanzo and Kevin Donlon. ••••Mira Tetkowski was chosen Grand Island Junior Miss on Saturday, October 25, 1969 from a field of many talented contestants. First and second runners-up were Bobbe Gasbarre and Diane Thompson respectively. Maria Havens was selected to receive the congeniality award. The event was sponsored by the Grand Island Jaycees with Robert Ryan, chairman.

Looking Back 30 years - The Friends of the Library’s first election on October 24, 1979 had the following results: Dr. Eugene Stafford as president and Veanna Schwanebeck, vice president. Also elected were Recording Secretary Evelyn McCune, Treasurer Trudy O’Connor and Directors Susan Courtemanche, Gladys Kiefer and Harry Vanner. Fay Rech (McDonald) organized the Island's "Friends" club.

Looking Back 10 years - Tops Friendly Markets held groundbreaking ceremonies to kick off the construction of a new 56,000 sq. ft. store adjacent to the existing store on Grand Island Blvd.

Our sincerest sympathy to the families of Terrance J. Dailly and former residents Ronald E. McTigue and Donald E. "Don" Schopp who recently passed away. Click
Deaths for complete information.

Top Island bowlers this week are Jeff Richard (300 722), Brandon Digati (300 761), and John Mondoux (298 760). Jeff, Brandon and John bowl on the Men's A-Best Roofing team at Mallwitz's Island Lanes.

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The Grand Island Football Vikings will be playing under the lights at Williamsville South tomorrow night and this playoff game will be broadcast on radio station WGR550 live at 7 p.m. Go Vikings!

Look What's Happening!
A candidates' night will be held tonight at the Family Life Center on Love Road.•••• A retirement reception honoring Highway Superintendent Raymond Dlugokinski is scheduled for tomorrow evening.••••Island schools are closed for Superintendent's Day tomorrow.••••Celebration activities continue at the Grand Island Memorial Library through this Saturday.••••The Great Trinity Fair, a two-day bazaar with a lot going on opens tomorrow and continues through Saturday. ••••Members of the New York State Women (formerly BPW) will sponsor a "Shop Til You Drop” Home Party on Saturday.••••Chowder, baked goods and grilled hot dogs are on the Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary's menu on Saturday.••••St. Stephen's Holy Name Society will hold its Pasta Extravaganza on Sunday. ••••Council Candidate Ray Billica will host a Meet and Greet on Wednesday.••••See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island happenings.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." Please pray for our country. God bless America.

Thursday, October 15, 2009
Good morning Jim in Los Angeles, CA, and good morning David in Mayfield, NY.

A very happy 85th birthday to Shirley Luther celebrating today. Never too late to send her a cheerful card.••••Happy birthday to Mark Argy (18 today), Mike Yensan (today), Kathy Loth (tomorrow), baby Clare Brigid Conboy (first birthday tomorrow), Karen Figler and Buck Wenner (cheers on Saturday), Stephanie Kowalak (a teenager on Saturday), Jenna Giambra (7 on Saturday), Alexandra Imperi (her 18th on Sunday), Aidan Daly (two on Sunday), Larry Hillock (Monday), Luke Hooper (6 on Monday), Ryan Pinzel (6 on Tuesday), Michael Madigan (13 on Tuesday), Ben Franklin, Norm Bauman and our Laury Linenfelser (all celebrating on Wednesday), and Linda Lozo (cake and candles on Wednesday).

Happy days to Jackie and Don Kew who will be married 50 years on Saturday.

Attending Sidway School's annual Grandparents Breakfast this morning was most enjoyable. Attending were numerous, much younger grandparents than Jim and I but also as many old-timers such as Ann and Ray Dlugokinski whom we went to Sidway School with a few years back, George Wenner who was a wonderful teacher and principal here, and Lee (former school board member) and Sid Cohen. We sat with Sam Carpenter and his grandparents, Paul and Donna Linenfelser and following a superb breakfast (thanks PTA girls), our grandson, Evan Linenfelser, now a first grader, took us to his classroom where we met his teacher, Mrs. Pam Shoemaker.

Looking Back 50 years - The town board approved construction of South Colony, Bronson and Towerwood roads and awarded a contract for the work to low bidder Thomann Paving Corporation.••••Chamber of Commerce President Frank Pinzel, in an article in the Island Dispatch, voiced the extreme value of the Grand Island Nike Base to this area. Frank had an opportunity to view demonstrations of guided missiles at Ft. Bliss, TX and learned more about them through a program called "Operation Understanding" at Fort Sill, OK. "It was an experience I shall remember always and something I wish everyone on Grand Island could share because it would give them a better appreciation of our Nike Unit and its value to the Niagara Frontier as a whole." ••••A letter to the editor by Eileen M. and Roland A. Schmit Jr. commended the actions of two young boys, Stephen Barath of 3478 Warner Dr. and Gordon Spencer of 3395 Greenway Road, for their quick thinking and action on the afternoon of October 16, 1959, emphasizing that the boys were “unquestionably the sole reason our son, Joe, age 3, is with us today.” Little Joe Schmit walked out of his yard in Sandy Beach, walked to East River Road, crossed the road, walked to the beach and enter the water. The older boys saw him, called to him but he was then in neck deep water at which time they entered the river and saved his life.

Looking Back 40 years - Army Specialist 4 Hans J. Leitner was assigned to the American Division in Vietnam as an armament repairman. •••• Arson was suspected in a fire that gutted the Sandy Beach Yacht Club. Club officials were hoping to be back in business by early 1970. Estimates for rebuilding were set at approximately $25,000.

Our sympathy to the families of Rosanna M. Russell, Jacqueline I. Bobo, Elizabeth Inman, David B. Gingher, Laura Kose and former resident Brian Dowd who recently passed away. Click
Deaths for complete information.

Dr. Thomas C. Lepenven, DMD - Island Dental PC - 2095 Baseline Road

Wegman's - a supermarket experience

Bones Woodworking - Magic Towel Holder - Island Craftsman Don "Bones" Fancher - gift creations

Timothy J. Mordaunt - Mediation Center - natural optimist, an experienced attorney and a professional mediator

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Librarian Lynn Konovitz and the Grand Island Memorial Library staff will host a series of programs between October 19th and October 24th to commemorate the opening of the Island's new library building on Bedell Road 20 years ago.

Tickets for the October 23rd retirement dinner in honor of Highway Superintendent Ray Dlugokinski are available by calling 773-9632.

A gardening lecture will be held this evening at the K of C Hall.••••River Lea in Beaver Island State Park will be open to the public on Sunday afternoon.•••• A meet and greet for council candidate Ray Billica will be held Monday at the MOG (Medically Oriented Gym).••••See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island happenings.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." Please pray for our country. God bless America.

Thursday, October 8, 2009
Good morning Dea in Dayton, TX, and good morning Katherine in Keller, TX.

A belated happy anniversary to our nephew, Ted Stewart and his wife, Cyndi, who just celebrated their second anniversary on Tuesday.•••• Best wishes to Bucky and Jennifer Wenner celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary today and to Jeff and Tracy Senn, marking 10 years on Wednesday, October 14th. Happy days to my sister, Mary and her husband Jim Stewart who will be married 45 years on October 10th and to Bobby and Ilene Dee, married 20 years on Wednesday.

Our nephew, David Linenfelser was married to Molly Burt on Sunday, October 4th. See their announcement on the
Islanders In The News page at Isledegrande.com.

Looking for Grand Island Gifts/Jewelry? Click the link - it's all there!

Happy birthday to Terry Endres and Wayne Askew (today), Mark Webb (21 today), Lena Racz (tomorrow), Taylor Duscher (3 tomorrow), Bob Frailey (the big "60" on Saturday), Raymond Billica (Saturday), Stephanie Hopkins (21 on Sunday), Jacob Mongold (a teenager on Sunday), Richard Sander (cheers on Monday), Marissa Mrkall (3 on Monday), Claire Dixon-Lee (best wishes on Tuesday), Mike Berlinger (40 on Tuesday), Christopher Conway (entering his teens on Tuesday), Dylan Castiglia (2 years old on Tuesday), Kyle Oursler (20 on Wednesday), Stephanie Voyzey (a teenager on Wednesday), and Ashley Battaglia (5 on Wednesday).

Brian Brink made the headlines in the Niagara Gazette on Tuesday when he bowled a 246-679, topping area junior bowling action in the Juniors league at Mallwitz's Island Lanes. Brian, an honor roll student at Grand Island High School, rolled his first 300 in a 778 series in December 2007.

Eddie Weiser, GIHS Class of 2009, was named the New Jersey Athletic Conference rookie of the week for the second time this season. Eddie, who is a freshman at Buffalo State, plays defense for the Bengals and was recognized as a tremendous asset in the win over Cortland on Saturday.

Looking Back 60 years - Sidway School’s PTA was meeting in St. Stephen’s hall in the basement of the church due to the building program going on at the school. •••• Phyllis Lafferty, a former member of Brownie Troop 46, transferred to Brownie Leader Jo Mote’s troop, meeting in the town hall. Jerilyn Stedman (Karb) and Jane Costin (Rocks) joined Troop 46 under the leadership of Marion Klingel who held troop meetings in her basement on Love Road.

Looking Back 50 years - School voters, using voting machines in the Sidway School, approved purchase of the Sheehan property on Love Road at a cost of $16,750 for 31 1/2 acres.

Looking Back 40 years - Sixteen-year-old Scouts Fred Bidell and David Scheuing, both members of Troop 510, received Eagle Scout awards at Trinity UM Church October 9, 1969 from Ernie Warlick, vice president of the Greater Niagara Frontier Council, Inc. and an Eagle Scout himself. Marty Livingston was scoutmaster and Jim Secord was post advisor at the time. ••••George E. Howe III, US Navy Mobile Construction Battalion, left for his second tour of duty in Vietnam on October 6, 1969. His brother, Ernest Howe, was with the 199th Infantry and also stationed in Vietnam. ••••Twenty-two boys became charter members of the new Grand Island chapter of the DeMolay on Sunday, Oct. 12, 1969. They included Thomas M. Fleming, Stephen H. Jamieson, David R. Killian, Mark R. Kingston, Michael E. Livingston and Timothy L. Reimann.

Looking Back 10 years - J. J. Tutwiler led the Varsity Vikings Football Team win over Lewiston Porter on Saturday. October 2, 1999.Terry Benton, following in his father, Wayne Benton’s footsteps, had nine tackles for the Vikings’ defense. Wayne, a member of the Class of ‘70, had a total of 58 points during the 1969 football season.

Our sympathy to the families of Phyllis Stack and Vicki Broad who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Grand Island Teachers Association - Saluting The Pride Of The Island every year

Park Place Subdivision - Most picturesque executive residential building lots In WNY!

Island Prescription Center - $10 off any new or transferred prescription

McMahon's Family Restaurant - Serving breakfast and lunch at its central location, 1849 Grand Island Blvd.

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Good news! Phyllis Lange is working her way back to good health in a big way. Hurray for progress!

Fire Company members welcomed "home" good friend and brother fireman Gail Lazenby, now residing in Florida. Gail, who attended the GIFC's uniform inspection Saturday night, was one of the founders of the Fire Company's successful Paramedic Program (1979).

The Varsity Vikings Football team beat Williamsville East 47-6 last week. Come on out to Masters Field on Ransom Road 2 p.m. Saturday to cheer the boys on as they meet Lakeshore. Go Vikings!

Schools will be closed on Monday for the Columbus Day holiday.

A Community Forum focusing on the School District’s proposed capital project will be held tonight in the Connor Middle School.••••The Fire Company’s fire prevention open house will be held tomorrow evening when the Ladies Auxiliary will be cooking hot dogs and hamburgers.••••The VFW #9249's annual chili cook-off is set for Saturday.••••A Fall Festival/basket raffle takes place Saturday at the St. Timothy Lutheran Child Care Center. •••• See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island happenings.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." Please pray for our country. God bless America.

Thursday, October 1, 2009
Good morning Walter in Narberth, PA, and good morning Renee in Buffalo, NY.

Happy birthday, Shorty. Shorty Vanthoff, pictured above as he looked as a handsome 9th grader at Sidway School, turns an amazing 70 years old tomorrow. Send a card or email him and wish him a wonderful year.

Happy birthday to Ariel Brucato and Allison Walker (18th birthdays today), Bernie Franklin (today), Don Turner (celebrating his 70th today), Janice Hughes (tomorrow), Lindsey Boyle (19 tomorrow), Mark Eberhard (20 on Saturday), Fred Claus (Sunday), Dylan Russo (8 on Monday), Tina Allsop (Monday), Floydette Gannon (Tuesday), Bev Mikulski and Mary Jo Soto (Wednesday), and Michael Christensen (a fabulous 5th birthday on Wednesday).

Very best wishes to Jackie Kane who was married to Ken Mau on Saturday, September 26th. Jackie and her husband are living in Depew.

A very happy anniversary to Dave and Adele Cole, celebrating their 30th on October 6th and also to Dave and Lynn Mikulski, marking their 20th anniversary on October 7th.

Mike Schneider has been struggling with serious setbacks so please keep him and his family in your prayers.••••Get well wishes to Arlene Clarke who is home from the hospital following a pretty rough time for several weeks. Please pray for her complete recovery.••••A speedy recovery to Ken Lewis who is home recuperating from recent surgery.••••Hoping for the best for my friends, Shirley Luther, and Carolyn Doebert and her daughter, Lisa Geisenhof.

Looking Back 60 years - According to the Island Dispatch 60 years ago, "lessons in baton twirling are keeping some of our youngsters out of mischief these days among them Janie Costin (Rocks), Judy Daggett, Janet Lee Sunderland (Bangs), Susie Hogue (Canty) and Susan Turnbull.••••Harvest dances were in full swing of the season with one held at Davern’s Tavern (now the Niagara River Fishing Club) on September 24, 1949 and another at the Bedell House on October 1, 1949.

Looking Back 40 years - Army Spec. 4 Joseph E. Muench, 23, who had been reported missing in action was confirmed killed in action in Vietnam.

Looking Back 30 years - Billie Jean Harper, the famous Mrs. Harper to hundreds of students at the high school, was appointed a school monitor by the school board 30 years ago.•••• The Grand Island Fire Company’s newly formed paramedic-level Advanced Life Support Unit became operational on October 6, 1979. The certified Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians who completed a 400-500 hour training and who would make up the nucleus of the first Advanced Life Support Unit were Andrew J. Beyer IV, Thomas J. Connell, Jr., Charles W. Goss, Gail J. Lazenby, James E. Linenfelser, Daniel B. McMahon, Ronald E. McTigue, David C. Tolejko and Gregory R. Zilliox.

Our sympathy to the families of Michael Kelly, Lee Becker, Irene Kostalek, Kenneth H. Sondel, Rose Marie Sutherland, Ted Steckelberg and former resident Eleanor A. Haller who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

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Life-long Islander and local photographer Fred Claus has had a children's book published. Congratulations, Fred! See Islanders In The News for details on Fred's story, You're Too Small, illustrated by GIHS junior Sarah Webb.

Island girls who excelled at the Niagara County Fair horse show are Jazzlyn Igiel, Lisa Huttenmaier and Sara Huttenmaier. See Horse Show Results and scroll down to Niagara County.

The GIHS Varsity Girls Soccer Team, undefeated so far this season, meets Kenmore West at 4:30 p.m. today (Oct. 1) at Masters Field, Ransom Road. The girls are hoping for a big turnout to cheer them on to another victory. Go Vikings!

Ghosts will be the theme of tonight’s Historical Society meeting. This is an open meeting, and there is no charge.•••• A 5K Run and 1-Mile Fun Walk to benefit Grand Island Dollars For Scholars takes place Saturday. ••••Schwan’s Foods will be in the Trinity UM Church lot after Sunday service for a fundraiser for the church.••••The Knights of Columbus celebrate a Golden 50th Anniversary this weeke nd. ••••A fundraiser for Council Candidate Mary Cooke is set for Tuesday at the Niagara Sailing Club.•••• See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island happenings.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." Please pray for our country. God bless America.

Thursday, September 24, 2009
Good morning Skip in Winter Park, FL, and good morning Betty J. in Sparks, NV.

Rick Raepple took these photos at the Ellicottville “Rock & Roll Weekend” on Sunday and writes that he "ran into a couple of Island characters of interest." That's Bob Funk looking pretty dapper leaning against his classic pick-up truck with his Indian Motorcycle in the back. Judi (Pacioni) Raepple is about to get a ride on WHO’s Harley??? Thanks, Rick. These are great pictures. Readers, click them for a much larger view.

Please pray for the many Islanders suffering with serious illness and also for all those suffering physical and emotional pain.

Happy birthday to good friend Sue Hillock celebrating today (wish you were here, Sue). Happy birthday to Debbie Rinio (cheers today), to Eric Stefik (hey, Rick, it's today), Forrest Carr (8 tomorrow), Samuel Carpenter (6 tomorrow), Madison Martin (10 on Saturday), Christian Rustowicz (8 on Saturday), Sara Dzielski (Sweet 16 on Saturday), Greg Butcher and his twin Jeff Butcher (turning 40 on Sunday), Jacob Cali (5 on Sunday), Chris Jurga and Alice Gerard (Sunday), Ron Webb, Dan Mancuso, Claire Cinelli and Jim Dinsmore (Monday), Mary Giordana (best wishes on Monday), Stacey Zahradnik and Mike Sceusa (Tuesday), Carol Dunworth (Wednesday) and Faith Caldwell (5 on Wednesday).

A very happy anniversary to Dave and Laurie Williams who are celebrating their 24th on Sunday.••••Best wishes to Keith and Wende Wood who will mark their 25th anniversary on Tuesday.

Looking Back 60 years - A Barn Dance sponsored by the Sandy Beach Property Owners’ Association for the benefit of a community center was held Friday, September 30, 1949 in St. Stephen’s Barn. Dick Buzby and his Grand Island orchestra played at the intermission and accompanied the community sing led by Bob McVittie.•••• Margaret and Henry Ehde II of Bedell Road celebrated their silver wedding anniversary Saturday, September 24, 1949 with a dinner party in the fire hall for 65 guests. Taking part in a mock wedding were friends of the Ehdes - Joe Shugrue as the bride, his wife Pearl as the minister, Mae Fleming as the groom and Marion Klingel as the little flower girl.

Looking Back 50 years - The Grand Island Chamber of Commerce asked the cooperation of every Island resident interested in obtaining reduced bridge tolls for the town. A survey was being taken through a questionnaire.

Looking Back 30 years - The senior unit of Teddy’s Islettes Baton and Drum Corps took part in the half time show at the GIHS Homecoming football game at the Ransom Road field on Saturday, September 29, 1979. Lynn Gaydica (Wuertzer) led the Islettes’ portion of the show.

Our sympathy to the families of Eugene A. Ward, Nancy J. Person, Donald E. Pellow and former resident Donald J. Therolf who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.•••• Sadly I report the death of longtime friend Lee Becker. Arrangements will be posted as they become available.

Riverview Chiropractic - Dr. Alaina Rowswell-Kulikowksi - Just for kids

Kaiser Funeral Home - Long established, friendly and helpful service

Town Cafe - Centrally located - delicious pizza

Century 21/Gerrie Andolina - Grand Island's #1 real estate agent

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Are ghosts your passion? WNY Ghost Hunters Ryan Willard and John Crocitto will be at River Lea in Beaver Island State Park next Thursday evening when they will present a program during the Grand Island Historical Society meeting. The presentation will include audio, video, and photographic evidence they captured at the Central Terminal and Van Horn Mansion. Everyone is invited and refreshments will be served.

The Varsity Vikings Football Team plays Kenmore East at 2 p.m. Saturday afternoon at Masters Field on Ransom Road. It looks like a rather quiet weekend here on the Island. To look ahead, see our Calendar of Events.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." Please pray for our country. God bless America.

Thursday, September 17, 2009
Good morning Teddy in Lake Mary, FL, and good morning Melissa in Forest Hill, LA.

Tuesday, September 22nd is the first day of Autumn. What a nice time of the year!

So sorry to report that Lisa (Doebert) Geisenhof of Somerville, AL and a member of the GIHS Class of 1977 is very ill. Please keep her in your prayers.••••Shirley Luther, a dear friend to so many of us, continues to need all of our prayers. Cards of encouragement to her and her daughters and their families will surely be appreciated.••••Ron McTigue, who has been fighting cancer for far too long, is in need of prayers.

Air Force Major Bill Jacobs, Ret., who grew up on the Island and served as president of the Sidway School 9th grade graduating class of 1957, was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease about one year ago. As you may know, this disease progresses rapidly. Cards of cheer from his old friends may be sent to Bill and his wife, Marion:
William F. Jacobs
3139 Samar Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78217
For more information, see "Jacobs Ladder."

Happy birthday to Bethany Allsop (her 21st birthday today), Mark Zarbo (cheers today), to Lauren Chadwick (9 today), Carmela Bartolomeo (7 today), Zdenka Gast (have a beautiful birthday Zdenka), Peggy Butler (tomorrow), DeVonte' Johnson (3 tomorrow), Bonnie Sciuk, Vickie Harnden, Peter McMahon, Bob Buzby and David Long (all celebrating on Saturday), Don A. Burns (a super 70th on Saturday), Rev. Jeffrey Childs (Sunday), Madison Nowak (8 years old on Monday), and Jessica Osvath (Sweet 16 on Tuesday).

A belated happy anniversary to Alan and Ellie Gracie who marked their 50th on August 22nd.•••• Happy anniversary to Tommie and Kelly Tillett, married 15 years today, and to Curt and Kim Nestark who will be married 30 years on Monday.••••The mention of Bob and Ilene Dee's 20th anniversary in last week's Between the Bridges column was one month premature and my mistake. Heard it worked out in their favor!

Looking Back 70 years - Sidway School’s September enrollment in 1939 totaled 132 pupils. Among them were Howard, Warren and Harold Kaiser, Bob Kaiser, Don Kaiser, Doris Webb (Kaiser), Lois Killian (Kaiser), Ed Kruse, Dorothy Waltman (Dillemuth), JoAnn Daigler (Hasselbeck), Doris Fleischmann (Moran), Tootie Mesmer (Maurer) and Earl DeGlopper Sr.

Looking Back 50 years - A record hop featuring Guy King of Buffalo Radio Station and Buffalo Road Shows was held at Grand Island Gables from 8:30-11:30 p.m. Sept.18, 1959 for an admission of $.75. The Gables on Whitehaven Road now houses Island True Value. ••••Girl Scout Troop 221 held a Penny Fair and Record Hop on Friday, September 18, 1959. Girl Scouts involved included Caryl Denler (Kershner), Susan Johnstone (Starzynski), Toni Colley, Kathy McFee, Rori Fadum (Petros) and Ellen Glor. Parents who helped out included Robert Forster, Tom Colley and Richard Owens who built booths for the girls, and Robert Stambaugh who served as the MC. ••••A total of $165 in bills, found in Ferry Village by Robert Dommell, 8, of Orchard Road and Mark Livezey, 8 of Ward Park Road, may have had some connection to one of several unsolved Island crimes at that time. The money was discovered September 13, 1959 under the floor boards of an abandoned hot dog stand adjacent to the Bedell House on Ferry Road. Under Sheriff Leo J. Kennedy said the Sheriff's Department was keeping in mind the possibility of a connection between the found money and the Mesmer Dairy and Post Office robberies as well as the Fred Grehlinger murder case. •••• Janet Weyland of East Park celebrated her 10th birthday on Wednesday, September 16, 1959 with a birthday party attended by Margie Werth, Christine, Karen and Michael Rayhill, Jeff Beich, Kathy Sutton, David Goodsole, Timmy Avenell and Christine Avenell.

Looking Back 40 years - U. S. Air Force Lt. Col. Arnold E. Stamler, Commander of the 964th Airborne Early Warning and Control Squadron, a unit of the Aerospace Defense Command, was decorated with the Bronze Star Medal for meritorious service as commander of the 534th Reconnaissance Squadron at Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base, Thailand.•••• First Lieutenant Allen E. Laible received his second Army Commendation Medal, the Bronze Star Medal, the Air Medal and the Purple Heart near Tay Ninh, Vietnam. •••• Army Spec. 4 Brian L. Pietre, 20, of Sandy Beach Road, was assigned to the 1st Signal Brigade in Vietnam.

Looking Back 30 years - Kay Long was chairman of the Historical Society’s craft demonstration and sale held outside at River Lea on the afternoon of September 23, 1979. Audree Rittenhouse drew and sold charcoal and pastel portraits. Ruth Holden’s contribution was a demonstration of the craft known as God’s Eye and her husband, Fred, showed his hand made jewelry. Ethel Yuhas demonstrated the art of spinning and also displayed handmade quilts. Lyn Laman worked on contemporary quilts. Barbara Brzyski demonstrated trapunto and her husband Dick, the art of macrame••••Karen Ludwig (Figler) was gearing up for the very first aerobics class on Grand Island 30 years ago. Choreographing a dance exercise program to music, she taught her first classes through the town recreation program and eventually went on her own with “Karen’s Aerobics,” which, by the way, is still going strong.

Looking back 20 years - It is a pleasure to mention the fact that top-notch educator John Wiertel became the new principal of the William M. Kaegebein School in the fall of 1989. "Hope you are truly enjoying your retirement, John!"

Our sympathy to the families of Mary Jane Masocco, and Dr. Raymond P. Kot who recently passed away.•••• A memorial service in remembrance of Dr. Norman Courey will be held at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, September 19 in St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church, 2587 Baseline Road, Grand Island. Click Deaths for complete information.

Bob Piatek State Farm Insurance - Local Insurance Co. - Just off the Boulevard at 1837 Whitehaven

Flower A Day Florist - Say it with flowers - Sue Berger - 2119 Grand Island Blvd.

Wavelengths - Stay In Style - 2289 Grand Island Blvd.

The Beach House Restaurant - Fabulous and charming little restaurant with a view of the river - 5584 East River Road

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See Adult Computer Classes for information on classes to be held at the Grand Island Memorial Library.

The Citizens to Elect Jim Sharpe will hold a Fund-Raiser tonight.•••• NYS Senator Antoine M. Thompson hosts a Community Leaders & Stakeholders Breakfast Saturday morning (Knights of Columbus Hall). ••••Historical Society headquarters at River Lea will be open to the public on Sunday afternoon. •••• See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island happenings.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." Please pray for our country. God bless America.

Thursday, September 10, 2009
Good morning Michaela in Ft. Lupton, CO, and good morning Mary Lou in Amity, OR.

Does she look like a boat racer? This is six-month-old Chole Anne Timmerman, daughter of Anne and SSG Ryan Timmerman, ready for her first boat race. She is a decedent of well known boat racers Mike Endres, Ed Endres, Al Endres, Ralph Barker, and her grandfather, Greg Barker. The photo was taken in June. Click for larger view.

Kari Klos and her husband, Dan, participated in the Rock 'N' Roll 1/2 Marathon in Virginia Beach last Sunday along with 20,000 other runners and walkers. Kari is the daughter of Doug and Pat Harding of East River Road and a GIHS graduate, Class of 1999. Click the photo for a larger view.

A very happy 100th birthday to Gertrude Reimann, celebrating on Tuesday, September 14th. Gert was a Sidway PTA officer in the 1950s, a former district grade school teacher, and a very active member of St. Timothy Lutheran Church where she often served as a teacher for the Vacation Church School. Cards may be sent to Gert at Elderwood Health Care At Riverwood, 2850 Grand Island Blvd.•••• Happy birthday to Jason Steiner (his 20th today), Madison Mongold (10 today), Ted Stewart (the big 4-0 tomorrow), June Ann Chadima (a teenager tomorrow), Christopher Sadkowski (3 on Saturday), Callie Harding (2 years old on Saturday), Christine Rose Wright (her 20th birthday on Sunday), Danny McMahon (Sunday), Makenna Scalise (7 on Sunday), Bethany Kulikowski (5 on Sunday), June Kaeffer (cheers on Monday), Sandy Gworek and Penny Ball (best wishes Tuesday), Ava Staub (6 on Tuesday), and Jim Linenfelser Sr., Sharon Watz and Tom Breier (Wednesday).•••• A belated happy birthday to Angelo Grande who celebrated yesterday.•••• Belated birthday greetings also to Mike Sexton who celebrated the big 55 on the September 1st, and to Rita Class who celebrated a "big" birthday on Monday, September 7th.

Very best wishes to Mike and Maureen Beauchamp celebrating 20 years on Wednesday, September 16th, and to Brenda and Len Fike who just marked their 30th anniversary on Tuesday.

A speedy recovery to Lee Becker, Shirley Luther and Arlene Clarke who have all spent time in area hospitals. Your prayers and cards of cheer would be most appreciated.

The following on Niagara University freshman Jamie Raepple was too good to pass up - as printed in the September 7th Buffalo News: Freshman Jamie Raepple (Grand Island) scored twice, giving her four goals in three games, as Niagara dropped visiting Cornell, 3-1, in front of 402 fans at Niagara Field. “I’m so glad that I was able to have such a good game in front of my old high school team,” said Raepple. “It was a blast.” . . . Jamie was named Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Rookie of the Week on Tuesday.

Looking for a good looking, brand new kayak? Members of the Grand Island High School Tech Club will be selling raffle tickets at the Antique and Classic Boat show this Saturday for a chance to win the student built kayak. See our front page for a photo of the craft

Looking Back 60 years - Members of the Charlotte Sidway School safety patrol, under the direction Mrs. Ruth Irving, were Pat Fellenz, Michael Costin, Dorothy Noth (Miller), Robert Buzby, James Pierson and Peggy Schwagler (Taki).

Looking Back 50 years - Among the election inspectors appointed by the Democratic committee in September 1959 were Mary Cummings, Loretta Rexford, Florence Miller, Agnes Stack, Rita Czerwinski and Margaret DeGlopper. Among those appointed by the Republican committee were Lillian Bell, Norma Juhre, Ann Boehm and Mary L. Taylor.••••Beaver Island State Park had a record breaking crowd for the months of April through August, not including Labor Day weekend when visitors totaled 636,500 or about 183,500 more than in 1958. ••••A full course chicken dinner was being served on Sundays at $1.75 per person at the Idle Hour Inn, 300 East River Road. The restaurant was located at that time in the former Offermann residence, just south of Cox Road, torn down a few years later to make way for the State Park golf course. •••• Al Brinkman's Seabiscuit won the first, second and third heats in the F Service Runabouts class Saturday, September 5, 1959 at the Launch Club Regatta, scoring a total of 800 points. At the Swiftwater Regatta Monday, September 7, 1959 off Isle View dock, Tonawanda, Johnny Gast's pride and joy, Papa's Bundle, grabbed the lead and held it in the E Runabout race. Other locals scoring Labor Day were Frank Reichlin with Mrs. Peggy, third in the 48 cu.in. hydros and Al Brinkman coming in third with the "Biscuit" in the E and F service runabouts. Another Islander, Duke Selle, got a dunking when his runabout, Dawn, turned over as he tried to negotiate a turn. A veteran driver, it was not a new experience for Duke. ••••The school menu for Sidway, Huth and Kaegebein schools for the week of September 14, 1959 was Tuna Salad on crisp lettuce, potato chips, buttered wax beans, choice of fruit, 1/2 pt. whole milk - or - clam chowder, salmon salad sandwich, buttered beans, choice of fruit, 1/2 pt. whole milk.

Looking Back 40 years - Families brought their own picnic lunches to the Historical Society’s family picnic held at 2 p.m. Sunday, September 14, 1969.

Looking Back 30 years - Schools were closed due to heavy rain (five to six inches) that flooded Island roads and yards 30 years ago. The rainstorm caused more than $18,000 damage to Kaegebein School, mainly in the basement. Transformers were ruined and had to be replaced. Paper products and custodial supplies were also heavily damaged.

Our sympathy to the families of James A. Rogers, Charles S. Sperrazza III and former resident Betty Barrett, who recently passed away. A memorial service for Virginia Tornabene will be held Saturday. Click Deaths for complete information.

Gross Plumbing & Heating - offering fast emergency services.

Contour Financial Planning, L.L.C. - - a financial planning and advisory firm

Dr. Kevin Augustine Chiropractic - Fast pain relief center

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The American Legion's Poppy Drive takes place this weekend.••••The VFW Post #9249 will host a 911 Memorial Service on Friday evening.••••The 32nd Annual Antique & Classic Boat Show returns to the Buffalo Launch Club on Saturday.••••The Community Chorus begins fall rehearsals on Sunday night.••••A SABAH Fundraiser is being held Sunday afternoon at the Moose Lodge.•••• See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island happenings.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." Please pray for our country. God bless America.

Thursday, September 3, 2009
Good morning Larry in Clarence, NY, and good morning Karen in North Tonawanda, NY.

Happy birthday to Sam Linenfelser (11 today), to Derek Staub (cheers today), Bob Dee and Ilona Lang (tomorrow), Justin Schmadel (7 tomorrow), Kiersten Winstel (5 tomorrow), Grace Carpenter (two tomorrow), Christina Ramsperger (pretty girl, special birthday on Saturday), Deb Remson and Peggy Hooper (Saturday), Renee Morgan (have a fabulous birthday on Saturday), Collin DeMartin (8 on Monday), Anna Hammond (5 on Monday), Kim Kernin (Monday), Mary Lou Kohlhagen and Lee Becker (Tuesday), Craig Heftka (cake and candles on Wednesday), John Yensan (fabulous 40 on Wednesday), Mikayla Claus (10 on Wednesday), Sondra DeFranks and Myrna Blair (Wednesday), and Elizabeth Carpenter (4 on Wednesday).

Dawn Hillock wrote in regard to last week's Island History article on Marion Staley operating the Grand Island phone system. Dawn's grandmother (her mother's mother), Margaret Lyden, was also an operator at the Staley home in the 1940's. When the system was moved to downtown Buffalo, Dawn's grandmother and Henrietta Kaiser went to work there until their retirement. "Thanks for writing, Dawn."

Looking Back 60 years - According to the Island Dispatch of September 1949, "Not since 1916 has the Island seen two such lovely bathing beauties as Jan Gast and Grace DeGlopper whose appearance in costumes of that date added the final touch to the entertainment program at the 10th anniversary party of the Volunteer Fire Company’s Ladies Auxiliary. •••• Under Town Board Business, September 7, 1949: Mrs. Clara Forster of Ferry Village, requested the construction of Allentown Road, and also extension of a water line. She was referred to Harold Yensan, Supt. Of Highways, regarding construction of the highway and referred to Mr. Eugene G. Bucher for the extension of the water main.

Looking Back 50 years - Eugene Dyczkowski, Gladys Martin and Blaise Rindoni served as the jury for the selection of paintings for an art show presented by the Grand Island Arts Club over the September 11-13, 1959 weekend.

Looking Back 40 years - The Recreation Department’s Tops Market Men’s softball team beat Trinity Church 9-4 in the championship game. Players on the Tops team were Ron Weise, Jerry Livingston, Dick Crago, Bill Wilson, Kester Bleich, Dutch Lydell, Vic Meredith, Hugh Pickard, Clark Nesbitt, George Harsch, Billy Roberts, Bob Lyons and Sybil Harsch.•••• An editorial in the Island Dispatch following a fight among youths hanging out in the parking lot of the Edgewater Park Hotel on East River Road, addressed the fact that something needed to be done about Edgewater being a youth hang-out. During the previous week, an Island youth, attacked by a group of off-Island boys, was treated for a serious eye injury. Two other local boys were treated at Kenmore Mercy Hospital for body bruises and released.

Looking Back 30 years - A group of Sandy Beach residents attending the Tuesday, September 4, 1979 Town Board meeting listened patiently to Board members speak pro and con about adding to the Island’s Special Police Force. A decision was made to turn the matter over to the Town Attorney for study.

Our sympathy to the families of Kathleen M. Percs, Adele Borowiec, Virginia Tornabene and former residents Janice M. Conway, Vivian C. Bryans and Jacqueline Gister who recently passed away. Click
Deaths for complete information.

Mark J. Frentzel, Attorney - Well Established Island Attorney

Grand Island Auto Tech - Ron & Mike Cook - Over 30 Years Serving The Island

Metro Town Center - Betty Harris, Real Estate Specialist, Whitehaven Road

Rolling Meadows Studio - Photography At Its Best, by Kim L Ludwig

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The 50th reunion for the Riverside High School Class of 1959 was held at the Buffalo Launch Club on Sunday. Islanders attending were Class President John Fontana, Judy Kuehling Semler, Myron Ortolano, Wendy Holden Gaydica, Eric Reimann, Henry Ensminger, Gretchen Group Beyer, Charles Pinkow, Don and Barbara (Elek) Haines, Lorraine Guize Szczublewski, Don Nizialek, Kenneth Staub, Spike Vampotic, Joyce Winarske Wyckoff, Nancy Denver Luescher, Jim Watz and my sister, Mary Ellen Klingel Stewart who took numerous photos. Also in attendance was history teacher Mike Anelli. For photos, see Riverside 50th Reunion.

When I mentioned the Sept./Oct. edition of Vintage Motorsports magazine recently, I had not read Chuck Camp's excellent feature on an auto race that made Island history in 1952. Chuck gave credit to me and especially to Mike Schneider, the king pin who made sure this Grand Prix race was recreated 50 years later during our sesquicentennial celebration in the summer of 2002. Please keep Mike in your prayers as he continues to deal with illness.

Lots of reminiscing this morning over our coffee about the Sidway School cafeteria of the late '40s, all stemming from hearing of a certain little kindergarten girl's first days of school this week and wanting to go home for lunch! Jim and I argued the cost of white or chocolate milk, brought to our classrooms where we ate our lunches as first and second graders - before the new addition that included the cafeteria. We also remember 5-cent ice cream sandwiches and white milk in glass bottles later on in that new cafeteria and how good the 25-cent lunches were.

The Historical Society meets tonight for a potluck dinner and the Island's Community Chorus will entertain. ••••See our Calendar of Events for other Island happenings.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." Please pray for our country. God bless America.

Thursday, August 27, 2009
Good morning Kelly in Annapolis, MD, and good morning Sandra in Sewell, NJ.

We've certainly had our share of rain this summer and last Thursday night could have been the best/worst of it. I saw the huge and scary lightening at the screen door of our family room and the thunder was louder than I've heard in 67 years. Jim and I both jumped up to sniff for smoke but he decided it must have just struck very close. The next day we discovered it hit Betty and Bob Clements' tree and a huge limb fell over our garage. It caused little damage for which we are very thankful.

Happy birthday to Craig Ellsworth (best wishes this week), Luke Staub (4 years old today), Alexander Wright (6 today), Dr. Ted Rayhill (cheers on Saturday), Ivy Dodge (Sunday), Daniel Senn and Chance Luthringer (both celebrating 5th birthdays on Tuesday), Justin Figler (a teenager on Tuesday), and Brenda Fike, Rob Beach and Mary Kopf (Wednesday's their big day).

Happy anniversary to everyone celebrating wedding anniversaries this week, especially Frank and Carol Aronica who will be married 50 years on Saturday. The Aronicas, residents of the Island for over 40 years, are parents of four sons and grandparents of ten.••••Best wishes to Donna and Jim Tomkins celebrating their 24th anniversary on Monday; and to Nancy and Joe Samrany who will mark their 53rd anniversary on Tuesday, September 1st.

Looking Back 60 years - Art and Mary Ellen Hau of Love Road in Grandyle Village were receiving congratulations on their twin girls, Julianne and Juliette Hau born on August 30, 1949. ••••Construction of the $350,000 addition to Sidway School was underway. Seven regular classrooms, an additional kindergarten, a cafeteria, kitchen, homemaking room, science room and shop, were to be added to the Island's only school, due to the kindergarten through 8th grade enrollment numbering 500. Because of the crowded conditions, the 2nd grade was being operated on half-day sessions. I remember as I was in Mrs. Marion Young’s 2nd grade, going to school in the morning only with close to 40 other classmates. Mrs. Young and 12 other teachers made up the faculty.

Looking Back 50 years - "Kip" Staub, outstanding athlete in the Riverside High School graduating class of 1959, was a member of the All Star team in the Buffalo Ad Club's annual All Star Charity Football Game in Civic Stadium Friday, August 28, 1959. Dick Titterington, a Tonawanda High School defensive tackle-linebacker, played on the opposing County high school all stars. Both Island athletes had an extensive record at their respective high schools. ••••The fifth annual Harvest Picnic at Creighton's Edgewater Park on East River Road was held Sunday, August 30, 1959. The program included a water show, games with prizes for young and old, Community Band concert, and an afternoon record hop in the recreation hall. There were also pony rides, chair swing, airplane ride, fire truck ride, bubble gum, balloons, suckers and milk “for the kiddies.” Wayside Furniture and Carpet Co. advertised "Look up in the sky," when they had an airdrop at the picnic with prizes, cash vouchers and discount slip. Lucky Adam Valyear won the 15-foot, fiber glass boat and 35 hp motor. The Chamber’s Harvest Picnic chairmen Bob Smith and Tom McKeen, were assisted by President Franklin Pinzel.

Looking Back 40 years - Awards for highest attendance at the town’s playgrounds over the summer were given to the following: Renee and Juanita Kenyon, Kurt Meier and Mark Rafe (perfect attendance at Kaegebein); Dawn Russell (Sidway); and Anthony Gaiani (Ed Ball Park). Tom McMahon and Don Carter took close 2nd and 3rd place awards at Ed Ball Park.

Our sympathy to the families of Patricia A. Barth, Robert N. Jones, Dr. Norman G. Courey, Paul Conn and former resident Margaret M. Barr who recently passed away. Click
Deaths for complete information.

Michelle and Mark Pinzel have a new baby boy, not even a week old and cute as can be. See Colin Andrew Pinzel's picture on our Islanders In The News page.

X-Press One Hour Dry Cleaners - enter to win free dry cleaning - Grand Island Blvd. Plaza

Mark S. Nemeth/Attorney At Law - Insurance defense litigation and much more

deSignet Jewelry - Custom made jewelry - right here at the center of the Island

Heart Center of Niagara - the Heart Center Of Niagara - a comprehensive coronary care facility

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Please keep Mike Schneider and his family in your prayers as they deal with his serious illness.••••A cheery hello to Shorty Vanthoff who recently spent time in the hospital. Send him a card or call him as he recuperates at home.••••As mention here last week, cards of cheer and emails are in order for Pup DiTullio who is hospitalized. Unfortunately his surgery isn't scheduled until September 11th.

Congratulations to Emily Thompson, a member of the 18-and-under Amherst Lightning Elite that recently finished first in the Greater Buffalo NSA National Qualifier in Hamburg.

Congratulations to Jay Joslyn (Shickluna Brown & Kelly) who came in first in the feature bicycling race in the Cobblestone Criterium Twilight Series last Friday.••••Congratulations to the following, winners of the Beaver Island Golf Course Club Championship: Champion Ron Tanguay (153), Runner-up John Haley (164), A Flight Dave Carminati (166), B Flight Eric Boron (177), C Flight Joe Donlon (189), and D Flight Bill Stanley (197).

"Thunder on the Niagara," with "Fast, Loud Hydroplane Racing," will be held Saturday and Sunday, August 29-30 at Gratwick Park. See "Thunder on the Niagara" for more information.

See our Calendar of Events for Island happenings.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." Please pray for our country. God bless America.

Thursday, August 20, 2009
Good morning Tracy in Alexandria, VA, and good morning Bobbi in Chaffee, NY.

It has been brought to my attention by an Isledegrande.com reader that the residents of Grand Island should be aware of the recent burglaries that are occurring here. A resident's apartment in the Country Glen apartment complex on Bedell Road was broken into on Saturday between 4:15 p.m and 7:30 p.m. Someone also broke into the apartment across the hall. These apartments were locked. The man across the hall had his dead bolted and assumes the culprit just pried the door open. Several computers, cameras, and other electronics were stolen. The week prior to that, the upstairs neighbor called the police when it looked as though someone had tried to pry his door open. These events are occurring during the day, and it appears they know when a person is home.

Jim and I were just talking about the Victrola that has been generously donated to our Historical Society by Mary Zahm Kuozinski and her family. I had made the remark that a Victrola that would usually have a proper place to safely store records, could have been considered a "portable" item. Bob Beach sent the above photo that proves just that. It is a picture of his father during his courting days. Bob writes: "Note the high tech seduction device (record player) and the primary object of his affections and a back-up if it doesn't work out." Readers, be sure to click the photo for a better view. Thanks, Bob!

This Bedell House Bar scene was painted by the late Gladys Martin who lived on East River Road near River Lea in the 1950s. Can you or your older relatives identify any of the people at the bar? We do know that Mrs. Martin's husband, Capt. Billy Martin, is shown center leaning his head on his hand.

Prayers and cards of cheer are in order for Mike Kelly of Kelly's Country Store and also for "Pup" DiTullio.

Best wishes and happy birthday to Scott Taylor (a big 3-0 today), to George Sullivan (today), Bob Weaver (marking his 60th today), Justin Smith (16 today), Joey Martin (4 years old today), JoAnn Linenfelser (tomorrow), Joelle-Yvette Scheffler (9 tomorrow), Dave Carminati (Saturday), Justin Podgorny (7 on Saturday), Fred Schutt (70 on Sunday), Brooke Chamberlain (Sweet 16 on Sunday), AnnMarie Stewart (Monday), Melaina Ranger and Ava Lyn Brandon (both turning 4 on Monday), Arlene Wunsch (18 on Tuesday), Sue Fleming-Brusino (cheers on Wednesday), Marisa Atkinson and Brielle Backland (teenagers on Wednesday), and "happy days" to Gail Allen, celebrating her 60th on Wednesday.

David and Anne Waite will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday. The Waites were previously honored by their family at a dinner party. See Islanders In The News for a photo. ••••Also celebrating anniversaries this week and wished the very best are Tammy and Paul Gorman (15 years today), Dick and Debi DiTullio and Doug and Jean Smith (all marking 40 years on Sunday), Peter and Jude Kuehne (their 25th on Monday), and Jim and Jackie Stewart (their 2nd anniversary on Tuesday).

Congratulations to Evan Tsembelis, winner of the Mississippi Mudds 5K that was held last Saturday. Evan is a recent Grand Island High School graduate.

Oliver and Annie Stuardi, who have been living in Key West, FL, have relocated to New Orleans where they have been transferred by the U. S. Coast Guard. Annie is the daughter of Mike and Penny Linenfelser of East River Road, and a member of the GIHS Class of 1999.

Small world department! Terry and Valerie Swain were camping at Fair Haven Beach State Park, near Oswego last week and met up with Paul and Mary Minton and their children, Kevin, Brian and Jonathan, and our son and daughter-in-law, Jim and Laury Linenfelser and our grandson, Evan. Also camping with the Mintons and Linenfelsers were Teresa and Matthew Linenfelser and their children, Katrina, Noelle, Elijah and Annabelle. From what we've heard, they all had a great time.

Looking Back 60 years - The following is from the August 29, 1949 Island Dispatch article on the Buffalo Launch Club’s International Speedboat Regatta in the Niagara River Sunday, August 21, 1949. “Wild Bill Cantrell of Louisville, KY gunned My Sweetie, generally considered the swiftest speedboat in the world, to victory in the feature unlimited event, barely missing a world record despite choppy waters.
   Mike Steffen won the race for service runabouts with his Egg and I. First, however, he battled a fire in his other boat, Mrs. Mike, almost put it out, saw it flare up again and had to sink the boat to save it. Then he administered first aid to his slightly burned face, scorched hair and eyebrows and to a deep gash on his right hand. His boat was pulled in by the patrol boat and he got it out of the water. After surveying the damages, Mike and his wife, Marian, who rode as mechanic, hopped into the Egg and I, zoomed to an early lead in the racing runabout event and skipped along ahead of the pack all the way.
    Cantrell drove Horace Dodge’s big My Sweetie over the 15-mile course at an average speed of 77.754 miles per hour to win the feature by more than a mile over Guy Lombardo, the speed-loving orchestra leader who finished second in his Tempo VI. Cantrell missed the world mark for 15 miles by a little more than 1/10 second. He lapped every foe in the six-boat race except Lombardo. A lap was 2 ½ miles.

Looking Back 50 years - The Board of Directors of the Grand Island Rod & Gun Club formally approved formation of a Women's Auxiliary. Sally Sutter served as first auxiliary secretary. ••••Thirteen-year-old John Lovelace, vacationing in Fort Erie, Canada in late August 1959, retrieved some very old cannon balls while "skin diving" at the bottom of the West Niagara River. ••••The town board approved the reconstruction of Towerwood and Bronson roads, subject to receipt of deeds from taxpayers who owned the roads in 1959. Legal records showed that part of the property was held by three Rumsey estates involving eight administrators.

Looking Back 30 years - Island residents appreciated the fact that the Summit Park Mall’s Expansion that opened Thursday, August 16, 1979 had added AM & A’s department store to its 210,000 square foot addition. Also added was Kay-Bee Toy & Hobby, Jean Nicole, G & G Shops, and Ups N Downs.

This week's mail was a little more exciting than usual. I received a copy of the Sept./Oct. issue of Vintage Motorsport, the journal of motor racing history, from writer Charles B. "Chuck" Camp of Georgetown, Kentucky who has written an extensive article on Grand Island's Grand Prix race of August 1952. Chuck got in touch with me and even made a visit to our Isledegrande.com office some time ago. I was able to supply a few photos and as much information as I had. However, I take no credit for this story that truly covers completely this historic event that took place during our Centennial celebration week. I'm sure those who will track down the magazine will enjoy every bit of Chuck's story that starts on page 62 and ends on page 74.

SSG David DiTullio recently graduated from the U.S. Army Pathfinder course, a school that teaches how to locate, identify, and operate rotary and fixed wing drop zones and landing zones. Dave, son of Dick and Debi DiTullio, is a Staff Sergeant in the Army National Guard, 2/101 Cavalry (RSTA). For more on SSG DiTullio's career, see "In The Service."

Our sympathy to the families of John D. Domowicz, Shane M. Yensan, Curry M. Glor and former resident Rita L. Siverson who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Anchor Marine - Looking for a brand new or used boat? Check out Anchor Marine.

McCarthy School of Irish Dance - Award winning Irish Dance School - Open House Wednesday, August 26th at the Baseline Road studio

Hizair Hair Salon, - Up-to-date hair styling, easy entrance for seniors

Mallwitz's Island Lanes - for leagues and open bowling - modern alleys - friendly atmosphere

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The fundraiser for Dan McBride takes place Sunday at the VFW post.••••Looking ahead - the Thunder on the Niagara hydroplane races are being held out on the river on Saturday, August 29th and Sunday, August 30th. •••• See our Calendar of Events for details on these and other Island happenings.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." Please pray for our country. God bless America.

Thursday, August 13, 2009
Good morning Anna in Elbridge, NY, and good morning Fran in Phoenix, AZ.

The weather forecast sounds delightful, sunny and warmer temperatures and can you believe it? No rain! Enjoy!

Happy birthday to you, Bernie Callahan, celebrating her 90th birthday today. Happy birthday also to Steve Morgan (today), Donald Kutzbach (tomorrow), Genna Nuchereno (18 tomorrow), Mike Podgorny (12 tomorrow), Mitchell Clayton (9 tomorrow), Amy Stewart (23 on Saturday), Robert Arsenault (16 on Saturday), Dorothy Blakelock (85 on Sunday), Danna Podgorny, Kathy Gillespie and Linda Wheeler (Sunday), Christopher Sexton (16 on Sunday), Jackson Stewart (3 on Sunday), Maisie Mrkall (6 on Monday), Jill Schopp (special greetings on Monday), Liz Stoklosa (Monday), Sarah Swagler (10 on Tuesday), and Josh Kaplan, Lee Smith and David Long (Wednesday).

Best wishes and happy 30th anniversary to Al and Kathy Meyer, married on August 17, 1979.

Let's remember them. This note is from Islander resident, Joe Synakowski, Commander Grand Island Chapter #168, Disabled American Veterans. Joe is a member of the 82D Airborne Division Association, 508 PIR Chapter. "The Town of Grand Island will present a proclamation noting August 16, 2009 as National Airborne Day, at the regular Town Board Meeting, Monday August 17, 2009. The Airborne Forces of the United States, past, present and future, appreciate the recognition by the Citizens and Town Board. We pray for our Service Men and Women who are in harms way serving around the Globe. Airborne All The Way."

Looking Back 60 years - Attending the Erie County Farm Equipment Association Display at the Yates Farm, Orchard Park on Saturday, August 13, 1949 were George Neilans, John DeGlopper, Charles L. DeGlopper, Joseph Anderson and Alfred Yensan.

Looking Back 50 years - Ground was broken and masonry work was being constructed for the new Neisner store in the Grand Island Plaza on the Boulevard. ••••Howard H. Benns, proprietor of Benns' Tavern on East River Road in Ferry Village, was notified that his business must remain closed until the restaurant met town building code requirements. Building inspector Gordon Gould said repairs must be made to electrical wiring and to the foundation of the structure which extends over the river bank. The old building still stands just south of Blue Water Marina and is the headquarters for the Niagara River Fishing Club.

Looking Back 40 years - Among baseball players named to the Major Division all-stars of the Grand Island Baseball League were Jim and Mike Rodriguez, Ray Pauley, Pete Hayes, Jay Boyle, Ken Carter, Dean Golde, and Jim Mikulsky. The championship team was led to that victory by Detroit pitcher Mike Rodriguez who tossed a no-hitter, no run ball game, striking out 11 and walking three. •••• Valerie Goris (Downey) and Kent Lorence were chosen “best-dressed hippies” during “Hippy Day” on Wednesday, August 13, 1969 at the Beaver Island Arts and Crafts program.

Looking Back 30 years - Mike and Penny Linenfelser hosted fifteen Frenchmen who were touring the U. S. as part of a learning project. The group, who could not speak English, camped in the Linenfelsers’ Orchard Road backyard, and visited the Bedell House in Ferry Village among other local attractions.••••A total of 647 ballots were cast on Friday, August 10, 1979 during the special school district election, resulting in increasing the school board to seven and the election of school board members Lee Cohen (324), Carol Pownall (320) and Richard A. Kaiser (506).

Linda Kutzbach, Realty USA - Experience Island living at its best! Call Linda.

Niagara's Choice FCU - A Federal Credit Union with all the advantages

Marston Power Equipment - Sales and Repair - right on Grand Island Blvd.

Robert M. Ratajczak, Jr., Attorney - legal services - simpler, cost effective and on the Island

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Our sympathy to the families of Klara Teluk, Fred "Korey" Korhummel Jr. and former resident Rita L. Siverson who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

The GIHS Class of 1975 thirty-five-year reunion planning meeting is set for Saturday morning at the VFW Post. ••••See our Calendar of Events for other Island happenings.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." Please pray for our country. God bless America.

Thursday, August 6, 2009
Good morning Eloise in Raleigh, NC, and good morning Dane in Pittsburg, CA.

A tip of the hat to the GIHS Class of 1969 for their very generous donation to Isledegrande.com. Members of this class held their 40th reunion over the July 4th weekend. To all of you, we are extremely grateful.

(Left) Nick Tillett and his 5 lb. Bass; (right) Unidentified fisherman and 52" Muskie.
Click photos for larger view

Paul Roeder and grandson, Nick Tillett, spend a lot of time fishing around Grand Island. On a recent trip, Nick caught a five pound bass while they were fishing in the Niagara River about one mile downstream from Lake Erie along the Canadian shoreline. Nearby, two fishermen were having great luck with Muskie. Paul writes, "We watched them fight a monster for a while so went in close to watch them bring it into the boat. It was 52" long and bottomed out his 40 lb. scale. He figured it was between 45 and 50 lbs. He released it after they took pictures and measured it."

Floydette (Uonites) Gannon has been counting the days until she would make the trip from Pinellas Park, FL to her hometown here on the Island - and Monday was the day! Floydette is shown with her youngest grandchild, Anna Gormady, who just celebrated her first birthday. Welcome home, Flo!••••Welcome home also to Florida residents Marianne and Jimmy Tranter and to Margie Prange who are visiting friends and relatives.

Alex Turner is turning 10 today. Happy birthday, Alex and happy birthday to Katrina Linenfelser and John Fletcher II (both turning 7 years old today), Joel Stoorza (Saturday), Shannon McDonough (Sweet 16 on Saturday), Sybil Kennedy and Charlotte Lajos (Sunday), Wesley Link (16 on Sunday), Geoff Webb (9 on Sunday), Doug Harding and Clark Nesbitt (Monday), Joe Zarbo (18 on Monday), Joseph Fusco III (20 on Monday), Mitchell Wendling (16 on Monday), Barbara Birt (Tuesday), Sally Kaiser and Kevin Giambra (cheers on Tuesday), Kodie Shamrock (17 on Wednesday), Eileen Krause (four years old on Tuesday), and Mathew Aronica (7 on Wednesday). A belated happy birthday to Carole Ford who celebrated a special birthday on July 23rd.

A very happy anniversary goes out to Doug and Polly Smith, married 50 years on Saturday, August 8th and to Maura and Kevin Rustowitz who will celebrate their 20th anniversary on Wednesday, the 12th.

Did you graduate from Kenmore West High School? All graduates are invited to River Oaks at 7 p.m. tomorrow night for a get-together and there is no admission. Call Jim Metzger at 480-1246 if you need more information.

Looking back 60 years - According to the local weekly paper - when Clara Mueller Pankow located her music studio in her home on Alt Blvd. in August 1949, she had already been teaching piano lessons for over 25 years. Numerous Island families took advantage of this exceptionally talented piano teacher.

Looking Back 50 years - Under the auspices of the American Field Service, Elizabeth Glor (Allen) had the summer of a lifetime as "Community Ambassador to Switzerland." Elizabeth began her senior year at Tonawanda High School in the fall of 1959.•••• Eugene M. Dyczkowski, 8 East River Road designed a medal to be used by the American Council of Polish Cultural Clubs, Inc. to honor distinguished contributions to the advancement of Polish culture in America. •••• A 3-act play, "The Mystery of the Poison Rose," was presented in basement of Dr. Nelson Blackmore's home at Love and East River roads. It was written and produced by Denise Blackmore, Debbie Swalm, Chris and Sue Sommer in collaboration with Brenda Carlson and Judy Blackmore.

Looking Back 40 years - Three Buffalo men who broke into the Grand Island Post Office August 7, 1969 were apprehended by the NYS Police before they got a chance to get away with any stolen property. Surprised by the police while trying to break open the safe, the men climbed a ladder to the ceiling. But their escape was made more difficult because they kept putting their feet through the tiles laid over the rafters. The trio tried to pry their way out through an upstairs vent. The Post Office was located at 1859 Whitehaven Road at the time.•••• Thirty-nine windows in the west end of the new Grand Island Middle School were destroyed in August 1969 by vandals. Head custodian James Gaiser retrieved a splintered baseball bat that was used to break the windows. Clayton Ames, head of building and grounds for the school district, estimated the cost of repair at about $1300 or $1400.

Looking Back 30 years - Co-chairing the Lions Club Grand Island Day at Crystal Beach on Sunday, August 12, 1979 were Adrian Pollock and Bob White. Special buses ran from the Island to Crystal Beach beginning at 11:45 a.m. •••• The Historical Society’s exhibit at the Erie County Fair that opened August 10, 1979 in the historical building was planned and constructed by a committee of Joan Droit, Frank Duffy, Lynn Makowski and Bruce Nichols.

Our sympathy to the family of John Burchfield who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Local artist JoAnn Vanderheite has been selected to participate in the 43rd Annual Lewiston Art Festival on Center Street, Lewiston. JoAnn will enter the Mixed Media category and will have an extensive display of her unique guards, figural containers and masks. See JoAnn's Artwork to get an idea of her tremendous talent. The Festival takes place Saturday (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.) and Sunday (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.) on Center Street.••••If you are out there, stop and say hello to GIHS students Shawn O’Rourke, Jason Chadwick and Jenna Hutzler who are competing in the Chalk Walk on Saturday.

John's Pizza & Subs - Delicious Pizza - wonderful menu - Grand Island Blvd.

Grand Island Chiropractic - Why leave the Island for the help you need?

Rose Liquor - Full line of wines and liquors - great discounts

Miss Cathy's Dance Academy - Talented Faculty - All Ages - Dance brings out the best in everyone

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A benefit 5K Race, “Strides for Stewart” to benefit Amy Stewart will begin at 6 p.m. Saturday.••••The annual VFW pig roast is being held on Saturday. ••••The Summer Sizzler Triathlon is scheduled for Saturday in Beaver Island State Park. ••••The Republican Committee's Annual Family Picnic takes place at the Rod & Gun Club Saturday afternoon. ••••The Formula Band will play Italian favorites at the town sponsored concert at Klingel Town Commons Tuesday evening. •••• See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island happenings.

It has been brought to my attention that our soldiers over in Afghanistan are continuing their duties and dealing with temperatures as high as 130 degrees and nearly as high in Baghdad. "Say a prayer for our guys over there." Please pray for our country. God bless America.

Thursday, July 30, 2009
Good morning Kathy in Perkiomenville, PA, and good morning Stan in Danville, KY.

Smith brothers, (left) Brian with his frog, George, and Brandon shown in front, with Maggie Gushue
Click photo for larger view

These three brothers hiked with their mother through the nature trail from East River Road to River Lea in Beaver Island State Park on Saturday. They spent time on the dock watching the parade of kayaks and canoes taking part in the 4th annual Paddles Up Niagara and also did a little fishing. The boys - George, 12; Brian, 10; and Brandon, 8 - caught many tiny frogs, and a very fat frog along with two snakes that were hiding in the garden at the entrance of River Lea. Maggie Gushue, a member of the Grand Island Historical Society and shown above with the Smith brothers, was extremely glad to see the snakes removed from the garden.

A speedy recovery to Clark Nesbitt. Wishing you the best, Clark.••••Puppet "Butch" DiTullio is in the Erie County Medical Center for "repairs." Hope your stay is brief, Pup, and "parts" are readily available!

Thanks to Rev. Paul Robinson for the Community Chorus photos taken at Tuesday evening's town sponsored concert. The Chorus, under the direction of Carolyn Lokken, was extremely well received.

Becky Sommer-Stufkosky has sent a reminder in regard to a National Marrow Donor Drive in the main lobby at Roswell Park Cancer Institute this afternoon. For information, see Marrow Donor Drive.

It's your birthday! Happy day to John A. McCarthy (75 today), Sarah Victor (Sweet 16 today), Nicholas Panepinto (a teenager today), David Hughes and Nathan Harpster (today), Lou Macro (tomorrow), Jackie Kazmierczak (cheers tomorrow), Hannah Linenfelser (12 on Saturday), Thomas Kalman (16 on Saturday), George McCraith (20 on Saturday), Suzanne Grafinger, Barbara Bagdy and Barbara Kennedy (Sunday), Jared Kazmierczak (his 20th on Sunday), Tyler Wunsch (16 on Sunday), Samantha Gieselman (18 on Sunday), Dr. Parviz Taefi (Monday), Gabrielle Martell (7 on Monday), Joanne Brand and Harry Carter (Tuesday), Jack Bridenbaker (his 5th birthday on Tuesday), Sandy Edwards (Wednesday), Ian Diaz (10 on Wednesday), Alexis Ouchakov (turning 4 on Wednesday), and Mark DeBottis (a milestone on Wednesday).••••A belated happy birthday to Ann Erker who celebrated this past Tuesday.

Best wishes to Cathy and John Contino who are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary on Sunday.••••A very happy anniversary to Greg and Cheryl Chamberlain who will mark their 20th anniversary on Tuesday, August 4th. ••••Happy anniversary to Jim and Michelle Mysliwiec who celebrated their 20th anniversary on July 22nd.

Looking Back 60 years - Nightly bingo games were being played at the Bedell House in Ferry Village. •••• The sale of Larry Martin's house and former tavern to Sidney E. Lovell of Tonawanda for $37.50 was announced in the paper. The lengthy report described many West River Road dwellings which were sold and either removed or moved back from the river to make way for the West River Parkway. ••••From Across the Mahogany with “Willie” column in the Island Dispatch: “The reason that dancing failed to click at Beaver Island is that swimmers as a rule don’t come dressed for dancing. Also the sedate atmosphere of the spot isn’t inviting to the be-bop set.”

Looking Back 50 years - The Grand Island Town Board, Monday, August 3, 1959, voted to grant a franchise to the Iroquois Gas Company to install gas lines throughout the town.

Looking Back 40 years - The Grand Island Historical Society held a reorganizational meeting 8 p.m. Thursday, August 14, 1969 in the School District office on Ransom Road. Members voted to apply to the Niagara Frontier State Park Commission for an extension of the lease on River Lea in Beaver Island State Park, maintained by the Society since an agreement was reached with the Commission in 1963. •••• Army Private First Class Ernest A. Howe, 18, of Towerwood Road was assigned to the 199th Light Infantry Brigade in Vietnam as an Infantryman on July 18, 1969.

Looking Back 30 years - Employees and elected officials spending time in town hall 30 years ago suffered hot conditions when the air conditioning was inoperable for a month. During the heat of July employees kept the lights off and doors open to keep the place at a cool 85 most days.

The new owners are packing them it at their Riverstone Grill on East River Road at North Colony. They have a very nice menu and the food is excellent. Be sure to see the Riverstone Grill coupon and take advantage of a 10% discount.

Barbara Anderson has been thoroughly enjoying being back in her home town, spending time with her family and friends. Barb is still beaming over the fact that her son, Michael Anderson, retired after a 30-year career in the Navy, with a 4-day celebration up there with the likes of a Presidential Inauguration.

Blue Water Marina - boating - fishing supplies - They have it all.

Aceti's Wine & Spirits - located in the Boulevard Plaza - Check out the variety

Liz Wilbert - Century 21 - Specializing in Island home sales

Elderwood At Riverwood Health Care Center - Close to home - Highly Recommended

Be sure to check out the above spotlighted Isledegrande.com advertisers' websites. For information on advertising at Isledegrande.com, email Dan McMahon at Dan@giecom.net.

Our nephew, David Linenfelser, and his fiance, Molly Burt, are in town for several pre-wedding get-togethers. David and Molly will be married in Ashville, NC in October. Dave is the son of Donna and Paul Linenfelser and a member of the Grand Island High School Class of 2004.

Barry and Karen Smith entertained family and friends at a reception for their son, Bryan, and his wife, Chrissy, who were married in Malibu, CA on August 30, 2008. Bryan, a member of the GIHS Class of 2001, served four years in the United States Navy. Mr. and Mrs. Smith are living in Simi Valley, CA.

Our sympathy to the families of Barbara Leiker and former resident John C. McWilliams who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.•••• A memorial service for Ted Xanthos will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday, August 8 at St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church, 2587 Baseline Road. Contributions in Ted's memory may be made to the Arthritis Foundation Upstate New York Chapter for Ankylosing Spondylitis Research, 3300 Monroe Avenue, Suite 319, Rochester, NY 14618. Click Deaths for his death notice.

The Masters Memorial Golf Tournament at River Oaks Golf Course is set for Monday.••••National Night Out and the town sponsored concert in Marion Klingel Town Commons takes place Tuesday evening.••••The Fire Company's Ladies Auxiliary will be selling hot dogs and the Zonta Club will offer popcorn at the Tuesday concert and National Night Out. See our Calendar of Events for complete calendar.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." Please pray for our country. God bless America.

Thursday, July 23, 2009
Good morning James in Navarre, FL, and good morning Donna in Ocoee, TN.

Sidway School classmates, Marilynn Ford Fortner, Carole Mc Mahon Wood, and Marianne Shear Tranter had their 2nd annual reunion this past week. They stayed in Orlando where Marianne and Carole showed Marilynn the Disney hotels, and downtown Disney shops and restaurants, and took boat rides from place to place. “We saw the shuttle launch from Orlando expressway and all got misty eyed,” Marianne wrote.

Speaking of Sidway classmates, Francis Hedstrom McCormack was in town recently spending time with friends she grew up with on Staley Road. See
Old Photo Album for an old snapshot of the Staley Road kids.

A very happy birthday to Matt Sundeen (16 today), to Bill Buckley (today), Michelle Botwin (18 today), Maya Pecoraro (6 today), Mary Grace Egloff (18 tomorrow), Marvin Zimmerman (25 tomorrow), Lorraine Mueller (95 on Saturday), Steve Hugill (a good lookin' 40 on Saturday), Lindsey Spiker (entering her teens on Saturday), Eleeta Hughes and Liz Reimann (Saturday), Faith Gworek (8 on Saturday), Ruth Englert (cheers on Monday), Helen Newkirk (Monday), Casey Dahlstrom (21 on Tuesday), Julia Pedlow (turning 90 on Tuesday), Ann Erker (best wishes on Tuesday), Sam Clark (Tuesday), Tim Krecisz (Wednesday), Joan Chambers (the big day is Wednesday), and Tom Long (celebrating a big one on Wednesday).•••• A belated happy birthday to Chuck Berlinger who celebrated on Tuesday.

Deaconess Harriet Mary Bedell, niece of Ossian Bedell, owner of the Bedell House (1877), has been granted sainthood by the Episcopal Church USA. The Buffalo native was a school teacher in School No. 4 when it was located on West River Road on Grand Island. See 7/19/09 Buffalo News Story.

Fishing captains Chris Cinelli and Jim Rores are in the news again. To see what they've up to, click 7/19/09 Niagara Gazette Story.

Best wishes to Cheryl and Paul Roeder who are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary on July 26th.

Five-year-old Kyle Phillips is already following in his dad's footsteps. See "Kyle's Story on our sports page.

Looking Back 60 years - Edith and Ernie Godfrey opened a variety store above their grocery store on Whitehaven between Baseline and Express Highway (GI Blvd.) This was positively heaven for little kids (like me) who didn't often get off the Island. There was a large toys and storybook section that made going to the grocery store an event to be looked forward to.••••Canisius College personnel operated the Tirnanog Day Camp at the Smith Estate, formerly the Oakfield Club on Oakfield Road in the summer of 1949.•••• Grand Island Vacation Bible School was held for the first time at Trinity Church during the last week in July 1949. Sponsored by Trinity EUB Church, St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church and Emmanuel Chapel, the school was under the direction of the Buffalo and Erie County Council of Churches. Enrollment reached 80, and the course was a graded study of life in Palestine, including Bible study, handicraft and music. Local teachers included Ora Glor, Mabel Lafferty, Margaret DeGlopper, Charlotte Swalm, Lucille Ames, Hazel Fleming and Betty Campbell.

Looking Back 50 years - Buff's Sandy Beach Service Station at Sandy Beach and Middle roads in Sandy Beach advertised body and fender repairs and paint jobs and touch ups. ••••From the pages of the 1959 Island Dispatch: "The reported sale of Motor Island off the south east shore of Grand Island to a Buffalo syndicate for a boat club or marina may mean a source of additional tax revenue for the town. In 1907 the Buffalo Motor Boat Club built a large club house on the site. Since 1938 it has been owned and used as a summer residence by the Edward J. Kinkel family of Buffalo."

Looking Back 40 years - An 80-slip marina for transient boaters was a new feature in Beaver Island State Park in 1969. •••• Pfc. Ernest A. Howe of Towerwood Road left for Vietnam July 7, 1969 from Fort Lewis, Washington after completing Basic Training, Advanced Infantry Training and Leadership School. •••• Army Specialist Four Russell R. Galbo Jr. was assigned to the 292nd Finance Section near Vung Tau, Vietnam, May 28, 1969 as a finance clerk.••••Jan Baker of Broadway returned on July 23, 1969 from Vietnam, where he was sent in July 1968 with the 11th Cavalry. ••••Gwen Grosenbaugh took first place in high jumping and Linda Deeter (Tufillaro) took first in the softball throw at the Erie County Jr. Olympics on July 28, 1969 at Hamburg High School. Sharon Kelley (Casey) finished second in the 100-yard dash, and Glenn Lipp ended up third in the boys’ softball throw.

Looking Back 30 years - Lee Tetkowski's Craft Club at the high school created a ceramic mosaic depicting a Viking which was permanently cemented to a wall in the school in 1979. Randy Gilmore made the original drawing and Ruth Loree, Nora Klein, Cindy Carlson, Janet Morrice (Saltzman), Mary Lynn Nutting and Mike Morrissey did the work.

Thinking of going out for lunch or dinner? For excellent food, good service and an opportunity to see friends you know, stop at the Beach House Restaurant at the corner of Wallace Drive and East River Road in the Sandy Beach neighborhood. You'll be very glad you did.•••• Isledegrande.com advertisers also spotlighted this week are Curves,   Grand Island Home Construction  and  Sherry McDonald/RealtyUSA. Be sure to check out these business websites and for information on advertising at Isledegrande.com, email Dan McMahon at Dan@giecom.net.

Our sympathy to the family of Henry P. Schenck, Marie T. Hughes and former resident Theresa J. Smith who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.••••Daniel Sheehan, 61, passed away on July 14, 2009 due to injuries from a fall. He was the husband of former Island resident Shelley Bookhagen Sheehan.

The Knights of Columbus will hold a community event on Saturday. See Chicken BBQ/Music & Dancing.••••The 8th Annual Dick & Carol Pendleton Memorial Super Cruise takes place at the VFW on Sunday.••••A concert will be presented in the Grand Island Memorial Library on Monday.••••Tuesday evening's town sponsored concert in Marion Klingel Town Commons will feature our Grand Island Community Chorus.•••• See our Calendar of Events for details on these and other Island happenings.

Hello to our good friend, Mandy Tomczak. Miss you, Mandy.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." Please pray for our country. God bless America.

Thursday, July 16, 2009
Good morning Ray in Fairport, NY, and good morning Janice in Windermere, FL.

Terry Klaaren - Class of '69
Evidently, the Class of 1969 reunion was a complete success. People are still talking about what a good time it was. I've heard from Ron Gasbarro whose letter to the editor appears on our front page this week. And I was also informed of classmate and international artist, Terry Klaaren's outdoor artwork that's more than worth a ride by. See "Islanders In The News."

Topping the birthday list this week is former longtime resident, Henrietta Hunt, turning 101 on Sunday. Cards may be sent to Henrietta at:
C/O Masonic Care Community
Buffalo Household Niagara Neighborhood, Rm. D 101 A
2150 Bleecker St.
Utica, NY 14350

Happy birthday to Luke Austin (7 today), Danielle Gworek (tomorrow), Lou Schriver (cheers on Sunday), Bill Shaw (Sunday), Tracy Senn and Sue Carter (Monday), Chris Garlapow (a big one on Wednesday), and Victoria Mordaunt (Wednesday).

Please keep Shane Yensan in your prayers.

A former college friend of Jim Conschafter, Class of 1970, would like to get in touch with him. Email me at teddy@giecom.net if you can put this person in touch with Jim.

Chris Weaver of Anchor Marine is the tournament director for the first ever Greater Niagara Adult Youth (AYA) Fishing Tournament being held this Saturday. And Anchor Marine, 1501 Ferry Road, is the host for the event. See Fishing Contest for details.

Happy anniversary to Tom and Ellie Zarbo who will be married 53 years on the 21st.

Captain Chris Cinelli, Captain Jim Rores and several other Islanders took part in the eighth annual Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s BassEye Celebrity Challenge over the weekend. See Celebrity Challenge for the story.

Looking Back 60 years - Ground was broken on July 20, 1949 for the state's West River Parkway.••••John L. Mesmer Sr. passed away. He was born on August 1, 1860 on the Mesmer Farm on Staley Road, and operated the Mesmer Tavern at Baseline and Staley roads for 20 years.••••When the late Love Road resident Marion Klingel took over the Grandyle Village column in the Island Dispatch, she probably had no idea of the newspaper career that lay ahead of her in July 1949. She eventually became editor of the Dispatch and covered Grand Island for the Buffalo Evening News for over 40 years.

Looking Back 50 years - Sheriff Robert Glasser received a "key" to Grand Island from Chamber of Commerce President Franklin Pinzel.••••Members of the Grand Island Art Club met at home of Edward Dyczkowski on the Hussey Estate to make plans for a formal arts show to be held in September 1959. ••••Opening day at the new Little League field on Staley Road between Baseline and West River was attended by 200 people. The field, said to be one of the finest in the state, was dedicated Saturday, July 11, 1959.•••• Al Brinkman piloted his world champion, APBA F Service runabout, Seabiscuit, to victory in the around-the-island race Sunday, July 12, 1959 in 26 minutes 40 1/2 seconds. Riding with him as mechanic was Herb Gielow. Other locals racing were Ed Zgonce (Betcha), Dan McNamee Sr. (Buyalot), Harold Killian, Donald Hawley and John Gast (Three Sons). ••••Fine weather for swimming and picnicking attracted throngs of people (twenty-one thousand people in 3,262 cars) to Beaver Island State Park over the weekend in 1959.

Looking Back 40 years - GIHS Senior Classmates and their dates attended the after prom breakfast held at the Sandy Beach Yacht Club where they enjoyed fried ham, scrambled eggs, and music by Don Burns.••••GIHS students led by student Jim Conschafter and teachers Keith Church and Richard Anderson, washed cars every weekend to pay for spectator buses to the away football and basketball games for the coming year. Among merchants donating prizes for a raffle to help stretch the funds were Highland Boot Shop, Lola’s Idle Hour Inn, Acme Supermarket, Ken’s Texaco Station, and Reidy’s Pizza.

Congenial Tim Carr behind the bar at the Village Inn makes us glad we ended a wonderful Saturday there with our family last weekend.

Isledegrande.com advertiser Frank Budwey has opened another Budwey's Supermarket in Newfane, NY. Best wishes on your new venture, Frank.••••You can keep Isledegrande.com alive by supporting our advertisers. Also spotlighted this week are Anello Wine Place,  Keller Insurance,   and  Justin Tyme Cafe On The River. Be sure to check out these business websites and for information on advertising at Isledegrande.com, email Dan McMahon at Dan@giecom.net.

Our sympathy to the families of former residents Henry F. Gardner and Kenneth G. Webb who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information. •••• Our deepest sympathy to Roger and Shirley Nye whose son, Ronald T. Nye passed away on July 8, 2009.

Island Blast, a fun night for all is set for Friday evening at Whitehaven Road Baptist Church.••••See our Calendar of Events for complete details on all Island happenings.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." Pray for our country. God bless America.

Thursday, July 9, 2009
Good morning Ray in Hollywood, FL, and good morning Kathy in Perkiomenville, PA.

Let's be thankful for our weather. It hasn't snowed here in several months.

A speedy recovery to Mel Passarelli who has enjoyed having everyone wait on him hand and foot here on the Island over the holiday weekend!!! Now where did I read that??••••Eddy Burrows is back in the hospital, briefly we hope.

Please support Isledegrande.com advertiser
Bones Woodworking - Magic Towel Holder. The handmade gift items are adorable and very affordable.

Congratulations to Chris Carter, GIHS Class of 2008. Chris was first to cross the finish line in the Dick Bessel Independence Day 2.3 Mile Run on July 4 with a time of 10:44. Go, Chris! Right behind him was his good friend, Evan Tsembelis, whose time was 11:10. See Complete Results for all of the participants. See also Carter Feature - 7/3/09 Niagara Gazette.

Looking for entertainment? Isledegrande.com advertiser, the historic Riviera Theater is across the river in North Tonawanda. Low priced movies ($3) will be featured today, tomorrow and Saturday and a Tribute to Hank Williams Sr. & Patsy Cline is scheduled for this Sunday.

Happy birthday to Shannon Robillard (13 today), to Colin Gallagher (20 today), Bernice Dinsmore (90 today), Lee Mazenauer and Tammy Geblein (today), Al Bykowicz (80 tomorrow), Skip Mrkall and Mark Frentzel (Saturday), Sarah Webb (Sweet 16 on Saturday), Fayne Certo (Monday), Matisse Haag (2 on Tuesday), David B. Anderson II (21 on Wednesday), Bob Hooper (Wednesday) and Jane Cook (her 80th birthday on Wednesday).

Best wishes to Katey and Dave Dulak who are celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary today.

Isledegrande.com advertiser Dr. Thomas C. Lepenven, DMD - Island Dental, is conveniently located at 2095 Baseline Road and taking new patients.

Looking Back 60 years - "Some-Mores" were still a new treat for many of the sixty-five Girl Scouts and Brownies attending the two-week day camp in the Sidway School Grove. Lavina Frank was camp director assisted by Ellen Turnbull and "Bunny" McVittie.•••• Under the leadership of Irma Dworak, Rosalie Landel and Beatrice Ashley, Girl Scout Troop 337 spent a week at Camp Sky-High in July 1949. Scouts attending included Myrna Dworak (Boerschig), Marilyn Ekiss (Fries), Carol Godfrey (Wiesinger), Constance Godfrey (Millkan), Carol Kingston (Ullrich), and Karen McCall (Beecher).••••Nightly bingo games were drawing a crowd at Bedell House Park in July of 1949.

Looking Back 50 years - Roy Graham Motors, located at Webb and Baseline roads, advertised quality used cars, bank rates, and highest trade-in allowance.••••Cows on the John DeGlopper farm on Fix Road broke down a fence and were reported mooing at 11 p.m. near residents of Prospect Road who called the Fire Company.

Looking Back 40 years - First Lt. Harry W. Roberts Jr. of the "recently returned" 107th Tactical Fighter Group, was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for service in Vietnam in June 1969 for “extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight as an F-100 pilot 20 miles southwest of DaNang, Republic of Vietnam on December 11, 1968.

Looking Back 30 years - The Island's newest organization, Friends of the Library, was being chaired by Fay Rech (McDonald).••••The third annual slow pitch softball game and pie eating contest between Grand Island, NY and Thousand Oaks, California took place in Thousand Oaks on June 30, 1979. Among those taking part were Bill Buckley, Bill Aydelotte, Scott Whiting, Jimmie Lott and Pat Gill.

Looking Back 10 years - Printed in the "Between the Bridges" column July 8, 1999 was the following: With extremely high temperatures and lots of picnics all weekend, there was no ice to be purchased on Grand Island as of Saturday night. We heard that "Happy Ice" simply could not keep up with the demand.

Please support Isledegrande.com advertiser Wegman's. It's well worth the drive.

Our sympathy to the families of Herman E. Lindermann, Charlene F. Dworak and former residents Mildred "Millie" May and Harold "Whitey" Booker who recently passed away. Doloris A. "Dolly" Parks, a former Grand Island school teacher, passed away July 8, 2009. Click Deaths for complete information.

For information on advertising at Isledegrande.com, email Dan McMahon at Dan@giecom.net.

St. Martin-in-the-Fields Chicken Barbeque & Silent Auction will be held on Saturday.••••A benefit garage sale takes place at the Moose Lodge on Saturday.••••McMahon's Family Restaurant celebrates a seven-year anniversary Saturday with a grand opening of a hot dog stand.•••• The Kan-Jam tournament will will begin 12 Noon on Sunday. ••••SOLD OUT: A golf tournament in memory of Bill "BA" Aydelotte and Patrick Brady is set for Monday. Everyone invited to River Oaks, 8:30 p.m. to hear Route 66 ($5 donation).••••The Bar Room Buzzards will play a concert at Klingel Town Commons Park Tuesday evening when our Historical Society members will offer rootbeer floats.••••See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island events.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." Pray for our country. God bless America.

Thursday, July 2, 2009
Good morning Debbie in Medina, OH, and good morning Tim in Hamlin, PA.

Chase Harding, son of Crystal and Dan Harding, was fishing with his dad at River Oaks last weekend with his little Superman fishing pole when he yelled to Dad that he had a big one on the line. It turned out to be a 4 ½ pound largemouth bass, making four-year-old Chase the hero of the day over at River Oaks Marina.

Good news. Phyllis Lange is recovering nicely following her recent health issue.••••Though dealing with serious illness, Shane Yensan is making the best of it and getting out with friends and family. Please keep Shane in your prayers.••••Ed Burrows, son of Fran and Don, is recuperating from some major surgery that turned into somewhat of a nightmare but he's on the mend and hopefully the painful part of the procedure is behind him. Praying for you Eddy.

(top - upside down) Travis Perno; and moving clockwise right is Drew Lazelle, Craig Perno (bottom), and Kevin Mehltretter.
The Island band, "Sleepless City," will be providing the tunes at the VFW's annual July 4th community picnic at the post. See VFW Independence Day Picnic for details.

Happy birthday to Wilma Greenwood and Kate Grotz (milestones today), Cassidy Jean Hogrewe (20 today), Natalie Mucci (today), Ed McCaffery (tomorrow), Vince Phillips (cheers tomorrow), Alivia Manzo (5 on Saturday), Ryan Link (20 on Tuesday), Cathy Thomas (Wednesday) and Matthew Brady (his 21st on Wednesday).••••Happy birthday to Gary Roesch who celebrated yesterday. Be sure to see the Old Photo Album for a special tribute to Gary's boat racing days.

Angelo and Barbara LaDuca were married 50 years on June 27 and recently featured in the Buffalo News. Happy days, folks.•••• A belated happy 30th wedding anniversary to Sue and Paul Ackendorf, married on June 30, 1979.••••Kelly and J Petrie are celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary today and patiently waiting for their blessed event. Best wishes Kelly and J.

Congratulations to the winners of the recent River Oaks Golf Course Couples Championship tournament. They are: Overall low gross, Barry Wilson-Sue Wilson (run in playoff); runner-up, Art Ciechoski-Elaine Ciechoski; Overall low net, Jake Jakubowski-Yoland Jakubowski; and runner-up, Alan Swan-Rae Ann Swan.

Looking Back 80 years - Cyrena Ehlers (Dixon) was an imaginative young lady back in 1929. She was the prophet for her eighth grade graduating class at School No. 9. The school was located here our town hall now stands.

Looking Back 60 years - Our Fire Company ball team authored their 6th straight win of the season into the record book Tuesday night, June 28, 1949. The game marked the official opening of the new ball diamond opposite the fire hall on Baseline Road.

Looking Back 50 years - Grand Island Lions Club members held their first handicapped picnic at the Buffalo Launch in July 1959 and the tradition has continued every year since.•••• Forty-one-year-old George Buell, in late June 1959, became the second man to swim around the Island. He entered the water at north Grand Island bridge, and completed the 28-mile swim in approximately 15 ½ hours.••••Members of the American Legion Post 1346 held their annual field day on the Fire Company grounds on July 4, 1959.

Looking Back 40 years - Donna Robinson of East River Road was lead twirler for Teddy's Islettes in the first Independence Day Parade on Grand Island Blvd. A letter to the editor by George Bower questioning the lack of parades and participation on the Island during this holiday, gave Parade Chairman Doris Ryan the inspiration to get the first parade started with help from Supervisor Ray Griffin and cooperation from various Isle organizations.

Looking Back 30 years - A grand opening was held when the six Nike Base tennis courts were completed and opened.•••• Twenty-nine Girl Scouts of Cadet Troop 437 and 10 adults took a bus trip to Washington, D.C. where they spent five days seeing the sights. Among the adults supervising the trip were Troop Leader Betty Metz, Carolyn Doebert, Mary Ellen Kippley and Pam Stark.•••• Do you remember who your school nurse was thirty years ago? Elizabeth Brown, Virginia McMurtry, Agnes Crowley, Virginia Schaefer, Martha Gorman and Marie O’Hara were all school district nurses in 1979. ••••First male and female to cross the finish line in the Grand Island July 4th road race in 1979 were Kevin Foley (11:18 min) and Marj Bessel (12:45.0).

We welcome Isledegrande.com's newest advertiser, Grand Island Teachers Association. Special thanks to the members of the GITA. •••• Also spotlighted this week are the following Isledegrande.com advertisers: Park Place Subdivision,   Island Prescription Center,  and  Budwey's Supermarket. Be sure to check out these business websites and for information on advertising at Isledegrande.com, email Dan McMahon at Dan@giecom.net.

Our sympathy to the family of Francis “Bud” Pritchard who recently passed away. Click Deaths for complete information.

Seven-month-old Lucia Suzanne Roesch is back in town visiting all of her grandparents while mom and dad, Nikki and Gregg, attended the class of '89 reunion events. Lucky grandparents are Gary and Carol Roesch and Bob and Ilene Dee, all of East River Road.

Susie's Produce at 2121 Grand Island Blvd. will open Saturday, July 11th and will feature corn picked fresh daily when available.

What a pleasant surprise to see Ron McNamee walk into my office on Tuesday. Old friends can find him at the VFW picnic on Saturday. Hello to Pat McNamee who remained at home in Apache Junction AZ. Hope we see you next year.

Island resident Wil Robinson will be inducted into the Fayette County Sports Hall of Fame, Uniontown, PA later in the month. Wil was a West Virginia University basketball star in the 1960s.

Very talented Alex Imperi, GIHS Class of 2009, will sing the National Anthem July 4th at the Grand Stand.

Be sure to click photo for larger view
Cousins Arlene Wunsch and Alexandra Imperi posed for this photo just after GIHS commencement took place at Art Park in Lewiston, NY on Sunday, June 29th.

Classes of 1969, 1979, 1984, 1994 and 1999 will be getting together this weekend for their reunions.•••• ••••The road race, parade, VFW picnic and fireworks will take place Saturday.••••The Leon Carr Memorial Fundraiser is set for Sunday in Beaver Island State Park.••••The first of the Town sponsored concerts in Marion Klingel Town Commons Park starts at 7 p.m. tonight.•••• See our Calendar of Events for complete details on these and other Island happenings.

"Say a prayer for our guys over there." Pray for our country. God bless America.

Email your notes, announcements and corrections for this column to Teddy Linenfelser, Snail Mail to: 2098 Ferry Road, Grand Island, NY, 14072, or drop off information at 1871 Whitehaven Rd. Include your email address and phone number.


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